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Quietus Chapter 50 - (Another) Sneak Peek

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Sakura threw a glance back over her shoulder to find a massive wave of water heading straight toward her. It was sizzling with electricity. Her heart rammed against her rib-cage as sickening realisation dawned upon her. If it touched her, she’d die. She needed to get to higher ground! But the water was already cascading down faster than her worn-out legs could carry her, and there was no way she could climb high enough before the torrent was absorbed by the earth.  

A hand suddenly clamped tightly around her left arm, its hold as unbreakable as steel. In a single jerk, Sakura was yanked forcefully backwards. She tripped over a vine and lost her footing, her eyes turning up just in time to clash with blazing crimson. Her heart thundered chaotically, its beat as erratic as the multitude of panicked thoughts that hurtled through her mind. Before she could even attempt to recover, she felt an arm close around her waist, her feet leave the ground, and the next thing she was conscious of was her back slamming roughly against the trunk of a tree. The air fractured cleanly in her lungs and stars swam momentarily across her vision. When the haze cleared, she met a baleful glare, finding Sasuke’s eyes narrowing hatefully at her. His hand was closed around her throat in a firm – but not painful – hold.

The cold fury Sakura saw glinting within those striking, blood-shot irises was enough to freeze the blood in her veins. It finally made the reality of her situation hit home, of what would inevitably happen to her when Sasuke finally got his hands on her without hindrance.

But he just saved me, she thought dazedly. He took me off the ground, away from the water. Why?

Somehow his unexpected gesture was even more frightening than his wrath.

“Why?” Sakura’s voice shook unsteadily, as Sasuke’s grip on her throat tightened slightly. “Why are you helping me?!” she cried angrily. “After everything I’ve done to you-!” Her words choked off, the air fleeing her lungs. Fresh tears blurred her vision as she continued to stare into his eyes. They weren’t just furious, she recognised.

They were exhausted. Disorientated from the venom she could clearly see was still ravaging his bloodstream. Fighting to remain focused.

He was hurt.

“Sasuke-” she began hoarsely.

Shut up,” the death deity began to hiss, his barely-composed tone revealing the true extent of his underlying ire, and Sakura wondered why he would bother getting her to safety when everything about his expression and tone suggested that he was about to sever her life right there and then. “You’re-”

The whistling sound of a blade slicing through the air caused the Death God to tense and abandon what he had been about to say. With a snarl, he shoved Sakura to the side, seconds before the trunk she’d been thrown against was splintered by an alarmingly broad sword. Sasuke skidded back, his eyes training fleetingly onto Sakura, who had managed to land safely on a lower branch, before turning furiously onto the person who dared to intervene.

Suigetsu, who had caught up to them again, flashed a mischievous grin, hoisting his sword back onto his right shoulder as he landed in front of Sakura.

“I know they say women like it rough, but you just go overboard, don’t you?” he mocked. “I don’t think Pinky over here appreciates the way you handle her.”

Sasuke’s withering glower was full of such contempt and malice, Sakura was certain that any mortal man would surely have shrivelled into a pulp on the spot. Suigetsu, however, looked unperturbed. Like he was relishing every second spent provoking the Underworld’s ruler.

“Move,” Sasuke uttered frostily, as he swung down to join them on the same branch.


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Just imagine if you could reread your favorite manga as many times as you wanted but it still had the same magical effects as it did the first time through



Desc: Kai’s father kidnaps reader, causing Kai to burst into a frantic, bloody, and violent rage as he does everything he can to protect you.

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She woke up in the back of his trunk, hands bound with cloth, hair sprawled around her precious face. She blinked her bright eyes open and rolled to her side, the pain that seared through her like hot red fire. She was wearing the same outfit of that as when she’d been knocked out by Joshua parker, a black tee and dark skinnies. She began to kick into the trunk, screaming out, not for herself, but for him.

“KAI!” She screeched in desperation, unable to break the magically sealed binds on her wrists.

