Happy New Year 2015! Hope you had a great holiday and hope this year is even greater for you! Here are some of the people I follow that you should consider following too. Bold ones are absolute faves that I like to stalk visit at. If your url is not in here, that doesn’t mean I love you less. I love you guys too :)


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Gummy Bear Basketball (Niall/Luke, 426 words)

My beloved criminiallar asked for Niall/who he’d be best paired with in 5SOS and in a moment of weakness I wrote it for her. 426 words, Niall/Luke, secretly Calum/Luke /o\ also on AO3!

The game wound down quickly, from the both of them taking turns standing at a marked line on the floor to repositioning the cups and sitting in the center of the couch, squished together so they didn’t have to move. Luke was winning, so far. His shots kept getting worse, though, because Niall was really warm next to him, and he was wearing a singlet too so their bare arms were pressed together, and then their ribs when they moved. Also sometimes Luke would aim for a shot and then Niall would reach up and pluck the gummy bear from his fingers and eat it. “I like the yellow ones,” Niall explained, shrugging.

“No one likes the yellow ones,” Luke told him. He hunted around in the bag for a non-yellow one, and Niall reached his hand in too, their knuckles rubbing together. 

Niall won, nudging Luke’s hand out and grabbing a handful. He stuffed his mouth full of gummy bears and grinned around them. “I do,” he said. Luke stared at his mouth, wondering why it wasn’t super gross watching him chew a bunch of innocent gummy bears to death. Then he looked into Niall’s eyes, and Niall raised his eyebrows in a way that was oddly dirty, as if suggesting yellow gummy bears weren’t the only thing he liked. He nudged Luke’s side. “We playing?” he asked.

“No,” said Calum from the other couch. “You’re flirting.” Luke startled a little, blinking up at Calum. How long had he been looking into Niall’s eyes? Had he been gazing? Fuck.

“Shh,” said Ashton. “Don’t interrupt them. It’s fun to watch.”

“No it isn’t,” said Calum. “It’s terrible. I hate it.”

“You can play the loser,” Niall offered.

“Oh,” said Michael, not even looking up from his phone. “He wouldn’t be playing.”

“We’re not flirting,” said Luke, since no one else had seen fit to point that out. 

“We could be,” Niall said. He slung an arm around Luke’s shoulders, but there wasn’t much closer he could bring him without things getting overtly sexy with regard to thigh placement. Luke was caught again in the blue laser beam of Niall’s eyes. He and Niall would make a cute couple, he realized. He was taller, but otherwise they were a good match, from a looks perspective. “Luke here’s a handsome lad, I’d be lucky to have him.”

Luke became aware, distantly, that he was blushing. He giggled a little. Niall grinned back and squeezed his shoulder. 

“This game is fucking stupid,” said Calum, and stole their gummy bears.

Helloo!!! It’s the end of the year so i decided to make a holiday follow forever (: 2014 has been such a great year on here with all of you. I’ve made so many new friends and mutuals. Some of you i talk to almost every day while others i talk to occasionally. Some of you i have never really talked to, but i love you all so much <3 i hope all of you have a great end of the year :D

Happy Holidays!!

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hiiiiiii it’s me kellie. it’s been a while since i made one of these so here we are. i love every single person who i follow so so much. you guys all make my dash super awesome, and i want to thank you for that <3 i also want to say thank you to everyone who follows me. you are all amazing, and it means a lot! also, if you are bolded, hover over your url cause i tried to be cute and write you a message (:

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i’ve decided to make one of these because i’ve been mentioned in a few and, also, you guys are so nice and i’ve been making some friends on here so yeah haha

not bolding anyone bc i love you all

# - e

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I hope I didn’t forget anyone and typed all your usernames correctly haha :) I also hope you guys have a great summer and i love you all x

Hey hey hey!! well as 2014 is just around the corner (like quite literally just one more day!!) I wanted to make my 2013 follow forever, sigh this year I must have unfollowed/followed so many blogs but you are all in the final count down xD I’ve been following some of you for years (Oh em gee) and others i’ve just followed recently but you all make my day/life so much better, just by seeing you on my dash or reading your text posts. Thanks to the ones who have stuck with me even though the lots of changes my blog has suffered this year :’) thanks to the ones who have always had a word of support when I was down, you don’t know how much they mean to me. SPECIAL THANKS TO ALL MY LOVELY FOLLOWERS WHO HAVE WITH JUST AN “I LOVE YOUR BLOG” MADE ME THE HAPPIEST PERSON EVER. idk man thanks to all of you for being lovely and perfect, every single one of you. HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I WISH ALL THE BEST OF THE BEST!! MUCH MUCH LOVE

