Chaerin & Seunghyun | Screw New Year Resolutions!

Seunghyun’s own loud burp woke him up. He kept his eyes closed to avoid the bright sunlight which stinged his eyes through his eyelids. He took a deep breath and tried to distinguish the different scents. He was able to differentiate between alcohol, sweat and somewhere in the distance vomit.
He buried his face in the pillow his head was resting on and released an discontented groan. Then he scanned his body with his hand to make out the amount of cloathing; to his sorrow he was only wearing boxershorts. Finally a reason to get up. Slowly Seunghyun lifted his torso, keeping his eyes closed. Kneeling on what the made out as a sofa he stretched his torso and ultimately opened his eyes, just to release a shocked gasp.
He guessed it was still Chaerin’s appartment he was in, even though it was difficult imagine his surroundings in their normal condition. “Chae?“ he whispered and looked around, exploring the mess.
Someone painted the walls in vivid colors and thought it would be a good idea to write 2NE1’s I Am The Best lyrics all over them. Clothes – whether it be pants, bras, socks or tops, food, cups, liquids in all conceivable colors, condoms – used and unused, cigarettes, bank notes – pretty much everything was lying on the floor.
Seunghyun winced as he heard a loud caw and looked up – a parrot was sitting on Chaerin’s multi-layered chandelier. “A fucking parrot … “ Seunghyun whispered again and his eyes were glued to the animal until he reminded himself that he couldn’t be the only person here. He put a foot on the floor and regretted it immediately. He stepped on a keyboard which he guessed was Chaerin’s. A few keys were missing and probably scattered all over the floor. He decided to be more careful and observed the floor closely before taking a step. “Yah, Chaerin?!“ he said in a louder voice and heard a soft murmur. “Where the heck are you?“