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"Jack if you leave that party to come and be with me I'll kick your ass," you warned, tears rolling down your cheeks. "Consider my ass kicked, Darlin'." He hung up before you could protest. A little while later, you didn't even know he came in your apartment. "Baby, I'm here," your best friend said, scooping you up with a kiss to your cheek and nose. In the living room was a full blown cushion castle, blankets draped over everything with the laptop inside. You cried at the gesture. (1/2)

(2/2) you grabbed him by the collar and pulled him down to kiss his cheek. “You’re the best, Jack Benjamin.” “No you’re the best, darlin’.” It got better. Inside was fully stocked with your favorite foods and beverages, lights strewn about along the walls of the fort. You cuddled into his side, basking in his warmth and feeling little kisses pressed on your forehead. He’d much rather comfort his best girl than be at some crowded party anyway.

oh Jack… - Gen

Tender Thursday™ 

underrated skam scenes
  • isak singing mr. lonely after walking in on sexy times with jonas and eva
  • even’s movie 
  • literally every scene with girl chris
  • “I’m so hungover from the weekend” “It’s Wednesday
  • “cries in norwegian”
  • when mahdi found out the school sold waffles and fuckin ditched honestly same
  • Eva making out with Vilde and throwing up right afterward and Vilde looking lowkey offended about it
  • “Hei…. Answer after the beep… BEEP”
  • when sana through water in ingrid’s face and was like “WHAT BITCH. WHAT”
  • magnus hooking up with a chick with a cat tongue and then developing a cat fetish
  • when magnus asks who’s the boy and whos the girl during sex and isak fucking obliterates him by going “I was gonna ask you the same thing, then i remembered no one will fuck you” 
  • adding that magnus and isak scene again because that was honestly the most savage thing that has every come out of anyone’s mouth
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M: Jungkook/Reader; Genre: Underwear Stealer!+Model! Au, Angst, Smut; Warnings: Smut, fingering, oral, anything else?Words: 5520

Synopsis : You hated Jeon Jungkook with all your guts; with everything you've got but he, on the contrary, despised you so much he was blinded by rage, determined to only get you out of your undies; what else was he expecting?

A/N:  This was the result of a long conversation about clothing war BTS! and how hot Panty Stealer Jungkook would look in lacy underwear. I’d like to thank @gukstudio the real gal to thank for triggering this idea, @itskimtaehyung for screaming about my indecisive ass about the ending of this first installment, and @badgalyoongi for beta’ing. I’m real excited and nervous for this new series and I hope you guys are too, excited that is; Enjoy;).

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☆ Victuuri week: Day 1 (AU: Other Sports/Careers) ☆

The volleyball au no one asked for *sweats* Yuuri’s first official game! I imagined smol Yuuri asking Viktor to sign his first volleyball and now he gets to stand on the same court as his idol and just aAAHH SLAY ME