cris lewis

Imagine after hearing about her family’s death Susan cries herself to sleep. Nothing feels right. She no longer cares at all about anything and basically stays in her house. Her last boyfriend really cared about her and she loses him too because she pushes him away.
But then, she remembers. The wardrobe, her rein as Queen. How if felt to believe.
And she lives. She falls in love and learns of Aslan by his name in this world.
When she died, she’s led a full life. She her husband is by her deathbed holding her hand (she did marry the boyfriend she had temporarily lost) and she says “I love you. It’s my time.”
She doesn’t expect to be able to recognize she sister and brothers but as soon as she opens her eyes, Edmund is holding her shoulder and Lucy is hugging her. Peter is hugging over Lucy and Ed is saying “Susan! We knew you’d come!”

“I think is gonna take a little more time with that… to… to find a way.
But in general now yes, the competition is gone completely standing so now we’ve already had some nice relaxed moments and who knows? I mean, I’m open to having a better relationship with him in the future.
I hope. We were best friends 15 years ago”

-Nico about Lewis at the Laureus Press Conference in Monaco this morning


Favourite ‘Music of the Night’ photos:

  1. Gina Beck & David Shannon
  2. Rebecca Luker & Cris Groenendaal
  3. Sofia Escobar & Marcus Lovett
  4. Jennifer Hope Wills & John Cudia
  5. Claire Lyon & Brad Little
  6. Kaley Ann Voorhees & Norm Lewis
  7. Colby Thomas & Thomas Schulze
  8. Jennifer Hope Wills & John Cudia
  9. Robin Botha & Jonathan Roxmouth
  10. Samantha Hill & Hugh Panaro
The entire chorus of Truly Madly Deeply is sung only by Harry and Louis and it's one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard