cris' 30 day challenge!

day 15- draw your otp in a public place of your choice

imagine bill and dipper walking down the street and bill stops all of a sudden and sees the cutest cat ever in a pet store window and
“we gotta adopt it”
“bill youre allergic”

30 day sole survivor meme

Day 6-  How did your Sole react to being awaken from cryogenic sleep 200 years later? 

this is. how he reacts to a lot of things, really.

What are their thoughts about the Commonwealth and how things developed while they were asleep?

raiders? well, makes sense

deathclaws? ok thats kinda…

bottlecap-based currency system? “preston i am going to fucking die out here”

wash is incredibly bad at counting things in large numbers because if he isnt 100% entirely focused with absolutely nothing distracting him, he is going to lose track and have to start completely over. so paying with 1s for everything is one of his least favourite developments.

in general tho he feels that the commonwealth is “better than expected,” in that he expected everything to be burnt and dead. pleasant surprise that it was slightly less so.


embarrassingly, i cried while drawing this ~ 30 day otp challenge

30 Day One Piece Challenge

Day 6: Favourite Female Character

It was actually really hard picking this one, cus there are so many cool female characters and I just managed to narrow it down to three before I went, fuck it, i’ll make something for the other two on another prompt.

Anyways, Otohime is up there cus she’s so nice and I really love her story and how she fought for her dream to get all the fishmen up to the surface. But of course, she then has to be assasinated, which was really damn sad with the friggin pinky swear and stuff… T_T

30 Day Relationship Challenge

Day 4: Your first impression of him/her?

We met in our first grade classroom. He has ADHD so I thought he was an attention-hog at first. But he was really funny and nice. I liked him a lot.

He always smelled bad (like cigarette smoke and cat pee) and his clothes were tattered and didn’t fit. I thought he was poor and I once asked my mom how I could help him. Turns out he wasn’t poor, but worse, neglected throughout his childhood. Every time the bus pulled up to his house (we were bus buddies) I wanted to cry for him. He never showed any weakness, sadness, or anger despite the life he endured. He still doesn’t talk negatively about his childhood. He has always been the strongest person I know.

I was proud of my friend then and I’m proud of my husband now. 💕


8. Shopping

So since there’s two for this one, I’m splitting into a photoset instead and the next one will come later. OTL

So I was just gonna do them shopping for clothes/trying on clothes but then @kiku-pyon was like “grocery shopping” and grocery shopping among friends/partners is always SO CUTE and I love it THEREFORE.. :’)

Their cart is empty right now… Sometimes Miyuki lets Mei pick all the ingredients. Then Miyuki challenges himself by trying to cook something good with all the random stuff Mei chose.. Haha.


Hetalia 30 Day Challenge

Day 17: Your OTP

Okay, it was hard picking but I’ll give love to Ameripan because they were definitely my first (I still continue to love them even though I’ve got another OTP ship with Japan). They definitely deserve more attention. I mean America is like this talkative energetic ball of sunshine that likes being surrounded by people and Japan is like this reserved and polite adorable person who has been on his own for so long. When he’s talking with Japan I always crack up because Japan is so gullible to like everything America says and that’s definitely an ego booster. Even though they may not get one another all the time they still try to be considerate to each other (minus you know, America coming over like HEY OPEN UPPPP HEYYY *TOSSES A TON OF ONE-SIDED DEMANDS*). But aside from that, just seeing two completely different people (cultures/nations) learn from one another is always interesting. Aside from this pair being fluffy and cute it can turn pretty angsty quickly (especially with the history between the two nations). And let me just add one last thing. Like Japan??? Omg??? You’re so fucking cute. I don’t know how you’re able to tolerate that energetic blue eyed ball of sunshine?? I’m convinced he’s your embarrassing boyfriend that you love despite him being a handful. Go on America, keep dragging Japan along everywhere. It’s beautiful, even if Japan doesn’t always want to go out he’ll do it because he’s trying so hard to keep up. *CRIES AT CUTE BABIES*


Pokemon Challenge Day 29/30: Favorite Pokemon tune or song~

Lugia’s Song From the Pokemon 2000: The Power of One movie.

OMFG THIS SONG> THIIIIIIIIISSSS SSSSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGG It gives me so many feels. Its just so beautiful by itself, then on top of that, The Power of One was my favorite out of the original Pokemon Movies (1-4) Its just truly a beautiful master peice of a song that will have the ability to make me cry even when im a old man T~T 

A close second that I NEED to mention, would be Oracion. The theme of The Rise of Darkrai movie. That song is also beautiful and gives me so many feels. If ya wanna know which version i prefer heres a link: