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  • *What drivers want from Liberty Media*
  • Dan: Race in Vegas
  • Seb: Race in Germany *laughs*
  • Lewis: Race in Miami
  • Lewis: more ladies in the paddock there are too many dudes
  • Seb: V12
  • Lewis: yes V12s
  • Inteviewer: Fernando you?
  • Nando: equal engines *laughs(probably out of misery)*
  • Lewis: noo
  • Dan: just not electric engines
  • Lewis: or Honda

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I have a request?? Would you write a sequel fic to the one about Simon deliriously confessing his love for jace & have it be them like talking about it (maybe a first kiss ??) like jace leaves before Simon wakes & Simon confronts him or something????? I would love you forever that fic was so cute I just wanted it to never end

part one

Jace blinked his eyes open and was met with a face full of fluffy, brown hair and a heavy weight across his chest. He moved confusedly, his hands feeling around until he realized that it was a person on top of him.

Suddenly, the events from last night came flooding back to him and he froze.

Simon getting absolutely wasted, and Maia calling Jace to come pick him up.

Simon accidentally telling Jace he was in love with him.

Simon crying.

Jace’s heart clenching every time Simon called him “Jace Herondale.”

Jace remembered everything all at once and then immediately wished he hadn’t. He knew Simon had no real feelings for him, and that anything he had said the night before wasn’t true. Jace nearly laughed at the stupidity of his own hopes, that maybe, just maybe, Simon loved him back. It was foolish and naive and Jace couldn’t take this any longer. He needed to leave, get out of here, get away from Simon before everything Jace had ever wanted came crashing down around him when Simon woke up. He soaked up one last, blissful moment in the life he knew he could never have before beginning to ease his way off of the bed.

Jace regretfully untangled their legs, and slowly pulled away so Simon’s head was no longer pillowed on his chest. He ran his hand through Simon’s hair gently, trying to ignore the way his throat began to close. He closed his eyes, trying to burn this moment in his memory forever. He should’ve known it would end like this. Jace was never this lucky.

It was when Jace began to lift Simon’s arm off of his chest that Simon sighed, and his eyes fluttered open. He stretched, not seeming to realize that there was someone else in the bed with him, and winced.

Jace laid frozen, his hand in midair, and half of his body off of the bed, waiting for Simon to come to his senses. His heart was racing so fast that he felt like he was going to pass out. This type of fear was so foreign to him, and the fact that this scrawny, talkative, unknowing vampire was the cause of it, made Jace furious.

“Woah,” Simon groaned, bringing his hand to his head, but he recoiled when he brushed Jace’s arm. Simon instantly stilled, not looking up to see who was in bed with him. Not wanting to know what mistake he had made.

They both remained absolutely motionless, not even daring to breathe, for at least 30 seconds before Jace couldn’t take the torturous silence anymore. “Simon?” He whispered, sitting up so he was sitting on the edge of the bed.

Simon still didn’t look up, but Jace’s jaw clenched when he saw Simon flinch. “Jace?” His voice was soft, and barely audible.

“Yeah,” Jace breathed, silently damning the Angel for making him forget his entire vocabulary every time Simon was in the same room. He felt awkward and large and completely unsure of the position of his body and he hated that Simon Lewis did this to him. He was used to being aware of his entire body, feeling confident while training and fighting, being the most intimidating person in any room. It was like Simon had unwittingly stripped Jace of his angelic powers and left him…human.

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Can you do one where tony and Steve are bickering like usual only for tony to get really mad and say a real nasty thing to Steve which makes steve leave the room tears in his eyes before he ends up crying in front of his whole team

Steve didn’t remember what started the fight or what he’d said to set Tony off, but he knew what ended it. 

“Christ, Rogers, no wonder they stopped looking for you.” 

