criminalizing blackness

What TV has taught me:
  • Breaking Bad: It's easier to sell meth than it is to get affordable medical care.
  • Hannibal: If someone offers you free psychiatric help, it's probably best to say no.
  • Orange is the New Black: If your ex-girlfriend works for an international drug cartel, you should probably be nice to her.
  • House: Any small ailment means you are dying and lupus does not exist.
  • Game of Thrones: Everything you love will die.
  • Supernatural: Everything you love will die repeatedly.
  • Criminal Minds: Everything you love will be killed by a white male in his mid thirties.
  • Doctor Who: Everything you ever loved about this show will be destroyed by Steven Moffat.

This app exposes the white collar criminals all around you

  • A new app and website called White Collar Crime Risk Zones (WCCRZ) shows exactly what neighborhoods are chock full of financial criminals, how much damage they’re doing and even what they might look like.
  • Using data from the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, a team of technologists working with the left-wing magazine New Inquiry created the open-source tool so that anyone can put a face on the labyrinthian world of white collar crime hidden in their own home town.
  • It may not be the face of crime trotted out on the evening news, but that’s the point. The app reframes the common cultural code for criminality — typically black, poor and uneducated — around corporations and neighborhoods that more accurately reflect where crime happens and who’s committing it. Read more (4/25/17)

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anonymous asked:

Not all Muslims, not all blacks, but yes all cops? Or am I looking at your post from a wrong angle. I'm in no way "pro-police" and think the police force is nothing more than a bunch of pawns used by capitalists pigs in their hideous game of Chess, but I do also know that if someone shot my uncle and said he was a machine used by the state to kill black people, I would be absolutely disgusted by them, because he's definitely far from that.

Saying not all Muslims and not all “Blacks” (FFS) is not the same thing at ALL. Policing is a JOB. A job where every police office agrees to enforce the laws, no matter how unjust, violent, and evil they are. You acknowledge this yourself in your ask, cops choose to participate in a system that perpetuates injustice. 

Just look at the way that police LEGALLY worked ON ORDERS to break up the Standing Rock protest and prayer camp. An extremely militarized police department used tear gas, armored vehicles, rubber bullets, flash grenades, sound cannons, pepper spray, water cannons, batons, etc. against these unarmed people. They acted on the requirements of their job to perpetuate anti-Native violence and racism. 

Another example would be anti-homeless laws that some states have. There are laws in place to keep the homeless off the street, hell my state has tried to pass laws to make it illegal to feed the homeless. And who enforces these inhumane laws? Who is arresting the homeless and putting them in a system that places fines on these people? Then who is arresting them again for not paying these bullshit fines and keeping them in the system cycle? 

Your totally nice family member who is a cop is a part of this system. Every cop is a part of this system. It’s. Their. Job.


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