It had been early nightfall when Kai’s father had come after her. She’d been able to catch only a moment’s peace with her treasured heretic before a bright blast had hit her in the back, and she’d crumpled onto the floor, the last sound she heard being Kai’s voice crying her name. She knew why Joshua had kidnapped her; it was the only way he could get Kai, and end him once and for all. Now it was dark out, probably around midnight, she presumed from the stars in the pitch black sky.

Suddenly, the car trunk was thrown open, shimmering rays of silver moonlight illuminating her saviors face.

“Kai,” she choked.

His hands were drenched in fresh ruby red blood, big blue eyes lacking their usual glow, lips bent downwards in such a way that the goofball she’d gotten to know seemed almost unrecognizable. His white tee was torn and covered in dirt, long arms stretching into the trunk as he grasped her curled and feeble form in his strong hold.

“Oh god, oh god,” he whispered frantically, more to himself than her. He scooped her bridal style into his arms, eyes flickering across her confused face. His slender fingers came up to brush a stray strand of hair back behind her ears, whispering an incantation under his breath that melted the binds on her wrists.

“I’m okay,” she reassured him as he gingerly set her on her feet and onto the soil.

“This is all my fault,” he breathed, hands cupping at her face, tears coming to his eyes. “Y/N, please, run.”

“I’m not leaving you,” she protested, locking her fingers around his, eyebrows furrowed.

“Now would be a good time to say your goodbye’s,” a voice said from behind her.

Joshua Parker stood with his right hand raised, the left side of his face bruised up from where she assumed Kai had hit him. The look in his eyes was dark and cold, he had no regret for what he was going to do to his own son, nor what he had done in the past. The green grass seemed to droop where he walked, an aura of relentless hatred around his body.

Kai spun away from her at once, eyes locking on his father, his hands raising in front of her like a shield, silver rings glinting under the starlight.

“Don’t you dare touch her,” he growled, his voice dropping low, expression hardening. “Or I swear, I will gladly rip your throat out and tear you apart limb from limb.” Kai’s jaw was set, eyes hooded, and something about the way he spoke and held himself almost scared her, he never acted like this.

His father raised an eyebrow and took a step forward, eyes landing on the girl.

“Ka-” she began.

But in another moment she was thrown forward, her body ragdolling as she went soaring through the air and crumbling onto the ground at Joshua’s feet. A searing pain burst through her arm, and she went rolling onto her side, vision momentarily going black. Joshua parker raised a finger and drew a slit in the air, which began to slice a long red mark across her pale cheeks. Kai leapt forward, her name tumbling off his lips as he dashed into an invisible wall that held him back from her. An orange glow appeared as he began to siphon the magic, but it was so slow that nothing seemed to happen.

“Fool,” his father spat. “I didn’t want to kill you, that would be too kind. So instead you’ll watch as I take the one thing from your life that brought you happiness.”

He drew another slice in the air, now cutting down the flesh of her stomach, and she screamed out in agony as blood spilled across her front and over her trembling hands, tears flooding down her cheeks as Kai screamed out in anguish, his hands clawing at the barrier, knees shaking as he sobbed at the sight of her, looking more broken than ever.

“Please, PAPA!” Kai begged, so scared and fragile, just like the boy who had once been abused and isolated by everyone he loved.

She stretched an arm across the grass, fingertips touching the invisible shield. She was too weak to talk, but her fingers spread across the wall, he knew exactly what she wanted to say.

“Don’t,” he cried, raising his palm against the other side, fingers spreading out against hers, lower lip trembling as his own tears travelled across them.

She gasped out, body convulsing suddenly, the blood draining from her body and onto the grass. She gave a feeble smile to him, unable to utter how much she loved him in any other way.

All at once, where their fingers touched, the invisible barrier began to crack, shattering into a thousand pieces as it disintegrated under their contact. Kai stared in awe as the spell melted into his skin, his eyes closing as the magic flooded into his system like a drug. His fingers traced patterns across her flesh, wounds closing at once, the electricity from his magic sending electrical currents into her healed body. He stood up, eyes fluttering open as he cracked his neck with a faint smirk. His father stared in disbelief, taking a step back when he realized his defense system was down. Joshua gulped down the nervous lump in his throat as Kai approached him slowly, lips splitting into a twisted grin. Kai lifted two of his fingers into the air, and his father began to rise from the ground, panic spreading across his features. Kai released him at just the position where he wouldn’t die, but would instead be filled with intense agony. 

