The Atlas Vampire- In 1932, a prostitute by the name of Lilly Lindeström, was found murdered in her small apartment in the Atlas area of Stockholm, Sweden. The case has remained a mystery ever since it gained attention.

Lindeström was found by police after a neighbour complained of the smell. and had been dead for up to three days. Laying next to her body was a gravy ladle, and she placed face-down with a condom protruding from her anus. The cause of death was listed as blunt forced trauma to the head, but the most unusual part of this murder was the suspected act of “vampirism”.

The gravy ladle, had in fact been used to scoop up Lilly’s blood for drinking. Her body had been completely drained of blood, and the crime scene was surprisingly clean. To this day, the murder remains unsolved.

3 Germany Facts

1. Germany was the first country in the world to adopt Daylight saving time (DST, aka summer time). This occurred in 1916 in the midst of WWI and was put in place in order to conserve energy.

2. The capital of Berlin has more bridges than Venice in Italy – Berlin boasts 960 bridges, 59.8 square km of water in lakes, and ~180 km of navigable waterways. Combined with its surrounding state Brandenburg, it has Europe’s largest inland water network.

3. Prison escape is not punishable by law in Germany – German law maintains that it’s a basic human instinct to be free and, therefore, prisoners have the right to escape jail. Actual escapes, however, often do not go unpunished as prisoners are still held responsible for damage to property or bodily harm against any individual upon their breakout.

“Who ordered me to kill? Who set up the conspiracy? I don’t know.”

Joseph Christopher, a New York spree killer with a total of 12+ victims, tried to admit himself into a mental health institute but was turned away. Christopher had suffered from schizophrenia all his life and when he noticed his mental health had started to slip, he begged staff at the Buffalo Psychiatric Center to take him in, saying he feared he might hurt somebody. Two weeks after he was turned away, the murders began.

On September 22nd, 1980, Joseph Christopher fired his sawed-off rifle at four people, and fled. He evaded capture, only to resume his spree a month later. This time, he bludgeoned his victims to death and reportedly cut their hearts out. In prison, the killer met his end to a rare form of male breast cancer, and passed away in his sleep aged 37.

Bruno Fernandes de Souza, a successful Brazilian footballer who had been tipped to play in the next World Cup, has been charged with the murder of his mistress. The court heard how he hired a gang to torture and kill Eliza Samudio in order to avoid paying child support for their four-month-old son.

Hitmen committed “barbaric tortures” on Eliza, 25, playing music to drown her screams before strangling her with a tie in front of her son. The player is said to have helped chop up the body before feeding it to his rottweilers.