Scandal 6x10 - Alternate Reality

Hello world. For the past 29 hours I have been glued to my tv, rewatching this scandal episode that I feel I have memorized verbatim but every time I watch it I see something new or different that I didn’t pick up on from the last rewatch. But my heart is open and filled with love as Shonda dedicated this episode to our star crossed lover, Olivia and Fitz.

Me coming out of my room after remaining in seclusion. I feel lightheaded. 

This episode was fundamental to the core of Scandal and what the story has always been, the evolution of Olivia Pope and her quest for life. This alternate reality did not disappoint me but left me optimistic and thoroughly sedated. For so long we have watched Olivia fall from grace that at times it appears as though we are looking at a stranger, but we are seeing a change, a slight turn on her axis. Bless you Shonda, for this episode. I never doubted the story or the quest to live a open, honest life.

Now. Let us say our Pledge of the Allegiance.

I pledge allegiance to United States of Olitz and to the republic for which is stands. One nation under Shonda indivisible with jam and love for all. Amen

We start the episode off with Olivia, Fitz and Jake in the oval. Fitz is trying to come up with a plan to free Cyrus but Jake is currently attempting to thwart his plan considering it’s something they all want, Mellie to be President. But is that necessarily true though considering Abby told Jake in 602 that she knows he doesn’t want Mellie to win. *hint hint* besides who actually wants to win an election that way and Fitz knows that they want Mellie in the White House for a reason otherwise why kill Vargas. Real Bitch and Penis did not stoop to those lengths just to support their fellow white lady. Nothing about this is right, hence Fitz wearing the light shirt and appeasing to Olivia’s former self about doing the right thing whereas we have Stevie Wonder appeasing to Olivia’s current side hence the dark shirt. A very obvious play of both good and evil, light and dark and of course the love triangle. Stuck between the two men she’s been entangled with for a few years; and her lack substance in her gut Olivia is torn as if doing the right thing will be all that right. Olivia begins to side with Fitz but the second she does Jake attempts to bring them both down about ‘something he knew 3 hours ago’

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Hoe, how did yo Stevie Wonder ass tell time? Anyways ..ugh Jake brings up Defiance being a good thing and completely ignores Olivia’s obvious discomfort and pain regarding that ordeal that took place 8 years ago. Fitz looks to Olivia for back up but she rebuffs and begins to talk about Huck dying and how many more people have to get hurt, but Fitz isn’t agreeing with Olivia or Jake regarding them doing nothing and before he leaves he tells Olivia and Jake that he needs to know whether they are 'in or out’.

With Fitz out of the office, Jake turns to Olivia and ignores her pain but begins to talk about how life would have been much worse for Fitz had Olivia not the rigged election all the while Olivia’s head is bowed in evident sorrow for all the pain she has caused to Fitz and herself. But before Jake walks out he reminds Olivia that her life would have also been worse too had she not rigged election. Cue the dream

But as Olivia flashbacks to the past, most of her prolific memories are shaped around Fitz. We see the most memorable moments for Olivia, good and bad.

Back on the plane with the original illuminati…I feel nostalgic at the sight of Hollis and that old hag Verna. Ugh. My heart’s feeling all warm and fuzzy. But as we all know in real life Olivia said ’ yes’ but in the alternate reality she says:

 ‘No. We are not fixing the election. Fitz can win. He can do this. He can turn this around. And when asked about them losing Olivia says 'At least we lose with our souls intact.’

 Wow. Olivia believes in Fitz that he can win. But we know how this story ends and it ends with Fitz losing and Olivia being ashamed and heartbroken that she could have won this for Fitz and she chose to let him fall. Mellie makes sure to rub it in Olivia’s face about all she had to say was ’yes’ and so ironic how Olivia has used that same word when she declared her love for Fitz. But anyways, Olivia is feeling the pain and you can see her clearly wondering if she made the right decision at all. Now we know Olivia enjoys carrying the weight and burden but this wasn’t her fault especially not in this world. But. It Hurts nonetheless .

 Olivia is trying to escape and act as if she doesn’t hear Fitz calling her name, but she stops and tells Fitz she wrote him a letter saying she’s sorry for not winning the presidency for him. A letter, Olivia . Really? I understand you are hurt and you would rather do what you have always done, which is run. But don’t you think Fitz is deserving of a goodbye or an answer even one as painful as the truth? But Fitz tells Olivia that she didn’t let him down, and while America didn’t chose him, she can.

Excuse me for a minute.

Okay. I’m back. But barely breathing. Olivia being Olivia bypasses Fitz’s request and tells him that she is going to Washington to help Marcus Walker get a criminal justice bill passed. Puppy eyes and lips quivers couldn’t begin to describe the yearning those two people feel every time they have to part. Fitz wishes Olivia good luck and Olivia wishes Fitz good luck with Mellie. Olivia leaves Fitz dejected and broken hearted . My eyes hurt from the light of their love, and my heart breaks for the star crossed lovers, and my thirst is finally being quenched after such a long olitz drought that I am edematous.


Two months later after breaking up with Fitz, Olivia appears to be trying to fix herself by doing what she does best, staying busy working. Abby, Marcus and even Hobo Huck are all at Olivia’s workshop. It’s old, ugly and so very unlike our Olivia yet you can see the joy that she has with owning something that belongs to her and she’s not some boujee D.C. Girl like she is today. She’s humble and appreciative of the hardwork they have put in to create this. Beautiful. That’s pretty refreshing but I will tell you what’s not and that is Olivia dating Leo. Yup I threw up in my mouth at the idea of them….but another parallel to help dig the knife even deeper into olakers heart is the fact that our Olivia did this exact same thing with Jake after Fitz found out about defiance. She went on a date and shared a bit here and there but deep down it doesn’t erase Fitz, in reality or alternate reality, Olivia can’t escape the inevitable that is Fitzgerald Grant. Wherever she goes, he is always with her.

