crisis in your eyes

Pusher Love Girl

Taehyung has you wrapped around his finger- in more ways than one.

pairing: taehyung x reader
genre: smut, a little fluff
wordcount: 6.8k
warnings: public sexual acts, fingering, masturbation, deepthroating, degrading names during sex, dom!Tae, rough sex, slight breathplay, voyeurism, hair pulling, possessive!Tae, lovebites  

You met Kim Taehyung out of all places, out of all times- during a bad date. 

You were in a chain coffee shop, sitting opposite a man who was as beautiful as he was boring, wondering how dating had become like this for you. Boring dates, zero chemistry- and the looming fear of ending up alone pushing you into halfhearted commitments. 

When your date had excused himself and gone to the bathroom, you had breathed a sigh of relief. Frankly, pretending to listen and inserting time-appropriate “Mm” noises was more difficult than it appeared. It was at that moment that Taehyung had sat down in your date’s seat. 

‘Sat’ was a mild way of putting it- he plopped down, draping over the chair comfortably, before flashing you a big grin. He looks a bit ridiculous, was your first thought- he was dressed in an oversized stripy linen shirt, slides, and a huge beanie. His strong eyebrows were quirked upwards from underneath his beanie and you shot him a slightly confused, mostly bitchy stare.

“Bad date?” He had sighed sympathetically. “Do you want to talk about it?” He folded his hands and raised an eyebrow at you knowingly like he was your mid-life crisis dating coach. You narrowed your eyes at him. 

“He’s alright,” You replied defensively. 

“Wow. Alright.” Taehyung responded, nodding seriously. “And they say romance is dead.”

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anonymous asked:

What to do on train journeys? X

Watch the scenery. Watch people. Wonder what your life will look like in twenty years time. Write a diary entry. Write poetry. Write write write. Take photos of the countryside, you’ll probably never actually walk in those fields. Go through all of the things you’ll never do with your life. Have a small existential crisis. Close your eyes. Rest your head on the window and learn how to breathe. Memorise the pattern on the train seats. Let go of what’s been bothering you. Let go of the past. I’ve always thought that train rides felt like the future. I’ve always thought that they feel like freedom.

Piece of Heaven [Okieriete Onaodowan x Reader]

[write-a-thon tag]

Summary: Oak helps you with your maid of honor speech for your best friend’s wedding.

Word Count: 2,426

Warnings: None, this is pure fluff y’all

A/N: “Ren, are you posting this a day earlier because you got a block for all the other days atm?” The answer is yes, BUT, I promise I’ll try to make up for it in the following week,I have ideas, just didn’t have any inspiration to write them yet besides this one. Oak was always one of my favorites and it makes me so happy that I got to write for him again, I hope you like it!

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“And in closing, congratulations on finding someone who you think you can put up with for the rest of your life.” Your arms fell to your sides as you finished reading your notes.

“This is going to be the worst Maid of Honor speech in the history of the written word.”

“I know,” you agreed, leaning against Oak’s dressing room vanity in defeat as he tried to hold a smile. “I just- I hate this. I hate that she’s getting married! She’s my best friend and he’s just an asshole and they have nothing figured out and-”

“Are you sure you’re not just trying to use this wedding as an excuse for your mid-life crisis?” He joked, getting an eye roll in response.

“I’m not even thirty, Oak. I’m nowhere close to the age of a mid-life crisis.” You slowly walked over to the couch where he was sitting, falling by his side and placing your legs over his lap. “You’re one of my best friends, Oak, please tell me you know how to fix this.”

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Midlife Crisis

Dean x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, Drinking, Name Calling, Light Sexual Content

Words: 1,587

This is for @cas-is-my-hero. I joined her challenge a while ago and I’m two months passed due, but she gave me the green light to take my time since I’ve been struggling with writing and had problems with my computer. So thanks for waiting, love.

Phrase Prompt: Do you really think you can find anyone better than me?

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How do you praise God when you don’t understand what’s happening in your life and God is silent? How do you stay connected in a crisis without communication? How do you keep your eyes on Jesus when they’re full of tears? You do what Job did: “Then he fell to the ground in worship and said: ‘Naked I came from my mother’s womb, and naked I will depart. The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away; may the name of the Lord be praised’” (Job 1:20b-21 NIV).

