Pewdiepie “Racist” rant

Alright, let’s get something straight here before we get started. I am not slandering the man, my rant is to ALL THE FREAKING IDIOTS SCREAMING HE’S A RACIST. 

In layman’s terms, I’m calling out the people calling Felix out.

Look, do ANY of you even know what racism even is? I bet you don’t. Did he actually use the slur to directly insult a person, that one person or several? Or did he say it while playing a game? 

Because if your answer is ‘while playing a game on a stream…’ then here’s my answer to you.

ITS A GAME! PEOPLE CURSE AND SLUR ALL THE TIME AT A GAME! How in blazes does that make him racist?!

Now, if he was playing a game and directly used it with ill intent toward the player(s) THEN we have a problem. But did he? No, he didn’t. So that tells me, everyone’s being butthurt over something that isn’t even a problem. Making mountains outta mole holes situation here.

And you’re making jackasses out of yourselves. -claps- Congrats, you won the ‘Fucking Idiot’ award.

The n word is just a word, and it has a very bad history. A very bad, bloody history and I understand that completely. But here’s the thing. If its an racist insult for anyone but a black person to say it, then WHY say it to themselves like its a friendly insult? Its NOT an exclusive word for one “race” to say. Its a goddamn word that no one has copyright to. 

Because if that godforsaken word is SUCH a problem then by logic… NO ONE SHOULD SAY IT. And I mean NO ONE. Like I said, its not a special word exclusive to one race. Either EVERYONE gets to say it and everyone puts on their big kid pants and grow the hell up. Or NO ONE SAYS IT and we can be done with the mess.

Its been how many centuries and everyone is STILL hung up on that word? Has harsh as it is… move the fuck on. Jesus.

Now, the reason I’m saying all this is because I personally am just sick and tired that the ‘racism’ card has been used to flag the smallest of shit just because someone got triggered. Unless its an actual fucking problem to be address, that damn card has maxed out its credits a LONG ASS time ago. And needs to fucking stop. Like really. If you pull that crap over the smallest of shit, you look like a fool and deserve a smack across the back of your head. 

Another reason I’m putting my two cents on here, is the amount of bullshit I’m seeing of how people are flipping out about Felix saying such a word and people are attacking his friends

His. Friends.


Enlighten me.

How in the HOLY HELL do his friends have ANYTHING to do with WHAT HE SAYS?!

Felix is an adult, HE takes responsibility for his actions and no one else. Why should Mark, or Jack or any other YouTuber that is friends with Felix have to take responsibility for his actions? Why?

Go on. 

Tell me why.

Because by that logic, YOU’RE responsible for all of your own friends’ actions. Your best friend in school? Let’s say they’re taking drugs and get caught. By your logic of the YouTubers having to take responsibility for Felix’s actions, you take responsibility for your friend’s choice to do drugs. Not very fair is it? Why should you, if it was your friend’s choice? Makes perfect sense by the logic you’re putting out there for YouTubers to do it.

But it doesn’t make sense does it?

Didn’t think so.

Mark, Jack… every other friend Felix has, they don’t owe you an apology for being friends with him. They can disagree with him and be a little disappointed but apologize to the public? 


They don’t need to publicly call Felix out for anything for whatever the “fans” want. 

If you honestly feel that way to the YouTubers, you might as well fucking unsub. They’re not gonna cause drama for your amusement and pleasure, to watch them snipe at each other for stupid shit. You can do that on your own time with your friends. And if you do that, then it proves you’re a terrible human being.

So if you’re hoping for that shit to happen then you’re sorely mistaken and can kindly fuck off. They have better shit to occupy their time with than to deal with drama they’re not even a part of.

And with that, I’m done ranting.

Greetings FFXV fandom!

@elliejoys​ and @noctsluciscaelum​ would like to invite you all to participate in noctisweek, an upcoming event celebrating the birthday of Noctis Lucis Caelum. The week will be held on August 24 to August 30. Share your love for the character through graphics, gifs, fanfics, fanart etc. and tag it with #noctisweek (within the first 5 tags and without spaces) so we can see and reblog your entries.

Each day has two-three options you can choose from. It’s up to you how many you want to do, and how you interpret them. 