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The only difference about Olivia’s date with Jake and her would be date with Leo is that Fitz showed up for her and stopped her from making a mistake. So you see olakers it wasn’t necessarily Jake that was special it could have been ANYBODY even Leo! And before I hand olakers the final dagger, let me say that Olivia created this alternate world, and not once did she dream of Jake being in it. Olivia wishes she never met Jake, she wishes Fitz would have came to her and stopped her date like he did with Leo.

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Freshly defeated, Fitz shows up at Olivia’s apartment ready to ask for her hand in marriage. Unlike our scandal time we’re we see these two people both yearning to be with one another but because of time and circumstance they are always parted. Not in this world. Fitz isn’t going to wait to be with Olivia, he’s ready to be out in the open with her. Fitz showed up for Olivia even in her dream, he came back for her and stood on her doorstep telling her that he’s just a ex presidential candidate asking his campaign manager to love him, and do him the honor of becoming his wife because he’s so desperately in love with her and if she ’loves me half as much as I love you then it was worth the trip’

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As Fitz professes his love for Olivia, softly in the background their song plays. 'Will You Still love me’ the same song played when Olivia was arrested for releasing Rowan and we watched Olivia silently beg Fitz to still love her in spite of her short comings.

There is a reason why that song was played. Olivia was at her worse at the time and yet she still desperately wanted Fitz to see her and love her even though she was unable to love herself at the moment. Fitz’s is requesting the same of Olivia except much different circumstances. But the message is evident and by the shutting of Olivia’s elevator door just as Fitz had shut the door on them. But in this world, they don’t give up. They Fight. Olivia quickly opens the door and said ‘yes’ faintly with such overwhelming love pouring through her. The proposal is everything and more but again the one word Mellie said earlier comes back, all Olivia has to do is say ’yes’. Something she has failed to do often in her current life, and not to mention Shonda’s subtle mention of her own book. Yes.

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I cannot begin to describe the joy still festering in my heart at the sight of Olivia following her heart instead of listening to her head, the unsurmountable joy radiating from her. Seldom does Olivia make such drastic choices without thinking it over but this time she went full force something she was unable to do in the real world out of fear.

The parallels are uncanny Mellie told Olivia in the beginning she just had to say 'one word’ and like in our realm of scandal when Olivia said ’yes’ to being Fitz’s mistress and effectively ending Fitz’s and Mellie’s marriage. Olivia done did it again, by saying yes to Fitz’s proposal. And we see Mellie lurking in the shadows at their wedding but she’s clearly over Fitz and not jealous of Olivia.
I’m sorry my pettiness is flaring up. But Olivia stays ruining Mellie’s life by getting her own life. You go girl with yo natural hair and backpack wearing self.

Now, back to Olivia and Fitz screwing the world so they could make their own.

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Me watching olitz get it on. The whimpers. The moans. The eye contact.

Reunited and it feels so good. Ladies and Gentleman Fitz and Olivia are floating in space. Olivia done magically grabbed them keys from her purse and opened the door and left everything else behind. Olivia literally left her baggage behind but does that actually mean she left it behind? Yes and no. More on that later

Can I just say that I love that Olivia dreamt of all this. She dreamt of Fitz showing up and being her beacon of light and good. While Olivia has Huck, it doesn’t replace the hearts hunger for love and affection that can’t be suppressed. When the heart speaks it speaks. The attention to detail is a thing of beauty, Shonda truly out did herself with this episode, perfectly layering Olivia and Fitz’s relationship, once again reminding the audience and Olivia and Fitz that their love is real. For so long we have seen Olivia yearning but never actually tasting the sweetness that life could bring, the joy she will find in being ordinary, the fulfillment of reaching her goals without losing herself and the one she loves. This is the tender epilogue that these two souls deserves. They have suffered enough at the hands of others and themselves, it is time for Olivia to start claiming her life and taking it in her own hands.

The wedding


We see Olivia in the dressing room with just Huck as they get ready for the wedding and Huck cut his hair and trimmed his beard for Olivia’s wedding.(don’t cry. Don’t cry, okay cry) you can see the wedding jitters plastered  on both of their faces but Olivia walks to Huck and gets him ready for their big day.


As they walk another olitz’s greatest hit plays in the background. ‘You’re All I Need To Get By.’ This song was a turning point for Olivia and Fitz’s relationship, were Fitz finally earned Olivia and Olivia was accepting of being earned. The crowd is around her but all she can see is him standing there waiting for her. Olivia doesn’t appear frightened or scared about getting married but joyfully moved at the man waiting for her to cross over on the other side. Yes, he is all she needs to get by.

They exchange vows with their eyes remaining focused only on each other. With the chapel filled with roses we have set the scene to their very own rose garden. The church is filled with gold, roses, and lights that you get this feeling that this must be heaven.


Rowan’s clearly not happy with there union even in the alternate reality just as much as it displeases him in reality. The fact that Olivia chose love over power is an enlightening moment. Olivia is giving herself the life she genuinely wants and is becoming the person she feels she could be with Fitz by her side with Rowan staying in the shadows. Who would have known how much Olivia would have changed had Rowan never influenced her.

A year into their marriage and Oliva and Fitz are still happy and very much in love; with Oliva wearing Fitz’s navy shirt these two are still newlyweds with Olivia keeping count of how many times Fitz brings her to climax. I know Olivia took that navy shirt with her when she left the White House, there’s no possible way she could have left without taking a piece of him with her.

