crisis total

I’m sorry I’m asking for help!!
We are $80 short on utilities and Spencer doesn’t start his new job until after thanksgiving. I’ve been consigning the baby’s old stuff like crazy but nobody buys clothes and we don’t have a lot of big ticket sellers that aren’t stained and beaten because we got them secondhand already…
Our new place is cheaper and we have roommates but we had to scrap one of our two cars after finding out the person we bought it from lied about it being in good condition(second time that’s happened…)so Spencer couldn’t work at his old job anymore because of distance and travel time after his tech school classes which are 7-3 weekdays and an hour away from home.
I just got a referral for 60 days of free daycare for Oliver, so I have also been applying for work and I have an interview today for amazon because they are 3 miles away and I can bike there…
but the GI BILL goes off of school days and it was a couple hundred short this month because of hurricane days last month.
PLEASE if y'all could help until we get working and have more income that would be amazing 😢
PayPal is
Please signal boost. All the utilities are in my name because everyone else didn’t wanna make the phone calls. 😓 my credit is tanked already and we have been trying hard to bring it back up.

im sorry

I can be broke and happy….it’s not that crazy….it’s a little mix I call “crisis denial and total dissociation”

I want Lena Luthor to have a total crisis because she is crushing hard on Supergirl but at the same time Kara Danvers is the absolute cutest and she just doesnt know what to do! And then boy does she get the best surprise of her life

At the age of 19, Padmé Amidala was the queen of a planet and had already saved her people from total crisis.

At the age of 19, Anakin Skywalker was married and a general in a galaxy-wide war and was considered to be one of the most powerful Jedi in history.

At the age of 19, Leia Organa was a senator in the Imperial Senate as well as a leader and spy for the Rebellion.

At the age of 19, Luke Skywalker was making vroom vroom noises with his toy planes.


6 AM

I was gonna make a series of all the Aka members doing their thing at 6 am, but I just got to these hahahaha! Anyway, this is what I think each of them would be doing at 6 am. *in their own respective rooms cough cough* Old art, originally meant to be posted on my Naruto comic blog and end funny, but it didn’t come out funny… So I stopped drawing. It’s really sad, actually.

If you were in my book

Aries: That aggressive hot guy that seems all tough action hero and is the 2nd lead male(actually a softy)

Taurus: That BFF that likes to call you over to her house for sleep overs and food - like huge pizza party for the best friends and like the main ice-cream supplier when one of them has a break up

Gemini: The kinda geeky but absolutely sweet girl that has all the inside gossip

Cancer: The pet of the family who annoys the whole family but in the end is the reason why everyone liked the book. Is adorable and makes a mess of the house at least 3 times

Leo: The real cool glamour mum that is rich and buys one of the characters anything and everything. Ends up being an undercover agent

Virgo: The character who tries to hard to be liked and has a total identity crisis because of it but ends up falling in love and it all turns out fine. Has at least one dramatic breakdown

Libra: (sorry but) the super pretty bitch of the school who is popular and if the girlfriend of the hero at one point. Has the dirt on everyone

Scorpio: The guy who seems totally unapproachable and rude in the beginning and the reader gets kind freaked out that they’re everywhere but ends up saving someone’s life

Sagittarius: The hot guy whos totally badass all the time but has a little sister he’s super protective of and plays with studded animals with her

Capricorn: That really weird teacher that’s always on your case and is kinda strict but everyone loves her and ends up throwing a party for the school.

Aquarius: the really weird dad who thinks he’s all hip and stuff and is the reason for most of the comedy and knowledge

Pisces: The girl who is the cute ones that gets picked on and losses it (after a long time) and beats the hell out of the bullies and walks away like a total badass and isn’t seen until the 3rd book of the series.

ok y’all bare with me here but what iF the bi character is cisco bc he meets winn and is like WELL FUCK OKAY THAT’S WHAT WE’RE DOING NOW and it’s like a PROBLEM like he’s being embarrassing and cute like he was around laurel in season 1, and everyone notices, but ESPECIALLY barry who is like ok but what about me? does he not find me attractive? and it sends barry into a total crisis like WHY DOESN’T CISCO THINK I’M HOT (and of course it all ends w them talking it out and cisco being like dude of course i think ur attractive i just never thought i had a chance w you and barry is just !!!!!!!!!!!)