So without further ado, here are the prompts:

  • August 24 || Day 1: Favorite Scene / On the road / To my younger self
  • August 25 || Day 2: Favorite Quote / Dreams / Royal Duties
  • August 26 || Day 3: Favorite Trait / Growth / Treasured Memories
  • August 27 || Day 4: Favorite Relationship / Burden / In another life (AU)
  • August 28 || Day 5: Favorite Fight / Identity Crisis / Words Left Unspoken
  • August 29 || Day 6: Safe Haven / Influence / A year like this
  • August 30 || Day 7: Free choice / Happy Birthday

Please keep the following rules in mind

  • All entries must be your own work. Reposts will be ignored and/or deleted
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  • Please wait until the given day before posting your work 
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If you have any questions, feel free to ask any of the admins. We hope as many as possible can participate. Have fun!

For Us

Happy birthday, Danny Boi! I know it’s already June 12 in the majority of the world, including the part Dan’s in, but it’s 10:00 PM on June 11 where I am sO I’M GONNA KEEP THE CELEBRATION GOING WITH A FIC!!!

Description: It’s Dan’s 26th birthday and he’s feeling a bit existential. But Phil comes along with the ultimate day and the ultimate present to cheer him up.

Genre: Extreme fluff 

Warning: Some potential existential crisis-starting material 

Word Count: 1330

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Imagine unknowingly bonding with you biological father, Rafael Barba

(A/N: I’m back!!! I hope you enjoy the second installment of this Barba mini-series. Things get even more interesting in the next part. I’m so glad to be back and be able to write this series as well as fulfilling all the requests I’ve received as well as my own singular imagines. It’s going to be a fun couple of weeks! Plus I hope you like my new banner. I feel like it suits the blog better than the old one and I got to include all our favorites) 

Masterlist with all the Parts HERE

Imagine unknowingly bonding with you biological father, Rafael Barba

“Mr. Barba?” You asked, confused after you turned around and spotted him sitting on a nearby bench by the waterfront.

“Y/N” He greeted, a perplexed half smile on his face.

“What are you doing here?” You asked.

“Eating lunch,” He informed, “But the better question is what are you doing here.”

“Doing the same,” You replied, holding up your now empty brown paper lunch bag.

“But why are you going it here?” He elaborated.

“In the park?” You asked.

“Yeah,” He confirmed, “Shouldn’t you be at school and eating lunch?”

“It only a couple blocks from here,” You said, “They let us out for lunch,”

“You’re telling me your school lets thirteen-year-olds roam the city during lunch?” He countered, suspiciously.

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Where Demons Hide

summary: Groaning into his pillow, Dan reached for his phone. Of course he had to spiral into the the black abyss of his mind when Phil was still on holiday with his family, thousands of miles away. A holiday he could’ve been a part of, but decided to miss out on in favour of spending some time alone in their new flat, recharging and finding the desperately needed inspiration for a new video. Or, Dan is struggling with anxiety and the one person he needs is thousands of miles away.

relationship: dan/phil

tags: established relationship, fluff, anxiety, anxiety attack, mental health issues, coping, comfort, existential crisis, flashbacks to 2009 

word count: 3,5k


This is my first time venturing into the realm of phanfic and I’m excited, but also a bit scared so… bear with me.

I wrote this mainly as a way of dealing with my own issues, so everything Dan’s experiencing is loosely based on my own issues/experiences. It’s also based on what he talked about in his last live show (May 2nd, 2017).

Aside from that there is also a lot of fluff thrown in there, including a flashback to 2009 because we all need to feel warm and fuzzy sometimes (especially when dealing with mental health issues), and what’s better for that than young love and domestic bliss?

This probably doesn’t need saying, but I want to say it anyway:
I do not, in any way, want to make any assumptions about Dan as a person or the mental health issues he’s struggling with. This is a character that is based on and highly influenced by what I know about Dan (and Phil) and I chose to explore this version of him(/them) as a way of dealing with my own struggles.

This is not beta’d, and English is not my first language, so anything sounding weird is on me. I’m sorry.

read on ao3

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Show Me Love 10

Bucky Barnes x Female Reader

Plot: Awkward family dinners and Christmas day celebrations.  There’s nothing like the holidays.

