Angel of mine

hi, this was requested by @serpentgubler and i really hope i didn’t butcher your request far too much! I’m (unfortunately) currently experimenting with how i write but i hope you will like it

word count: 764 words

pairing: spencer reid x reader

summary: home didn’t carry the same meaning to Spencer anymore, not since he had met you.

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Spencer can’t really place a word for what he is currently feeling right now; being in the prison definitely wore him down and changed him mentally, emotionally and physically but now that he is finally being released from prison, he just can’t seem to put a name to his feelings. This had been something he had been looking forward to – Spencer knew his team will never let him down nor will they ever let him stay in prison – and even though there were times when he had almost given up and lost all of his hopes, Spencer couldn’t at all.

His hands are shaking with nervous excitement the closer he is to the door and his heart is racing against his chest. He could hear his heart beating in his ears and suddenly, Spencer feels sick.

JJ had obviously been extremely happy to the point of crying. Alvez – Luke – had been there with her too when Spencer had been taken to that room. JJ told him they are bringing him home but… Spencer’s breath hitches. For a while now, Spencer hasn’t thought of his own apartment as ‘home’. No, home is where youare, and Spencer is scared.

The moment the guards open the door and his eyes land on Garcia, Spencer rushes to her, wrapping his arms tightly around her body. Garcia hugs him back just as tighter and he can feel the tears welling up in his eyes once more – Spencer had already shed a few earlier when JJ had broken the news to him.

“Is… Is Y/N here?” Spencer slowly pulls back, and Garcia blinks a few times, wiping the stray tears that fell down her cheeks and she stares at Spencer for a few seconds before nodding her head and Spencer is washed with relief.


The moment Spencer hears your voice, he pulls away from Garcia and stares at you. His hands start to tremble, and his heart starts to race. You are standing a few feet away from Garcia and him and despite the tears running down your face, your red nose and puffy eyes, you still look breathtaking to Spencer and he scans your face as if starved for the sight of you – he actually is; Spencer had refused your visits quite a lot of times on account of not wanting you to see him at one of his lowest points – and he hesitates slightly.

“Y/N.” His voice trembles with emotion and upon hearing your name leaving his mouth, you immediately rush up to Spencer and he meets you in the middle, wrapping his arms around your body tightly. Spencer presses his face to your hair, inhaling your scent; he has always taken you for granted and being deprived of your presence throughout the entire he had been in the prison had been torture but this right now – this is his home. Right here, right now – with you. “Thank you.” His voice cracks as the tears he had been trying to hold back finally streaks down his cheeks. The two of you just stood there, hugging each other, crying.

JJ approaches Garcia and wraps an arm around her as the two of them stood by Spencer’s side, looking at the two of you.

“For what?”

Your voice is slightly hoarse, and Spencer pulls back when you lift your head at his whispered words. His lips quirk slightly, and he wipes his tears away before wiping away your tears with his thumbs. “For the hug, the comfort – understanding. Mostly, just for being here for me.” He tips your head back and lowers his face, pausing slightly – your mouth and his only a breath apart and when your eyes met, your eyes flutter close as his mouth touch yours in a soft, brushing kiss.

You kiss him back, once, twice and then Spencer deepens the kiss, his mouth opening wider as his tongue strokes across your bottom lip. Your lips part and met his searching kiss with your own, digging your fingers into the soft fabric of his shirt at his back and Spencer cups your head with one hand while he uses the other to pull you flush against him. The kiss quickly escalated from delicate reconciliation to ravenous need until Spencer finally drew back and takes a deep breath. He tries to stifle his smile, he really did but he couldn’t because Spencer is feeling extremely happy to have you with him once again and judging from the look and emotion on your face, Spencer knows you feel the same too.

“Let’s get your mom back, Spence.”


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Spencer Reid x Reader 

The team can hear Garcia’s scream from their desks. They used to jump up and run to her office, but now … not so much. Reid sighs and shakes his head, while Prentiss and Morgan laugh and shake their heads. JJ emerges from her office on the second level of the Bullpen and looks down at the three members of the team below her. “What happened now?”

Prentiss smirks and goes back to writing, laughing to herself. “You never know with Garcia.”

The woman in question bursts through the glass doors right then, a flurry of blonde hair and bright colors as she says, “Oh my god oh my god oh my god,” over and over.

“Who announced they’re getting married now?” Prentiss asks. “Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield?”

“As much as I would love that, no,” Garcia responds as she rushes over to them. “What I want to know is what this is!” She stops in front of Reid’s desks and thrusts her phone (her second spare one, that is) in his face. “Enlighten me, Dr. Reid?”

