Here’s my contribution to Light Grey Art Lab’s show, Animystics! The piece is named Drastie Cove after the Scottish legend of 'Otter Kings.’ When captured, these otters would grant any wish in exchange for their freedom. The pelts were also prized for the belief that they would render a warrior invincible. I really am happy with how the final piece turned out and hope you enjoy!

If you’re interested in purchasing a print, you can find it for sale along with other works here.

Challenge 19: Calendar Zine- June

Hello there cyber world– I’m super stoked to be contributing with my fellow illustrator friends to my very first SC challenge. When Adela posted the Calendar Zine project, I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to use a gig poster idea I’ve had in my sketchbook for ages. A combination of being partially obsessed with all things nature, road-tripping through the mountains of Tennessee, and listening to Fleet Foxes’ new album came together to make this illo. Hope you enjoy—


—I’ve been taking a lot projects just past the conceptual and not much farther than sketches, but this project I couldn’t resist taking it to final! I’m not sure if it’s an outward expression of my desire to vacation, but it definitely fits into some recent travel pieces I’ve been working on. More illo posts to come!

—What could this fella be taking a photo of? Guess it’s not too difficult to figure out BUT MAN is the rest of the illo fun- Anybody up in Minneapolis this following Friday should stop by the Light Grey Art Lab for the opening reception of the Macro & Micro show. The rest of this piece will be on display along with some other stellar works by fellow creatives.

—Hey there folks. I had the opportunity to work with the awesome AD, Wes Bausmith, over at the LA Times for another Affairs illustration. The story dealt with some pretty deep subject matter with the author reflecting upon flings and short-term relationships during his 20’s. Mix that with a father-son trip to the arctic and you have some stellar material to work with. You can check out the article here– hope you enjoy!


I’m super excited to share my recent illustration for Light Grey Art Lab’s show 6 Degrees. We were asked to depict something both personal and specific to where we live. I chose to show a favorite spot of Alex and I overlooking downtown Chicago. It’s been a fun illustration to put together and I can’t wait to see all of the other work from the fellow participating artists!


Tonight, as you read this very post, I’m at the awesome Light Grey Art Lab for the opening reception for the show, In-Place. I chose to do the natural rock pools found in Pamukkale, Turkey. I’m so very honored to be in this show with incredible illustrators whom I admire. You can purchase a print of the Pamukkale Rock Pools here, and I’ll make sure to post more photos of the reception this week to come!