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since it’s valentine’s day, i tried to be cute by making a follow forever. i hope you all have an awesome day cause i love you lots! if you are bold, that means we are friends, you put up with me quite a bit, or i had something i wanted to say! so, check out the message i wrote for you (: love you all <33

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+ blogroll

happy valentine’s day <33

im horrible at this plz forgive me if I forget you. its actually my tumblr birthday, so I decided to just go with it. ALSO: some of you think I probably don’t even follow you but i do i swear its just bc this isn’t my main blog srry i love all of you

If you’re bolded its bc you mean a lot to me and i love you a lil extra

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(jfc i can’t believe there were so many with z’s)

I love all of you mucho!!! happy holidays to all of you :DDD


Hi! I should have done this before, but I hope you forgive me for taking so long. I made that follow forever only with the blogs that I’m really in love and that’s why I’m not putting bold or italic. But I follow just a few blogs and you can found each one here ◕‿◕ And I just want to say that I love you all, bye.

My girls: magicalnarry thatwasforyouu narrysdashit harryandniallxoxo

A-F: colormenarry, feelszarry, criminiallar, excusemeharry, agentnarry, anarry, coldcoffeenarry, drunkonarry, dirtsbag, cuphaz, british–idiot & adoringnarry.
G-M: hoerry, itshoran, kryptoniall, msclaras, horanhoopirish-n-curlyhumpnarryleprechauncupcakesharrvy, kisspernarry, kryptonarry
N: nnarry, nananarry, niallar, narrysthrustsnarryxsunshineniallbros, nouis-narry, niallharold,
nllhorannialljstniallamor, narrycanmarry, narryamor, narry20l4, narrysternarrytheoriesnarrycutes,
narrybearcuddlesnarrymeplsnarrystxrannarrrydelreynarrystonarnarrysoulsnonarry, narrymydream,
narriallniallatorrr, narry-kisspersxnarrys-sex.
O-Z: ziampaliks, omgstoranokayworksalutingnarry, tomlinourry, stopniallandharry, ohcrapnarry, storuns, pixieandcurly, oh-my-storan, styaller, storan, sunshinexnarry, trynarry, planetnarryy, tomlinarrys & sonarrily

Please, don’t hate me if I didn’t put you there, I probably I forgot to put some people that I love, but I promise that soon I’ll try to make another follow forever, so don’t kill me yet ♥♥♥

it’s been awhile since i did my last follow forever (fuck its been over a year how did that happen?? ) anywAYY i’ve found lots of wonderful new blogs/friends since then and i want u all t know i love u sOOO much, you make tumblr enjoyable and keep my dash filled with niall, just how i like it! so im gonna start off w/ a few of my closest and best friends (u all mean very much to me bc i have no real life friends u guys r all i got i lOVE U)

trina, holly, gulcan, mia

and now for all the blogs i love (most are mutuals and im very honored to be able t say that!) 











also i kno it’s all spaced weird but tumblr’s so weird like?? so sorry bout that just trying to make it readable!! but yah hope u all kno that you’re wonderful blogs/people i love u all!! 

hello :D it’s holiday season and i always like to spread love around so this seemed like a good time to let my favourite blogs know they’re appreciated!! my time spent on here is enjoyable because of you guys and the things you post and the positive way you interact w/ me and your followers! wishing you all the best and a super successful & happy new year ♥ ♥ ♥ (p.s: if you have a christmas URL i still have you under your normal one! & bolded = you’re a close, lovely friend who brings me lots of smiles on a daily basis or i’m seriously in love with your blog. in some cases a mixture of the two)

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hihihi so i decided to make this follow forever bc it’s been a long time since my last one so yeah :D

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i’m vvvv sorry if i forgot anyone but i was trying to do something shorter but yeah i know it’s still too big but y'all are awesome so yeah i can’t help haha i love every blog i follow so it’s always quite hard to only choose a few. (:

On this day exactly one year ago I watched this video and gained a mild interest in the weird kid with the blonde hair. Remembering that he was in a band, I made the worst decision of my life and decided to look up his solos. I’ve been on a downward spiral of 90k+ word fics and crying over One Direction after midnight ever since. I’ve met a lot of people who have helped soften the blows of a proper obsession. You guys make coming on here fun not just because I get to see Niall’s shining smile, but you make me laugh and you make me feel welcome! Tumblr’s always been a community I’ve used from the backseat, but getting to make friends on here has opened me up to see just how fun this site can be! I want to thank everyone on this list for being cool as hell and having some of the best blogs around!

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