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So I just thought of literally the best t'au list:

•1 Commander w/ Drone Controller
•1 unit Crisis Suits, 3x, each w/ Drone Controller
•Approximately 3 fucktillion Gun Drones

•More Crisis Suits, give them Drone Controllers
•Throw some Fusion Blasters on the Suits, for taking down the rare enemy that can’t be handled by DROWNING IT IN PULSE FIRE

HMS Bulwark (R08) at Malta in 1956, during operations against Egypt in the Suez Crisis. Aircraft were painted with the invasion stripes used at D-Day in World War 2, though usually yellow and black, in order to avoid friendly fire incidents. While politically a failure in a changed world, from a military perspective and particularly for the Royal Navy, the Suez Crisis was an overwhelming success. 

If Star Wars Were Written Today

Empire In Crisis!

Peace, prosperity and justice throughout the galaxy is being threatened by a band of far right extremists. Seeking to topple the intergalactic government these un-compassionate terrorists wish to do away with all the safety and protection that the Empire provides, along with all their critical institutions and programs. These nationalists use the will to self-govern as an excuse for their real motives of speciesism and racial hatred. Can the Empire squash this religious fundamentalist backed terrorist rebellion and restore order to the galaxy?

Ukraine: This is the Bakhchysaray Masjid in the Crimean region, which is now all over the news for the possibility of a Russian-Ukranian war!

What many don’t know was that this was a Muslim majority region under the Ottoman empire, and it was the one responsible for collecting the Jizyah from the Russians for several centuries.

However, in the last century, the Soviet has practiced ethnic cleansing against the Crimean Muslims under the false accusation that they were spies for the Germans, so they mass murdered and mass deported millions to Central Asia, resulting in only 20% of the region being Muslims today, about 400,000, and if things escalate, they will have no choice but to be part of this horror all over again, may Allah protect them and protect people from the trials of war!

On 5 November 1956 the Royal Marines’ 45 Commando performed the world’s first combat helicopter insertion during an amphibious landing as part of Operation Musketeer, during the Suez Crisis, Egypt. It involved 650 marines and 23 tons of equipment being flown in ten Westland Whirlwind Mark 2s of 845 Naval Air Squadron from the deck of HMS Theseus (above), and another six Whirlwinds, six Bristol Sycamore HC.12s and six HC.14s of HMS Ocean’s Joint Experimental Helicopter Unit (JEHU) (Royal Air Force). Fears over vulnerability to ground fire prompted their landing on the beach, where normal landing craft would put them. The nine mile journey was however made infinitely quicker, and this first attempt proved the concept.

Leyawiin and the Renrijra Krin

“I have been happy enough in the Count’s service. But I am not so happy about his lovely wife, and her Nibenean advisor. Lady Alessia is uncomfortable with Khajiit ways. And Argonian ways. And Dunmer ways. She is only comfortable with pure white-bread Nibeneans.” – Tsavi, Castle Leyawiin Healer

Since time immemorial, the fertile valleys of the land once called Malapi has been occupied by the Khajiit of Elsweyr and their more primitive ancestors, first recorded in the logs of the famous Aldmeri explorer Topal the Pilot in his seminal work “Father of the Niben”. For the majority of the Empire’s existence, these lands near the Topal Bay have been considered territory of the Catmen, but late in the Third Era the Mane of Elsweyr signed a treaty with Count Marius Caro of Nibenay, and the Count expanded his holdings into Malapi, founding the Imperial county of Leyawiin.

For the first few years of this agreement, things were tense between the Nibeneans and the beastfolk who traded on the river. Not only did Khajiit frequent these lands, but often Argonians from Black Marsh hunted and traded there, and there were small communities founded by escapees from Dunmeri slavery all along the rivers and lakes. Many found the idea of being Nibenean subjects distasteful, but things stabilized quickly, and Leyawiin benefited from Imperial trade and protection of the Legions. However, a group of dissidents called the Renrijra Krin always took offense to the Nibenean presence, and the situation grew tenser still when Marius Caro took Alessia Valga of Chorrol as his wife.