Even though Olivia and Fitz are married; Olivia still has her commitment issues as evident by her lack of compromise on moving and Fitz being lazy with his lack of effort in everything; but one thing is certain which is Olivia still feels the calling to be more, to create a name for herself, to be somebody whereas Fitz is looking to be a nobody.

Olivia wants to get this bill passed but because Fitz isn’t President in this realm and she thereby has no real power and knows any of the Washington elite Olivia is once again powerless, a feeling she hates to her core especially when she has to watch her husband with all the power vested in him be a reporter instead of a leader that she knew he could have been had she rigged the election. Oh Olivia and Fitz.

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We don’t need to see Mellie and Cyrus and their pretense marriage and I began to ask questions about how Jake met Fitz and why now and most importantly I bet Rowan has him following Olivia and Fitz but I’m not going to do that because it’s not real and Olivia obviously doesn’t care about jake or even find him to be even equivalent to a boyfriend or stranger. So I shall keep it moving. Jake’s involvement is minimal to none and that’s why this episode is perfect.

 Ironic that Olivia has made a point to separate herself from the people she’s been the closest too and the people who tend to bring out the worse in her (Rowan, Mellie, Jake) versus the people she’s been the most distant with yet represent her moral values ( Marcus, Abby, Fitz) oh Shonda the subtle messages you are delivering in this episode has left me completely and utterly flabbergasted. Even subconsciously Olivia is aware that associating with her dad and Jake bring out the worse in her, which is why this episode is refreshing to see, Olivia is aware of the moves being played around her  but in this realm because she is not morally compromised and is wearing the white hat she associates herself with the people who do as well. Olivia is basking in the glow of light and love my friends.

Olivia with Marcus…where’s Harrison! Okay. Anyways. Olivia finds OPA and she buys it without Fitz knowing. Now, I’m not saying Olivia needs Fitz’s approval but in a marriage their is this thing called respect and communication something even in this realm Olivia and Fitz still lack. You talk with your spouse, you communicate your plans and desires with your spouse and not leave them flying in the wind. Fitz made sure to make note that Olivia wasn’t okay with buying a house but totally okay with  buying OPA. Different reality but still the same damn olitz. Even married Olivia still suffers from commitment issues and taking the next step toward the unknown.

Sidenote: can I just say that I think it’s really cute how excited Olivia is to be in the oval versus now. Our Olivia walks around the oval like she owns the place and she partially does but this Olivia is able to appreciate it in a way our Olivia never has. And Olivia taking a selfie with JFK’s poster is the cutest thing ever but unfortunately as her and Marcus wait and wait for the President they quickly see that it was a mishap and they are never granted entry into the oval. Such a sour yet profound moment for Olivia. She wants power, she wants to make a difference but she is tied.

Upset and dejected Olivia comes home to see Fitz wasting away his potential with a glass of scotch. Oh this is going to hurt, the two begin to talk around one another like Olivia normally does when she doesn’t want to fight but ends up going for the gutter…*cough 509* …*cough breakup scene* Olivia and Fitz are having the same fight they had during the breakup, Fitz being selfished, Olivia constantly hiding, and the unforgettable blows under the belt they exchange.

Olivia references the ’big dog’ again, how she looks at Fitz and she doesn’t recognize him anymore but Fitz can’t live with the fact that he failed Olivia not Olivia failing him. Fitz drinking this much is never a good sign. The thing about Olivia and Fitz is that when things are good they are great but when it’s bad; it’s bad. Fitz fills his glass of scotch while asking Olivia if she’s screwing Marcus since he knows it’s not him. Olivia fires back by telling Fitz he never had a chance of winning and that he was ’unelectable. Grant for the people? Pathetic.’

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Always one for perfect timing; Olivia found that after insulting her husband she should then confess that the reason they are miserable is because she opted not to fix the election  and she is the only person who could have given him the presidency.

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I’m not sure what Olivia was thinking telling Fitz this now, oh I know it’s called self sabotage something Olivia does frequently and the most recent being after her abortion. She creates these near impossible situations to come out unscathed just with the hopes of being able to walk away from it all. Olivia plants these moments of destruction because it is much easier to be the one leaving versus being the one left. Fitz tells Olivia she should have rigged the election and Olivia is shocked at hearing Fitz say those words but she tells him “you wouldn’t have want to win that way.” Fitz disagrees and Olivia tells him that defiance would have destroyed them but it seems that they have done that already with Fitz’s final words being ’ at least I would have been President.’ Won’t lie I was pretty nervous at this point. This was the 509 fight all over again and I found myself having flashbacks and ptsd of that unforgettable episode.

Five months later

Olivia and Fitz are still together but are they really? Everything about them is cold and distant. Big sigh and deep breath.  

Instead of focusing on politics Fitz is now interviewing Lindsey aka Quinn aka the  bachelorette. The idea of having to lower himself to such standards and with Olivia’s words echoing in his head about being pathetic. Yeah. This is bad. And with Olivia’s Bill headed to the floor she is gaining the power without the help of the White House, showing that it is possible to have power and not lose your soul but one part still remains, will she and Fitz get through this together? And with Abby handing Olivia her divorce papers. The chances of them coming out of this together are slim.

