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can i just applaud you for your response about blair & chuck's intellectual conversation? everything you said was on-point, and you were so right - you really don't need to be incredibly "smart" to be able to have those kinds of conversation. one of my co-workers is the smartest guy i know. he can discuss so many topics, in such depth, but he dropped out of school when he was 15. it's a really poor argument, and it always has been.


i just find that argument quite annoying and unsubstantiated. 

What exactly constitutes an intellectual connection?

well these people who make those ‘intellectual’ arguments in favor of Dan and Blair have been completely misappropriating the word 'intellect’ and 'intelligence’, associating it solely to the connection based off an 'academic’ connection when the human mind is much more than stuffing it with references of words and pictures.

I think what’s beautiful about Chuck and Blair is that they can have that. They can have the 'boring’ 'academic’ connection in moderation. But they also have other levels of the mind at which they connect. in the far recesses, in the darkest places where complex peculiarities are hidden.  And it’s not like the simple book and movie connection they can have with their classmates and practically 87 percent of the literate word. Those are very idiosyncratic peculiarities such as 'fetishes’ and transcendental 'emotional cognizance' that Dan and Blair simply don’t have. Chuck and Blair only have that with each other and that’s why they’re special. They’re so much deeper and than book and movie. i don’t find a book and movie connection something to feel supreme about. It’s a very commonplace connection and the basis of friendship, nor romantic feelings.

And yes like you said, you don’t have to be an 'intellectual’ snob to be smart. Chuck may have never gone to college but he is smart regardless. He is street smart and so is Blair more than anything. They know how to hustle and scheme more than they know how to elaborate jargon to make one’s head hurt. And i love Chuck and Blair like that.  I don’t care that they aren’t intellectual snobs.  

I mean they are elitist about their standard of living and they both have that in common. Dan could never provide Blair with that standard of living after they got past the 1st stage of their relationship. And i’m sure she doesn’t care about the German films as much as she cares about living on Park avenue.


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They can’t and that’s the problem. DSers don’t even care that their epic luv endgame ship actually is quite depressing. I’d be depressed and sad and mad if I’d ship Derena tbh, because .. LOOK WHAT THEY DID TO THEM. And they CAN’T fix it, no matter what the hell Dan does. Not even a marriage can fucking fix this.

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she really could. i welcome any carterena shippers with open arms

haha :D you two are probably the hardest carterena shippers i know so :b

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do you like hermiola, crindywithclubsauce and signaturescarf?

Define like. If you mean their talent, than these girls are absolutely stunning and the most talanted people I know. But if you mean in person, then I have to say that I’m okay with all of them, just not that close to call bff’s:)

Hermiola is my queen. Everyone knows that. She’s my idol.

Crindywithclubsauce - we don’t talk that much(I don’t think she likes me lol)but I adore everything that comes out of her photoshop and admire her skills and inspiration. She’s awesome.

Signaturescarf is amazing. In every single way. She’s just…amazing. Have no words. One of the best people I’ve ever known.

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they’re just gonna recreate their first date? just like that? ha. haha. hahahaha SO EPIC

vik, i guess your forgot derena is epic luv and they have this romeo & juliet thing going on and it was epic luv and all that stuff ya kno.

crindywithclubsauce replied to your postexcuse me while i’d like to think dan is only…

it’s serena. she’s sunshine and she makes every better omg

sadly dan is involved here, i’d love this if dan wasn’t existing in that freaking scene oh god.

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i knowwww my creys. snippet from the book: "forrest had the sudden urge to take her in his arms and bury his face in her hair. it was unlike anything he had ever felt before. he drank his coffee and watched her some more and wondered to himself just how foolish he really was. he wondered if this was the end of it, or if there was more, and just what it would take for him to learn." DEAD.

OMGEEEEE. All his thoughts? killll me nao.

*publishing those beautiful words*

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