cringes at the writing

Baby Girl

Author: Admin Milk 🥛

Pairing: Got7 Im Jaebum x Reader

Rating: 🥀💍💋

Warning: 18+, contains adult content. Do not read if it’s not for you.

Word Count: 1,904

Summary: You might just get a special present if you’re well behaved. 

It was a long day of work for Jaebum and the only thing he could think about was getting home to you. He walks through the doorway, his shirt slightly undone. Seeing you wearing his favorite shirt that looks like a mini dress on you makes him want to take action, but he was just a little too tired to make any moves… Or was he?

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When you read all the fanfic possible but you need more, and the only solution is watpad, and you go eventhough you promised yourself not to

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ff-sunset-oasis  asked:

Fic authors self rec! When you get this, reply with your favorite five fics that you've written, then pass on to at least five other writers (◠‿◠✿)

I took so long with this because I wasn’t to sure what to write or say which was my fav…

1) The Time Travelling Wife - Sirimione - Because I wanted to write this for ages and finally, with a push, did and I haven’t looked back.

2) The Abyss - Dramione - Because I sparked a reaction from my friend Jadepresley that I have never got and it made me die of happiness

3) Decisions - Dramione - This fic I owe so much to. I look back and cringe at my writing but it introduced me to the best people

4) Whom The Gods Love - Drastoria - Cause this needed to be told

5) My Secret Project…. all I will say is BLINNY. And it’s more than a one shot 🙊

Missed Call // Jin

Drabble game request: Jin + “Come over here and make me.” + Roommate AU | for anon(s)

Word count: 2,300 words (idk how it got this long, I’m sorry)

Character: Seokjin x reader

Warning: Extremely cheesy. Prepare yourself to cringe. Please put away small objects within range ( just in case you feel like throwing something at me and hit your computer screen instead)

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In Public

Hello! I’m Rose, or inisiblemalum, and I’m hopefully going to be a 5SOS writing blog. This is my first publication of my own work on here, and part of me knows I’m gonna look back and cringe because it’s a cheese-fest, but I figure everyone starts somewhere, right? Hopefully you enjoy this cheesy first fanfic; I’m open to requests as well :)

Summary: Calum misses you while you’re busy with class.

Words: 1k

“—and thus, the hydrogen peroxide mixed with the—”

You let out a sigh as your chemistry teacher droned on and on about balanced equations and solvents. Then, suddenly you heard your phone vibrate from the front of your school bag and you reached down in an attempt to find the device. Once your phone was in your hand, you glanced up at your teacher to make sure they weren’t looking before checking your notifications. You let out a breathy laugh to see that you had three texts illuminating the screen. 

From: Calum



From: Calum



From: Calum


Answer meee

You rolled your eyes at your boyfriend’s antics before swiftly unlocking your phone and typing up a quick response.

To: Calum



Hitting the ‘send’ button and locking the screen, you placed your phone on your thigh and diverted your attention back to the teacher’s lecture. Not that you were paying much attention. Once again, you felt your phone buzz and noticed an annoyed look from the girl sitting next to you. You discreetly lifted a certain finger in her direction before reading the most recent text from Calum.

From: Calum


I miss u

You tried to contain your smile as you hastily responded.

To: Calum



You had barely even sent your reply before another text bubble appeared on the screen.

From: Calum


Come meet me by the bathrooms

From: Calum


Please?? It’s important

You rolled your eyes once more, sending your boyfriend one more reply before you raised your hand, asking your teacher if you could be excused.


You had barely turned the corner when you felt a hand grasp your wrist and the next thing you knew, you were pressed against the wall between the two bathrooms with a pair of familiar lips attached to your own. When Calum finally broke away, out of breath and grinning proudly, you managed to scowl at him and lightly punch his arm.

“Calum!” you scolded. “We’re in public!”

His cocky smirk only seemed to grow at your statement. “Public? Y/N, it’s school, during second period. People do way worse things around here than kissing.”

“Still,” you said. You noticed that you were still backed against the wall with mere inches between the two of you. You cleared your throat before speaking again. “What was so important that you needed me to miss part of class?”

