crisis power

You’re alive. You’re here. You’ve made it through another day and though there are 365 of them every year and you’ve lived through thousands before, you made it through this one. The world is a better place because you are here, living through another today.

i choose to be single, you see. because, i’ve met too many boys who wanted to keep me close, keep me with them, safely tucked away, hidden under their wings. i’ve met too many boys who liked my intellect the way one likes a trophy, they liked being able to show it off at parties, they liked the sound of my voice in public - but not at home: baby, baby just please let it go and come to bed. i’ve met too many boys that loved my body, the length of my legs and bones in my hips, but they did not like the fact i counted calories, they did not like the fact that i was not carefree, reckless with abundance. i’ve met too many boys who loved my jokes, but when i say loved i mean they laughed to appease, and when i say jokes i mean things i said and meant them - like this is unfair, or this hurts me, or i am uncomfortable. i’ve met too many boys who loved looking at me, who loved my surface, but feared my depth. i’ve met too many boys i didn’t like, but thought i loved; too many of them made me feel guilty for wanting to be free, away from them, away from the hands that pulled me back, but never helped me up. i’ve met too many boys who stole too many of my days, too many hours i’ve spent apologizing for who i am, for not fitting a vision they had, a vision i played no part in helping them create. i choose to be single - it feels good you see, being happy in my own skin, it feels good not having anyone trying to claw their way in - you conquer from inside you see. i am single and i’ve never been less lonely. it took me 23 years, but i finally learned to enjoy my own company.
—  marina v., the new-age twenty-somethings.
Pluto ♇

Associations: Death, the underworld, astral travel, realms, transformation, metamorphosis, cooperation, regeneration, mystery, power, change, crisis 

Botanicals: Acacia, barley, basil, chrysanthemum, columbine, cypress, damiana, dogwood, dragon’s blood, eucalyptus, fern, foxglove, galangal root, hops, larkspur, oats, pansy, passion flower, psilocybin, saw palmetto, silverweed, skullcap, strawberry, valerian, wheat, yohimbe 

Crystals: Smoky quartz, snowflake obsidian, black tourmaline, kunzite

Metals: Plutonium

Colors: Black, white

Numbers: 0

Elements: Water

Zodiac Signs: Scorpio

Day of the Week: Tuesday

compiled from my personal grimoire

All this anime is why no one wanted to date me in high school. Couldn’t even fit all of my collection in the picture


[EPISODE] 165. When the Crystal Shines! The Beautiful Power of Dreams.

Series: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon SuperS

Kana: クリスタル輝く時! 美しき夢の力
Romaji: Kurisutaru Kagayaku Toki! Utsukushiki Yume no Pawaa

Original Air Date: February 24, 1996

Director: Yuji Endo
Writer: Yoji Enokido
Animation Director: Takayuki Gorai

Plot: The Sailor Senshi struggle to stop Queen Nehelenia from using the Golden Crystal’s power.


  • Honjou and his son Kotarou from episode 154 had cameos.


  • This was Takayuki Gorai’s first episode as an animation director.


  • Sailor Planet Attack was last performed here.
  • This was the only time that Moon Crisis Power was used.
  • This episode marked the final appearances of Motoki Furuhata, Unazuki Furuhata, Momoko Momohara, and Kyuusuke Sarashina.


  • Cloverway’s English dub (titled “Golden Revival”):

    Before the four guardian Sailor Senshi/Sailor Scouts executed their individual attacks, they prompted the vocal commands with “Mercury Power,” “Mars Power,” and so on.

    Sailor Planet Attack and Moon Crisis Power were respectively changed to “Planet Cosmic Power” and “Moon Cosmic Dream Action.”


  • Mamoru Chiba’s residence
  • The Dead Moon Circus
  • Elysion
  • Juuban Muncipal Primary School
  • Honjou Preschool
  • Game Center Crown
Democratic Party in crisis
‘It could get worse before it gets better,’ says one senior Dem aide.

Democrats awoke Wednesday facing something they had worked hard to convince themselves was a problem exclusively of the right: a party in crisis.

Swept dramatically from power as Republicans assumed control of the White House, Senate, and House of Representatives and stood poised to make Supreme Court appointments that will dictate the direction of the Judiciary for a generation, the Democratic Party is only beginning to grapple with enormous questions – everything from who will lead to what the party will stand for.

“The party is in a period of chaos,” declared a veteran Democratic strategist who worked near the top of Bernie Sanders’ primary campaign before supporting Clinton.

“The establishment approach to do politics, whether at the Senate level or the national presidential level, came up short. We need to take a long look at how we run our races and the candidates we put forward. What else can you say about it?”

…There are decisions to be made, and soon: on Capitol Hill, Democrats are actively wondering whether a minority leader Chuck Schumer would welcome Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders to the leadership ranks.


I am an illustrator and I have been collecting and illustrating the proverbs of White Middle Class Liberals for a year now and finally compiled them in to an Alphabetical Anthology. It functions as an educational tool and a fun way to clap back at every day crackery. if any one is interested in it you can find it here.…/…/the-alphabetical-anthology-of-white

The book is bound on really lovely card with heavy weight cartridge paper pages and printed locally.

If you enjoyed White Boys or Fear Brown Queers you will love this book.

As well as being a funny and insightful read it is a lovely object to hold.

Common Asteroid & Minor Planet Associations ☄

[⚳] Ceres: nurturing, love, comfort, growth, compassion, fertility

[⚷] Chiron: wisdom, patience, life lessons, self-worth, perseverance, relief, healing

[⇨⇦] Eris: discord, rivalry, jealousy, revenge, battles, power, resourcefulness, clarity 

[♡] Eros: sexuality, intimacy, passion, desire, creativity, unity 

[⚕] Hygieia: balance, satisfaction, indulgence, health concerns of all kinds - hygiene, medicine, vaccines, fitness, nutrition, illness

[⚵] Juno: attraction, commitment, beauty, companionship, compromise, security 

[⚸] Lilith: independence, temptation, consequence, fear, suffering, limitations, crisis, conflict 

[⚴] Pallas: creativity, power, intuition, justice, wisdom, protection

[★] Psyche: unconscious mind, self-actualization, truth, perseverance, trials, transformation 

[⚶] Vesta: focus, dedication, passion, mental clarity, self-respect, diligence, purification

compiled from my personal grimoire 

last edited: 10-9-2016