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It took me forever and a day but I finally got around to making gifs of some of my favorite animations from the Clarence episode, “Tuckered Boys.” Lindsay and Alex Small-Butera (Who also created Baman Piderman) were guest animators on this episode, and I think their work on it is both beautiful and visually stunning. These gifs really don’t do them much justice so I fully recommend seeing the episode for yourself if you haven’t already, it really is amazing.  


Suzie Mathers, Rachel Tucker & Oliver Savile, Wicked London’s 10th Anniversary cast.

when things get too hard for Danny and he breaks down and can’t function for a while his first reaction isn’t to call Sam or Jazz, it’s usually to text Tucker that he’s coming over Right The Fuck Now

his next step is to take over Tucker’s shower for maybe an hour while he sits there and cries and sobs and lets everything out, Tucker sits on the edge of the tub and says nothing while it happens, and only moves to stop Danny from pulling his own hair out or hitting his head against the wall, then he’ll turn the shower off and put a towel over his friend after he’s cried himself out

Tucker will sit by him and rub his back until Danny is ready to get up and get dressed again, after which Tucker will put on a movie and they’ll chill out in silence for as long as they’re able or until Danny feels like talking

Tucker’s parents know this happens sometimes, but they don’t really know why, they just know that Danny’s having a real hard time over something and Tucker can handle it and that those boys are gonna need a fuckton of snacks, sometimes Mrs Foley drives down to whatever store is open at 3 in the morning to get like five bags of chips (and tells Danny she already had them lying around the cupboard) and she lets Tucker stay up all night regardless of school the next morning to keep Danny company, because whatever’s wrong in that poor boy’s life, at least he has a safe place he can always feel welcome to recover in, and both Foleys always let him know that he can talk to them about anything

Sam and Jazz have tried to help him when he got like this, they tried to talk to him and get him to explain his feelings or psychoanalyse him, and even though they were trying to help Danny just couldn’t handle it

Tucker was never good with this kind of thing, even when they were kids, he never knew what to say or how to handle someone being upset, so he would just stay silent and offer nothing but his company, and it turned out that was always exactly what Danny needed

  • *watching robot of sherwood whilst visiting the parents*
  • doctor: when did you start believing in impossible heroes?
  • clara: don't you know?
  • ...gazing ensues... lots of gazing...
  • clara: well anyway it's rather sweet.
  • ...more gazing... glances... ust... uuussssstttt...
  • dad: you think he's thinking about her *tenderly in the shade*...
  • me:
  • me:
  • me: did y-
  • me: did you just...
  • me: *tears up*
  • me: i have never. been more proud of you. in my entire life.