crinkled fries


Hey guys the name’s grey :) nice 2 meet u ! I’ll start with the basics

I’m 17, I study film and media, I play guitar and I make a lot of art! I go to a lot of punk shows and I’m emotionally attached to my Mohawk. love me a good alt boy >:^) check out my about me tag in my bio if you wanna know my fav bands//mental status//more about my interests!! also unrelated but I fucking hate crinkle cut fries


I had a delicious food weekend. Excellent banh mi at the new pho place that opened near our house. The gelato (mascarpone and fig) when it was freezing out but it was so good it blew my mind. And finally a visit to our local fast food lace for delicious crinkle fries as a reward to myself to braving IKEA.
(For fellow Austinites, food from Pho Please, Dolce Neve and Mighty Fine respectively.)

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I was tagged by @itsmmmills.

1- Favorite musician at this time: The Lumineers. Always. Emily Kinney. Always. And Led Zeppelin. Always. 

2- Movie You are most excited about for next year: BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. Give it to me right this second.

3- Beanies or Scarves? Scarves because my chin deserves to be warm, too.

4- Last thing you ate: chocolate nonpareil candies (like an adult)

5- Last person you texted? My friend, Jim, because Fifth Harmony split and this is important to him.

6- Favorite food? Pancakes. Grilled cheese and tomato soup. A good greasy cheeseburger and crinkle cut fries.

7- Favorite Season and why? Fall. My favorite things to wear in the entire world are hooded sweatshirts, hoodies and my sleeveless puffy vest and I have so many animal hats and scarves to be worn.

8- Left Twix or Right? Both at the same time. (That sounds so filthy)

9- Who would win in a fight: Captain America OR Captain Kirk? Um, I’m going to say Captain Kirk just because he starred in the classic episode “The Trouble with Tribbles”. Look it up. You will not regret that you did.

10- Avengers or X-Men? The Avengers for only one simple reason. Thor. Thor is the reason for everything.

11- Dream Concert? See #1. Those three acts just taking turns on stage, playing one song and then leaving so the next can come out and on and on until I am well satisfied.


#1 Waffle-cut Fries
#2 Also Waffle-cut Fries
#3 Curly Fries
#4 Sweet Potato Fries
#5 Shoestring Fries
#6 Regular French Fries
#7 Crinkle Cut Fries
#8 Waffle-cut fries again but the ones that are too thick and kind of mushy
#9 Nothing
#15 Those Nasty ass fuckn like smiley face fries fuck them 

And thats the final order people! Extensive research was done and thanks to science we now have Empirical data supporting the objective hierarchy of fries

anonymous asked:

What is your favorite type of fries? Curly fries are consistently better than everything else on average, but proper steak fries w/ lots of seasoning are the absolute best

curly fries are good, yes; i most prefer seasoned crinkle-cut fries, but i’m fine with basically any type

the waffle cut is the only one that doesn’t particularly appeal to me

the signs as types of fries
  • aries: steak-cut fries
  • taurus: chili-cheese fries
  • gemini: tater tots
  • cancer: sweet potato fries
  • leo: curly fries
  • virgo: prefers baked potato instead
  • libra: waffle fries
  • scorpio: poutine
  • sagittarius: fish and chips
  • capricorn: wendy's fries (dipped in a frosty)
  • aquarius: shoestring fries
  • pisces: crinkle-cut fries