“A Woman’s Choice” is the CPC right next to EMW (the abortion clinic) in Louisville, Kentucky. 

Their name implies that they are “pro-choice”

They use the name of the actual abortion clinic in their parking signs to fool clients into thinking that they are with EMW. 

This is all to confuse patients into parking in their lot and to get them inside their doors.  Their they will attempt to delay them until they miss their appointment. 

All of this is perfectly legal. 

The CPC parking lot volunteer, a guy we have named “O’Reilly”, gets so ANGRY when I give people who clearly tell me they are going to EMW correct information. 

Today there was a client who pulled up in her car to talk to me.  O’Reilly came up directly behind me. 

Me- “Hi, I’m a volunteer with EMW.  Are you going to EMW today?”

Client - “Yes”

Me- “OK (gives client parking directions)” 

O’Reilly- *over my shoulder* “you can park here (the CPC) for free…”

Me - “He is not with the clinic nor is this facility with the clinic.”

Client - “But the sign says…”

Me - “Yeah, they aren’t with the clinic or associated with the clinic at all….” 

O’Reilly - “You don’t have to listen to her, I work here” 

Me - “Well, again, I’m a volunteer with EMW.  He is not a volunteer with EMW.  If you want to go to EMW, I would suggest you park either…*gives places to park for clients again*” 

Client - “Oh, that is very confusing” 

Me - “Yeah, tell me about it.  They want to you to be confused” 

By this point O’Reilly was so mad he walked away. 

The client got parked and got into the clinic. 



Keep an eye out for escorts to tell you where to park.  Don’t be fooled by these people.  Their whole purpose is to try to trick you.

It still boggles my mind that the CPC dude got mad that I told this person accurate information.  



Tomorrow, California will vote on a bill that would require crisis pregnancy centers to tell women the truth about their reproductive health options. One politician asked why a lawmaker cared so much about the bill, and her response is PERFECT.

Today there are as many as 4,000 CPCs in the United States, compared to the 2,000 clinics that provide abortion care.
—  Ziba Kashef, The Fetal Position, Mother Jones, January/February 2003 AND Lawrence B. Finer and Stanley K. Henshaw, Abortion Incidence and Services in the United States in 2000, The Alan Guttmacher Institute, “Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health,” 2003.

This sign seems harmless enough. But it’s part of a scheme by an anti-choice crisis pregnancy center (CPC) to trick women seeking abortion services. Crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) pose as legitimate reproductive health centers. They have a track record of outright lying to women and work to dissuade people from exercising the right to choose.

Here’s what happening: this particular CPC sits right next to a legitimate abortion clinic (called EMW). That’s one way they cause confusion. Check out the “parking permit” gimmick. That’s how the CPC is luring women to the parking lot and getting them to come inside for a parking permit. Once a woman goes into a CPC, an anti-choice volunteer may try to get the woman to miss her appointment or use shame or scare tactics to pressure the woman not to access abortion.

Sketchy and so wrong.

anonymous asked:

Can you tell me about the crisis pregnancy centers? I keep hearing that they are misleading...what's the deal?

Crisis Pregnancy Centers are set up to appear to be reputable womens’ health clinics, but they are actually Christian-based centers that exist solely to guilt women out of having abortions. They receive a lot of funding from the purchase of “Choose Life” license plates, even though they spread inaccurate and even dangerous misinformation.

Since they are often mistaken for abortion clinics, and have even been known to have themselves placed on lists of abortion providers, a lot of the people who unknowingly walk through their doors are seeking abortions. They are in a vulnerable state and the people at the CPCs take full advantage of that fact by doing everything in their power to deter them from making their choice. They have been known to spread all sorts of harmful lies; they claim that abortion causes breast cancer, abortion is always psychologically damaging, condoms are ineffective against STDs, taking birth control pills is the same as having an abortion, and abortions cause sterility, just to name a few.

They use deliberately emotionally charged language, graphic pamphlets and other forms of media filled with inaccurate information, and size models of fetuses that all look like newborn babies to shame women out of having abortions, and they are often receiving funding from their state in order to do this. CPCs are an unbelievable injustice and they cause all sorts of damage. In addition to manipulating women into making choices they may not be right for them, their lies about birth control actually lead to more unwanted pregnancies and more abortions. CPCs exist solely to hurt women and force Christian ideals and morals on people who may not necessarily agree with them.

If you can stomach watching people from these Crisis Pregnancy Centers mislead and shame women, you can listen to some audio clips from a counseling sessions by following the links on this page, and you can also see a CPC up close and in person by watching 12th and Delaware, a documentary about a CPC that strategically placed itself across the street from an abortion clinic. The documentary shows both sides of the issue in a relatively neutral light and leaves the viewers to draw conclusions for themselves, but anyone who cares about women will find it hard to sympathize with the cruel tactics used by the CPC. You can watch 12th and Delaware here.

It is undeniably wrong that these fake clinics are funded by the state, but Planned Parenthood, which offers factual and non-biased information about all aspect of reproductive health, is not. People with uteri deserve better than the shaming, lies, and manipulation that is propagated by Crisis Pregnancy Centers. This is why we need to usher in a culture of choice.