Olivia isn’t playing games, she is getting her life and leaving Fitz behind. It is safe to say that one way or another Olivia was going to make a name for herself but the thing is that being on the top alone isn’t all that fun when you don’t have anybody to share it with, welcome Abby. Abby is forever Olivia’s voice of reason and truth(4x10)  and it still saddens me how low Olivia stooped with slapping Abby and treating her the way she did when she clearly holds her to such high esteem. Olivia brings up Abby and David being happily married, but Abby tells Olivia that she never gave Fitz a chance, and she honestly never has. Whenever Fitz falls from her ridiculously high pedestal instead of lowering the legs and waiting for him to get back up she runs or makes excuses as to why they will never work. Before leaving, Abby reminds Olivia why she is still living in her apartment. Woah.  In their current realm Fitz didn’t ask Olivia to move in to the White House but just took it upon himself, whereas this Fitz asked and pleaded and Olivia opted to stay put arguing that it was too big and cost too much. In both realities Olivia always had one foot out the door, she never gave them a chance.

 Olivia has some resentment over losing the election and having to watch Fitz chose being a celebrity over being a hero, for chosing that lifestyle over her and their shared ideas and politics that were so fundamental to who they were and who they strived to be. Regardless of time or the exact definition of their relationship, Olivia and Fitz always seem to connect through politics and the ideals they envisioned. ( ex. Brandon Bill) their relationship was at one of its most tumultuous moments with Fitz going to war to bring Olivia back. It was that bill that connected them once again and Olivia was remind of the man she voted for. It must be hard a pill to swallow for Olivia and Fitz as they move in perpendicular roads . Fitz needs his ass kicked that’s for sure but stick around Olivia to receive your reward otherwise someone else will. * cough Angela* *cough Quinn*

Quinn came into Fitz’s trailer to sleep with him and all I kept thinking was ‘don’t do this Fitz’. Don’t repeat Amanda Tanner cause this time you will actually be the father and Quinn would put you on child support before your pants drop. But Fitz and Quinn kiss and soon we find Quinn on her knees…yup…Amanda tanner style. The camera pans to Fitz looking at himself in the mirror as he attempts to drink his pain away but it doesn’t work and he sends Quinn away but somewhat sobered he sees his reflection in the mirror again and this time it’s stick. It’s a chilling sight to see but a much needed moment of reflection as he looks at the stranger staring back at him.

Mellie and Cyrus staged marriage comes to a climax where Mellie once again finds herself on the losing end, having been betrayed by Cyrus and Rowan who I’m ignoring throughout this episode. Mellie having been deflated goes to OPA to meet Olivia and tell her once in for all that she was right about defiance and she hates admitting that Olivia was right about defiance destroying Fitz. The parelles and tone of this monologue. Mellie confessed that she did what she thought she had to do in order to win and now she is trapped and being controlled by Rowan and Cyrus the same way Olivia is being controlled by Rowan in our current scandal. Agreeing to defiance, Olivia did what she deemed necessarily but now she is the one trapped. One of the good things that came out of not committing voter fraud was saving not only her soul but Fitz’s soul which is ultimately what hurted Olivia the most about Defiance. Hurting Fitz hurts Olivia.

Discussing Sally’s husband’s extra martial affair with James and the ’life of pretending’ On the air Fitz stops mid sentence and walks away. Fitz had been pretending for so long in our scandal realm that he forgot at one time what it meant to actually feel. Remember, pretending is real. Fitz walking off the set is setting the tone that he no longer wants to pretend, he’s ready.

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Fitz comes home to a clearly pondering Olivia. Immediately Fitz tells Olivia the truth that he didn’t want the election, that he never wanted anything in life until he meet her. Cue the Olitz anthem ’the light ’. I just want to reiterate that Fitz has said this before, Rowan even acknowledge Fitz being a spoiled rich white boy who never worked for anything but found Olivia and was suddenly ready to be a man. This is true. Olivia showed Fitz the man he could be, the man he aspired to become with her by his side. While Olivia helped Fitz turn into a man, Fitz gave Olivia the freedom to love, and she does.

Fitz’s monologue is a thing of beauty but this wasn’t just entirely Fitz talking. This was Olivia. Fitz said everything Olivia has wanted to say but could never bring herself to speak aloud.

“Saying no to defiance was the right choice. I know that now. You tried to give me freedom. You tried to give me the chance to find happiness and I squandered it. That was on me. Only me. That’s why I’m sorry. I hadn’t  recognized it. I didn’t understand it.  I wasn’t thinking. It took me far too long to realize …. I have things to figure out. I have work, a lot of work to due; if there’re any hope of becoming the man I know I can be. The man you deserve. I still want you Olivia, if you’ll still have me.”

Olivia hands Fitz papers and Fitz timidly opens them expecting it to be divorce papers but it’s actually an ad of their soon to be Georgetown complex. Fitz picked Vermont for them and Olivia picked Georgetown. You see, unlike 509 where they broke up and went their separate ways, here in this world Olivia is claiming her life and ready to put forth the work and work towards creating a better life for her and Fitz, the life they deserve. In this world instead of fighting each other they hope to fight for one another. There is something unequivocally satisfying at watching Olivia finally seeing the life and light she’s been so afraid to have and to finally know now that it’s possible. Olivia doesn’t have to sell her soul for power and sacrifice love in order to be victorious. Olivia can claim the life she wants, if she is willing to fight for it.

Now that Olivia has found the key, she comes back from her dream with the biggest smile on her face as she once again leaves her baggage behind to find Fitz but this time I think the baggage might stay away. Olivia walking out the oval and leaving behind her pursue and coat and other possessions signifies this significant change inside her, now all of her worldly possessions me nothing to her without him by her side. The power, the money, the jewels are all an illusion that kept her from seeing the truth. Love. This episode is only about love. Olivia has denied herself this amazing love for so long and it seems that it is just now hitting her what it truly means. Love comes with setbacks and downfalls, you won’t always be happy but at least you know you have someone to fall back on if you fall. 