Reid blinks at the sudden intrusion of his personal space before taking Garcia’s hand and moving it back so that he can see what’s on the screen. He swallows when he sees it’s an Instagram post from your account displaying the picture that he currently has set as his home screen on his phone. Reid and you are cuddled together with him placing a kiss on your cheek, and you laughing.

He raises his eyebrows and spins back around in his chair, burying himself back in his work. “Right. That.”

He can practically feel Garcia’s body heat rising. “That’s all you have to say?” she squeals.

“What is it, Baby Girl?” Morgan asks, leaning over in his cubicle/desk. Prentiss does the same.

Garcia walks quickly over to him. “Only our favorite doctor cuddled up with the nicest, most beautiful woman on the planet!” She thrusts the phone in Morgan’s face. Prentiss leans over and looks also.

After examining the photo for a few seconds, Morgan raises his eyebrows playfully and faces Reid. “What is this, prettyboy?”

JJ sighs from where she still stands on the second level. “Did (y/n) post the picture?”

“Yup,” Reid responds, still not looking up from the file he’s reading.

Prentiss looks up at JJ. “You knew about this?” she asks.

The blonde raises her eyebrows. “He’s the Godfather of my child. Of course I knew.” She smiles and walks back into her office, leaving Garcia, Morgan, and Prentiss gaping at her. But they quickly turn their attention back to the doctor.

Morgan whistles appreciatively. “Almost a million likes. Who is this girl, Garcia?”

“She’s totally famous on Instagram and practically everywhere else!” Garcia exits out of the picture of you and Reid and scrolls through your feed so they can see the rest of your pictures. “She’s not really a model, but she also is? I guess? She’s mostly a role model, for, like, everyone, and she raises money for charities and all of that amazing stuff.”

“So this is your girl, kid?” Morgan asks.

Reid finally looks up from his file and looks at Morgan. “My girlfriend, yes. (y/n) and I met about eight months ago when she was on a trip here to D.C. Things just kind of escalated from there, and…here we are. We didn’t really want to tell anyone and let it get out until we were ready.”

“And when, pray tell, were you going to tell us, then?” Prentiss asks.

Reid smiles. “She’s coming to team dinner at Rossi’s on Saturday.”

Garcia makes an almost inhuman squeaking noise at the news, while Morgan and Prentiss just smile. “There we go, kid!” Morgan yells.

“Hey.” The four team members look up at Hotch, who had just walked out of his office. “When you’re all done, BAU room. We have a case.” After they all nod, Hotch continues on his way to their meeting space.

They all stand up and start to gather their things for the meeting. Garcia walks by Reid and places a big kiss on his cheek. He can’t help but blush at the physical contact. “Congratulations.” she says sincerely.

He smiles. “Thanks, Garcia.”

Prentiss and Morgan walk up to him next, and the latter claps Reid on the shoulder with a grin. “Way to go, prettyboy. Your charms finally worked.”

Reid chuckles. “I didn’t even have to use magic this time.”

Morgan grins and wraps his arm around the boy’s shoulders, pulling him into him as they walk up to the meeting.

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Bad At Your Jobs (Spencer Reid X Reader)

Summary: The team thinks you and Spencer would be absolutely adorable together. The thing is, the two of you act as though you’re practically a couple already! You buy each other meals and coffee, almost live at each other’s desks, give each other dorky pet names, and the team can’t take it anymore. But…there’s something off. Is Garcia just paranoid or is there something they’re missing?

Warnings: None (maybe a curse word or two in there)

Key: (Y/N) - your name

Requested by EmmyDrakon: I REALLY dig your Legolas x Reader and your Aragorn x Reader works <3 Also Sherlock. And idk if you watch the show but, if you do, Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds could always use more love :) Sorry I don’t have anything more specific; you’ll be the first to know when I do ^_^

Note: I love Criminal Minds! And Spencer! Very much so! (Please feel free to request more Criminal Minds, it seems to be a pretty good cure for writer’s block) I swear I’m working on more requests, I just have a lot of said writer’s block right now. :(

    Derek Morgan, Penelope Garcia, and Emily Prentiss watch from across the room in disappointment while you lean over Spencer’s chair and wrap your arms around him. They continue to watch you ruffle his hair, laugh, and point things out in the open book he’s holding. Garcia shows further disappointment, sighing as Spencer explains something from the book to you in depth and you listen devotedly.

    “That is is disgustingly adorable.” Penelope sighs, leaning onto her arm.

