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Concept sketches for meteor goddess angelica!! since hera nor athena have direct planet conversion i thought meteors would fit angelica more!!

more of this AU

With Verdi, even histrionic writing for Violetta has a purpose. There’s always a dramatic reason for the coloratura, it’s not just virtuosity for virtuosity’s sake. In Act 1, for example, the writing gives an underlying sense of her hysteria - she’s between a rock and a hard place, she wants to love but can never have it. She feels so much confusion and it’s all there in the music. I also think the vocal writing in Act 1 is indicative of Violetta’s illness - there’s a panting quality to it, as if the illness and falling in love have caused her this breathlessness. The real difficulty for me, though, is the Act 1 aria ‘Sempre libera’. It’s just not natural for my voice, so it’s a case of taking a deep breath before I go on stage and hoping I can get away with it.
—  Renée Fleming on La Traviata in the 2/2013 issue of Gramophone Magazine

the foxhole court is so relatable bc they’re all broken. not in the same way but in different ways. the sad thing is that so many people know how it feels to be broken. every fox has their own story. they’re broken but they manage to go on, they develop, find their ways and that truly is inspiring. 

Mob Wives Drinking Game

·Drink every time someone calls someone a “RAT”
·Drink every time Big Ang says “Money” or “Mansions”
·Drink every time Big Ang says “Very excited!”
·Drink every time Drita says she is going to fight someone
·Drink every time someone says “In This Lifestyle”
·Drink every time that Rene cries
·Drink every time that Rene screams at someone
·Drink every time someone says “At the end of the day”
·Drink every time someone says “Loyalty”
·Drink every time someone says “I’m coming for you”
·Drink every time Karen talks about her father
·Drink every time says “Don’t bring family into this”


character moodboards: neil josten - all for the game

“he didn’t want to think about this, didn’t want to feel this, so he thought about the foxes instead. he clung tight to the memory of their unhesitating friendship and their smiles. he pretended the heartbeat pounding a sick pace in his temples was an exy ball ricocheting off the court walls. he thought of wymack holding him up in december and andrew pushing him down against the bedroom floor. the memories made him weak with grief and loss, but they made him stronger, too. he’d come to the foxhole court every inch a lie, but his friends made him into someone real.” 

Must be true love (Anthony x Reader)

Request: imagine getting into a nasty fight with Anthony Ramos in front of the rest of the cast, and everyone takes your side and makes him apologise.  

Warning: swearing and a moody Anthony.

It’s written as if I was the reader and as I am a girl, I wrote it using feminine pronouns BUT just change them to masculine pronouns!


Anthony had been angry all week; he just couldn’t get this song right and was constantly wound up about it. Most of the time you could talk him out of his moods, calm him down and he would try again in a more calmer manor, but today he wasn’t having any of it.

“I told you, I am trying as hard as I can!” Anthony yelled at Lin.

“Hey! Take it down a notch, watch who you’re speaking to.” Lin seemed pretty mad about the way Anthony was acting, and you couldn’t help but feel the rest of the cast was judging you because of it.

The argument got more and more riled up as Anthony and Lin went at each other, and you and Jasmine stepped in, taking the other away to opposite ends of the room.

“What is up with you today?” You were using a soft, calm voice when really you should have been yelling at him.

“Nothing. I’m fine.” He sounded agitated, but pulled away from you to walk back into the centre of the stage.

“Hey! Get back here.” You yelled, chasing him to where he was stood, grabbing his wrist and spinning him around to face you.

“Get off me!” He pulled his hand back sending you a couple steps flying, “It isn’t your fucking problem. Stick to playing the minor parts like the whore or the little sister no one cares about.”  His last sentence was like a knife through your chest.

“Anthony, what the fuck is wrong with you?” Renee came storming up to him, pushing him a couple of steps back. Renee knew how to handle the cast and if you were getting yelled at by her, you were in deep shit with no paddle. She was happy and sweet but if you pissed her off she would release hell – that’s for sure.