  But as Olivia walks through the corridor, she’s not exactly walking to Fitz but she’s running to him with such joy and vigor at what her life seems to have foretold. The mood is infectious and I feel we all have found ourselves rooting for Olivia and her pursuit of happiness as she runs to the balcony to find Fitz alone and at the same spot where she last confessed her love and desire to start a real relationship with him (4x22) . The balcony is a significant monument to Olivia and Fitz, it was here that Olivia came to Fitz after she removed her father (temporarily) from her life to create a new one with Fitz. As the camera pans on Olivia; we see her staring adoringly at Fitz with those little specks of light in her eyes. With this new found glow and light it is obvious that Olivia is feeling this extraordinary surge of love for Fitz and from Fitz. My God Olivia is in love and it feels as though she is just now realizing just how profound her love for him and the possibility of them is. Turning to Fitz she smiles at him happily as she tells him “I’m in.”  And she’s not just referring to Cyrus being exonerated but she’s ’in’ with him. Olivia is ’in’ her right frame of mind, she’s ’in’ love with Fitz, and she’s ’in’ this to win it. Olivia Pope is ’in’. I do not see Olivia making a complete 360 overnight but this is promising episode leading to a more satisfying ending.

For the first time in quite some time Olivia felt a tangible sensation she swore she lost long ago.


Scandal 707- Winter finale

Alrighty. It’s been some time since I’ve done a review. Scandal as of recent has been focused predominantly on Quinn’s disappearance and Olivia’s endless fall and there have been some incredible reviews and analysis regarding the episodes. I’m pretty rusty but I promised that I would do one, so here it goes.

The first scene on our screen is Charlie flipping through pages of pregnant dead ladies, looking for Quinn . Huck comes in and to my surprise he doesn’t seem upset, or teetering towards his own darkness instead he’s talking about creating a spiked fidget spinner so they could use it on the person who took Quinn.

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That’s it. Where’s all hands on deck in search of her? I honestly am confused by how cavalier QPA is with Quinn missing, the only one truly breaking down is Charlie. When Huck went missing everyone was on pin and needles searching for him and there was a sense of hopelessness with his case. Not the same for Quinn. Perhaps they think highly of their leader that if anyone can come back it’s Quinn. I don’t know but expected more urgency and fear.

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Quinn is the perfect foil to Olivia Pope, she is the one who introduced us to Olivia’s world. And we see because of Quinn that Olivia Pope isn’t all that she portrays herself to be. In fact Lindsay Dwyer is the first person that Olivia Pope killed, so it’s rather symbolic that Quinn Perkins would be the one to shed light on this continuous cycle that we have found ourselves on. 

Olivia and Quinn have similar mannerisms, as evidenced by the above gif both of them seek the shelter of a bathroom for a moment of peace. There is a obvious disconnection between Quinn and Olivia that has been intensified with Quinn’s takeover of QPA and her personal life coming together. But the interesting thing about Quinn and Olivia dynamics is that Quinn doesn’t appear to have any animosity with Olivia, she warmly and gladly invites her back into QPA never reminding her that it’s her name on the door, she welcomes Olivia with open arms. Olivia, not so much. There’s jealously and a sense of aloofness when Olivia is around Quinn, this portray of being happy with her choices only seems magnified when someone of a personal standpoint enters her glass world and reminds her of her failures of having it all.

Back at the submarine. Jake and Olivia are discussing that once again they have no leads but as the screen pans on Quinn, I notice something shiny, it could be her watch or it could be her ring either way it’s telling. Now. why would Quinn show up for her wedding and leave her ring….ahhhh….the ring.

When  Olivia was kidnapped, in order for anyone to connect that she was taken and not simply running away she had to leave behind her most personal possession. Deux Bebe. The ring Fitz gave her all those years ago.  As we know, Quinn too leaves her ring behind. And the thing about the ring symbolism is that it’s not the ring itself but what it represents that is of value to them. Is it a coincidence or is this more. The paralleling connection between Olivia’s kidnapping to Quinn’s is remarkable to note as these little nuances continue to provide us with information that is subtle yet precise. Things are fishy around here, and for me things are becoming more murkier as we move through.

Is anyone else smelling rotten fish whenever Jake speaks? Jake attempts to give Olivia her own speech she made when looking for Huck “we don’t give up. we don’t quit.” But baby girl ain’t having it telling Jake “to be better” but honestly how can he be better when subpar is all he knows.

“I want the monster who did this. I want them here. I want them to face command .  I want them to understand who’s fight they stepped into, and then I want them finished.”

Olivia wants the monster who took Quinn held accountable and facing judgement day with herself as the

judge, juror and punisher.

But as the episode progresses Olivia begins to see that she might be the monster responsible for Quinn’s kidnapping. Will Olivia make herself accountable and face her own judgment day, that will be the question.

After voicing her list of wants to Jake he attempts to comfort Olivia who shudders at the touch and instead tells Jake to just find Quinn. Baby girl isn’t  looking for comfort especially from him.

Olivia isn’t attempting to null her guilt and ease her conscious with bastard’s mediocrity. Sexual gratification is no longer desired when Olivia finds herself in a vulnerable state, and the swine’s tool of manipulation just dropped a peg. Yes. Olivia.

It’s funny for a women who struggles with saying her deepest desires she had no problem voicing her ‘wants ‘ when it comes to finding the person who took Quinn. If only Olivia didn’t fear what her true wants could mean to her.

As Olivia looks at Quinn on her screen she says a loud “where are you?” And interesting and perhaps foreshadowing we see Mellie giving an interview but as the screen pulls out we see Marcus and Fitz at the Grant institute with Marcus watching Mellie on the screen. Fitz is hard at work looking sexy and serious about doing whatever it is he must do. With his tie and jacket off you truly see Fitz actually putting in the effort and being functional in ways he couldn’t be at the White House. His office is bright and not with artificial lights but the natural source of light; the sun. A Stark contrast between the scene we just left with Bonnie and Clyde literally inside a vacant shallow pool with their only source of light being man-made just like their relationship versus Fitz’s office having rays of light that doesn’t require fluorescent lights being needed.