    “Mhm,” Derek confirms, stoic while taking a sip of his coffee.

    “God, I feel like we shouldn’t even be watching this.” Emily huffs, looking away.

    As they all express their agreement, a certain blonde agent appears beside them, holding a new set of case files. She glances at her friends, confused, before following Penelope’s gaze to you and Spencer. She smiles fondly and turns back to the trio to question them. “What’s going on?”

Keep reading

Egotistical Drunk Men - Spencer Reid


Spencer’s P.O.V

“Hey! Pretty boy!” Morgan snapped his fingers, pulling me out of my trance, “Are you listening to me?”

“Sorry,” I mumbled, glancing over my shoulder one last time at the girl who had captured my attention earlier, and who I had not-so-subtly been staring at for the past half hour.

Her nose was burried in a hard cover copy of “The Dark Tower” by Stephen King. Three completely full glasses were placed in front of her from the multiple men that had tried to hit on her but failed.

She was more captivated by the book in her hands than the music that filled the room, and even when her stumbling drunk friends tried to coax her to the dance floor, she denied them.

“Reid!” Morgan called, it had seemed my short gazed lasted a bit longer than I expected. “Sorry,” I mumbled again, causing the team to share odd looks between one another.

“Oh I see,” Emily said with an evil smirk, her eyes traveling to the girl. “Pretty boy has a crush,” Morgan sang, catching on.

I knew better than to pretend like I didn’t when I was surrounded by profilers, “I just… Think she’s cute, that’s all.”

Morgan chuckled, “Alright pretty boy, why don’t you go talk to her then.” I shook my head, “I couldn’t, I mean look at her.”

“Oh come on, Spence,” JJ said, rolling her eyes. “She looks like your type.”

“She’s got a point kid,” Rossi coaxed, soon even Garcia and Hotch joined in. Everyone began giving me tips on how to approach the girl, what to say, what to do, and even what pickup line to use.

“Everyone settle down and let the master handle this,” Morgan said, causing a few scoffs to arise.

“All you gotta do, is walk over there, give her a wink, then flash that FBI badge, and boom, you’re golden,” He said, leaning back in his chair with a smile.

“Oh oh, and say ‘You’re under arrest for being too sexy’,” Garcia said, earning a laugh of approval from everyone.

“I don’t know,” I said.

“If you don’t, then I’m gonna go over there and get those digets because damn that girl is fine,” Morgan said with a smirk. I sent a glare in Morgan’s direction before hesitantly standing up, causing my team to start cheering, I quickly hushed them.

As I walked away they all leaned in my direction, they were close enough to hear everything.

I took a deep breath before hesitantly walking over to the girl. “Um, hi,” I said quietly.

The girl turned to me with an annoyed expression on her face, but as soon as she saw me, her expression softened and morphed into a smile that took my breath away. “Hi,” she said back quietly.

I glanced back at Morgan who winked and flashed his badge, hinting for me to do the same.

I nervously turned back to the girl, giving her an awkward wink, and pulling out my badge, “Y-You’re under arrest… For being too sexy,” I stuttered out.

The girl raised her eyebrows, “If you don’t mind, I’d just like to finish my book,” she said, the annoyed look returning to her face. I didn’t have a chance to respond before she turned her attention back to her book.

I let out a sad sigh, mumbling a ‘sorry’ to her before walking away.

“Well that didn’t go so well,” Emily said, stating the obvious. I nodded, “I thought she liked me, she smiled, but as soon as I started talking- it was as if she was disgusted by me.”

Morgan suddenly stood up, “What are you doing?” Garcia asked. “Seeing what this girl’s problem is.”

Morgan walked up to the girl and we all listened closely to what he was saying.

“Excuse me, babygirl?” He greeted. The girl rolled her eyes and look at Derek, she however didn’t smile like she did when she looked at me. Derek held up his badge, “My friend just came to talk to you, and-” the girl cut him off.

“And you decided that since I turned him down that you’d give it a shot to see if you could get laid tonight, sounds like a pretty shitty friend to me, babyboy.” The girl fired, causing JJ to choke on her drink.

“Damn, that was brutal, you think that’s ever happened to ’The Derek Morgan’ before?” She said with a slight laugh.

Morgan however looked deeply offended, but the girl spoke before he could, “I’m sorry to be rude, but I’m kind of over having a bunch of overly confident, egotistical drunk men, hit on me tonight, so if you could please leave me alone, I’d really appreciate it.”

And with that Derek raised his eyebrows, almost saying something, before deciding against it and walking away.