Tony said it as if it was an offhanded comment and not a knife to the gut, but that was how Tony ended arguments he didn’t want to have. Steve knew that, knew that he didn’t really mean half the things he said, but that didn’t stop the emotional onslaught that came with those words. He’d left the room shortly after that, the familiar burning at the back of his eyes egging him forward. The hallways blurred together as the faces of his friends and family filled his head. All the people who had accepted his death and moved on with their lives. Moved on from him. By the time he was chest deep in self-loathing he was sitting against a wall with his head buried in his arms, his shoulder shaking with each sob. 


His head shot up and a rush of embarrassment went through him when he saw the others looking at him over the back of the couch. “H-hey guys,” he gasped out, looking away to wipe at the tears. “Watcha watching?” 

Concerned looks were passed around before they all got up from the couch. 

“What happened, Steve?” Natasha demanded, crouching down in front of him with a look that couldn’t be compromised with. 

For a split second Steve actually considered telling them what had happened. “It’s nothing,” he said, attempting to wave them off. “Just, uh, just allergies.” 

“Pretty sure that’s impossibly,” Bruce mused with a pointed look. 

“C’mon, Cap,” Clint pressed, a reassuring smile on his face. “We could hear the yelling from here. What’d he say?” 

He shook his head with a sniff. “I’m just overreacting.” 

“Friend Steve,” Thor started, an unexpected softness to his voice, “there is no shame in crying. There have been many a time when my brother’s words have brought me to tears.” 

Steve swallowed hard and ducked his head to glare down at his hands. “He brought up something I hadn’t thought about in a while.” 

Bruce let out a frustrated sigh and pinched the bridge of his nose. “What did he say?” 

The words ran through his head again and he felt the tears spring up again. “I-I know it’s not true- he knows it’s not true- but it just brought up a lot of things I’ve been avoiding.” 

There was a beat of silence before Natasha spoke up. 

“Stark’s lashing out, Bruce isn’t talking, Thor’s not eating, and Clint and I aren’t sleeping,” she listed off. “We’ve all been avoiding things. It’s not healthy.” 

Bruce cocked an eyebrow. “So….what? Group therapy?” 

“Yes, actually,” she answered, straightening herself up slightly. “Therapy and a psych evaluation was mandatory after every mission. To make sure that we didn’t come back more damaged than we left.” 

Clint let out a snort of laughter. “Damaged is putting it nicely.” 

She shot him a glare. “Not the point, Clinton.” 

He held his hands up in defense. 

“Therapy is where you speak of your feelings, yes?” Thor asked, his brows furrowed as he thought. “Lady Darcy explained it to me once. She attends it once a week to ‘keep from strangling Jane in her sleep’. Which I don’t understand for my Lady Jane is a delight.” 

Natasha shrugged with a smirk. “I want to strange Clint sometimes but that doesn’t mean I like him any less.” 

She let out a choked laugh and shook his head. silently wondering how he’d gotten himself into this conversation. “I don’t know, guys. I talked to a head skrinker after I came out of the ice. Didn’t help all that much.” 

“That’s because you have to find one yourself,” Bruce stated with a knowing look. “I saw a lot when I was a kid, all picked by a social worker, and they never helped anything. But, I found one when I was in college that got me through a lot. I probably wouldn’t have made it to graduation if it hadn’t of been for her.” 

The argument they’d had in the Helicarrier’s lab came back to them and a sobering feeling settled over them. 

“After what happened, especially to Clint and Tony,” Bruce continued, “we probably should have done it a long time ago.” 

The all nodded in agreement. 


“I have already begun compiling a list of doctors.” 

paleesky  asked:

HEYYO SUNSHINE! So, IT HAS BEEN WAY TOO LONG FIRSTLY OKAY NEXT. I love love LOOOVE meet the Robinsons. It's such a good movie yeah? And sooo I was thinking what would happen if the voltron family watched it.. Would tissues be a must? would it be the first time? Would they have blankets and different snacks for each person? Would they watch it in their huge living rooom???? Hmm sunshine?? Hmm?? Okaaay that's all! Love you.... Stay hydrated and you better be resting your back when you can 💛💞

[The Voltron Family] During dinner, little Lance mentioned that “Meet The Robinsons” was the Disney Channel movie for the night on TV. So the family agreed to watching it together before going to bed. 