Marcus wants to seize on Mellie’s popularity and have her support their criminal justice initiative but Fitz reminds Marcus that he has only eight minutes in the White House to pick up his son, in so many words they don’t have an ally in the White House , they will have to do this on their own. And once again Olivia’s AU dream connects to reality as Olivia and Marcus struggled to get their criminal justice bill passed without an influential politicians approval but in the end of the AU Olivia learned that she didn’t need the White House to conquer her dreams instead she did it on her own and though it proved more challenging Olivia didn’t have to compromise her soul for a goal.

Another day goes by and still no Quinn. Exhausted and mentally spent Charlie goes to Olivia for answers and looks to her for the truth; that Quinn’s dead. Sad irony that the gladiators still place their trust in Olivia and Charlie needing answers goes to Olivia who couldn’t be any further from the truth or her own truth for that matter. But still they believe her. They trust her. Their blind faith in Olivia is not therapeutic for any of them. I’ve discussed this on twitter but I have a problem with how everyone projects who they want Olivia to be and because she hates failure, Olivia channels the person they envision her to be. A mother. A savior. A fighter. A legend. Anytime Olivia branched off to find her own sense of self one of the gladiators would blame her for abandoning them and Huck too would tell Olivia that he worried about her with the president, when staying with Fitz made Olivia a better person.The intention of this scene is crucial as Shonda is scraping off every projections we have placed on Olivia and starting over. And I’m here for it.

Charlie seeing the reminder on his phone that his and Quinn’s baby is due tomorrow. Is also a reminder that due day is near. Quinn’s supposed to have her baby, but she’s not here.

After comforting Charlie we see a rattled and upset  Olivia struggling to put the key in and open the door. Hello euphemism


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After talking with Abby, Cyrus is able to put two and two together about admiral Ballard and confronts him about hurting an innocent person (thus far) who’s no where near president rashad’s bombing. Jake with arrogance and aloofness remarks that accidents do happen. You see this is why I can’t stand or condone his character. How did Jake find this footage of Quinn when Huck hasn’t? Jake couldn’t even turn on a printer three seasons ago and now he’s back to being the best spy.

Jake tells Olivia that Quinn isn’t dead because the two people who want her dead are in this room.

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He’s right there . Jake tells Olivia he’s worried about Curtis Pryce because there’s no telling what Quinn told him, but before Jake could dictate the dialogue, Olivia’s assistant barged in after ease dropping that Olivia is being summoned by her father.

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You have to watch the episode a second time to truly see how disgusting and revolting Rowan is. Olivia tells her dad that she doesn’t have the time for him because she has to find Quinn Perkins and immediately Rowan focuses on that and tells Olivia that he has Quinn, and declares her ‘mine.’ Elated, Rowan smiles at Olivia’s shock pleased that he has the upper hand. Unknowingly Olivia bends at Rowan’s will, moving from standing over him to sitting beside him and reasoning.

Quinn Perkins. The one person who can take you down. The one person that knows about your new assassination. hobbies. The one person that you would never kill.  Your recking. I have Quinn Perkins. Your down fall and the key to my freedom.


I win. You lose”

For those crying about Olivia being evil and dark this is the root and seed of her issues. Rowan once again playing mind games with Olivia just so he could punish and control her once again.  I am truly flabbergasted with how callous and manipulative he is though not surprised, once again Rowan extracts Olivia’s truth and turns it into a weakness, and afterwards he has the audacity to tell Olivia that it’s “a fair trade” how can he justify his  four months of fear to Olivia’s lifetime of it. This man cried to Fitz about wanting his daughter back yet when he had the chance he help her he turned his back, almost eerily similar to his candor with Olivia’s kidnapping.

Which tells me, Rowan doesn’t love Olivia or anyone for that matter. This is all just a game to him, and he once again is pulling the strings . And like many I do believe Rowan had a role to play with Olivia’s kidnapping.

Interesting things to note:
1. How does Rowan know about the bombing and Quinn having intel on Olivia.
2. “Your her child’s godmother”
3. “I win. You lose” Jake said those same words to Olivia and now their father is using them. Foreshadowing of their interconnectedness and how Jake might still be working with dad. Possibly
4. Olivia’s distaste for Rowan’s wine. Is their horrid connection coming to an end? Please be a hell yes.

Once again wanting to be the hero in Olivia Pope’s eyes, Jake goes to see Rowan who remarks that Jake is pathetic for crawling to Olivia with his tail between his legs. Jake is gnat that won’t go away. Jake begins with empty threats about him needing to leave and not to underestimate Olivia. Has anyone noticed the common pattern with admirable Ballard , when people get too close to Olivia he warns them that she’s not the person they use to know. First it was Fitz, then he had a moment with Mellie and now Rowan. Jake is going rogue he’s no longer listening to Olivia’s orders because she’s no longer command, that’s why he killed Curtis and used Olivia’s assistant which I doubt Olivia knows is an assassin to kill him. This is still survival of the fittest and Jake is acting on self preservation.

 By the way does anyone think Cyrus is going to lay down and not come for Jake after finding out Jake killed Curtis and instead of appearing remorseful, Jake emphasized that Curtis was snitch and a rat. Cyrus hasn’t forgotten James who was a journalist and also one of Jake’s victims.

Cyrus, when you come for jake.

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Needing help with how to remain untouched by Rowan, Olivia goes to the one person who shows just how impotent he truly is . Shonda, heard our cries and delivered Maya to us.

