[Continoued from: A Crippeled Arm]

It was just another busy evening here in the human village as one would call it. The sun can be seen setting down just above the horizon on the east where dusk began to kick in, almost marking the end of another busy day. At this time, most of the residents within the village were crowding around the marketplace, buying food from some of the local stalls.

Of course, the lifestyle here in the human village was just as you would expect to judge by its own standards. It was not like every day that people would just go out in the afternoon and buy some groceries, almost like society was before green poison outbreak plagued over the city of New York. 

Still, as for the esteemed Division agent Ronald Kelen Keys, who happened to be seen sitting at a wooden table, eating a bowl of noodle soup with a fork in one hand. Life here in the village was what you may call as somewhat peaceful as to some of the other agents would say there were in his position and that you don’t have to worry about getting shot by some @$$hole with a gun.

Ronald himself couldn't help but sigh at those thoughts, ever since the scarlet bash incident, bad memories had been resurfacing in his own mind, terrible memories of his actions that made him into the person that he is.

So far he has been able to hide his internal breakdown from others, but which each passing day the agent had slowly begun to drown in his own regrets. However, Ronald lately had been trying to remain optimistic about something, doing whatever “good” that he could do in this “eastern wonderland’” even involving himself in an incident at one point. 

Ronald thoughts soon halted as he felt some sort of pain, almost like a jolt, coming from his right arm “Grrgg….god f@#king dammit.”  the agent cursed under his breath as he drops the spoon on the table and placed his free hand on his arm. Ever since Emma had placed some sort of “numbness spell of his broken arm,” he hasn’t been able to feel much of the painful effect of having an arm that been busted. Now with the effect wittered he was surely starting to feel the pain.

The agent got up from his seat, still feeling the painful effects on his arm, “F@#king hell……why the hell didn’t even bother to visit a damn herbalist….?” he thought to himself as he paces around in a frantic motion. Ronald soon felt another jolt of pain, this time more sharp than the last, causing him clench his teeth and tighten his fist.