criminalization of abortion

If you have a vagina and are on Obamacare or use Planned Parenthood as your health care provider, etc please look into getting a birth control implant. Just in case. Trump has said he plans to defund planned parenthood, get rid of obamacare, and possibly criminalize abortions. You deserve to be safe. I know you can get an implant that lasts 5 years. See what your doctor says about it. Stay healthy, vagina pals.
Woman who bought abortion pills for daughter can challenge prosecution
Judge allows judicial review in case that is set to focus attention on Northern Ireland’s abortion legislation
By Amelia Gentleman

“The girl found out she was pregnant in the summer of 2013, after a relationship with a boy a year older than her and who she said was physically abusive. In written evidence submitted to the court, her lawyers said he threatened to kick the baby out of her, and to stab it if it was born.”

I notice no charges for the boy. 


There is no such thing as an abortion free society.

There are only societies where abortion is safe, legal & available and societies where it is dangerous, lethal & criminalized.

Abortion is medical care. Abortion is a human right.

I’ve been trying to find the right words since last night, but I can really only speak in echoes of what has already been said, over and over:

I am afraid.

I sobbed last night. I woke up my mother because panic and fear were strangling me. I’m not “bummed” that my candidate didn’t win. I’m not a “sore loser” – I am legitimately, honestly terrified, and I cried in the dark for hours while my mind projected a thousand gruesome futures on the back of my eyelids, every one of them more terrible than the one before, and all of them with Trump’s face at the forefront.

This is a man who erected his campaign on fear mongering. Racism. Sexism. Xenophobia. Homophobia. Transphobia. Violent, disrespectful, offensive rhetoric. This is a man who mocked a disabled reporter. This is a man who disgraced POWs. This is a man who believes in criminally punishing people who get abortions. This is a man who not only advocates sexual assault, but is a sexual predator himself. This is a man who is on trial for raping a child.

He has no political experience. No business skill. No heart or compassion. And not only did he set his sights on the White House, but the American people paved the way for him. They heard his ugly, terrible words, and in him saw a reflection of their most awful selves, and were validated in every backwards thought they’ve ever had.

Mike Pence, our new Vice President, would rather jail me than let me get married. He’d rather electrocute me – literally torture me – than allow me to love who I love. And he sits right at Donald Trump’s heel.

People in my family voted for this. People who claim to love and support me cast their vote for a candidate who would take away the few rights I have if he could.

Shame on you. Shame on all of you.

I am deeply sickened. Disturbed. Devastated. But most of all, I am afraid. I am afraid for my queer and trans siblings. I am afraid for my friends of color. My Muslim friends. My disabled friends.

My life, our lives, are in danger.

And you, Trump voters, are responsible. I hope you’re happy.

One day, I will get married to the love of my life. It will be a queer wedding, and it will be a political statement, and an expression of our love and commitment to one another at the same time. Because our existence as queer people is radical in and of itself.

And if you voted for Trump, then I don’t want you there. Because you’ve clearly shown that you don’t support my freedom, my happiness, or my future.

Frankly, you can all go fuck yourselves.

you know what’s fucking hilarious about this post:

where he’s talking about how we’re angered by their “just stop having sex then” rhetoric?

the fact the we give them real facts about abortion constantly, the fact that you can’t keep an ectopic pregnancy, that there’s no proof that criminalizing abortion lowers the amount of people needing one, that there’s lots and lots of kid’s that need to be adopted, etc and it enrages them. getting angry over those (actual facts!) is unreasonable. getting angry over anti choicers refusing to use any facts at all and instead just whining “well don’t have sex then!!!!” is entirely reasonable
Texas lawmaker who introduced bill criminalizing abortion: Women should be more ‘personally responsible’ for sex
A Texas lawmaker who wants to criminalize abortion says he believes women ought to be “more personally responsible” for their sexual behavior. “Right now, it’s real easy,” Rep. Tony Tinderholt, R-Arlington, told the Texas Observer this week. “Right now, they don’t make it important to be personally

Someone needs to be personally responsible for Humpty Dumpty.

im trying to think of other damning elementary plot lines. did you know moriarty has a kid? she got pregnant and gave her up for adoption. because apparently a criminal mastermind cant bear to abort a fetus and thinks having a liability out there (which is exactly what the kid turned into) is a smart move. do male villians ever have “secret child kidnappers used for leverage” plot lines??? just curious

  • trump: I can't do anything about gay marriage because the Supreme Court has decided the question
  • also trump, somehow in the same interview: yeah i'm going to appoint Supreme Court justices who will overturn Roe v. Wade and criminalize abortion

Hi friends, 

lots of things going on in government lately. Lots of bills passed to TERMINATE the EPA. To TERMINATE the Dept of Education. To defund planned parenthood and criminalize abortions. LOTS OF THINGS TO BE LOUD ABOUT.

Don’t know where to start with voicing yourself? CALL YOUR REPS. Don’t know who your reps are? FB has this new handy tool if you click the bottom far right lined icon (highlighted above) . Scroll down. You might have to press “see more”, but there is a button called “Town Hall”. Make sure your current address is up to date and there you go. There are your reps. 