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Maya is screaming Olivia Pope season 2 with them creamy silk pajamas and her apartment is also similar to Olivia’s style before she lost the light . Interesting that Olivia styled her mama’s apartment with such brightness and light meanwhile her apartment looks like the ninth circle of hell. But like all mama’s they know their child and she’s able to read Olivia like a book; had Quinn not threatened Olivia with the truth she would have been rescued by now but because she’s a liability and a threat Olivia’s uncertain of saving her. But Quinn isn’t just a threat to Olivia’s professional world, but her personal one as well. When Olivia looks at Quinn, she sees the person she was supposed to be, the life she was supposed to have and she’s angry. Quinn is starting a family and being a boss all while remaining true to her self and her values and most of all she’s happy. Quinn dying would mean that Olivia doesn’t have to look at herself and be reminded that she’s failed to capitalize on her hopes and dreams.

Maya, sees that what Olivia is asking for is her permission to let Quinn die. Maya grants Olivia her permission to kill Quinn but even she too wants to know what’s in it for her by helping Olivia. Damn. Poor Olivia.

But Maya’s right though, that’s how she remained unscathed by Rowan when he threatened to kill Dominic (Maya’s lover) Maya let the clock run out and chose to let Dominic die then submit to Rowan showing that nothing and no one can trap her, she is the power that Rowan preaches about.

Mama knows best. And in this situation Olivia is bound to lose. There’s no winner; either she saves Quinn and gives Rowan the upper hand or she remains firm and loses the remaining piece of her soul by choosing to let her friend die instead of saving her.

Feeling the overwhelming weight on her shoulders Olivia is crying in her bed, she pats herself on the chest, the way a mother comforts their child when upset but that is the thing - Olivia’s utterly alone.  ultimately Olivia made her bed and now she must lie in it literally and figuratively speaking. The physical act has Olivia trembling as she wrestles with consequences of her actions.

In a formal room of the White House in the lightest blouse we’ve seen Olivia wear in some time there seems to be a sense of calmness to Olivia, there’s finally natural light in the space she’s occupying.
The door opens and Olivia closes her eyes to prepare herself for Mellie and their charade. Olivia gives Mellie her notes and she attempts to leave but Mellie stops her, speaking to Olivia’s need to be wanted, moving towards Olivia, Mellie talks about the sacrifices of President Rashad’s death and that she’s here signing this treaty because of Olivia.

This highlights to the me why I could never stand mellivia and why neither should you. This pretense of feminism is infuriating and Mellie seeing that her key to freedom is leaving uses Olivia’s own words against her in order to convince her to stay. The stark contrast between their clothes and height. Mellie’s wearing the power colors (dark&red )as she towers over Olivia who’s now suddenly seems so small and fragile.

Mellie calls Olivia ‘the champion’ the same word Rowan said to Fitz when describing Olivia. Mellie has the nerve to tell Olivia that they need to be worthy of their sacrifices.

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What sacrifices have you made? The one’s where you used your husband’s father raping you as leverage? when you freed your son’s killer so that you could blackmail Olivia to work for you? or when you used the token black girl as your mule to carry you to the finish line. Fuck you Mellie .

Mellie feeling empowered tells Olivia this is only the beginning for them and for some reason I can’t tell whether Olivia was repeating Mellie’s statement flabbergasted or whether she’s simply playing her role of hyping Mellie up. I don’t know.

A member of the Lena Dunham feminism, Mellie makes Olivia repeat after her that they need to be worthy of their sacrifices and that there can’t be nothing , no one and no man standing in our way.  As Olivia repeats those words it’s only when Olivia gets to the no man part that she looks away from Mellie and towards the ground. Hasn’t a man already come between them. Even though Fitz wasn’t seen much this episode, his presence is felt throughout it and certainly at this moment where Olivia no longer seems as tethered to the white house and this way of living. 

Waiting for the time to run out, Olivia goes to Rowan and of course she enters the red door but we don’t see Olivia opening or closing the door instead we are moved immediately to the living room where impatiently Rowan points a gun at Olivia in the same manner that Olivia did to him.

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I thought jake removed all of Rowan’s toys and guns so how in the hell does Rowan have one pointed at Olivia! You see this is what I’m talking about , y’all think I’m supposed to believe that super spy was the only one who found Quinn’s footage when his incompetent ass can’t even remove firearms from Rowan’s house? Olivia’s not surprised by seeing the gun pointed at her, she’s use to Jake being a disappointment.

The chess match begins as Olivia and Rowan make threats towards one another. Unable to kill Olivia, Olivia puts a bounty on Rowan’s head; in 20 minutes he’ll be dead if he doesn’t hand Quinn over . But Rowan counters that letting Quinn die is worse than death for Olivia as her soul will be gone forever .  And this is where the true conversation begins.

“ you think Quinn and I are BFFs that I’ll let this cloud my judgment . Or that mini Quinn  She’s caring is a little person I’m already in love with. That I just can’t handle the idea of them both dying . You think there’s a soft chewy center in here . You do think that! You gave me a dead mother. A life in boarding. then you told me everything I knew was a lie. You took away the only man I ever truly loved . You killed his son. and you have consistently erased my hopes; my dreams, my ambitions. You made me in your image.”

The Horrible truth and acknowledgment of their relationship. The first step of recovery is acknowledging and as a start Olivia acknowledged the psychological damage Rowan has put her through since she was a child. Rowan made Olivia motherless and then sent her off to boarding school, her childhood ended. And then Rowan taunts Olivia that he’s the only man she will ever have and to never pick anyone over him again. Finally Rowan strips Olivia of her remaining freedom by continuously putting a wedge between her and the only man she has ever truly loved.  To make Fitz hate her and ruin their love, Rowan kills Fitz’s son; what love can survive that?

