"On Monday, December 13, 1920, it’s reported that brothers Jason and Jimmy Garret found a “treasure map” stuck to a tree with a knife. Based on their parent’s account, the boys weren’t believed and were promptly sent outside.

The above picture was slipped under the front door of the Garret farmhouse one year later.

No map was ever found and neither boy was ever seen again.”

- Christopher Bloodworth


The signs as criminals

Thought I’d do a fun one :’)
Aries: According to statistics of FBI, Aries possess most weapons.Their criminal are done with them being fully armed, usually they are arranged assassins.Most often they’re black-mailing or are arranged assassins as I mentioned.

Taurus: Taurus are the second sign with most criminalistic abilities.The most important thing for them is earning money through criminal.Until it is that way, it isn’t really important if they’re money laundering or stealing luxurious objects.Most often they work alone so the risk of them being caught is decreased, and because of that reason they don’t brag.If they’re caught, they will express regret because they couldn’t resist the money.

Gemini: Geminis are at the very bottom of the list of arrested ones, but that doesn’t mean they’re bad at being criminals.They are born deceivers.Geminis are not the kind of people to threaten someone.Their weapon are false promises.Once they’re caught, they try to save themselves the best way they know how, often-times with giving out the names of the people they are working with.But it wouldn’t be strange if they would be lying at that very moment as well.

Cancer: According to the statistics of FBI there are multiple criminals under this sign.They are inclined to violence and mental disorders, and most often they are murderers because of the cause of revenge.It is hard for them to control their temper and are among first ones who would kill their boss if they got fired.They seem pretty lost once caught, even though further on they consider their deeds rightful because their victims deserved it.

Leo: Leos are least inclined to criminal among the fire signs.If they tune into those activities, they will do it by being extra careful.That’s why Leos are known as dangerous and coldblooded criminals.They won’t risk their freedom because of tiny law-breakers such as stealing.If they are entering the world of criminal, they’ll do it because of the fame and money mostly.

Virgo: After Aries, Virgos are the ones with most weapon on them.They’re inclined towards financial criminal, so that’s why often-times they’re hackers,deceivers or they break in.They always create great plans, but if they get caught they confess everything.

Libra: Libras are the biggest criminals among air signs.Nepotism, corruption and set ups are their specialties.They think everything through and easily manage their co-workers, as well as people who give them bribe or the people they take bribe from.They know how to let their things out there, so because of the strong bonds with people they can get their way out even if they get caught.

Scorpio: Scorpios are ninth most dangerous criminals on the list of FBI, but aside that they are leading the list of arranged assassins and criminals-psychopaths.They enter criminal without mercy.Hurt ego and jealousy are also two of the main reasons of them doing criminal.

Sagittarius: Third on the list of criminals, but are often caught.They participate in deceit and robbing and are pretty skillful at it.They hurt their victims very rarely, according to which we can conclude they enter criminal mostly because of financial motives.

Capricorn: Caps are all around criminals.They are born ambitious, and that makes them go after huge goals once they’ve entered the world of criminal.Their place is at financial criminal, but a huge number are arrested for organized criminal.They use others’ favors to perform their own criminalistic deeds and know how to cover up after themselves.

Aquarius: They aren’t huge criminals.They’re at the 11th place on the list of FBI.Most often they’re hackers or leaders of cults from which they earn money.The wish for revenge can make them enter the world of criminal.

Pisces: They’re the best dealers of the zodiac.They would deal anything: cigarettes,drugs, rare and exotic animals, people.Aside that they want to sell drugs.They’re the 8th most dangerous criminals, and when they go to prison they attach themselves to others and they can become criminals from a young age.


Hand of Glory: The Macabre Magic of Severed Hands

A traditional form of punishment, under Sharia, Islamic law, and in Medieval Europe, involved publicly amputating a criminal’s body part, often the one used to commit a crime.

The pain of the amputation and the shame of the permanent mark served as punishment for the criminal, while the display of the severed limb functioned as a sinister warning to all onlookers: follow in this guy’s footsteps and you will suffer a similar fate. This macabre tradition likely has its roots in the Code of Hammurabi.

In Europe, the severed hands of criminals were displayed like relics to prevent future grievances (a thief’s arm still dangles in a Prague church). In most cases the owner of the hand was not known, but the provenance was usually irrelevant because the setting of the hand’s exhibition determined the story that was told about its origin.

The Haunch of Venison in Wiltshire, England, is a 684-year-old pub that was famous for its display of a cursed gambler’s hand. The hand was reportedly amputated from a gambler who was caught cheating during a game of whist a few hundred years ago. According to workers at the pub, a butcher chopped the gambler’s hand off and threw it into the fireplace. The grisly relic was discovered during renovation work at the pub in 1911 and was stored in a locked glass case with a pack of 18th century playing cards. In 2010, thieves unscrewed the glass cabinet and stole the criminal’s relic.

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