I am so angry. UGH

I am pro-choice, not of the “Abortions are fun for the entire family! :)” kind, of the “I’m not a fan but literally every other alternative to free anonymous access to everyone is worse” variety.

My beliefs are based on: the consequences of criminal abortions, the fact that they occur even when no one is specifically banning them, the damaging effect unwanted children have on society, the lack of enthusiasm most pro-life people have for providing free contraceptives to everyone, and “this horse or no horse” not being a choice of horse.

I have a decent idea of how to deal with purely religious arguments against abortion as well as purely economical, and the suggestions to compensate by only allowing “legitimately needed” abortions.

What’s completely fucked is “Women should have to bear responsibility for the consequences of their own actions, shouldn’t’ve had unprotected sex then, stop being entitled to other people’s money!” argument. I don’t know how to respond to this.

Obviously the total cost of raising a criminal for society is higher than the cost of one abortion, but that’s nothing compared to Totemic Power of Denying People Help when you deem them undeserving of it. The rest is all costs to the pregnant woman and falls under “suffer the consequences, sweetie :)” I might accidentally meme this into “therefore, women on welfare who have children need to be denied welfare”, which is even more fucked but that’s what you arrive at if the only problem with unwanted children is the cost to society.

The one thing that ai’ve come to learn time and time again is that the United States is a severely fucked up country.

Corrupt Politics.
Propensity for extremism (religiously, politically, and socially )
Extreme Xenophobia
A horrible education system ( And in many states they refuse to teach evolution )
Racism ( by government, by police force )
No Universal Health Care
In enough states you can be fired for being LGBTQ
Clear class distinctions between rich and poor but also minorities and whites
Horrible environmental policies
Inequality between genders ( pay, criminalizing abortion, etc)
Minimum wage being to low in most states to survive
Unaffordable post-secondary
Elitist private schools
International policing
Shitty gun control policies

I’m not saying that other countries, like my own, are without problems but the fact that I hear so often that the United States is the best…I have to disagree strongly.

None of this sounds like what a great country is supposed to be like.

i STG criminalizing abortion will make things worse. like honestly take care of the damn kids already on this earth than protesting about a tiny fetus. seriously y'all got people out here not ready to have babies, too broke to take care of babies. its better to get an abortion than spend 18 years struggling taking care of a baby. I’m so mad rn.

Okay look. I know that when you guys say things like “Only like 1% of all abortions are after 21 weeks! Doctors don’t do procedures like that except for super important medical reasons!!!” you’re trying to do good. You’re trying to defend abortion, you’re trying to explain to your opponent that their concerns aren’t really very valid, and that their proposed plan of action (criminalizing late term abortion) hurts women.

But you see, I had a late term abortion. I had my abortion at 20 weeks and 6 days, according to the ultrasound. I could have been further along than that, but even as it stands, I was one day away from an official late term abortion. And my doctor? My doctor told me I was six weeks earlier than what I actually was, according to my hormone levels. So the reason for my late term abortion was because I didn’t want to be pregnant and my doctor was incompetent.

So when I read, on a pretty much daily basis, sentences like “Doctors don’t give late term abortions except for medical reasons!!!” it makes me want to crawl in a fucking hole. It makes me feel embarrassed. It makes me feel like my experience and my choice discredit the entire movement. Because what you just said? What you said was “Okay, late term abortions are really bad!! But they ARE VALID but ONLY BECAUSE THEY’RE LIFESAVING because otherwise they’re AWFUL and the pregnant people who get them are the worst!! We agree on that one thing haha!” What you did was throw me, and my experience, under the bus as a fucking concession to people on the internet in an argument which you will not win

I understand that these stats are meant to help the antichoicers understand. But they are hurtful. So I would ask you to please think about the language you use and the generalizations you make.
Another woman is going to be prosecuted in the UK on abortion charges
A second woman is to stand trial in Northern Ireland charged with breaking the abortion ban. The woman, who has not been named, appeared at Belfast Magistrates Court yesterday charged with helping her daughter to access abortion pills. The woman faces up to life in prison under the country’s abortion ban which makes it a criminal offence to have an abortion or help someone else to do so except in extremely limited circumstances.

Yes, another woman. What’s her crime? Helping her daughter to have an abortion. 
“The woman faces up to life in prison under the country’s abortion ban which makes it a criminal offence to have an abortion or help someone else to do so except in extremely limited circumstances.”

I’m not entirely convinced that we’re living in a first-world country.

Abortion just got a step closer to being a felony in Florida

43 years after Roe v. Wade, Florida lawmakers are advancing a bill that would severely criminalize abortion. A House criminal justice panel voted Monday to advance HB 865, which would make operating abortion clinics as well as performing abortions first-degree felonies. It would restrict women seeking abortions as well.

In attempting to walk back his comments about “punishing” women who seek abortion, Donald Trump made his position clearer than ever: He wants to outlaw abortion, criminalize doctors, and is threatening women.

But the issue of banning abortion and criminalizing providers is not just about Trump.

Sure, he said it — but Ted Cruz has actually voted for it in the Senate, and John Kasich has even enacted it in Ohio.

Read more about why their policies are the same: