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  • *What drivers want from Liberty Media*
  • Dan: Race in Vegas
  • Seb: Race in Germany *laughs*
  • Lewis: Race in Miami
  • Lewis: more ladies in the paddock there are too many dudes
  • Seb: V12
  • Lewis: yes V12s
  • Inteviewer: Fernando you?
  • Nando: equal engines *laughs(probably out of misery)*
  • Lewis: noo
  • Dan: just not electric engines
  • Lewis: or Honda

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Can you do one where tony and Steve are bickering like usual only for tony to get really mad and say a real nasty thing to Steve which makes steve leave the room tears in his eyes before he ends up crying in front of his whole team

Steve didn’t remember what started the fight or what he’d said to set Tony off, but he knew what ended it. 

“Christ, Rogers, no wonder they stopped looking for you.” 

Tony said it as if it was an offhanded comment and not a knife to the gut, but that was how Tony ended arguments he didn’t want to have. Steve knew that, knew that he didn’t really mean half the things he said, but that didn’t stop the emotional onslaught that came with those words. He’d left the room shortly after that, the familiar burning at the back of his eyes egging him forward. The hallways blurred together as the faces of his friends and family filled his head. All the people who had accepted his death and moved on with their lives. Moved on from him. By the time he was chest deep in self-loathing he was sitting against a wall with his head buried in his arms, his shoulder shaking with each sob. 


His head shot up and a rush of embarrassment went through him when he saw the others looking at him over the back of the couch. “H-hey guys,” he gasped out, looking away to wipe at the tears. “Watcha watching?” 

Concerned looks were passed around before they all got up from the couch. 

“What happened, Steve?” Natasha demanded, crouching down in front of him with a look that couldn’t be compromised with. 

For a split second Steve actually considered telling them what had happened. “It’s nothing,” he said, attempting to wave them off. “Just, uh, just allergies.” 

“Pretty sure that’s impossibly,” Bruce mused with a pointed look. 

“C’mon, Cap,” Clint pressed, a reassuring smile on his face. “We could hear the yelling from here. What’d he say?” 

He shook his head with a sniff. “I’m just overreacting.” 

“Friend Steve,” Thor started, an unexpected softness to his voice, “there is no shame in crying. There have been many a time when my brother’s words have brought me to tears.” 

Steve swallowed hard and ducked his head to glare down at his hands. “He brought up something I hadn’t thought about in a while.” 

Bruce let out a frustrated sigh and pinched the bridge of his nose. “What did he say?” 

The words ran through his head again and he felt the tears spring up again. “I-I know it’s not true- he knows it’s not true- but it just brought up a lot of things I’ve been avoiding.” 

There was a beat of silence before Natasha spoke up. 

“Stark’s lashing out, Bruce isn’t talking, Thor’s not eating, and Clint and I aren’t sleeping,” she listed off. “We’ve all been avoiding things. It’s not healthy.” 

Bruce cocked an eyebrow. “So….what? Group therapy?” 

“Yes, actually,” she answered, straightening herself up slightly. “Therapy and a psych evaluation was mandatory after every mission. To make sure that we didn’t come back more damaged than we left.” 

Clint let out a snort of laughter. “Damaged is putting it nicely.” 

She shot him a glare. “Not the point, Clinton.” 

He held his hands up in defense. 

“Therapy is where you speak of your feelings, yes?” Thor asked, his brows furrowed as he thought. “Lady Darcy explained it to me once. She attends it once a week to ‘keep from strangling Jane in her sleep’. Which I don’t understand for my Lady Jane is a delight.” 

Natasha shrugged with a smirk. “I want to strange Clint sometimes but that doesn’t mean I like him any less.” 

She let out a choked laugh and shook his head. silently wondering how he’d gotten himself into this conversation. “I don’t know, guys. I talked to a head skrinker after I came out of the ice. Didn’t help all that much.” 

“That’s because you have to find one yourself,” Bruce stated with a knowing look. “I saw a lot when I was a kid, all picked by a social worker, and they never helped anything. But, I found one when I was in college that got me through a lot. I probably wouldn’t have made it to graduation if it hadn’t of been for her.” 

The argument they’d had in the Helicarrier’s lab came back to them and a sobering feeling settled over them. 

“After what happened, especially to Clint and Tony,” Bruce continued, “we probably should have done it a long time ago.” 

The all nodded in agreement. 


“I have already begun compiling a list of doctors.” 


Favourite ‘Music of the Night’ photos:

  1. Gina Beck & David Shannon
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Mother’s Day

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Mother’s day. Sara remembers that special day of the year very clear from a young age. Her father would always give Dinah a box of chocolates or flowers and she and Laurel would make her cards or later just call her and tell her that they love her. It was a day when kids had a chance to show their mother how much they appreciated everything she did for them.

Leonard, though… his memories from mother’s day weren’t that happy.

He remembers a few of them when he was little but everything was just blurred in his mind when it came to his mother. What he remembered was one particular Mother’s day… the last Mother’s day he ever spent with his mother. Lisa had been about one year old and Leonard was so happy to have a little sister. He had made his mother a card; drawing snowflakes on the blue paper and putting his and baby Lisa’s name. He got up early and the morning to give it to her but as he went down the stairs, he stopped at the sight. Leonard remembered hearing his mother cry; muffled cries as Lewis smacked her face hard with the back of his palm and a bruise would be forming there surely. He felt tears well up in his eyes as the card fell on the floor and even that turned Lewis’s attention to him.

