crisila aban


Keone and Mari Madrid - “Time For Love”

Featuring: Carlo Darang, Jason Patio, Chris Martin, Kevin Nguyen, Kayla Graham, and Crisila Aban

Songs: “Time For Love” by Chris Brown


last one before I head to sleep… but Choreo Cookies have done an impressive job with this set. The theme I sort of get… can’t really put it into words… maybe pun intended because they’re mouths were taped… get it? can’t put it into words… ok well it’s very well put together. And the choreography looks intense and insane. There were times where I felt they could’ve been cleaner because I’ve seen them when they’re on point. Perhaps it was the whole competition vibe, maybe they had an over abundance of energy and they were going full the fuck out that they lost control just a bit. But honestly, overall, they live up to their reputation. I’m proud to be friends with some of them on stage.

Shout outs to my good friend Paul Ross and Crisila Aban! You guys did amazing! :3