criminalizing pregnant women

In 2013, Purvi went to an emergency room in South Bend, Indiana seeking treatment for heavy vaginal bleeding. She told doctors she miscarried and the child had not survived. A few hours after arriving in the hospital, her attending doctor, a member of the American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists, called the police. When they arrived, officers interrogated Purvi while she was still in her hospital bed and put her under arrest.Purvi was later convicted of contradictory charges: “feticide” and “neglect of a dependent.” The state of Indiana alleges that Purvi committed feticide by taking medication to terminate her pregnancy, which is not a crime in the state…

In this tragic case, Indiana law passed to protect pregnant women is being used to criminalize pregnant women by punishing them for abortion and other pregnancy outcomes. This case means women can be imprisoned not only for abortion, but also for miscarriages and home births where the child is born but does not survive.

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