The young Countess had been born and raised deep in the Colovian Highlands, and felt that the cultural melting pot of Leyawiin could use some homogenization. The average citizens grumbled, but the Krin were incensed. They began a campaign of assassination, blackmail, bribery and sheer terrorism to attempt to bully the good Imperial citizens of Leyawiin to abandon our lands to barbarism. The local Blackwood Company proved to be corrupt as well, and bandit fiefdoms dotted the roads. In the eyes of the Countess, such anarchy was the result of too many disparate cultures occupying the same place. She began heavily promoting the Chapel of Zenithar and encouraged the beast people to pray to this Divine instead of their native gods Zeht and Z'en. She also strongly combated the Skooma trade and the speaking of foreign languages on the streets. Her insistence that Khajiit and Argonians always wear clothing or speak Tamrielic was overbearing to many, and the Krin’s resistance continued to grow.

This scribe has to sadly report that much of Leyawiin has been lost to these bandits and thugs in the decade following the Oblivion Crisis. The Empire has been wracked with turmoil and seceding provinces, and our resources and Legions are stretched to the limit. Something had to give, and that something was the lands along Lake Malapi and its river. Heathen Khajiit and Argonians lounge around in poverty and lawlessness now, disregarding the culture we tried to share with them, and worse yet waylaying merchant caravans to and from Lilmoth and other Imperial towns in the Provinces. Emperor Thules has sent his best general, Eddar Olin, to attempt to wrest back these lands from the lawless bandits of the Renrijra Krin. He is a brilliant young strategist, favored heavily by the Nibenese battlemage corps, and he intends to decisively crush the Krin and prove that the rumors of Thalmor involvement are just a fairy tale meant to demoralize the good citizens of the Empire. After he wins back Leyawiin, young general Olin plans on dealing with the so-called Bandit King of Colovia calling himself Titus Mede. With our borders secure, the Empire will sleep soundly once again. May Zenithar and the Nine protect us all. Huzzah!

(Writing: Pilaf the Defiler / Art: Lady Nerevar)

Brexit Explained The DC Comics Way

Silver Age Britain was popular with fans but was rebooted post-Crisis without an Empire but as a member of the EU. Post-Crisis Britain did just fine but gradually some fans grew frustrated with the continual events such as Fin(anci)al Crisis, angry at the price of keeping up, and enraged by a media furious at an supposed influx of new characters “for diversity’s sake”. Offered the chance to reboot Britain again they took it, imagining they were going back to the Silver Age but to everyone’s horror ending up with the New 52.

Franz Joseph I of Austria.

When the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand occurred in Sarajevo, this man was on vacation (along with his entire court). In a somewhat myopic move, he did not interrupt his vacation to address this matter of state.  

Seeing as he and his immediate advisors were on vacation, most of the disastrous negotiations during the “July Crisis” following the assassination were handled by Count Leopold Berchtold, the Austrian foreign minister and Count Franz Conrad von Hötzendorf, the chief of staff for the Austrian army.

Within days the Austro-Hungarian Empire had declared war on Serbia, setting off the complex system of alliances between powerful countries in Europe and leading to the tragic events of WWI…

But hey, Franz Joseph I got in one last vacation!

When Republican and Libertarian trolls forget who is dependent on the Government, remind them that corporations and Wall St would not exist with taxpayer bailouts.

Republican deregulation policies create dependency. Corporations and Wall St created their own crisis. There is empirical evidence.

The biggest socialist program EVER was the Bush bailout. These facts are immediately forgotten by right wing trolls.


R: Now for a glimpse at some character and vehicle visdev for one of the other stories in the EotNS world. I started getting fragments of ideas for what I imagine takes place in the world after Cassul’s Story when I wondered what tone things would take after the more sombre feel of CS, what kind of subculture and movements might arise from an Empire in crisis and ended up with this. The direction was a lot more frantic, violent and psychedelic.