It was dark… So so dark… Chase could barely see his own feet. He couldn’t go back… Not now. Everything was probably smashed and broken. It wasn’t safe there, yet again, it wasn’t safe here either. All he had was his phone, it was dead. So it was no use to him. He took deep breaths as the spiky bush pierced his skin through his shirt, and the twigs on the ground pierced his knees.

It was silent. Silent.. Silence was his worst enemy. He was left in silence for days after his wife left him and took the kids with her. He had no good memories with silence, even if he really needed it. No birds were chirping, no squirrels or chipmunks were scurrying about. Just.. Pure… Silence.

Chase had to flee his house after someone.. Or something broke in. Whatever it was, it wasn’t human. From what he saw before he fled, the creature looked a lot like him.. Or Jack rather. But he had jet black eyes and one piercing green iris. There was blood running down his neck like a waterfall. His shirt was stained with dark red blood and his jeans were ripped. The creature had grabbed Chase when he tried to flee and left a deep gash on his arm before Chase could escape.
Then, he ran. So fast and so far, he wanted out of there.

And now he’s here. In the dark with no one around to help him. Hiding behind a bush in the freezing cold weather. To make matters worse, it had just started raining.

At this point, his breath was almost nonexistent and the thorns and twigs were swimming in his blood. He started to feel cold… But not because it was raining and probably -25°. It was the cold feeling you get when a presence is behind you.. But he put in the back of his head.

With one last deep breath, he slowly emerged from the bush and slowly started waking through the forest trying to find life besides the trees or civilization.

Chase held his hands close to his chest, breathing heavily. After a while he felt like someone was following him, every once in a while he heard faint footsteps.


Chase skipped a breath and almost screamed as he felt large hands grab his small arms tight. There was a small giggle.

Chase froze.

He couldn’t move.

He couldn’t scream.

“You really think you can escape me, Chase?”

Chase couldn’t spit out words, he couldn’t find any. He choked, it was pure torture. Then, he felt a cold blade touch the skin on his neck. There was another giggle, except louder this time, before the blade slowly slid across his neck, so deep, the blood started pouring out if his neck and dripping onto his shirt. He couldn’t scream, but the searing pain was unbearable.

He heard two chilling words before his last dying breath.

“Say goodbye.”

Heyy hope you enjoyed this stupid cringey story. Don’t ask me why I decided to do this, I just did. Please don’t hate, this was just something I thought up at 2AM.

Is The Kingkiller Chronicle a New Adult book?

because I can’t unsee @heretherebebooks‘s tag 


  • Kvothe goes to college


  • Kvothe actually attends and worries about his classes and is deeply concerned about student debt and real things actual college kids worry about


  • There’s an entire plot line about sex 


  • There are other plot lines that do no revolve around sex that are deemed as much more important 


  • There are lots of references to music


  • The music is actually described beautifully and not in a cliche and over the top manner


  • Kvothe does many stupid things throughout the books


  • He actually has reasons that make sense for at least half of the reasons 


  • Kvothe and his friends spend lots of time in bars


  • The bars feel like actual real places, with regulars and music instead of just places you get drunk 


  • Kvothe works at a bar, which many NA protagonists seem to work at (that is, if they have a job) 


  • He actually spends time there working and worries about how much he’s getting paid 


  • There’s a mysterious love interest who hooks with many different people


  • She’s actually a well developed character who deserves her own trilogy, unlike the others who get a crappy spin off series because the author sold more than 100 books of the original one.


  • There are spin off books 


  • Pat actually takes time and puts thought into his spin off series, unlike the other NA series which pop out mindless stories every time I don’t want one. 
Another reason to stop ‘cringe culture’

I’m a teacher. Today I was covering for a grade 9 science class. Decent kids, if a bit rowdy, and didn’t want to do their work. Wtv, it was textbook work. Not the point.

1 girl (reminder that these kids are, like, 14/15) was doodling bust portraits (head & shoulders) in an art book. I had a squiz and asked her if they were her characters. She said they were and excitedly told me she had so many characters for this one story of hers. I laughed about how I wished I could draw mine, and moved on.

Later in the class, I hear her enthusiastically telling her friend all about her main OC - a gay kitsune prince with a tragic past. It was so, pure, classic Deviant Art: my first OC. And you know what? I loved it. I was just sitting there half overhearing, smiling to myself and glad that her friend was engaging and interested in her story and characters.

This is a girl who will become a creator. She will draw and write and imagine, get better and better. She’ll probably move past this stage and start making more nuanced characters (she was already lamenting she didn’t have enough girl OCs). But this is where she started. This is where so many of us started. I had a tiger catgirl, goth witch/sorceress OC in high school. I found my original design for her recently. Look what I create now.

Let kids be kids. Let them explore and invent and go wild and be cliche and make overpowered OCs. Let them have their anthropomorphic animal OCs. Let them try everything before they settle into maturity.

For fucks sake; let them have fun.

