who should you fight: monsterkind edition
  • roy: just dont. who sees roy and wants to fight him. hes too soft and kind. dont.
  • kip: again why??? hes just nervous and sad dont fight him. also he has like no control over his powers so who knows he could wreck ur ass just dont
  • molly: ok shes so great why would you want to fight her? also she could dunk on u so hard. dont
  • wallace: hes such a baby you could kick his ass so easily but why would you ever?
  • ben: dont fight ben he has been through so much please dont
  • pascal: he is so large and probably really sweaty and could probably kick your ass but hes really sweet please dont
  • charlie: charlie has been through so much please be nice to charlie plus he could absolutely end you. dont fight charlie
  • Louise: let louise live their life
  • sal: ok who even is sal? we may never know. fight him
  • maggie: whats wrong with maggie dont fight maggie shes too kind
  • kate: kate would kick your ass dont fight kate
  • mr crimmins: kick mr crimmins ass hes the worst
  • eno: please fight eno i love him but his dramatic ass needs to be taken down a notch

I cry for the Philippines

Duterte has won. The man who makes rape jokes so casually. The man who orders for the deaths of petty crimminals. The man who threatens the deaths of his critics. The man who is willing to cut ties and investments because he feels like it (and rendering many Filipinos jobless). The man who gropes and kisses his unwilling female supporters. The man who will instill fear in the name of discipline. The man who has hired mercenaries who will kill anyone who goes against him. The man who kills children as long as they steal out of poverty.

The man who plans to shut down congress to control everything.

Our potential Vice Presdient is the son of the dictator that ordered the kidnapping torture, rape, and deaths of thousands of Filipinos under a 20 year dictatorship. The son of the man who stole BILLIONS which gave the Philippines massive debts that we are still paying to this day. The man who went to London to study, living the life of luxury as his fellow Filipinos suffered back home. The man who told his father to open fire at protesting civilans. The man who told his father to bomb a Police headquarters full of innocent civilians. The man who never apologised or returned the money that his father stole. The man who uses his young sons to trick young female voters to vote for their father because they’re cute.

What happened Philippines.

What. The. Fuck. Happened.

Six. Fucking. Years. Of. This.

God knows. If they cancel congress they can extend their power for as long as they want.

I’m done. So fucking done.

But we both know that’s not quite true.

Okay, so there’s jut one thing that’s been bugging me for God knows how long and I jut feel the need to point it out.

We all know that beside the “Honey you should see me in a crown” Jim is best known for the “I will burn the heart out of you.” quote.

However I personally find the following lines much more interesting and ‘intimate’.

I’ve seen a lot of people on tumblr saying that this conversation between Jim and Sherlock is more appealing to them than the quote before.

But they’ve been all like ‘Jim has known Sherlock weakness all along; the fact that he actually has a heart and that’s why he almost outplayed him’

But no.2: as far as I’m aware none of these people has really said how did James actually know. 

Most of them just stick with the ‘well he’s a crimminal mastermind of course he knows he knows practically everything’ type of explanation.

And I can’t help but think that they overlooked the truth that’s been right in front of us the whole time…

So how?

Let it sink in.

‘But we both know that’s not quite true’ 

These words weren’t just some plain yakking, no.

They were his heart

And he should never let it rule his head. 

When you look at the incompetence of the police forces in various superhero movies, it’s no wonder they need help

Daredevil (2003)

“All of these guys have been killed by a vigilante called Daredevil.”

“Do they have anything in common?”

“They were all found not guilty after getting prosecuted by Matt Murdock.”

“So no leads at all on that point…”

Batman (The dark knight rises)

“There are some crimminals in the sewers.”

“Send all men down there to get ‘em!”

“Sure thing! There’s no way that can go wrong…”

Spiderman (The amazing Spiderman)

“Some vigilante is going after all crimminals looking like this.”

“That was the same description that was filed for the man that murdered Benjamin Parker.”


“Also his nephew, Peter Parker, requested and recieved a file on the case.”

“Isn’t he some kind of smart kid?”

“Yeah! And the vigilante used something he described as his own invention.”

“Dammit! Toughest case of my career.”