The kids raced to the second floor living room where they would watch. Lance was winning while Pidge was trying to run as fast as her brothers.

“Be careful, honey!” Shiro called out to Pidge as he gathered the plates.

“Let’s go, Daddies! It’s going to start soon!” Lance shouted. 

“We should just wash the dishes later,” Keith smiled, taking Shiro’s hand to drag him to the stairs. He took a box of tissues along the way. “Just in case. You know how that movie ended.”

Shiro shook his head. “Actually, I haven’t watched the movie at all.”

“Oh god,” Keith giggled. “You’re in it for a wild ride,” he added as he grabbed another box of tissues which Shiro pouted at. “I know how much you cry, babe. You need one box just for your tears.”

The movie started and the kids were in the middle while Shiro and Keith were at the opposite ends. 

Keith noticed how much the kids tried to stop their tears when Lewis mentioned that he had 124 adoption interviews and every time he got rejected. So he slowly slid the box to Hunk who got a tissue silently and passed it around. Keith looked over at Shiro and his box was already opened and he had a crumpled tissue on his hand. 

“Why are they not adopting him?” Shiro muttered, looking so heartbroken. 

Keith smiled and then returned his attention on the TV. The kids laughed when Wilbur, the kid from the future, arrived. 

“He looks so silly. Fruithead,” Pidge laughed, pointing at Lewis who had a hat full of fruits. “I want one, Daddy Shiro!” They laughed too many times when the funny scenes came on.

“Oh my gosh!” Lance gasped at the reveal. “He’s his Daddy!! I knew it!!”

“No, you didn’t.” Pidge rolled her eyes. 

More crying were heard when Lewis and Wilbur went back in time to see Lewis’ mother. And then Lance and Shiro cried even more when Lewis didn’t tap his mother, he just let his mom leave him by the door of the orphanage despite his goal of making her not leave him.

“Oh god,” Shiro let out. “He was the one who knocked on that door relentlessly in the end. What a beautiful plot twist.” He smiled as tears fell down his face then he grabbed a tissue to wipe them.

Crying turned into gross sobbing and even Keith couldn’t help himself but cry along when Lewis finally got adopted by the family he’d spent his time with in the future. It didn’t help either that the background music was beautiful when Lewis and his new Mom and Dad showed him his work space that would soon be filled with his inventions.

“Keith, you’re crying,” Shiro laughed.

“Say that to me when you’re not a sobbing mess,” Keith said, offended.

“I’m not even hiding my tears! I’ve been crying the whole time!”

“I am aware,” Keith rolled his eyes fondly, grabbing a tissue and throwing it at his husband who just laughed even harder.

When the movie was done, the kids all went to bed. Keith was in charge of Hunk while Shiro brought a crying Pidge and Lance to their rooms.

“You’ve been awfully quiet the entire movie, sweetheart,” Keith said softly as he tucked in Hunk. “Didn’t you like the movie?”

Hunk shook his head quickly. “No, no, I loved it. It’s just…”

“What is it?” Keith asked as he sat on the bed. 

The little boy closed his eyes and said, “I’ve had 30 adoption interviews and…” Hunk didn’t finished as he began crying.

Keith frowned as he hugged his son.

“I thought I wasn’t gonna get adopted because of the colour of my skin,” Hunk cried on. “No one wants a brown kid.”

“Hey, your skin is beautiful, Hunk. Don’t you ever think so otherwise.”

Keith felt Hunk’s tears fall on his arm, but his boy continued, “Thirty is a huge number and I’m really sad Lewis had 124 but he got the best family in the end. I’m glad you and Daddy Shiro adopted us. That orphans like me, Lance and Pidge get another chance of having a family.” Hunk smiled.

“I’m happy too, baby,” Keith kissed Hunk’s head, hugging him tighter. 

“Daddy, would you have adopted Lewis?” Hunk asked hopefully.

“In a heartbeat,” Keith answered. “Would’ve signed the papers immediately.”


Favourite ‘Music of the Night’ photos:

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