crimson-red-chaos said: “okay then!” she sings and goes back to listening to some songs and petting the kitten.

The pyro smiles under his mask curling under his hood. putting away whatever left over Christmas decorations they put up back into cardboard boxes.

“Zoe what are those things in your ears?” the pyro was curious about the alien looking technology stuck in her ear.

Um, hey there, Chibz Mod! :D Since Valentine’s Day is near I thought I might make a confession about the thing that’s been bothering me for awhile. Heh I also drew Fanart of Chibz and Maria, always wanted to draw something for you.

Well, anyhow, I am a huge fan of your art and your blog, it’s adorable! I followed you before and something happened, I didn’t hear from you on my dash so I kinda frowned but maybe thought you were on hiatus or something.. But then I realised I wasn’t following you and I didn’t have the courage to follow you again since my characters are no longer from the TF2 Fandom. I feel so frustrated with myself about this.. I l loved following you and I still admired your art from somewhere in the corner. I
I feel a little better getting this off my chest, hope my contribution sort of makes up for it. Followed you again, I’ll make sure you stay on my follow list.

Have a great day/night!




Also, you’re really sweet oh gosh I got all bashful with all the nice things you said. Thank you so much for liking my art and my blog and my silly little characters. And for following me again. I really don’t mind it if people unfollow me and I especially don’t mind it if they change their minds about it XD. Oh, this was such a great thing to wake up to. I think I’m gonna have a great day now heehee. <3))

cheshireduchess-moved asked:

"Iggy? Do you want anything specific on your birthday?"

“Ah um … I don’t really know I just want… .everyone there to have fun.” the pyro wasen’t materialistic then most males probably at his age would be. “I really don’t know Zoe … anything from you I’ll love it and treasure it with all my heart.