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Existential Crisis Hour! - Kilo Kish


So about 9 months or so trill believers My friend Sean & I did the top image. You know what we do, we combine the superhero and the cartoon with hip hop because to be honest especially in the comics industry not many people speak to the fans that love both things. So we decided to make stuff since to be honest I never thought I’d see it. Then you get to this morning and I see this from my friend Patrick Reed. I sit back kind of blown actually. I knew the biting was going to happen, eventually it happens. My first thought though was this from the Purple tape (Only Built 4 Cuban Linx) 

It’s their characters and it’s just fan art but let’s be honest here. Neither of the Big Two or really Image openly caters to this audience. They don’t have that many black people or POC on their teams really. Damn sure none with this culture at their core. That’s why we did it. It’s fun. When I would go to con I was have great discussions with folks about comics continuity and hip hop. From Crisis and the Korvac Saga to Illmatic and Drake. It was just so weird to me with Hip Hop being such a cultural force that they just really leave it out or just do it half assed.

I have to be honest I don’t know doing this anymore. I’ve been down on comics for a little while now. It might be time for a nice little break and just read some Manga. You know what I love all the support from all you followers though. All 60,700 of you. All the likes and reblogs meant we were reaching people just a little bit. I don’t know trill believers, I just don’t know. Once you get bit by a company that was bought for 4 billion what do you do. Who knows…