Pastor Rick Warren

Excerpt from Faith, Not Feelings, Pleases God via

Dangerous Woman (Part 2) 🌙

A/N: I’ve finally uploaded the second part of DW after a trillion years so I apologize to everyone for the long wait! In this second part, there’s no smut but there is plenty of angst and drama and emotional turmoil (I promise more smut in future parts). Also, I added in Luhan’s POV to make the fic more interesting! Enjoy this, and remember to leave some feedback in the ask box at the end of it! x

Pairing(s): Luhan x Reader

Warnings: Some violence near the end (on the reader’s part) and just angst all the way

Genre: Angst

Requested: No

Summary: Luhan and call-girl! Reader battle with their own emotions when it comes to falling for each other.

Word Count: 5886

Soundtrack: I Don’t Wanna Live Forever // Zayn, Taylor Swift

Originally posted by exotic-alucinada


By the time I wander through the double doors of the brothel where all of this call-girl nonsense started years ago, the tears I’ve been trying to hold back for the past hour finally spill over, causing my ‘waterproof’ mascara to leak down my cheeks horribly.

Dragging my bag of discarded lingerie, cat ears and handcuffs behind me, I suck back a mournful gasp as I keep my head down, too humiliated to let any of the other lingering call-girls catch a glimpse of my beaten-down form. Thankfully, nobody takes notice of me as I speed-walk to where Sehun is comfortably seated behind the receptionist’s desk as always, his feet propped up on the table as he taps away at his phone enthusiastically.

Upon hearing the shuffling of my feet, my best friend lifts his head with that oh-so-comforting grin of his, parting his lips to say hi. But his cheery demeanour drops as soon as he catches sight of the state I’m in, with my tangled hair and teary eyes and ugly black lines of mascara running down my face.

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Hello! As per usual this is just a quick thanks to everyone for the likes, reblogs, comments and follows <3 They really make my day and I am glad you enjoy these stories. Apologies for the delay on this one, like i explained in a previous ask I wanted to add more to it- I still feel like I cut it short, but I have decided to leave it here! If you guys want a part two let me know. 

Now be nice guys, there is a little bit of smut and I have never EVER written it before!

PROMPT - by an Anonymous, they asked for:  “May I request a Kirk where he breaks his leg on a mission and you, his best friend, help him out and you two fall in love?”

PAIRING - Reader X Jim friendship which blossoms in to something more

WARNINGS - Slight cursing, graphic Injury, violence, loss of life and a sprinkling of Smut.


The sensation of wind rustling across your face and through your hair overpowered your senses, dragging you back to consciousness and away from the embracing darkness which comforted you despite the current crisis. Gasping, your eyes slipped open slowly; becoming momentarily overwhelmed by the cold wisps of air which attacked them. Screwing them tightly closed once again, you struggled to breathe as the air around you continued to batter your body.


Slowly your other senses began to reawaken, your ears picking up the faint voices from far to your left. Swallowing slowly, you pushed away the dry lump which settled in your throat. Your mind was a jumble as you struggled to pinpoint where you were, or even how you got there. With your eyes still closed, your hands began to trace the seat which cradled you. The cold metal frame trailed up to your elbows, where it eventually smoothed out into a plastic shell; slipping higher to the arm rest, your fingers suddenly graced the soft skin of someone beside you.


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for @scorpio012 , prompt 13 : “Remus/Sirius number 13 with Sirius being the journalist interviewing Remus who’s just survived a wolf attack”

“Do I really have to do this piece?”

Umbridge tore her gaze away from her computer to give Sirius a withering glare. “This is your first big piece. You should be thanking me on your knees.”

Sirius fought back a scowl. Ugly old hag.

“I can hand it over to Longbottom,” she added, already checked out of the conversation and typing at a deadly fast speed.

“No! No, this is great, thank you.” Sirius spun on his heel and walked back to his cubicle before she could say another word. Nothing wrong with Alice Longbottom, but she had far more experience under her belt than he did. It was time to even the playing field.

Sighing, Sirius sat down and picked up the little dog figurine on his desk, spinning it in his hands as he thought. What a fucking paradise this would be—far more interesting than the usual short columns he was granted, but—

This hardly seemed decent.

