Crimson: “The meaning of the flower you gave me that time was ‘Eternal Affection’. I was happy. And that was the reason for why I could fight stronger than usual.”

i’m crying because of course then Ryouma proceeded to tell her things like yeah but i totally had no idea about flower language and shit like that tho so that was actually unintentional ;o;

Nohrian Festival: Ryoma and Scarlet Conversation Pt. 1 & 2

Oh god. OH GOD. This was even more painful to translate than Flora and Jakob’s conversation. Ryoma, you friggin’ dense bastard. I had thought that in Revelation I had sensed something a little more… mutual between you two. CLEARLY I WAS WRONG. This misunderstanding was PAINFUL, poor Scarlet.

This is even more painful because Scarlet’s best chance of staying alive is in Birthright and SHE CAN’T SUPPORT RYOMA REGARDLESS. You heartless storyboard writers. 

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