And this, ladies and gentleman, is how you truly use magical powers XD
Enjoy! ^_^

< Little crazy animation (turned into gif) by Crimson Pumpkin ;D >

Toko Week
Day 3. “Genderbending”

You’re enjoying this too much, Toph

Sorry for being late with these ;_; kind of busy

By Crimson Pumpkin

I know I’m late with this..but here’s my drawing for ToKo Week 2014.

Zuko please stop looking at those juicy lips…

Day 1. “Strawberries”
By Crimson Pumpkin


Retro Sailor Senshi
<Personal project by CrimsonPumpkin>

There’s still some other sailors to be done ;)


Ballpoint pen doodles of some awesome Ghibli Films <3

From my sketchbook ^_^


Retro Sailor Senshi
<Personal Project by CrimsonPumpkin>

The last part of my “Retro Senshi” series plus a retro Tuxedo Mask :)

- I will not do a chibi chibi moon as I find it redundant.
- Many people have asked me about the starlights fashion “it should be a retro bikini” they say, but for the final pic I needed the girls to have a more decent look, if it was a beach setting of course I would’ve used the retro bikinis ;)
- For those of you interested in cosplaying these girls, you are more than welcome to do so but remember to give the proper credit to the artist (what I mean is to put somewhere that your cosplay was inspired by my art and put the proper link/tag me) and please send me your pics I’d be more than happy to check your cosplay creations (you can contact me through here on tumblr) :)
- Thank you so much to all of you who are loving these retro senshi! <3 it means a lot!! <3 <3

And this is not over yet people!!
Every character has a pose for a final purpose and the real project starts now: building up the whole pic with all the characters! Hardest part is coming up but I hope at the end they all will look amazing together :)
This is my own tribute to a show that filled my childhood with so many memories and a show that is back, giving me new great memories!!

La la…pretty guardian…Sailor Moon!!