Warnings: FLUFF, Maria is such a mom, Reader family fluff, CHRISTMAS, did I mention fluff?

A/N: More teeth rotting fluff!!  Though it isn’t anything like I Saw Mommy Kissin’ Santa Claus.  I’m a sucker for this family, honestly.

Missed something?  Find the beginning HERE

⬅️⬅️PART 9 ||| PART 11➡️➡️

Settling in was quick enough, and after quick - unfortunately, separate - showers to wash the feeling on airplane off of you, the two of you descended the stairs.  The table was already set while Peter and your father watched some documentary on TV.  Their voices carried through the house as the two geniuses discussed different theories and God knows what else, you could never quite keep up with them.  Neither could your mother, which is exactly why you found her in the kitchen drinking a glass of wine.

“There you are!”  She chirps, pushing herself off of the counter to hand you each a glass.  “They’re at it again.”  She sighs, shaking her head with a smile and you find yourself swept up in her mirth.  You were beyond happy to be home with them to care if they were talking complete gibberish.  “All right boys, dinner!”  She announced.

Protests erupted from the living room, whines of ‘mooooom’ and ‘c’mon, Hillie’ prompting your mom to only raise an eyebrow.  Not a second later, the TV went black as it powered off and they made their way over.

The family fell into a natural rhythm quickly, speaking as if you hadn’t spent any time apart.  Your father asked about classes, your brother sheepishly asked about Natasha - to which your mother rolled her eyes.  Peter blushed horribly as Bucky broke out into uproarious laughter at his question.  He only mumbles something along the lines of ‘she’s like a sister to me!’ which convinces absolutely no one.  Your mother’s questions are slightly more pressing.

“So, how did the two of you meet?”

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if we’re talking parallels and role reversals, i think another reason why eva/sana just makes, so much sense, is because they both would showcase that so, so well, from season 1 to season 4.

in season 1, you had eva, and she was the one going through a, for the lack of better words, “identity crisis”, based on friendships going wrong. she was facing loneliness, isolation, feelings of exclusion. every relationship was going wrong. whether it be with her past friends, her mother, with jonas, with isak … until she found the girl squad, and found a place in there. 

and we see how eva saw sana in season 1, as a strong, determined, fearless girl, so sure in her opinions and strategic with her thoughts. so confident in herself. so composed and collected. and with sana telling eva that she found eva “the prettiest, (present) here”, eva all of a sudden fixed her posture, she sat up straight, she allowed herself to feel the effects of those words. she glances sideways at noora, who’s seen as this epitome of beauty, and then glances down at herself, and then back at sana, and has this air of confidence about her, in that one small moment. she lets herself feel that. she lets herself feel beautiful and wanted and pretty, by a girl who she views as so sure of her opinion. that, if sana’s saying this, then it … must hold some weight to it, that she saw me, from them all, she saw me.

and i think it’d be a beautiful parallel, a complete role reversal, for eva to be sana’s sana. we’ve seen eva and, she’s noticed sana. whether it be in episode 1 with the pizza, or episode 3, with them both wearing almost the same colour, as opposed to everyone else in the bus meeting wearing white, they both wore black/grey, or whether it be in episode 5, where eva sees sana feel confused and left out, and straight away feels guilty. we’ve seen eva, see sana.

there’s a reason why the pepsi max girls said, that “noora is so pretty”, but that sana couldn’t compare. because once upon a time, eva felt that way too. and whilst eva and sana’s struggles aren’t the same, hence why eva didn’t wear black like sana did in the bus meeting, but was wearing grey, grey is atleast more closer to black, than it is to white.

and it’d be beautiful to see eva, a girl who’s become so sure, happy, carefree and one with herself, to help sana, to be there for sana. to reassure sana, to encourage sana. to listen to sana. to have eva say her own version of “she’s the prettiest, here” to sana, just like how sana did with eva in season 1. because this time, it’s sana. it’s sana who’s so unsettled and unsure and walking on shaky ground, perhaps something eva isn’t used to seeing at all, which is why it resonates with her so much, because, lord, she knows how isolating and painful it can get.

and that’d bring it all, full circle.


