Fever Dance

Sometimes I forget to be secretive
and instead of being the silent smoke that kills,
I become the bonfire,
the all consuming fever.
A nymph dancing with fire
singing, I am the boiling river,
the crackling fireworks of the burning bark of trees,
the goddess of love and lust pulling you to your knees.
And this is most times better.

Time Travel

When I lay with you it feels so
wonderful and almost as though
time has stopped in this place for us
so we can stay and never go.
Now please don’t confuse love for lust,
although that yearning is a must
to keep our love alive and strong,
I prefer that we’re built on trust
and promises that will hold long
into our lives. It can’t be wrong
to love someone as much as we
love one another. I belong
to you as you belong to me,
our love will grow eternally
and all through history they’ll know
that you and I are meant to be.

Wild Love

Are you wildly in love with me
The way I am with you?
Do you wish to swallow me the way
Red sky devours blue
As the night time takes away the day
and gently wakes the moon?
Do you wish to swim with me
In the ocean blue
And lick the salt from my lips
As I dance with you
With our feet in the surf and your hands on my hips?
I am wildly in love with you, the way you are with me
I love you like a burning fire crackling at our feet
as we love long into the night
exchanging air to breathe
as the fireflies drift high above us
and linger in the trees.
I wish to love you always
Like the earth loves the sun
As they dance eternally in space
In orbit of their love
wanting for no other companion,
longing to be in no other place.