People would eat it up, Sirius winced at the phrasing, but he would have to endure this awful interviewing while feeling like an utter tool. Biting his lip, Sirius set down the dog and moved his computer mouse around, waking it up and re-playing the video some horrid person filmed and uploaded on twitter.

Nervously, Sirius asked, “You okay if I record this?”

The interviewee shrugged as much as his shoulders allowed him to in the hospital bed. “As long as I’m paid, I don’t care, frankly.”

Sirius wasn’t surprised by the bribery, though he knew nothing about it. That ugly old hag. Sirius found himself apologizing, “I’m sorry about this, by the way.”

“Ninety-seven. I’m Remus, by the way,” Remus said, holding out the hand that wasn’t in a cast.

Sirius took it and instead of shaking it like Sirius expected, Remus squeezed it lightly. His hand was freezing but the gesture held so much warmth, ending far too quickly. Pulling his arm back, Remus smiled and even with how forced it was, it held an uncommon kindness.

“Sirius. What’s ninety-seven?”

“The number of times people have said sorry.”

Sirius winced and without thinking, said, “Sorry.”

Remus chuckled. “It’s fine.”

Something deep in Sirius’ gut bristled over how causally Remus had answered. It wasn’t fucking fine. He was fucking mauled by a wolf half of a week ago!

Taking in an even breath, Sirius told himself to calm down and act professionally. Rationally.  He needed this job, he needed a good recommendation letter from Umbridge. They began chatting easily and Sirius kept it light, taking his time before getting to the more grim matter. His memory had always been something he could rely confidently on so he didn’t bring a notepad to take additional notes. He liked it better this way, it felt like less of a barrier between him and who he interviewed.

Remus, however, put up a barrier regardless. He was incredibly polite and easy-going, but Sirius noticed how distant he remained, how he flipped the questions around onto Sirius without Sirius even realizing it was happening.

“Look,” Remus started. “I appreciate what you’re doing but I’d prefer cutting right to the chase. You’re here to report on the attack in a thrilling piece, so let’s not treat it as anything other than it is.” There was no heat in his words, no anger. Again, Sirius found himself angry.

“If that’s what you want,” he responded carefully. “So, Remus, can you tell me what was going on around the day of the attack?”

It was nothing less of what Sirius had expected—gruesome, harrowing, and depressing. Remus had no qualms going into the details. Any other person would never want to speak of the experience ever, nonetheless to a stranger. Yet, Remus worried for the wolf’s reputation more than anything, explaining that it had been a scrawny little thing captured by some men and cruelly treated as a captured conquest or pet. It ran into Remus as it was escaping after months of being captive.

“Please, make sure to emphasize it attacked me out of fear and not as a ravenous man-eating beast. I happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. An unfortunate circumstance,” Remus said. The nurse changing his bandages tutted in exasperation under her breath and Sirius quite agreed with her.

Sirius excused himself to the bathroom and threw up the small breakfast he ate beforehand. After splashing water on his face, he gripped the sink and took deep breaths. He tried to find sympathy for the wolf in his heart but all he could see was the images Remus had painted of the attack. His grip tightened.

When he returned, he asked, “How has it been since?”

“Great. Yeah, all the men have been hitting me up at the bar. Apparently, it gives me this new edge.”

Sirius stifled a laugh from the surprisingly dry wit. “And what do you think?”

“Well.” Remus paused and scrutinized Sirius, sizing him up as if to determine if he was worthy of a secret. “Have you seen Finding Nemo?”

“Of course.”

“You know that one scarred fish, Gill or something? In the dentist tank?” Sirius nodded. “I think I look more like him.”

Chuckling, Sirius leaned forward and Remus shifted in the bed, wincing as he tried to get closer. “Actually I sorta had a crush on him,” Sirius admitted, “so.”

Remus’ face split open in an adorable, lopsided grin. “Me, too! Oh my god, this is off the record,” Remus lowered his voice, “but damn.”

Sirius laughed some more. “Did he jumpstart your gay crisis?”

Remus’ eyes danced with mirth. He leaned back. “Maybe. Bi crisis, though.”

“Noted.” Sirius picked up the recorder and solemnly said, “Fish kink. Suspicions of interviewee being a furry and the attack being a poor attempt on his part. Cite unhealthy concern over wolf than himself.”