Noctis Week Day 5: Favorite Fight / Identity Crisis/ Words Left Unsaid

You will never know love or friendship. And I feel sorry for you.”

You corrupted his soul and now you can’t handle the monster you’ve created.

Day Six Hundred Seventy Seven.

i hate the question
where are you from
it’s something i never know how to answer

my parents
their histories
despite the happy ending
are tumultuous; changing
they came from a land
that is split and fragmented
people pegged into a caricature
none of us want to resemble

i was born in a country that is a twelve hour plane ride away
war torn and surrounded on all sides
but so beautiful, vibrant, and proud
and yet
no matter how much i want to
i can’t be
there are too many looks 
too many stares
too many knives behind exposed backs

i moved to this country when i was only three
erased most traces of what could’ve been a thick accent
learned and assimilated
and yet 
you still think i must be from somewhere else

so when you ask me where i’m from
listen through the silence in my answer
the careful calculation
as i gauge
exactly what it is you want to hear
Poverty is at the heart of mental health crisis
Letters: Links between the UK’s growing wealth gap and an increase in mental health problems are explored by Dr Maureen Tilford and the Rev Paul Nicolson

We read that there has been a massive increase in calls to the Metropolitan police involving mental health problems, with as many as one every five minutes Report, 29 August). Insp Brown from the College of Police attributes this to cuts in mental health services and of course this will have a clearly adverse effect, but what is the source of all this distress?

As far back as 1963, research by Langer and Michael found that psychiatric conditions not only occur at higher rates in the poorest areas, but also cluster together, usually in disintegrating inner-city communities. Money is not a guarantor of mental health, nor does its absence necessarily lead to mental illness. However, it is generally conceded that poverty can be both a determinant and a consequence of poor mental health.

More recently, the epidemiologist Richard Wilkinson found that poverty and social inequality have direct and indirect effects on the social, mental and physical wellbeing of an individual. It is clear that poverty and inequality are closely linked and that income inequality produces psychosocial stress.

The wealth gap in the UK is greater than at any time since the first world war and continues to grow. Unless this is addressed at a most senior level in government, the demand on the police will continue, not to mention the suffering of all those callers. This cannot be viewed as a purely health service issue. Allowing the wealth gap to spiral out of control is having serious adverse effects on the UK population on many levels.
Dr Maureen Tilford, Norwich

Your very well informed piece about the continuing mental health crisis in the UK (We need action to address the mental health crisis, not more empty words, 31 August) draws attention to the link with economic circumstances.

Prevention of mental illness, and hunger created by low income and debt, requires an increase in taxation and unemployment benefits which many of us would be willing to accept. Central government is making households destitute by shredding unemployment incomes and then stopping them with the benefit sanction, allowing zero-hours contracts and by rolling out the universal credit. Local government then taxes the benefits and sends in the bailiffs to collect the inevitable arrears, adding court costs and huge bailiffs’ fees.

It takes a very rare degree of resilience for mental health to withstand three powerful government departments shelling out threats of bailiffs, prison, eviction and homelessness against a single debtor, who is often struggling to put food on the table for dependent relatives. As Psychologists Against Austerity have reported, such abuses of power are creating humiliation, shame, fear, distrust, instability, insecurity, isolation and loneliness in trapped and powerless citizens.
Rev Paul Nicolson, Taxpayers Against Poverty

EXO Getting Exposed for Smashing (By Their S.O's Parents)


~ takes two years to process what just happened

~ acts like he’s ok but is actually mortified

~ nothing really happened, why is he so worried?

~ sends the parents apology flowers


~ extremely loud groaning to blame for this situation

~ tries to play it off with the “i was exercising” card

~ apologizes and reasons with the parents in a mature manner that wins them over

~ s.o’s father ends up complimenting him on his physique


~ loudest “what the fuck” ever uttered

~ shrieks for like three hours afterwards

~ apologizes whilst crying

~ buys the parents a car as an apology


~ so shook that he falls out of the bed and flashes everyone

~ apologizes every five minutes

~ s.o who? this relationship does not exist till this problem is fixed

~ parents forgive him because they’re soft for him


~ caught in the midst of some mild bdsm

~ dove off the bed and ended up choking from his leather collar

~ sex music is too traumatizing to stay on his playlist, it is gone forever

~ writes the parents a card that is half apology, half bullshitted cover ups for the kinky stuff


~ where is his shame

~ tries to keep a straight face about the issue at hand but cannot for the life of him

~ awkwardly chuckles his way through an apology

~ “look, us younger generations are sexual beings. i’m sure you were as well!”