(…)Vos sos mucho mas que tu inteligencia, es sabido. Esta noche, por ejemplo, esto que nos esta pasando ahora, aquí, es como uno de esos cuadros de Rembrandt donde apenas brilla un poco de luz en un rincón, y no es una luz física, no es eso que tranquilamente llamas y sitúas como lampara, con sus vatios y sus bujías. Lo absurdo es creer que podemos aprehender la totalidad de lo que nos constituye en este momento, o en cualquier momento, e intuirlo como algo coherente, algo aceptable si queres. Cada vez que entramos en una crisis es el absurdo total, comprende que la dialectica solo puede ordenar los armarios en los momentos de calma. Sabes muy bien que en el punto culminante de una crisis procedemos siempre por impulso, al reves de lo previsible, haciendo la barbaridad mas inesperada. Y en ese momento precisamente se podia decir que habia como una saturacion de realidad, no te parece? La realidad se precipita, se muestra con toda su fuerza, y justamente entonces nuestra única manera de enfrentarla consiste en renunciar a la dialéctica, es la hora en que le pegamos un tiro a un tipo, que saltamos por la borda, que nos tomamos un tubo de gardenal como Guy, que le soltamos la cadena al perro, piedra libre para cualquier cosa. La razón solo nos sirve para disecar la realidad en calma, o analizar sus futuras tormentas, nunca para resolver una crisis instantánea. Pero esas crisis son como mostraciones metafísicas, che, un estado que quizá, si no hubiéramos agarrado por la vía de la razón, seria el estado natural y corriente del pitecantropo erecto.

Julio Cortázar.

ML reveal fics wherein Marinette finds out that Adrien is Chat Noir (or vice versa) are funny and all cuz Marinette has some existential crisis and ends up totally shocked and stuff

But I live for Adrien finding out that Ladybug is actually Marinette. The other way around is cute, too, but the feels are really different when you go from Ladybug to Marinette. That way, he realizes that the girl he’s so in love with, so strong and so confident, is actually the shy, sweet girl he’s friends with at school. That warm feeling of “So it’s you. It’s always been you. And I’m so glad it’s you.”

The latest smear campaign that falsely portrays Planned Parenthood’s participation in tissue donation programs supporting lifesaving scientific research is not only an attack on Planned Parenthood, it is also an attack on women who, like me, have voluntarily decided to try to save lives through tissue donation after an abortion.

I was 10 years into a very successful career, my marriage was six years strong, and I was pregnant for the first time.  I was at the top of my game — until, at one of my routine checkups, my ob-gyn couldn’t hear our son’s heartbeat. She explained my baby had died and that she was going to schedule a D&C because my body had not naturally eliminated the pregnancy.

In that moment of total crisis for my husband and me, my doctor also asked us a question that helped transform this devastating loss into one with meaning:  She asked if we wanted to donate the tissue to an important research project on trisomy 21, a genetic disorder they discovered he had.

All these years later, the loss of our son still brings me more pain than I could have ever imagined.  But knowing that we had an option that could lead to scientific discoveries to prevent other couples’ suffering down the line was a gift back to us.  Some people may say that my experience was different because my procedure was done to complete a miscarriage.  But medically speaking, it was an abortion — in fact, “abortion” is the procedure listed on my discharge form from the hospital.  

In many areas of medicine, patients can decide to have tissue donated to help lead to medical breakthroughs. Why should women who have abortions at Planned Parenthood be treated differently?

Linda N.

Milwaukee, WI