Using Heat to Repair Faux Fur

I get the most questions about this! Try it on scraps for yourself and see! This is the technique that I get the most questions about and the most reactions to. I am not joking around and am quite sincere that it really works!

I have a special tag with all my tests on using heat and faux fur to repair, straighten or restore it using controlled heat. See that here:

The advantage to this technique is that it can restore faux fur damaged or wrinkled in transit, stored improperly, aged or worn fur, some dryer-damaged fur.


I absolutely can’t stress this enough: Try this for yourself at home with scraps! See it for yourself! See what happens when you use a hairdryer on fur for yourself! There is a huge difference in this technique and throwing a fursuit in a dryer on high. That difference is Controlled Heat versus Uncontrolled Heat. A clothes dryer is uncontrolled heat and compression. It heats up and compresses fur with the tumbling action. This technique is controlled heat. You are touching and brushing the fur as you do it, you see the results as they happen!


Tips for getting started!

  • Start with clean, dry fur! Your faux fur should be dry when you begin.
  • Use a regular hairdryer, feel free to test other heat application methods, but a standard hairdryer from the hair care section of the store is perfectly suited for this task.
  • You will need to do more than one pass. One shot is not enough. You have to go over it several times and be thorough for good results.

Here is my clean dry fursuit butt that is getting restored:

Next it is brushed, a slicker brush or a straight comb works:

Controlled heat is applied all over the affected area:

It is brushed again in the direction I would like the fur to lay:

After several passes of controlled heat and brushing, the fur is completely restored! For the full tutorial and more information, check out my guide here:

Share this with your friends! Encourage them to try it on scraps or an inconspicuous location. With this new knowledge restore all the fursuits to their fluffy glory! 


7-16-16 ~1:56am PT cam 1&2

Tiffany: My hair is still like this from yesterday.
Natalie: How does it stay like that for so long?
Tiffany: ‘cause it’s not good quality hair.
Natalie: No, you’re lucky. My hair doesn’t stay like anything.
Tiffany: It’s got the Barbie crimp going on!
Natalie: [laughs] The Barbie crimps.
Tiffany: Cute.
Natalie: Kill that DR!
Tiffany: I want more than anything, anything, for you and I to be safe this week. And you know what, honestly, if I go out this week I went out with a bang, and you make it to jury and everything’s fine.

Just Pinned to My Favorite Pins: S'more Cookies Use refrigerated sugar cookie dough and bake as instructions say Roll out the dough, place your chocolate on the dough and as many marshmallows as you would like then place another piece of dough over the top and “crimp” the edges. Add a sucker stick if you want and make it a cookie on a stick Bake using cookie dough heating instructions.

Mask of an Invader, Irken AU for


When one spent years on an alien planet with no chance for return, he has two choices: forever be longing for the company of his own kind, or try and assimilate.

Or both.

So when the smug face of a poorly-disguised Irken Invader showed up in class with him, Irken ex-PAK Engineer Dib had no doubt as to the fact that he must gain importance in the Invader’s eyes.

He could not miss the only chance in years he’d ever have to establish contact with another Irken simply because he was an injured Defective- a disgraced PAK Engineer caught repairing unreported Defectives and sent far into space, evidently hoping for his death.

He’d survived, but only just, at the cost of a crash of his escape pod, ship, and the loss of his left antenna.

His hands would play with the crimped stub as he tried to decide upon a course of action.

There was still some feeling in it- just near the base, near where his head was. Dib knew that messing with it might worsen it- it must’ve. It kept deteriorating, no matter what he did. The sense of touch. The little hearing he had left on that side, though the role of both had been taken over by his sole, remaining antenna.

He had acquired an Invader costume right before being given leave- by accident, a mistake in the supplies he was given.

How unforgivable would it be-?

To concoct a story-?

It was a matter of mere hours before Dib stood there, knocking on the door of the new Invader’s base, trying very hard to assume the straight, militant posture they so prided themselves on.

swims into sight, and lights all space (f!adaar/cassandra)

 Rating: M

Pairing: F!Adaar/Cassandra Pentaghast

Word Count: 1039

Read on AO3 here ★ commission info

Adaar’s skin is in tatters.