~ jumped so high he bumped his head on the roof

~ kind of cried, kind of laughed

~ parents were more upset about the fact that the room was messy than anything else

~ s.o’s parents tease him relentlessly (this is the bane of his existence, he didn’t deserve this)


~ his soul is gone

~ ugly sobbed for an hour after the fiasco

~ follows the parents around begging for forgiveness

~ parents end up having to reassure him that everything is ok because the man won’t stop sniffling


~ extremely embarrassed, but it comes off as being pissed off so he just sits and frowns to himself for an eternity

~ yells at himself in the mirror

~ makes an actual apology powerpoint which he presents

~ micromanages his behaviour until the whole thing blows over


~ eyes as wide as marbles when the door opened and he met eyes with the parents

~ may have been choking his s.o and now things look pretty bad

~ tries to keep his cool while he reassures his s.o that they’ll survive

~ has an unnecessarily deep talk with the parents in which he is forced to list his kinks and is mildly kinkshamed


~ yelled and covered his chest when the door opened (???)

~ so embarrassed that he can no longer utter coherent words

~ existential crisis ensues and he buries his face into his pillow

~ apology tactic? bring the doggos (s.o’s parents can’t resist them)


~ noticed the parents, but didn’t gaf and just kept going

~ doesn’t think it’s thaaaaaat big a deal

~ “oops”

~ eventually apologizes over text

Shoulders by Shane Koyczan

Like many, I love to look at the stars.

I love the fact that ours is just one among many.

What I love about astronomy is that our constellations tell a story.

Our constellations were born from mythology.

Mythology was our first attempt to understand the world in which we live

We put a God in everything and those Gods would give us our reasons.

Why is the sky blue?

Who chose blue?


How come men have nipples?

It’s the will of the Gods.

Why does this wine taste so good?

There’s a God in it!

And for a while, there was not a single thing that the gods could not explain.

We believed that their anger gave us lightning;

Their despair gave us rain

We whispered our desires to them, believing that their charity would sustain us.

Those Gods… were just stories.

But stories became a large part of how we learn

They burn lessons into our memories

They become a part of how we remember; we can remember almost everything,

Right down to that first unbearable bee sting

When we learned that this tiny blue marble we call the world has rules.

Rule number one: don’t fuck with the bees!

An unforgettable lesson brought to you by your memories.

I remember that I grew up loving mythology.

I remember the story of the titan Atlas, who was also the god of astronomy

The original global positioning system sending sailors safely home by telling them which constellation to keep starboard.

He taught us about the stars, and in all this, while he held up ours

Our pale blue dot.

But Atlas is caught between two different tellings of his story.

In the first, he leads a rebellion against Olympus and is then sentenced to hold the heavens on his shoulders for eternity.

In the second story, he is chosen to be the guardian of the pillars that hold up the earth and sky.

I prefer the second story.

It means that the world is not a punishment; but rather, a responsibility.

But how can just one be charged with such a burden?

How can just one be responsible for all this?

When I think of Atlas, I think of a single drop of rain

I think how unfair it would be to hold a single drop solely responsible for making the entire world clean again.

I remember how my grandmother tried to explain our world to me-

She told me a story

She said the ground and the sky, they love each other

But they don’t have arms

So rain; that’s just how they hold one another.

I began to see how the earth and sky need each other.

But I wondered about us.

In this perfect design, where do we fit?

Which piece of the puzzle are we?

Like constellations, I began to see a connection between dots and numbered my thoughts

And drew lines from one to the next.

I began to see us in the context of a bigger picture, sharpening the blur slowly into focus

We are Atlas.

I saw that this pale blue dot, this one world, is all we get.

There will be no reset button, no new operating system, no downloadable upgrade

We will not be allowed to trade in our old world for a new one with climate control or better fuel efficiency

We get one shot at this.