“Oh my god,” Remus said. “You’re an insensitive asshole, you know that?” He snatched the recorder. “I am not a furry.”

Sirius snatched it back. “The interviewer is dubious to the instant defense. He ponders meeting later for a drink for further investigation.”

“Shall I pick you up, then? My bed has sweet wheels. I’m sure my nurses would love to release me.”

“We don’t have to go out to have a drink,” Sirius rolled his eyes, hoping his cheeks weren’t as red as they felt, “I can come back and we can have, er, water? Together?”

Remus blinked like he had thought the flirting was a joke. “Um, yeah, okay. You’ll have to check visiting hours.”

A little too eagerly, Sirius said, “I can do that.”

stay  → min yoongi (1/?)

helloooo, marianne’s back with her angst and i decided to try something new. this is a series of stories revolving around the members of bangtan sonyeondan (featuring members of other groups too heh), a terror crisis, and you.

every story (note: not chapter!!) is connected, and this is the main story that’ll the whole series will revolve around. hope you enjoy this series! :)

loosely based on a dream that my friend had

stay → min yoongi (1/?)
main story ; NON-CANON au

word count: 2.3k

Originally posted by kimdaily

Min Yoongi was infamously known as the school’s asshole. He was rude; he talked back to teachers, spoke rudely to others, usually flipping people off. He also had a potty mouth, slurs of curse words would be spewing out of his dirty mouth even for the smallest of things.

And he always seemed to be notoriously talked about by the entire school. You’d walk past the group of queen bees and they’d be talking about how good he was in bed (more specifically, how good his tongue was, but you’ll never let anyone know that you heard). You’d walk past the group of plain Janes, and they’ll be talking about how “cute” or how “handsome” he was. You’d walk past the group of nerds during lunch, and they’d be adoring his intelligence and dote on how “incredibly smart” he is.

With boys too, it seemed. The jocks usually complimented (or rather bitched about) his skills on the field.

Min Yoongi was always on the centre of attention.

But you, Y/L/N Y/N didn’t give two damns about him. Yes, you’ve heard countless gossips and rumours about the school’s heart-throbing asshole, but you couldn’t care less about the deeds he committed.

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I am restless.

I am restless for a thing I cannot name, a place I cannot remember except in the fuzzy, far-away behavior of dreams. There is a feeling I want to convey but it avoids me and my attempts to make it materialize itself into words or chords or brush strokes. It just sits somewhere in my throat and skull and gut and makes a home of me; discontented and unnamable. 
Most days I ignore it and it ignores me and we coexist like petulant siblings.
But Some Days, days otherwise indecipherable from Most Days, without warning it wakes up with new vigor and rattles me about yelling for more more MORE. But more of what I never know.
I am two opposing creatures sat in one life. Warring over unerring contentedness and painful, yearning restlessness. 

If I could put a word to it, it would let go of me. 
If it would let me look at it long enough to paint its likeness on a canvas stretched as wide as I am tall, it would be satisfied.
If I could play an instrument well enough to trap it in a song, it wouldn’t need me to carry it around anymore.

But I have always been better at reading than writing.
I am not imaginative enough to paint things I cannot see.
And I am lost on the bench of a piano without sheet music.

So I am restless.

porlspeaches  asked:

how exactly did a rock learn how to have individual feelings and knowledge,,you don't just pop out of the ground having all the things needed to thrive as a species,,so isn't your evolution as gems kind of flawed?? I mean, gems probably don't put much effort into science like humans do, so I can understand if you don't know how a rock (with no living cells) learned to produce a holographic projection of their bodies

Actually, we do. We emerge from the ground knowing what are what we’re supposed to be.” Zircon responded quickly, crossing her arms. “Our evolution is dictated on what is needed in our society, what the Diamonds dictate what is best. We don’t leave it to chance and off colors are often cut off at the source.” 

“The only time in which the making of gems was not thought out was during Rose Quartz’s rebellion.”

“It would be pure folly if humans put more care into their so called science, they can’t even go at light speed. That part of our creation and being gems with holographic bodies made of light has already been cracked by her Clarity.”

