crisco oil

unlit-day  asked:

ok so i read this fic a while ago where tyler and josh lived in the 50s or smth and they used crisco as lube, one time tyler had a popsicle up his ass, josh got called big boy a lot and i like cant fucking find it pls help???

This is the fic i believe you’re looking for! - Caitlyn

filthy lust by plumptyler (11/?| 15117| Mature)

“i saw you watchin’ that day, an’ i didn’t mind at all, big boy. m'quite flattered.”

or where tyler is angelic, and joshua can’t keep his vision cleared of the doe-eyed brunet.

anonymous asked:

so what if you wrote that steve/nat fic tho

no romo full bi


Steve blinks twice, surprised, his hand still on the knob. “Hey, Nat.” 

She leans against the doorframe, a slight tiny furrow in her brow. “You look tense.” 

“No, I’m fine,” Steve lies, and then says, “Well, no, you’re right. It’s been – it’s been a long day.” 

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