Dismiss all reports of second chances; we get one.

And yet we draw advances on our future as if we one day won’t be held accountable-

We will.

We are.

The human race runs toward a finish line emblazoned with the worlds ‘too far’ and wonders,

Will we ever cross it?

Have we already?

We are faced with the seemingly impossible talk.

And it’s okay to be afraid.

Our dilemma stands before us like a mountain carved into a blockade, the sheer magnitude of our problem would be enough to dissuade anyone.

How do we save the world?

We lay in our beds curled into question marks, wondering

What can we do?

Where do we start?

Is hope a glue crazy enough to hold us together while we’re falling apart?

The burden seems immense.

But we can do this.

We must take the martial arts approach to loving our planet-

Love as self-defense

Forget about the cost

There will be no other thing as worth saving as this!

Nothing more important; nothing as precious;

This is home.

All of our stories start and end here.

We are sheltered within an atmosphere that has given us every single breath we will ever take

Every monument we have ever made has come from the flesh of our planet.

Water like blood, skin like soil, bones like granite

It is not a myth, there is no debate, facts are in

Fact is, there’s never been any question.

We are facing crisis.

We dismiss the truth not because we can’t accept it, but because having to commit ourselves to change is a scary prospect for anybody.

The most alarming part of the statement ’we are facing crisis

Isn’t the word ’crisis’,

It’s the word ’we’.

Because those two letters take the responsibility away from one and rest it squarely on the shoulders of everybody.

We are Atlas now.

But our strength will come from finding a way to share in shouldering the responsibility of turning the impossible into somehow

Somehow, we will do this.

We can do this.

We can dismiss apathy; we can reject uncertainty

We can be the new chapter in our story

We will not see change immediately

We must act in faith as the hour hand grips the minute hand and they land on the eleventh hour

We must believe like the seed that change is possible to see.

Never seize the flower, it grows knowing it must become more than what it was

It changes, because in growth, all of its potential can be unlocked.

Change is like rain, it starts with a single drop.

Just one, like our pale blue dot.

Caught in an endless waltz called gravity, we circle the sun, wondering who, if anyone left the light on.

We are constellations drawn upon the earth, we are connected to one another, we are bound.

We must behave as the arms that connect the ground to the sky.

We must try to be more like the rain.

Our stories may differ, our goal is the same:

How do we save our pale blue dot?

We act as the rain, realizing that each individual drop is as equal and important as any.

We act as one.

Now, we are many.

Quarter Life Crisis

Quarter Life Crisis

I’ve always felt
Like I’m planning a life
Someone else is gonna lead
Like all these charts
And tests
And applications
I’m filling out
Have somebody else’s name on top
Maybe this girl my parents
Told me I was
Isn’t here anymore
Like maybe someday
She’s gonna take back the life
I made for her
Step into my body
And shred my sadness
Like last month’s mail
Like this girl
My parents told me I was
Is gonna slide seamlessly
Into the clothing I sewed for her
Take the smile I grew
And make it look natural
Instead of practiced in front of a camera
And again
And again like
Maybe this girl
Will blow away the stormclouds
That live on my shoulders
And teach my skin
What sunshine feels like
My whole life
I feel like I’ve been planning
For someone else’s happiness
I can’t see five years past myself
Without this girl
My parents told me I was
Stepping into my shoes
Wearing the canvas colors
Like they were hers all along
Without wondering
Who the fuck is gonna want this life
I’m welding together from spare parts
I can’t tell you why
My name feels like a set of floral handcuffs
Can’t tell you why
My future is a demon
Curling it’s claws into my back
And stopping my breath
Every time I say its name
Can’t explain how I can’t follow my passion
Because the girl
My parents told me I was
Doesn’t love the same things I do
Doesn’t love words
Or worlds
Or girls
I have to make this life for her,
Don’t you get it?
She’s coming back
She’s coming back
She’s coming

You have been offered “the gift of crisis”. As Kathleen Norris reminds us, the Greek root of the word crisis is “to sift”, as in, to shake out the excesses and leave only what’s important. That’s what crises do. They shake things up until we are forced to hold on to only what matters most. The rest falls away.
—  Glennon Doyle Melton