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Don't be reductive. Yes, many pregnancy centers have been caught lying or hiding their MO. But there are also ones that are above-board, honest with the info they provide, and helpful. There's a busy one in my 'hood in a major pro-choice NE city that has helped many women & families who don't want an abortion but lack the resources to carry a pregnancy to term or raise a baby. They provide adoption help and hook hard-up parents up with practical resources and classes. Some really do good work.

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OH YOU RIGHT what the Bad Advisor definitely wants to do is to send a scared 15-year-old into a crisis pregnancy center that may or may not be a hellden of anti-science bullshit, rather than recommending they visit an actual medical establishment, accountable to actual institutional oversight, from which they can receive unbiased counseling.

The Bad Advisor just could not be more sorry that she may have offended some fuckers who are likely to make their clients go to bible study before they “earn” a fucking pack of diapers, or who actively deceive clients about the gestational age of a fetus in hopes of forcing them past the legal abortion deadline in their state. Please forgive the Bad Advisor for being so … reductive.



Must watch. At minute 7 we meet a woman tricked into an appointment at a crisis pregnancy center, and it’s heartbreaking. 

operation: fuck “pregnancy crisis centers”

Pregnancy “crisis centers” are usually established and disguised as abortion clinics to trick pregnant women seeking abortion care into coming to their center and talking them out of getting an abortion.

These centers are providing women with inaccurate and completely false information about abortion and even birth control. The pro-life movement has capitalized on these establishments and are investing large amounts of money into them. These places also bring the anti-choice protesters you see/hear about harassing women outside abortion clinics. 

I unknowingly contacted and went to a center when I was looking to get an abortion and when I got there they told me they didn’t operate those kinds of procedures. They sat me down and gave me some brochures on how abortion is wrong and can kill you. I actually ran out of there and they continuously called  and harassed me for the next two weeks until I finally answered and told them I had an abortion anyways.

So what do we do if they advertise themselves as a clinic?

Google search the closest Pregnancy crisis center nearest you. Click on it so it will take you to it’s Google page where it’ll list it’s hours, contact info, etc. Now look underneath that and go to it’s reviews then type in “THIS IS NOT AN ABORTION CLINIC”. The reviews come up immediately after you click on its Google page, People WILL see this and realize that this center will not actually be of any help to them.

I’ve said it before and will say it again

All of these weird anti-choice tactics (crisis pregnancy centers making a client miss an appointment because the client went to the wrong place or a sidewalk counselor causing someone to break their fast and they can’t have the procedure that day) backfire. 

Mainly, because people don’t like being lied to.  People don’t like being tricked, fooled, deceived, etc. 

Clients 9 out of 10 times WILL reschedule and will come back to have the abortion, and they are WAY more resolved to do so. 

We won’t get fooled again. 

  • Planned Parenthood: We offer breast exams and can give referrals for mammograms and further treatment as a part of our many different services.
  • Crisis Pregnancy Centers: We're going to be extremely deceptive and secretive about the services we offer so we can lure in people who are considering abortion and shove lies and misinformation in their faces to see if we can upset them and twist their views until we trick them into choosing what we want!
  • Pro-lifers: Crisis Pregnancy Centers are such wonderful organizations that exist only to do good and help people :)

Abortion is a safe, legal procedure that 3 in 10 women will have in their lifetime.
Using scare tactics and manipulation to make women feel unsafe, dirty, and mortified outside of a clinic is an act of violence.
Sidewalk counseling adds to the sigma following abortion that makes women feel unsafe to share their stories.

This photographic installation is part of a series of installations, performances, and demonstrations that focus on education and accessibility regarding the right to choose.

These photographs of women were printed on cotton, dyed red, covered with dirt, and hung up outside of a church that neighbors a crisis pregnancy center.


Sometimes I find crisis pregnancy center posters at my school, and when I’m feeling particularly feisty, sometimes I write back signs of my own.

I can’t think of something more disgusting than a fake clinic that preys on vulnerable individuals like crisis pregnancy centers do. And what better way to fight back then to provide actual resources to help those in that vulnerable position?

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Also sorry to be creepy but to add to what you had to say I think the ideal world would be one where abortion isn't illegal, but where it is unthinkable. No little girl dreams of terminating their pregnancy. Every abortion clinic in the universe could be shut down but that won't stop women from making a decision out of fear. We need to remove that fear and we need to tell her that she's strong and that she's going to be okay. (And sending her to a crisis pregnancy center would help too ;)

Yes!! Yes yes yes!!

So on my way to visit my friend I saw a Pregnancy Crisis Center, and my initial reaction was “aawe that’s great” but I quickly remembered what they actually do there and it all changed to “OMG I NEED TO STOP AND MAKE SURE NO ONE GOES IN THERE.” and the only reason I know this is from tumblr.  So a big thanks to the tumblr community for spreading awareness of horrible places like those.  Uterus owners everywhere need to know that a pregnancy crisis center is NOT a planned parenthood or a place to go for vaginal/uterus health, and it will just scar you forever–mentally, physically, and every way.