Coffee Shop (Part Five)


Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five  | Part Six | Part Seven | Part Eight | Part Nine | Part Ten | Epilogue

Pairing: Reader x Park Chanyeol
What happens when you accidentally sit next to someone you shouldn’t in a coffee shop.

‘I want to date you Y/N’

‘UGH-’ you exhaled in frustration and a few people sitting near by you on the bus looked up in surprise, throwing you some wary glances. You blushed, and bowed slightly, mumbling a polite ‘sorry.’

You were on your way to work. The winter break had finally ended, and that meant you had to get back in the swing of things at school. But you could’t focus. With your head leant against the window of the bus, you mind kept trailing back to the night Chanyeol had arrived at you apartment, flowers in hand. The night he had confessed his feelings for you. 

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Age Doesn’t Matter

Title: Age Doesn’t Matter

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 958

Warning: touch of angst (I think) and fluff

Request by the awesome @iamthemaskhewears  “Could you please write an imagine where the reader is in her mid20s and Dean has a midlife crisis cause his gf is much younger? (Can you add her being very short, can’t reach the pedals of the impala, but she’s dying to drive it?) I love your work!!”

A/N: Enjoy!! Shout out to us shorties!!

“But Deeeaaaannn!” God you hated it when she whined like that. Yes, she was adorable with her little puppy eyes but she sounded like a child. Which compared to you she definitely was.

“I’m not letting you drive her Y/N, you know that’s not gonna change.”

Circling your arms around Dean’s waist your lips found that sweet spot on his neck that never failed to make him let out that sexy low moan of his. “I’ll make it worth your while, I promise.”

“Mmm sweetheart, you can try all you want but, I-um”

You smiled against his warm skin, “you what baby?”

Dean cleared his throat and pushed you back. “I can’t, I-I just can’t anymore.” You felt like you’d been slapped in the face and punched in the gut all at once as you watched him walk away.

I know I was a little pushy and whiney but what the fuck? What’s gotten into him?

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close your eyes
and look at the darkness
look how pictures begin to form
it might be dashes of colour
a replayed memory
a fantasy
but it is something
something out of nothing
out of darkness
that you created
that morphed from
the depths of your subconscious.
when you take a telescope
and look out at the stars
the galaxies form
like dashes of colour from darkness
adjust your tired eyes
see energy, light and mass
creation in it’s purest forms.
do you feel
the tingling sensations
of asteroids shooting through space?
like your fingertips colliding.
this can’t be all that there is
I stare out of rain streaked windows
whilst my coffee goes cold again
this can’t be what life is
the routines, the colour beige
we could be as great as
the energy produced
when two galaxies merge
we are human
we are life
body and spirit
desperation and strife
we feel
we kill
we heal
we are potential to create
to adapt and change
if we didn’t waste away
living at desks in high rise offices
filling pockets of others
and never truly knowing
what it feels like to be alive
what does it mean to live
if I’m more concerned about coffee
than this earth
that I appeared on
so worried about belonging
within societies constructs
these human terms & conditions
that I don’t even realise
I am exactly where I need to be
because I can create something
out of nothing
just by closing my eyes
and that dash of colour on black
transcends me
it goes beyond all that I am
it is two star systems colliding
life simultaneously given & taken
whilst I sip lukewarm coffee
and wonder why I’m even alive

say i never mattered [1/4] | shawn mendes imagine


requested by @adancer24

word count: 1,020

author’s note: i got way too into this request, so i’ve decided to make this imagine into four parts! exciting, huh? title from “young volcanoes” by fall out boy.

Your name: submit What is this?

What probably did you in is that your worldview was so vastly different from Shawn’s. He was a big picture kind of guy, the type to think, Okay, so we’re fighting, but I have a skyrocketing career and I get to do what I love, so are things really that bad? He was an optimist and a preacher for the greater good, an artist that painted in broad strokes.

You were different. You saw Shawn’s genuine smile on stage, but you also saw the fatigue in his eyes and the way he pulled away from you in public. All of these things held equal weight in your mind, and you weren’t about to shove any of them under the table to focus on the good, like he found so easy. To you, life was a puzzle, an enigma to be analyzed piece by piece.

The whole thing to Shawn was a supernova, one violent burst, a smear of messy colors and sounds. But to you, it showed itself in phases: bend, break, recover, rebuild.