The Problem With Cringe Culture

From what I’ve seen, the phenomenon dubbed Cringe Culture is a paragon of insecurity, internalized misogyny, and self-loathing.

Let me elaborate a little here:  here on Tumblr (and in life in general, honestly), a lot of folks are very pre-occupied with what is or isn’t Cringey.  It’s a dynamic somewhat reminiscent of an eighth grade schoolyard, but that’s really not the issue here.  

What Tumblr folks dub Cringey are typically things that are enjoyed by young teens (in particular, young girls) exploring fandom and fan creativity for the first time.

Yes, these teens are frequently obnoxious, overzealous, and loud, but it’s an exciting time for kids:  we as adults may have comfortably settled into our interests, but for them it’s an avenue of unsupervised self-expression they may not have experienced before.  Moreover, they have little to no experience in moderating themselves, which is one of the reasons why I believe the act of mocking them to be a somewhat callous one.  

Are they occasionally annoying?  Subjectively, yes.  I frequently find young teens and tweens annoying, particularly when they’re being loud and obnoxious during my allotted writing time.  But I don’t shame them for it, on here or in real life, because I’m an adult and they are literally children .  

And most importantly, so are the people mocking them.

I’ll elaborate once again:  I’m nineteen.  Most of my friends, both on here and on my other blog, are fellow chill late teens and twenty-somethings.  And I’ve never seen any adult who’s secure in their own self-image do anything other than Do Their Own Thing and allow everyone else do the same.

In other words, I’ve been involved in fandom for a few years now, and almost everyone I’ve seen actively participating in cringe culture has turned out to be no older than seventeen or so themselves, and probably (consciously or otherwise) attempting to distance themselves from their “embarrassing” younger alter egos and feel more confident in their purported maturity. 

Because they probably did some Cringey things when they were fourteen, too:  maybe they drew manga OCs on DeviantArt with needlessly elaborate hair, ran a passionate SuperWhoLock blog, read Homestuck, wrote angsty poetry about turning into wolves, et cetera.  

Of course, the whole point here is that there is literally nothing wrong with any of these things:  they’re harmless examples of children exploring revenues of creativity for the first time, that we’ve been conditioned to find embarrassing.  

Now, I’m not going to pretend I didn’t have this phase myself:  I once got into an impassioned argument on Facebook with a bunch of One Direction fans when I was sixteen or so, in which I dismissed their obsession as being Stupid and Juvenile and proclaimed my favored Heavy Metal as being far superior.  

Now, I’m still not into One Direction in the slightest, but if I could go back in time I would probably smack my sixteen-year-old self upside the head and tell her to leave people alone and let them do their own thing.

Of course, a large part of my reasoning was also driven at the time by my unfortunate Not Like Other Girls phase, in which I wanted to distance myself from the silliness of my fellow teen girls as much as possible.  I may or may not have still been in my “I hate pink” phase, which I still shudder to think about to this day.

Which brings me to another one of Cringe Culture’s more problematic aspects:  it’s inherently a little misogynist, in that almost everyone who partakes in it is attempting to distance themselves from the interests of teenage girls.

Shows like Doctor Who, Steven Universe, Voltron, Supernatural, Yuri on Ice, and many others all have passionate and predominantly young female fanbases, and as such, people seem unwittingly inclined to see them as inherently vapid, annoying, or Cringey in a way that equally vocal male-dominated fandoms simply aren’t.  

Even being a Trekkie (Star Trek fan) was considered embarrassing when the fandom was predominantly female populated, although the means by which fanfiction and discourse was exchanged was via fan-run zines rather than Tumblr blogs.  Now that men are in on it, it’s considered one of the best fandoms there is.

More male populated fandoms such as Game of Thrones, the Walking Dead, the DC and Marvel cinematic universes, and Star Wars are just as impassioned, and have had just as many ideological issues in the past.  Yet are these things ever denigrated as being Cringy or annoying?  Not that I can recall.

Another one of my greatest issues with Cringe Culture is that it discourages passion:  I have never encountered a fandom, Cringey or otherwise, that hasn’t produced genuinely stunning works of art and fiction.  Moreover, I’ve never encountered a fandom that doesn’t have fans who have cited it as what saved them from depression or even suicide.  

So if someone’s passionate about something, even if it’s something of no value to you, it costs absolutely zero dollars to mind your own goddamn business and not taint their joy with your own insecurity, cynicism, and internalized self-loathing.  

Similarly, I can speak from experience when I say my interests and fandoms got me through the very worst period of my adolescence, and I’d be a significantly less happy person if I didn’t have still have them to fall back on.  Not everyone’s sole source of enjoyment and comfort in life comes from nihilistic memes.

So if you want to take a step towards fostering a more creative generation, take a step away from Cringe Culture.  Respect other people’s interests, and openly and unabashedly enjoy your own.  Question why you think certain interests are Cringey, and try to distance yourself from the mentality that you’re a better or cooler person for being less similar to young women.

And finally, try and forgive your fourteen-year-old self for whatever cringiness they may have been culpable of, and tell them that you love them anyway.