Pairing: Spencer Reid/Reader

Rating: Teen; pretty tame, innuendoes but nothing that saucy loll; i say 12+

Request: I’d like to ask if you could write a criminal minds imagine where the reader and Reid are dating but he is insecure about her feelings for him


You sat with your legs crossed, typing away at your Macbook Air enjoying the fresh air and the sharp scent of fresh coffee. You stopped writing for a moment to observe the subject further. Dark hair, mid 30s, not married judging by the absence of a ring on his finger but most likely in a serious relationship judging by the fact he hadn’t looked at you not even once.

Not to be conceited or anything, you had really low self esteem anyway, but you knew people thought you were pretty. With your big, bright (your eye color) eyes and long (your hair color) locks people often told you, you were a total knockout and joked what modeling agency you worked with. 

You continued to observe the man, blatantly staring at him. He was the type of guy most girls would swoon over but he wasn’t really you’re style. Your style was Spencer Reid… and that was about it. If you weren’t with Spencer you probably would’ve been on your 8th cat by now.

“Here you go, (y/n).” Spencer said as he sat in the chair across from you. You two liked to go to cafes and just sit. Sometimes you would talk, other times you just wouldn’t. You two didn’t always need to be talking every second. He made you feel comfortable and you didn’t feel pressured around him. 

“Thanks.” You said smiling. After a couple of moments of surveying Spencer’s flawless features you resumed to observing the man. He had a nice face… but he just gave you that asshole vibe… something about the mouth. You staring obviously broken out of your investigative trance by Spencer’s voice. 

“Um… (y/n)?” Spencer asked as he slowly turned in his chair to see what exactly you were staring at. “Oh… I see.” Spencer said as he quickly stood from the chair, threw his satchel across his torso and began walking away. 

“Spencer. Spencer!” You yelled, quickly shoving your Macbook into your messenger bag, throwing it over your shoulder and grabbing your coffee cup attempted to run after Spencer. Damn his long legs. “Spencer we’ve gone over this.” You said as you ran your hand down his arm.

“Listen if you rather be with that cute guy or whatever, go do it. But let me just tell you, I know he seems nice and you’re going to say I’m crazy but there’s something about that mouth tells me he’s a major asshole. So try to choose a guy who’s not him.” Spencer finished as you suddenly stopped walking. Spencer turned back to you. 

And that’s when it started. 

It began with a few giggles but morphed into tear streaming laughter. Also the fact that Spencer did not understand what was happening in the slightest made it even better. God knows Spencer not understanding something is a rare occurrence. 

“I was thinking the same thing,” You managed to muster breathlessly in between spurts of laughter. “About the mouth you know… that’s why I was staring at him.” You explained your laughter subsiding. “Spencer, I love you and could never ask for anyone better.” You said. Spencer walked towards you and wordlessly dragged you into a nearby alley (AND MURDERED YOU, just kidding!) and began passionately kissing you, running his hands down your hips. “Shouldn’t we wait till we get back to the apartment?” You asked breathlessly. 

“Nope. Now jump.” Spencer said as he caught you and began kissing your neck. 

“Okay I guess that works too.” You replied, giggling. Hopefully no one would walk into the alley for the next 5 minutes…. ;)


hope you anti-christs enjoyed it. peace out.

satan has gratefully bestowed a ferocious sinus infection upon me that resides in the depths of hell btw.

anyways love you i guess. HAHAHA just kidding YOU GUYS ARE LOVELY


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