“Should I call again?”

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Football - DP

Drabble request: Football


Dash knew he wasn’t the smartest grape in the bunch, but he wasn’t nearly as dense as most people thought he was.  Things like homework and studying were for people without a brilliant football career head of them, so Dash simply didn’t bother with them.  He barely passed all of his classes – his grades were all D’s with the exception of gym (straight A’s) – and that was more than good enough for him.  With some effort, he knew he could’ve gotten B’s and C’s, but he was smart enough to realize there was no point in working for high grades yet.  The football program he wanted to get into looked only at his senior year scores: he’d work hard next year.

At least, that was the plan… until the day he ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time.  That day was a cold December Monday after a storm had dumped about eight inches of snow onto Amity Park.  Still bleary and wishing for his bed, Dash stumbled out of his house, late for school, and shivered in his thin jacket as he brushed the worst of the snow off his car.

Car deemed clean enough, Dash crawled in, turned the key, and realized that Paulina – idiot airhead Paulina – had left on the overhead light in the backseat on Friday. His battery was completely drained.  With his father already gone to work, there was nobody to jump his car.  And, seeing as though school had started five minutes ago, there was no one to call for a ride.

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The Maze Runner: High School AU - Newt: The Date - Part 2 (Final Part)

Part 1

After you’ve ordered both of your meals, music blares out of nowhere and people dressed up as the characters from the Wizard of Oz come dancing out. They sing and dance, even climb up onto the bar with swinging hips and tapping shoes. You stare at this ridiculous sight and can’t help but laugh at these poor suckers. Suddenly, the Tin Man comes up beside you, he grabs onto your hand and pulls you up from your seat. There’s nothing you can do but follow his lead as he spins you around the restaurant, everyone clapping and singing along too. It’s nuts, this place is nuts.

Suddenly he spins you away from him and you fall into Newt’s arms who was dancing around with the Scarecrow. You and Newt both dance around the restaurant some more; you can feel your cheeks blushing but Newt doesn’t seem to care. The spinning and dancing continues, and it’s like everyone else in the restaurant is no longer there. You both laugh at each other, giggling like a bunch of school girls. It’s fantastic.

You pull up in the carpark along the beach just like Newt said, and you both pull your shoes off; leaving them in the car. The sand is soft between your toes, and the crashing waves is somewhat peaceful. You’re not usually one to sink into your surroundings like this, but it’s nice.

“So… how did you like that dancing huh?”

You giggle into your sleeve, “It was… interesting. I had fun.”

“Okay, good, because I was scared you would be mad when I told you that I purposely told them beforehand to pick you and me up like that.”

You immediately turn to him, your mouth hanging open. “What!?” You playfully slap his arm, “I cannot believe you!”

“Hey! You’re not supposed to be mad!” He laughs, pushing you ever so slightly, but somehow you manage to trip because you’re clumsy like that. Especially on the lose sand with exhausted feet from dancing all night.

Newt falls down beside you, “Are you really mad?”

You laugh, “No, I’m not. It really was fun.”

He smiles, “I’m glad.”

“So…” You lean back on your elbows, the wind blowing the edges of your dress, “You talk to your band yet?”

He leans back beside you, his dress shirt sleeves rolled up to his elbows, “Yeah, they said it’s all good to go.” He turns to you, “Actually, they’re quite passionate about ridding you of that disgusting sport uniform.”

“Oh ha-ha.”

He laughs again, “What’s the deal with that anyway?”

You look over at him, “I have no idea. All I know is that generations before us have been begging and begging to change the colours, but no one cared.”

“So you’re like, a good runner then?”

I raise an eyebrow, “I suppose, I train every morning.”

Newt looks at you with inquisitive, big eyes, “Oh really? Then how about…” Suddenly he picks himself up from the sand and starts running down the beach, “You race me!”

You immediately jump up too and run as well, “You’re such a cheater!” But soon you pass him, enough to declare that you’ve won. You stop and take a breather, and watch as he catches up; only now do you realise his limp.

He notices you looking at his leg, “I was so not cheating, I’m obviously disabled so of course I needed a head-start.”

“I’m… I’m sorry, I didn’t-

He shakes his head and places his hand on your shoulder, “It’s okay, seriously.” He then lies down on the sand, so you lie down beside him. You both start to make sand-angels but you can’t stop thinking about his limp.