Once again, Calum smiled knowingly and you inwardly groaned. “There wasn’t anything, was there?” In response, he leaned forward and pecked your lips. Then he did it again, and again, and yet again until you finally gave in, letting your fingers tangle in his dark hair and kissing him back. “I can’t believe—” you began when he pulled away for air before diving back in, “that you just—texted me like that—and—there wasn’t even—anything important,” you were breathlessly trying to scold him but he kept on interrupting by bombarding you with kisses, and you were gradually finding it harder and harder to focus.

“Please,” he murmured, pressing a kiss to your cheek, then your hairline. “Don’t act like you really care.”

You couldn’t help but smile at that, moving your hands from where they were initially resting and wrapping your arms around his torso, your head finding its place against his chest where you could feel his heart beating loud and fast. Calum enveloped you in his own arms, rocking back and forth on his feet and pressing his lips once more to the top of your head. “Also,” he mumbled into your hair, “I think seeing you is pretty important. And also kissing you. Can’t get enough.”

“Alright, you big cheese,” you chuckled before pulling away from him. “It’s been like five minutes already. I gotta get back.”

“I’m way more interesting than chem.”

“True,” you mused, “but not many things can top mixtures and solutions.”

“Mmm, sexy chemical reactions.”

“Shut up, dork. I’ll see you for lunch.”

You were about to walk away when Calum reached out and spun you back towards him once more, planting one last, sensual kiss on your lips before releasing your arm and grinning again. You playfully rolled your eyes and blew him an overly-exaggerated kiss, complete with batting your eyelashes, before finally turning and walking back toward your class.

You were oblivious to the radiant smile gracing your boyfriend’s features as he watched your retreating figure before he turned on his heel and headed in the direction of his own classroom.



Sagittarius & Pisces
  • Sagittarius, out of no where: I love you
  • Pisces, stares at her:
  • Sagittarius, covers mouth: I'm so- sorry
  • Pisces, smiles softly: That's okay, ma'am. Your total is $16.89, plus the discount for being cute

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Bokuaka confessing to each other

Bokuto has been quiet today. It’s a rare thing, but the more Keiji thinks, the more confused he is. His captain had been in top form today, hitting all the spikes and even winning their practice match. There hasn’t been any failing grades lately, and as far as Keiji knows, Bokuto’s interacting just fine with their teammates and his classmates. 

It’s when they’re walking home together that he decides it’s time to try the head-on approach. “Bokuto-san,” he says, staring straight ahead in case Bokuto doesn’t receive the question well. “Is something the matter?”

“Huh? No? W-Why?”

Glancing sideways, Keiji notes Bokuto’s averted eyes, the fidgeting fingers. He presses his lips together. “You’ve been quiet all day. I’m just wondering if something is bothering you.”

Bokuto doesn’t answer right away. His mouth opens and closes, as if he’s debating with himself. Keiji is curious, even as he finds himself distracted with the way Bokuto’s hair, after a day of activity, is falling into his eyes, throwing shadows into his face and making the third year look more mature than those wide golden eyes usually do. 

“Akaashi,” Bokuto says eventually, and he says it properly without butchering any of the syllables. Keiji’s footsteps slow. “Akaashi. I think I… I like you.”

“I like you, too, Bokuto-san,” Keiji replies without hesitation. 

“No, I mean! I mean I like you. Romantically.”

“That’s not a word.”


Bokuto’s stopped completely, so Keiji follows suit. Fukurodani Volleyball Club’s formidable captain is now standing in the middle of the street, hands over his eyes, face a furious blush. Keiji can’t help the fond exasperation flooding his chest. 

“Bokuto-san.” He steps close enough to pull Bokuto’s hands away, revealing watery eyes. “It’s okay. I like you, too. Romantically.”

Keiji watches as Bokuto’s eyes brighten slowly, from registering his words to understanding to elation. By the time Bokuto’s mouth is open again, ready to exclaim something dumb and embarrassing, probably, Keiji has managed to slip his fingers in between Bokuto’s. He allows himself a broad smile.

Bokuto beams back.

Types of Stranger Things blogs

Type 1: ships Mileven like a weird amount to the point where it makes you cringe.

Type 2: the fanfiction authors, always writing fluffy and cute headcanons. These are the nicest people in the whole fandom.