Unfortunately you had fell backwards a little from the force of Anthony’s push and whacked your hip on the side of the desk. In a desperate attempt to rub the pain away, Lin saw you and placed his hand on your hip.

“Dude! Get the fuck off her!” Anthony dived for Lin the second his ice cold hands touched your skin.

Lin’s hand moved from your hip to Anthony’s chest. The two men stood face to face, not a millimetre of space in between them.

“Anthony. Take a walk.” Leslie now appeared and his low, commanding voice made Anthony stomp across the stage, slamming the door on the way out, making you jump.

Looking around, so many pairs of eyes were on you now, looking concerned and shocked at the events that had just unfolded. Lin pulled you into a group hug with Phillipa and Renee to stop you from crying. You hadn’t even realised you were crying, whether it was the pain soaring through your hip or the fact Anthony had just said those words to you.

“I-I should go find out what’s wrong, I mean , i-it’s probably all my fault.” You bit your nails, attempting to stop the flow of tears.

“No, um, Renee and I will go. Don’t worry, ok?” Lin kissed the side of your head as he and Renee headed out, leaving the cast stunned and Jasmine latched around you, hugging you until you stopped crying.

“What’s up?” Lin walked over to Anthony, who looked like he had been crying. He just looked towards the traffic, like they both weren’t there.

“Anthony. Talk.” If looks could kill, Anthony would be dead with the look Renee was giving him. Good cop, bad cop, Anthony thought.

“She’s too good.” Anthony began, “She gets on a stage and she can do anything. She’s Maria who’s like, the easiest character and I got so mad because..because I have been trying for weeks to do this shit and I can’t. I can’t do it. I’m trying to impress her, trying to win her over and it’s too hard.”

“Why you trying to win her over?” Lin asked, leaning against the wall next to Anthony.

“Because I’m fucking in love with her.” Anthony confessed, putting his head in his hands.

“Oh you idiot.” Renee cried, “Tell her you giant dork, tell her you love her so she doesn’t feel like you hate her. She likes you can’t you see?”

“No.” Anthony’s tone was plain and simple, “no fucking way.”

“Just go in there,” Renee laughed, dragging Anthony up from where he was sitting, “And tell her you are helplessly in love with her.”

He glumly took the walk of “shame” (some cast members wanted to punch him, Jasmine being the main one) back towards you, and both Jasmine and you saw it coming, her taking a protective stance in front of you.

Outstretching his hand, you felt it shake as you took it, it was sweating as well, shit what was he going to do.

“Y/N, I am hopelessly, completely and uselessly in love with you. And it hurts, it hurts that I am trying to be the main one in all of this, the one who impresses you yet I can’t help falling helplessly in love with you, I         cant help wanting to follow your every move, spend every second I see of you, with you. I’m sorry. I’m so, so, so, so, sorry for what I did to you, and fair do’s if you can’t forgive me.”

The whole theatre was silent. No-one made a movement, except you.

You stood on your tip-toes and pulled Anthony into you, kissing him hard and desperate on the lips. You both wanted this but it was more than just a rough kiss, it was sweet at the same time. It was almost like sparks had flown when you looked back at him.

He wrapped his arms around your waist, and the theatre ruptured into thunderous applause, the cast were patting you on the back and all of the guys were shaking Anthony, wolf-whistling and joking with him.

Anthony managed to get the part sorted when he stopped worrying about trying to impress you, yet he was still falling flat on some notes. You practiced together and he got it in the end.

And you hold hands at the curtain call now, as well.

And of course, Lin makes you re-enact ‘What The Heck I Gotta Do’ for “research”.

It was a Twitter war.
—  Just trust me that’s what Leslie said.

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Talking about Renee there's another way of trolling she can't really use anymore, interviews. Because she's supposed to be Dean's wife, doesn't know how to use kayfabe and can't act professional she only interviews him during the HOF red carpets, I mean when Dean was on SD she never interviewed him, but I'm still wondering if Renee cried to higher ups, the ones that help her so Charly can't interview Dean, wouldn't be surprised because they had great chemistry together :)