cris wolstenholme


ugh so the other day i went to see Muse, i got the barrier, i got Dom’s drumstick and i managed to hold Matt’s hand (who didn’t leave mine unless i did it, i’m still crying thinking about this). he’s so fucking cute and soft, he kept smiling and seeing him that close was magical. i high fived Dom and Chris, they were so happy and giggly i could die. i am so fucking blessed. i can’t even put into words how much i enjoyed the show: everything about the stage and the drones is fucking breathtaking and they are so amazing and brilliant live as always. i just love them so much it’s unreal and goes beyond words. i am so thankful to them in so many ways, they are literally my life. i couldn’t been happier now. i’m going to see them again on friday and i can’t fucking wait i already miss them