“How… How’d you get it anyway?”

He turns to you, you both stop imprinting your backs into the sand, “Get what?”

“Your limp.”

“Oh!” He glances down at his leg for a moment and then turns his head up towards the sky, the stars twinkling in his brown eyes. You see him concentrate for a moment, the fly-away hairs dancing as the wind picks up. “I…” He faces you again, “It’s complicated.”

You blush from embarrassment, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to-

“No, no, it’s okay.” He pauses and rubs his nose, “I just… I’m not really ready to talk about it freely yet and… well, I don’t want to lie to you either.”

You smile at him, “It’s okay, I understand.”

You both turn up to look at the starts shining in the night sky, and you feel the glove covering his palm wrap around your almost numb hand. “I really liked tonight.”

You nod, “So did I.”

“Are you sure?” He asks, his voice softer than usual. “I know I kind of forced you into this… only now I realise that that was probably an asshole move but…

You turn to him, rolling onto your side. He rolls onto his and faces you too. “It was kind of an asshole move, but I’m glad you did it. I really did like tonight, it’s one of the best nights of my life.”

He raises an eyebrow, “One of?”

“Well… it comes pretty close to that one time I got to go to the Olympics to watch my idol run the hurdles…”

Newt laughs, loud, his shoulders and chest shaking, “You’re such a nerd.”


He inches closer to your face, his hand cupping the side of your jaw and cheek, “An incredibly sexy nerd.”

You giggle as he pulls you into a kiss, his lips gentle on yours at first before your hands touch his waist. You both pull away, something in you ignites… something in you flicks on like a lightbulb. You never thought your relationship with Newton would ever take this turn… because you completely misjudged him. You made your own assumptions about him, and they were completely incorrect.

“Are you okay?” He asks.

“I…” You chew the bottom of your lip, “I have something else to ask of you.”

“Go ahead.”

“The first time I spoke to you… you sort of blew me off.”


You sigh, wishing you hadn’t brought it up, “You flicked your fingers, you know, like when you’re shooing something away. So I left… and we never spoke again.”

He frowns, “I really did that?” He raises his head onto his hand, “I can’t imagine myself ever shooing you away.”

“Well… You did. I remember it exactly. You were wearing that coat of yours, and a red scarf or something-

“A scarf?” He asks suddenly, “Are you sure?”

“Yeah, I’m sure. It was red and it had straggly bits of material on the end.”

He immediately sits up, “Oh my gosh! You’re Sneeze Girl!”

You sit up too, but much slower. “I’m… what?”

“Sneeze Girl!” He laughs loudly again, “Yes! I remember it too! Look, I only ever wear that scarf when I’m sick because I always get insanely cold. Anyway, you were walking up to me, and you looked so pretty in that blue sweater. Do you still have that?”

You nod your head slowly.

“Anyway, I was preparing myself to ask you out because heck, I’ve never seen someone that pretty before. But as you came closer I was about to sneeze, and I didn’t want to sneeze all over you because that would be rude so I… So yeah, I shooed you away I suppose, in an effort to warn you that I was sick and you were at risk of being infected. When I looked up after my sneezing fit, you were gone and my heart completely broke. I’d been looking for Sneeze Girl… well, you, obviously, for the next few weeks but I couldn’t find you!”

“Oh my…” You face-palm, “I cannot believe you!”

“I promise it’s true, you can read my journal. I was so heartbroken!”

You raise an eyebrow, “Your journal?”

Newt frowns, “Yes, my journal. You have a problem with journals?”

You giggle and cup his face with your cold hands, “No, of course not,” You kiss him on the lips again and he kisses you back. You really did misjudge this sweet cinnamon roll.

You walk into the school’s gymnasium, people are hanging up streamers and stars; every cute decoration they could find. You spot Minho stressing about everywhere with the food and the drinks, and which tables they should be on and where in the gym they should stand. It’s kind of chaotic, but you’re sure that tonight will be great.  