He spend Mother’s day trying to cover up his split lip and bruises on his hands; the card long forgotten… and Leonard didn’t know that this was the last mother’s day gesture he would ever make.

Until Rory was born.

As Mother’s day approached Leonard realized that he had to get Sara something and this one was their first official mother’s day with their baby.

So despite his better judgment he called Barry and told him to call home early in the morning with the excuse that he was needed in S.T.A.R Labs, which would give Leonard all the time that he needed to get Sara something… or so he thought.

He had been planning on getting her something discreet but as he stood in front of the jewelry store, he scoffed. Leonard wasn’t used to looking at jewelry worth hundreds and thousands of dollars with no intent of stealing them. And suddenly nothing seemed good enough for Sara. And then he saw it; not too flashy and yet not too simple and it was just the thing for Mother’s day. Leonard’s smiled to himself as he walked inside the store…

Leonard unlocked the front door of the apartment and the first thing he heard upon walking in was Sara’s laughter echoing from down the hallway. He closed the door and after toeing-off his shoes, he started walking towards their bedroom. Sara was sitting cross-legged in the middle of the bed with Rory in front of her who was clutching a beige silk scarf in her tiny first and was feeling the material. She was giggling happily as she felt the silk against her hands and Sara was now tickling her ribs. She was wearing a pair of gym shorts and a sports bra (she had been complaining about the rising temperature since last week) and her blonde hair were in a bun. She looked radiant.

Leonard cleared his throat and Sara looked up at him; her mouth gaping open as she saw that he was holding a bowl filled with flowers in one hand and a baby blue Tiffany’s bag in the other.

“There wasn’t really an emergency in S.T.A.R Labs, was it?” She asked as Rory began to fuss and threw the scarf away with a grunt. Sara reached out and gave her a wool one instead and the baby hummed (the doctor had told her that babies in their sixth month were fascinated by new textures and it turns out that she was correct).

“Happy Mother’s day.” Leonard said with a smirk and settled next to her on the bed as Sara pulled him in for a kiss. It looked like both of them were in a mood because the only thing that caused them to break apart was Rory who was trying to reach for the flowers which Leonard had set on the bedside table, no doubt to take the petals off.

Leonard got his daughter in his arms and kissed her on the crown of her head. Sara had taken the matching baby blue box out of the bag and opened it, to see that inside a velvet pouch was a simple rose gold pendant with the word love elegantly written with the same material. She felt a smile tug on her lips at the fact that Leonard would do something so cheesy for her.

“I figured you wouldn’t want MOM on a necklace.” He explained as Sara pressed a kiss on his cheek.

“I love it. Thank you.” She turned her back on him and handed him the necklace. “Put it on me?”

He complied and thankfully the necklace suited her perfectly; the word ‘love’ just between her breasts and collar bone. Leonard leaned in and pressed a kiss on her shoulder as Rory finally reached her goal and grabbed a petal of the roses. Sara looked at the lwide marble pot which was filled with numerous roses and peonies and smiled again. Leonard Snart actually walked inside a flower store and got flowers for her.

She turned her eyes on Leonard who was smiling at Rory, that had finally calmed down and set her head on his shoulder.

“You want to take a nap pretty girl?” He whispered only to realize that Rory had already closed her eyes. “Do you want me to get her inside or let her sleep here?”

Sara thought about it for a moment. She could use the extra time with Len but this was mother’s day and just seeing him with their daughter, the little creature that they created together… It made her heart full.

Instead of an answer she laid her head on Leonard’s chest; next to Rory, as he wrapped his hand around her shoulders. She heard her husband’s steady heartbeat underneath her and her baby daughter’s inhales and exhales and she let that lull her into blissful sleep…

The last thing she thought was that she really had to up her game on Father’s Day.

She felt Leonard smirk above her and she was fairly certain that he somehow knew what she was thinking.

“Len… You know that I’ll go full-on corny on you on Father’s Day, right?”

He smiled. The boy who hadn’t known love most of his life, was now a man who had a wife and a daughter who made him feel loved just by being there.

“Can’t wait.”

Imagine after hearing about her family’s death Susan cries herself to sleep. Nothing feels right. She no longer cares at all about anything and basically stays in her house. Her last boyfriend really cared about her and she loses him too because she pushes him away.
But then, she remembers. The wardrobe, her rein as Queen. How if felt to believe.
And she lives. She falls in love and learns of Aslan by his name in this world.
When she died, she’s led a full life. She her husband is by her deathbed holding her hand (she did marry the boyfriend she had temporarily lost) and she says “I love you. It’s my time.”
She doesn’t expect to be able to recognize she sister and brothers but as soon as she opens her eyes, Edmund is holding her shoulder and Lucy is hugging her. Peter is hugging over Lucy and Ed is saying “Susan! We knew you’d come!”

The entire chorus of Truly Madly Deeply is sung only by Harry and Louis and it's one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard