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Reply with ten random facts about yourself and then pass it on to your ten favorite followers. (。◕‿◕。)

//ASDFGHJKL; oh ok~//

  1. I love chocolate. I love chocolate cake, ice cream, pudding, bars etc.
  2. My types of anime are of the genres action, mystery, and fantasy.
  3. I love shoujo mangas, but the anime adaptions just bore me out.
  4. I like Barbie films. I know they’re kinda naive and childish, but I enjoy the stories.
  5. I do not like crowded places, such as the hallways at school. I need my space.
  6. I’m fine with school as long as I don’t have homework to interfere with my home life, because that’s my tumblr time, ya’ know?
  7. I draw a lot at school. I don’t have time to do so at home, because of the same reason as the fact above.
  8. I do not usually make the initiative to involve myself in social stuff, because in the end, I’ll just get disappointed.
  9. I love attention. Even though I want others to mind their own business and not bother me in real life, I want them notice my skills and talents.
  10. When I do something for someone in real life, I want to benefit from it in some way. Ya’ know. Human nature of selfishness.

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Hello! I really wanted to thank you for being this super nice and kind about my previous ask. I was the anon who asked about the Zhou Yu edit. I was too shy to come off anon and ask you though ;---;

It’s fine, aww bless you. You don’t have to be shy, I’ll happily take requests for stuff anytime. Hope it turned out ok, since I’ve been making different graphics since the DW ones and forgot the process I took almost. There’s also no DW2 illustrations of him so I had to leave that out sorry. Hope you liked it \o/

2014’s ending soon but before that: MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE and another follow forever from me \(*T▽T*)/

A lot of stuff happened in 2014 and let’s just say it’s definitely not a good year it’s terri b l e but anyways I managed to get through the year and I hope you all have too! It’s almost 2 years that I’ve been here and seriously it’s been such a great experience: I’ve met a lot of friends, saw a lot of inspiring people, obtained a lot of knowledge, it’s really amazing. So thank you all for being with me in this experience, the people I follow and those that follow me, you’re all awesome :D

Here are the blogs I follow that I definitely recommend you to follow before the year ends because they’re just really really rad people  !!!

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Once again thank you and I hope everyone will enjoy the holiday season  ٩(●˙▿˙●)۶…⋆ฺ


My blog is such a mess because of Tokyo Ghoul but I just noticed that I reached 7.5k+ followers??????what? omg I’m really happy and shocked that you can bear with me crying and spamming your dashboards you are all angels ily and thank you so much!! 

Anyways I made this super simple follow forever to thank all the awesome people I follow for making my dash interesting and enjoyable. I recommend you guys following them because they’re really hella! (Bolded urls are my friends <3)

-tokyoghoul | acegasm | akagamis | akashis | anna-hiwatari

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Again, thank you all for everything and I hope everyone will have a great day <3