“Y/N! Finally!” Minho races up to you, “The band? Are they coming? Please don’t tell me they backed out or-

“It’s fine! Minho, it’s all okay. They’re going to be here any minute now to rehearse.” But suddenly a ping! goes off in your pocket. You look at Minho nervously and then slide the phone out to reveal a message from Newt. All it says is, “S.O.S.” You smile at Minho and then turn around and walk off in the opposite direction, and dial Newt.

After two rings he picks up, his voice distressed and almost whiny, “Y/N!”

“Newt? What’s wrong?”

He sighs into the phone, “I am having a crisis!”

Your eyes widen, “What kind of crisis? Is the band okay? Are you okay? Minho is so going to kill me if you can’t make it tonight!”

“I have no idea what to wear!”

If you were on the show The Office, you would look over into the camera right now; drenched in sarcasm. “Are you serious?”

“You have to help me! Do I wear my black ripped jeans or my blue ones?”

You hate yourself for complying to this guy’s needs, “Black.” You hear a slight shuffle, a sound like Newt is jumping up and down, and then complete silence for only two seconds.

“Oh.” He laughs, “Black is good.”

“See you in ten?” I ask, still trying to recover from my almost panic attack.


They were at their fifth song, at the end of this one they can take a quick break. You scan the room, a massive crowd at their feet; jumping, screaming, swaying. More people scatter the room with food and drinks, either chatting or just eating. But everyone seems to be satisfied or hyped for tonight which exactly the results you wanted.

The song ends, and people walk off to refill themselves with food and drinks while the band grab a few snacks themselves. You walk over to the snack bar before anyone else and grab yourself a drink, you turn around and immediately see Newt; he smiles at you and pays for his food. You both walk off together and when you turn to stand in the band corner you immediately feel the heated stares from everyone else. Jealous fan girls are not to be messed with, there are some real crazies out there…

You wipe your face with your sleeve as you feel your cheeks blushing, “Great,” you mumble to yourself.

Newt notices your slight discomfort, he glances at the crowd and then back to you, analysing his next move. You can tell he’s slightly pissed off from being stared at, and you feel the same but mainly embarrassed and unworthy because of all the dirty looks going your way.

A smirk spreads over his lips as he looks back at you, he reaches out for your arm and pulls it away from your face and then he leans down to you, kissing you sweetly on the lips. You pull away immediately, your cheeks even redder than before. Fear overcomes your mind so you push your way out through the exit and keep walking through the school until you can no longer feel the heat in your skin.

Not long after you sit down on cold, smooth concrete, someone sits down beside you. “You didn’t have to run off like that.”

Anger immediately takes over, “Why? Did I ruin your little show?”

“Show?” Newt stands up, “I was just kissing you!”

You stand up too, “Yeah, while everyone who adores you is watching! That kiss wasn’t for me; it was for them.”

“They were staring at you like you had some kind of contagious disease, I just wanted to give them something to really look at!” He comes closer to you, his voice lowering into a gentler tone. “Besides, I don’t like it when people who are supposed to support me and my band start attacking people close to me.”

“It… it didn’t make it any better…”

“Well now they can stop assuming and gossiping because they know you’re my girlfriend now.”

Your eyebrows crease in confusion, as does your lips, “Who said anything about me being your girlfriend?”

Newt looks at you for a moment, like he’s trying to remember something or understand a math problem. Then his brown eyes widen in shock, “Shit.” He slaps his forehead with his palm, and stares at you from underneath his hand, “I was going to ask you if you wanted to… I mean, I know we haven’t gone out more than once but that night on the beach-

You smile, “You really want me to be your girlfriend?”

His hand lowers from his face, and he pulls you into an embrace, “I really do, Sneeze Girl.”

You frown, “Well, fine. I will. Except you can never call me that again.”

His hand finds its way underneath your chin, he tips it up slightly as his other hand cups the side of your face, “Sure, whatever you want.” He kisses you softly, your eyes flutter closed. He smiles against your lips, and then says ever so quietly, “Sneeze Girl.”

You instantly push away from him, a teasing smile on your face, “Way to ruin the moment.”

He quickly wraps his arms around your waist, pulling you back in, “I still have another minute left before I gotta go back on stage. I promise I won’t ruin the moment this time.”

You roll your eyes playfully, “Oh alright.”

You both stand in the cold, hugging the warmth into each other. Trying to get this shank to play for your fundraiser was the best decision you ever made.

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