set from the Human Crisis weekend in Minneapolis July 12, 2014.
Orbital-Naked & The Dub
Whitehouse-Just Like A Cunt
Aquarius Heaven-Universe
Millie & Andrea-Temper Tantrum
Silent Servant-Mi Alma
Pendle Coven-Nice Moves
Puce Mary-The Course
Haus Arafna-You Die
Chaperone-No Harm In No One After
Westov Temple-Geiger Memorial
Heller Wahn-Throwing Rocks At Tanks
Chaperone-Windows Shut Out Warm Afternoon Calls

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“The Salt Mines” is now available in its full form!

Grip the cassette or digital album by clicking through the link. The tapes should be ready to ship by 3/17. Huge thanks to everyone that has already purchased or shared the album. An incredibly impressive album by a promising local cat. Massive shout out to detailor for this chest full of gold :)



new short preview video of the track “allusion to said currency (make or break-down)” from the Casting Couch EP on Vague Faction this summer. check it out.

Bonus track off the forthcoming c48 cassette, “Unearthed Tracks 1992-1995” by DJ Guy, veteran producer out of Cardiff. (CUT-05)

Comm Corp (detailor) puts a relaxed twist on an unreleased track originally recorded in 1994 by DJ Guy. This edit will not be included on the tape, but will be available digitally on the CU bandcamp page. Stay up - it’s that Detroit-Cardiff connection.

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