cringing like hell

the First Doctor’s sexism

Canonically accurate, yes, and I’m so glad they didn’t just gloss over it and pretend it didn’t exist.

Because the main point of showing the First Doctor’s sexism wasn’t, “omg, the Doctor used to be like that??”

The main point is, “the Doctor got better”.

He gained experience. He grew. He made mistakes, learned from them, and became a better person. And so can we.

Cringe like hell at your past mistakes. Cringe till you want to disappear in a hole in the earth. Because that cringe? Means you grew. You regenerated into someone who knows better now.

Rise from the ashes. Keep regenerating and keep getting better.

It still bewilders me that I- at age 13- wrote a 19-chapter, 82,349-word fanfic about kids with rainbow dinosaurs just because I wanted two characters to kiss, and it somehow started this massive fandom movement where people started using the last names I came up with in two minutes through Google Translate as semi-canon last names for the characters

I dedicated like 2 years of my life to that thing, and now 5 years later Y’ALL ARE STILL FAVORITING IT LIKE HOLY SHIT

like I know y'all still like me for some reason regardless of the fact that I’m fucking disgusting but how disowned would I be from this lil corner of the fandom if I uhhh wrote a sh*nce/sh*dge abo smut oneshot