Type 3: blog that isn’t an actual stranger things blog but became a stranger things blog without knowing it

Type 4: the gifmakers somehow they have managed to gif the whole entire show in 50 different ways how they do it you have no idea.

Type 5: the sick ass edit makers. They’re always making edits that are really cool and you get excited whenever you see a new edit of theirs on your dash.

Type 6: the meme team. You usually see their posts on your dash at least five times in a row. They come up with new content at the rate of a shit post generator. Probably have shipped a man with chicken before

Type 7: only cares about eleven and mike

Type 8: the theorists. At some point probably have made a 40 slide PowerPoint analyzing both season 1 and the season 2 trailer. They’re the angstiest

Type 9: All their posts say something along the lines of these are my children!!!! I love them!!! So much!!!!

Type 10: wants to have sex with Chief Hopper, Ships Jopper

Type 11: loves the teenagers. Ships stonathan a lot. Spends free time making monster hunting trio aus

“My ability to give a fuck is being medicinally suppressed.”

Longing Eyes - Peter Parker x Reader Imagine

Word Count: 2377 

Warnings: It’s about a school dance … so it mentions grinding (but no details) and being shoved around

Author’s note: this is random but last night was Winter Formal and it was fun (aside from the fact I got shoved around so much). But lemme tell you… THERE WAS A GUY WHO LOOKED JUST LIKE ANDREW GARFIELD (see a pic of him here… and yes of course I took of pic of him. I am a 15-year-old girl after all so yeah). This is basically what happened last night, just tweaked a bit cause I only asked him if he got told he looked like Andrew Garfield. Enjoy. This is so cringe but I’ll live.

Also: I wrote this in an a day. Go freakin me.

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here is the hallway, where the lights are on
you can sort of tell that someone has been there,
upon entering pulled out all the drawers
and when leaving, tried to put them back,
leaving a single trace of an uncertain nature

and the kitchen, that’s where i hid from you behind the counters
no knives
words were enough

the bathroom, on the floor of which i cried
for you
it was always for you, and in a burst of blame i once asked myself why
but got no reply

the bedroom, oh yes, the bedroom
it has seen it all

and finally, the garden
where all the flowers bloom in the bright sunshine
it’s something you never saw
because for you, it was important to see
the body
but not
the soul

—  i am my own home

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How do you write without cringing at your own work? After writing a few sentences I usually give up because I'm cringing so hard ...

I have a few tricks! 

One is to copy an author’s style for the first paragraph or so, one that fits the tone of the story. “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Di could handle that particular duality; it was the vampires that she was having trouble with.” That way you can’t really cringe, it’s a popular beginning!

Two is to give my first few paragraphs a very funny narrator. “The vampires” (because when are there not vampires) “were giving Di” (a simple name for someone who’d like to see themselves as quite complicated) “a lot of trouble” (Which, as we’ll see, is something Di receives from vampires and otherwise quite a lot). 

This keeps you interested in reading your own work while also finding the depth/various angles you have. I find a lot of cringe comes from shallow story telling, so you just got to keep in mind that this is your story and is actually quite complex!

Three is to lean into the cringe. “Di stood looking over the embattled warehouse, long coat swirling around her ankles. Below, a writhing mass of five vampires snapped their teeth at one another, totally oblivious to her looming presence. War is hell, she thinks and jumps.”

Look, it’s fun to write ridiculous, over the top characters. It’s really fun to write all the little stories (starring you!) that unfolded during a particularly boring lecture. And you know what? A lot of people like reading ridiculous stories!

Four is to do with poor sentence construction. Some days it’s really hard to write a coherent story and you end up looking at what you do put down with an over critical eye. DON’T ERASE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! On those days, I take my choppy, no good, very cringe-y paragraphs and put them in my “Graveyard” folder. My Graveyard folder is every opening, scene, and character description that makes me cringe. Once it’s in there, I rewrite it for the actual story and then wait a few days. When I feel capable of looking at it again, I compare the rewrite to the original in the Graveyard and use the one I want.

Surprise, surprise, generally it’s the Graveyard opening I like!

So Don’t Fear the Cringe, dear anon! That means it’s working!