“How does that feel, papa?” he asked, snapping his father’s legs with a flick of his wrist. He twisted his fingers, and blood went exploding from his father’s body and onto Kai’s front, to which Kai chuckled, drunk off the rush.

Joshua screamed out in pain, his voice filling the empty night, begging Kai to let him live.

“Kai, stop,” she gasped, watching in horror as he assumed an identity so unlike his own. She dragged herself off the earth and onto her feet, eyes pleading with his own.

Kai froze, dark glare softening under her gaze, “he tried to hurt you, and anyone who tries to lay so much as a finger on you deserves worse than death,” he snarled.

She grabbed his wrists before he could turn away, defiant as she grasped him tightly. 

“You’re better than him,” she stated.

Kai tried to turn his head away, unable to resist her control, but she forced his jaw back to hers. 

“Hey, hey, look at me,” she commanded.

Kai’s teeth gritted together as he blinked through his long lashes with a shake of his head.

“You’re better,” she whispered softly.

She brought him back down from his craze, and Kai sighed, his shoulders relaxing, full lips parting as he went to speak.

Suddenly, from the corner of her eye, she made out Joshua parker, raising his arm to give one final move before he collapsed for good. He coughed out a spell, and Kai’s ears began to ring, hands flying to his temples as he crumpled to the ground from the noise flooding his body. The girl caught Kai’s body as he sunk to the dirt and cried out, his blue eyes pained as they held to hers, and in the second where she saw him like that, where she was unable to do anything but watch him die, she understood.

“GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM HIM!” she snarled and dashed over to Kai’s father, arm swinging out as she dove towards his crumpled form. Her fist went smashing into his jaw, which cracked under the force, blood exploding across her knuckles. She slammed her fist in one more time for good measure, heart racing as Joshua Parker went still under her blow. She didn’t even care when his eyes met with hers before glazing over, she didn’t care when his heart failed to beat, nor when his body went still.

“Y/N,” Kai’s voice was distant as he pulled himself up to approach her.

She breathed heavily, hair all across her eyes as she stared in disbelief at her bloodied hands. She spun around, eyes locking with Kai’s blue ones. He looked at her with bewilderment, which was fair enough considering he’d never seen her act this way.

“Are you going to make me apologize,” she murmured, voice low. “Because I am sorry, but not for what I did to him. I’m sorry I let you let him live another second.”

Kai was close to her now, eyes flickering across her dark facial expression, wanting to feel scared or sad because of her newfound rage, but with blood on her hands and black in her eyes, he just couldn’t stop himself. His hands grabbed at her cheeks, forcing her face into his as her lips went crashing against his own. Her hands came up against his jaw, and both of them groaned softly against each other’s mouths as their bloody hands left red across their faces.

“I’ve never felt more scared of anything than I have about losing you,” her voice cracked as she pulled back, nose squishing against his. “I love you so so much Malachai Parker,” he face softened, eyes glistening with tears. “I don’t want you to think I’m a bad person, I just-” she stumbled softly.

He pecked at her lips, bringing his bloodied fingers to her cheek and drawing a crimson heart on her flesh.

“Love makes us do crazy things,” he finished.


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Rewritten, Chapter 11: Zelda’s Awakening

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“’It’s going to fire, and it’ll hit me, and then you run,’ he explained, casting her the briefest glance over his shoulder as the Guardian began to target him. He savoured looking at her, and tried to tell her, with his eyes, what he’d felt for so long. He had no time to tell her now. It was no use.”

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Following Vanitas no Carte monthly is a wild ride. Like, I know I’m reading because Mochijun is amazing and I love Pandora Hearts, but being that I’ve read both it (six times and counting) and Crimson Shell, I’m very aware of what kind of story I’m getting myself into. Pandora Hearts was literally you understand nothing for 70 chapters, then you get 30 chapters where you actually know what’s going on, then it ends, and you were crying the entire time. Vanitas no Carte 12 chapters in? I have no doubt it will destroy me in some fashion

and I’m

so excited for it