Okay, let me say something here. 

People with disabilities do not exist to provide inspiration for the rest of society.

We are not inspiration porn.

We do not exist so you can say to your friends ‘Oh look at that person, they can’t walk and they do normal things, how cute and amazing.’ or 'Well that person does it and she/he can’t ______. What’s your excuse?’

It is not okay.


So today I got my very own wheelchair. It is an Otto Bock Ventus in matte black, with a special Jay seating pillow to keep my hips in place. It is my very first wheelchair so I will have to get used to a lot of things. I hope this will help with all the hip dislocations and episodes of bursitis I’ve had the last couple of years.

Maybe my soul’s all right.
But my body’s all wrong,
All bent and twisted,
All this that hurts me so.

My soul keeps trying, trying
To straighten my body up.
It hangs on my skeleton, frantic,
Flapping its terrified wings.

Look here, look at my hands,
They look like little wet toads
After a rainstorm’s over,
Hopping, hopping, hopping.

Maybe God didn’t like
The look of my face when He saw it.
Sometimes a big dog
Looks right into it.
—  Rainer Maria Rilke, Selected Poems 

Ok I need to vent about this here picture:

As a crippled sick person who can barely hold a fork most days, this picture has made me absolutely sick. No, not because of the stupid plastic, but because people have been using this picture as a way to be ableist, judgmental, rude and hateful to disabled people like myself. This has gone beyond “earth friendly” and has become a way to demonize disabled people. Yes, I hate the plastic because it’s still hard to open but hell change it to recycled paper or maybe it easier to open and id be all over this. It’s a great idea for accessibility and instead of it being viewed this way you have able bodied assholes demonizing the disabled people. This is the bullshit that needs to end.

The ableist thoughts like (these are what I’ve seen on the fb post):
•if you can’t peal an orange you can’t shop, have a social life, etc.
•if you can’t peal an orange, you should grab a knife and use it to cut said orange!
•if you can’t peal an orange you are too disabled to live on your own.
•"my mom has *insert disease* and she peals it!“
•"I have *insert disease* and I peal it, it’s just an excuse to be more lazy!”
And the ever so friendly:
•Natural selection exists because of people too disabled to peal they’re own orange, just don’t shit and let nature do the rest

^^that one I saw quite often.

This is my response:

1: I’m 22, I shop with my caregiver, use a walker when I go out and have a little bit of a social life because of said walker and I STILL CANT PEAL AN ORANGE. My body is trying to eat itself away and I’m STILL looking sexy, whats your able bodied excuse?

2:If I can’t peal an orange how do you think I can even cut with a knife? SMH

3:DUDE I’m 22 I wanna live on my own before I’m too disabled not to. If an orange decided ones fate on whether they can live on their own, millions would be in nursing homes.

4:So and that means what? I’m happy your mother was able to figure out ways around but many are not as lucky as she. Every disability is different.

5: As a disabled person then you should know that every person is different what you can do others may not be able to.

6: You are a swine if you want to say that those who are disabled should die, you are a privileged ignorant person if you feel that I deserve to die because I’m a cripple. You need a heart. I’m a human being with feelings and I deserve to be treated as such, not be told that natural selection should have me.

Please stop thinking that you are the only person in this world and that anyone who can’t do something simple (in your eyes) is less than you. Treat us (disabled folk) with respect that we all deserve. Treat us like we are human.

Please share/reblog to show how ableist and hateful this picture is.

Experiment Time!

Okay, is there anyone out there with a physical disability (specifically a mobility impairment) who is offended by the word crippled?

Don’t be afraid if you are, that’s perfectly valid.

But in twenty-two years, I have never met anyone with a mobility impairment who genuinely hated the word. I’ve met plenty of people with mobility impairments who have reclaimed the word. I’ve met plenty of people with mobility impairments who are indifferent to the word. And I’ve met plenty of able-bodied people who say that the word is offensive.

And I really want to get to the bottom of it.

(Mostly because I’m sick of able-bodied people who think that they can tell disabled people what words they can and cannot say because they make assumptions on what we find offensive.)

So, if you have a physical disability (specifically a mobility impairment) please please reblog this with your opinion on the word ‘crippled’.

Let’s end this debate once and for all.

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