criminalizing blackness

What TV has taught me:
  • Breaking Bad: It's easier to sell meth than it is to get affordable medical care.
  • Hannibal: If someone offers you free psychiatric help, it's probably best to say no.
  • Orange is the New Black: If your ex-girlfriend works for an international drug cartel, you should probably be nice to her.
  • House: Any small ailment means you are dying and lupus does not exist.
  • Game of Thrones: Everything you love will die.
  • Supernatural: Everything you love will die repeatedly.
  • Criminal Minds: Everything you love will be killed by a white male in his mid thirties.
  • Doctor Who: Everything you ever loved about this show will be destroyed by Steven Moffat.

The American criminal “justice” system is a fucking joke. They’re not even tryna hide it anymore. 30 fucking years for weed??? If he was white they probably woulda offered to help him open up a marijuana shop in Colorado or something. LMAO police and judges need to trade their badges in for slave patrol emblems. Just go on Fox News and publicly admit you hate black people and be done with it.

Racial justice groups bailed out hundreds of black moms for Mother’s Day

  • Racial justice activists have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to bail out black moms just in time for Mother’s Day, Mother Jones reported Friday.
  • The National Black Mamas Bail Out Day has collected over $550,000 and is using it to bail out mothers who could not otherwise afford to see their families. 
  • According to Mother Jones, $25,000 has been set aside for women in several cities, including Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, New York City, Oakland and 13 others. Read more. (5/13/17, 6:59)

Black people forgive black men at the drop of a dime. You would have never known some of these black male celebrities said some ignorant shit about black women because the black community makes sure they don’t dwell on it too much to ruin their reputation and value as black men. They still view these men as diamonds that can still be polished and shined.

However when a black woman does something, especially a black woman who doesn’t conform, that black women has that held over her head forever. Black people view her as permanently tainted and nonredeemable. That’s because they already view black women a certain way to begin with so it’s easy for them to always criminalize black women.

Sometimes we can be just as much of a patriarchal cesspool as the white community.


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