Attack on Titan commission. I’m finally feeling better and have started sewing again. The last month has felt like getting back on a horse after falling off. Mental and physical health has been less than stellar, but I think it’s going to get better from here. #bjd #crimsonchimera #sewing #commission #aot #snk

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BJD “Tripp” Pants

I never could let go of my Hot Topic phase. This was my favorite pants style, and I used it to inspire doll pants similiar. I’m actually really happy with how this is looking. As you can see, need to put a few finishing touches on it, but the D-rings and straps were placed tonight, and I couldn’t wait to get pictures. Not to mention that I love my FeePle Dreaming Vampire Moon. Gevauden seems right at home in these pants, so I guess it’s a good thing he gets to keep this first run. We should have some of these in 70cm, SD and MSD sizes at AnimeCentral.