Cassandra lays tangled in the sheets beside her, nightly, slick with sweat, breaths coming short and stuttery, a splotchy flush spread down to the jut of her hips, and traces the lines of old scars, some crooked, some puckered, rippling pale across silvered skin. The motions are absent, almost ritualistic, though there’s more concern than reverence in the crimp of her fingers as she splays them across the flat plane of Adaar’s belly, old jagged slash-marks rigid and warm beneath her palm.

(She poses no questions, and Adaar says nothing in return, merely keeps her eyes trained upon the high, vaulted ceiling, counting the spaces between heartbeats, one arm folded behind her head, expression inscrutable.)

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@alexhonnold on “A Gift from Wyoming”. Heinous crimping and healthy run outs at the base of the Leaning Tower in Yosemite Valley.

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I am very excitedly picking up my next read, Dofferent Class by Joanne Harris! This one was brought to my attention by @project_lectito all the way from Australia and I’ve been dying to pick it up ever since she compared it to The Secret History, one of my all time favourite books.
I’m burning my Crimped Hair and Truth or Dare candle from @coalandcanary and dying in this mugginess that has descended on Vancouver.
If you’ve read this one let me know! .

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OKI! su i was going through my old barbie box full of toy sets and other accessories and i found these super cute clippies, and i honestly thought they were like hair clips until i saw that they were actually crimping at my hair 😱!!! that was so weird to actually see so i decided if they’re from mattel i should try it on one of my dolls. So i tried it on my Spectra Vondergeist doll and i nearly yelped bc these crimps were INCREDIBLY deep in there!! I had to brush her hair for a while just to get them out 😰. But after i decided ill try them on my G3 skywishes pony bc she was closer and that kinda backfired i wonder why????

The Seven + Nico, Will, Rachel: Halloween Headcannon

I have this headcannon that the 7, Nico, Will and Rachel go trick-or-treating every year and they try to out do each other with the craziest costumes using their powers. Thus, The demigod costume war is born…

-Percy conjures a constantly moving hurricane and dresses like Triton, with a beard and a tail and everything, splashing mortals then immediately evaporating his hurricane, (Water? I’m not sure, but Aqua Man over there looks suspicious to me…)

-Annabeth dresses as Hermione. She basically acts the same except for she crimped her hair and Piper helped her create wizarding robes

-Jason goes simple and dresses as Luke Skywalker, summoning bolts of lighting to look a lightsaber and occasionally striking a pumpkin.

-Piper, having the feathers in her hair and an indian background, goes as Pocahontas, charm speaking animals into following her around because a wild animal entourage is way better than a hurricane Percy

-Frank deciding to be an elephant because its his favorite animal to turn into and, to mortals, it just looks like a really good costume with Frank on the inside, working some high tech controls.

-Hazel goes as Angelica from Hamilton because she ABSOLUTELY LOVES THE MUSICAL and Halloween is the only night she feels she can truly let go and be spontaneous. She goes all out and makes a time period correct dress, summoning jewelry from the 1700s that she washes up and wears, making her look fabulous (Werk!)

-Leo, (being the hilarious person he is), dresses as Katniss in her 74th hunger games gear, setting him self on fire and walking up to random people saying “I’m the girl on fire.” then laughing as he puts himself out and runs away, leaving the mortals bewildered as to why a christmas elf on fire quoted YA in their ears?

-Nico goes as Will, wearing his Camp Half Blood shirt for the first time in years, a pair of surfer shorts and flip flops, he tries to act cheery all night, if only for Will’s sake, but gives up by 11, going back to only slightly distant (Which is a pretty good mood for Nico)

-Will goes as Nico, putting on a skull shirt, skinny jeans (How do you wear these everyday? They are way too tight!), and controlling the light to stay away from him so his hair looks darker and it’s like he’s sucking the sunshine out of the room. Will tries to be moody like Nico, but Nico being happy for most of the night just makes him seem giddy he can’t help but smile

-Rachel goes as Ariel just to get a rise out of Annabeth even though they are friends and she only platonically likes Percy. Her and Percy walk around in the middle of Percy’s hurricane, singing ‘Under the Sea’ and quoting the movie (But daddy I love him!!), bursting out laughing when Annabeth gives them a death glare from beneath her temporarily bushy hair

Bonus: All of their godly parents (sans Rachel) are very offended that their children didn’t dress as them for Halloween.
(Poseidon: I’m the best dad in the world!!!! Why would Percy dress like that mythical drama queen Triton rather than me!!!!)