I’ve said it many times that Olivia loves Fitz because she choose him. He wasn’t created and orchestrated to seduce her. Fitz is real, not some manufactured b613 toy pulled from the assembly line. So I appreciated Olivia admitting to Rowan and herself that Fitz is the only man she’s ever truly loved and still loves to this day. Olivia has yet to even begin working through the Fitz of it all but this moment of acceptance is a good start for me.

 Rowan has infiltrated his way into every aspect of Olivia’s life, her professional, her personal, and her sexual life.  We are reminded that Olivia is a victim of her environment, how can we hate her when she’s tried so hard to prove herself unlike him that she finally succumbed to what she perceives is her fate.

Has anyone taken note that Olivia is recreating the same moments that Rowan committed to her. 

  1. Olivia has played a role in almost all of her gladiators relationships not working. She broke up Abby and David,  she manipulated Mellie into breaking up with Marcus. Rowan took away the only man she’s ever loved, Olivia controls their relationships the same way Rowan controls hers. If she can’t have love then neither can they.
  2. Olivia has shot down a plane killing a President and innocent civilians, mirroring Fitz shooting down a plane that was supposed to have her mother in it.
  3. Olivia, has finally killed a child on her orders. She killed Yasmeen because it suited her agenda the same way Rowan killed Jerry in order to break up Olivia and Fitz.
  4. Quinn mentioned that she has a witness who knows Olivia bombed President Rashad’s plane so if and when that witness comes out will Olivia kill him/her the same way Rowan killed Harrison?
  5. I don’t believe Quinn is dead though her dying wouldn’t be the worse thing for Olivia as there it would be a real and tangible consequence for Olivia’s own grave yard of bodies .

With Olivia unleashing some of the weight she’s carried all these years we see the predisposed patterns that has influenced and motivated Olivia to this way of living and thinking. 

Olivia still kept her and Rowan’s picture on her table in her apartment yet Rowan has no pictures of Olivia or of anyone hanging on his walls or tables. It’s time for Olivia to move on with her life and she has to let Rowan go and not just figuratively speaking because she tried that and it didn’t work. No. Rowan must die so Olivia can live. 

The empty threats are exchanged until Rowan walks away and we hear a gun shot followed by what sounds like Quinn begging for mercy and then a couple more shots. Olivia jumps shocked, surprised that Rowan actually shot Quinn she trembles with fear as she clinches her stomach from the straight shot to her gut. Olivia mourns and with a matter of seconds she turns cold as she faces Rowan. 

I’m terribly sad to see the show I love go and the characters who I’ve connected with leave my screen. However I’m excited for when this show returns, the trajectory of this story is clear as it moves to the finale stages.

I’m highly optimistic for Olivia and her pursuit of happiness. The finale scene was dark and brutal but the beauty is that Olivia can learn from this and create the life she wants and the people she wants in it.  I will always have hope for Pope and so should you.

Enjoy your holidays with family and friends.

Until next time ,


A pamphlet about squatting after the Criminal Justice Bill in UK

Squatting -The Future

Carry on Squatting

Be VigiIant -Be Safe

• Don’t just squat anywhere that’s empty because ít’s there. Make sure you know your areaandit'shousingpolitics.Researchplaces carefully before squatting [see Squatters Handbook for ideas].

 • Keep a file with all the details and relevant papers aboutyour squat. Includeallthemail that was there when you movcd in and any that arrives later.

 • Make detailed notes about everything that happens including visitsfromthe owners and police and any other information you can get frorn neighbours. Always include dates, times, names (ask for thern), police identification numbers and vehicle registrations. Do it as soonas youcan, and always the sarne day.

 • Get advice immediately about any attempt to evict you. Contact ADVISORY SERVICE FOR SQUATrERS (ASS -details below). A locallaw centre 01’ advice centre may also be able to help. If you qualify for legal aid (you need to be claiming or have a low income) a solicitor can advise and act for you. But make sure it’s someone who is genuinely supportiue and who understands the subject.

 • Read Squatters Handbooh -published by ASS. A ternporary edition is available now (70p orUincluding postage). Together with thisleafletit gives all the information you need with regard to the proposedchanges.Anew edition will be outassoon as any of the newlawscome into force.


Internet trolls could face up to two years in jail under new laws, Justice Secretary Chris Grayling has said.

He told the Mail on Sunday quadrupling the current maximum six-month term showed his determination to “take a stand against a baying cyber-mob”.

Under the measures, magistrates could pass serious cases on to crown courts.

The law change is to be made as an amendment to the Criminal Justice and Courts Bill going through Parliament, and due to be debated in the House of Lords in the coming week. The Bill applies to England and Wales only.

The new measures would also give police more time to collect enough evidence to enable successful prosecutions to be brought.

Mr Grayling told the newspaper: “These internet trolls are cowards who are poisoning our national life.

"No-one would permit such venom in person, so there should be no place for it on social media. That is why we are determined to quadruple the current six-month sentence.”

Those who subject others to sexually offensive, verbally abusive or threatening material online are currently prosecuted in magistrates’ courts under the Malicious Communications Act, with a maximum prison sentence of six months.

Under the act, which does not apply to Scotland, it is an offence to send another person a letter or electronic communication that contains an indecent or grossly offensive message, a threat or information which is false and known or believed by the sender to be false.

More serious cases could go to crown court under the new proposals, where the maximum sentence would be extended.

Mr Grayling announced earlier this month that the bill would also have an amendment dealing with so-called “revenge porn”, with those posting such images on the internet facing two years in jail.