Everyone tried to conceal their laughs as Derek sat back down, his bruised ego very visible.

“Maybe she’s a lesbian,” Emily said with a shrug, causing Derek to roll his eyes, “Or a stuck up-”

JJ didn’t let him finish, “Woah there buddy, maybe she’s just tired of being hit on by jerks like she said. I mean, she smiled at Spence and seemed into him before he started using your 'tips’.”

“She has a point,” Rossi said before turning to me, “Why don’t you give it one more shot kid.”

“But this time, just be your usual m self,” Hotch added in. I shook my head, “She’s already mad.”

“Then go cheer her up,” Rossi said, before getting up and putting his hands under my armpits, pulling me up so I was standing. “Rossi-” I tried, but he stopped me, “Trust me kid, you won’t regret it.”

Before I knew it, my feet had carried me back to the girl, my heart pounding in my chest. She must have heard me come up, because she let out a sigh, however I stopped her before she could say anything.

“I’m sorry,” I said quickly, “I was a jerk earlier, it’s just, I saw you reading earlier and I know this is gonna sound creepy, but I couldn’t take my eyes off of you. I wanted to talk to you, but I was too shy, so my friends-” I pointed to where the team was sitting, they all smile and waved awkwardly.

“They gave me advice on how to talk to you, and I was stupid enough to take it, that guy you met earlier, that wasn’t me, and I would really appreciate it if you gave me a second chance, but I’d understand if you never wanted to see me agan.”

I looked down at my feet, preparing for the worst, but instead of rejecting, I heard a giggle. “Why didn’t you just start with that?” She said, causing my head to snap up in shock.

“I thought you were cute, but then you started acting like a Jerk, and I’d already dealt with too many of those tonight, I’m sorry I was so rude,” she said, her voice filled with guilt at the last statement.

I shook my head, “Don’t be, I shouldn’t have tried to be someone I’m not.”

“Well then who are you?” She asked with a smile.

I returned the smile, “I’m Spencer, Spencer Reid. I have three PhD’s, I can read 20,000 words a minute, have an eidetic memory, and believe it or not, I actually do work at the FBI.” The girl let out a laugh, “I’m sorry, was that too much?”

She laughed again, “No, no, that was good,” she said still laughing. “I’m Y/N, Y/N Y/L/N. I’m going to Med school, I can write a six page essay in the two hours before it’s due, nap all day, and believe it or not, I don’t drink.” She said, shooting a look at the three full glasses that still sat in front of her.

“Why don’t I buy you a coffee sometime then?” I asked, not knowing where all this confidence came from.

“I’d like that.”

Nighttime Company

Originally posted by zugzwangcm

Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader (ft. Morgan)

Content/Warnings: Fluff

Words: 485

A/N: I procrastinated writing this by working on another drabble list that won’t be used until November at least. So there’s that. Also coming up with titles is the hardest part of the writing process. Besides the writing, of course. That is all.

This was a request from anon asking for 41 with Reid. I hope you like it :)

“Morning Y/N,” Derek Morgan greeted as you walked into the BAU. “Whoa, you look like hell, you alright?”

“Yeah,” You mumbled tiredly, taking a swig of your coffee. “Just a long night.”

In reality, you had spent your night completely sleepless, not because you couldn’t sleep, but because you were scared to. It wasn’t even because of your job, which was horrific on the best of days, though it was part of it. The last case you and the team had worked on was in the town you had grown up in. The case hadn’t just hit a little to close to home - it had hit your home, since you were kidnapped by your step-father who ended up being the unsub all along. Sure, you knew he was an abusive son of a bitch, but you didn’t think he was capable of butchering the people you had all but grown up with.

You had nightmares every night after that. Last night, you couldn’t take it anymore, forcing yourself to stay awake via TV and copious amounts of caffeine. Needless to say, coffee was the only thing you were running on this morning, but at the very least you didn’t have a case. Just paperwork, which was probably worse. “Good morning, Y/N,” Spencer greeted, giving you a smile. His eyes took in your appearance, and he frowned. “Did you sleep at all last night?”

“Nope,” You said, collapsing at your desk. “I’ll be alright though.”

“That’s not very healthy, you know,” Reid said, wandering over to lean against your desk. “You need to stop doing this to yourself.

“It’s the only thing that keeps the nightmares away,” You mumbled, propping your head in the palm of your head to look up at him. “Unless you have a better suggestion.”

“Well, um,” Your boyfriend stammered. He very obviously did have an idea, but you didn’t know if he was going to stop stuttering long enough to spit it out.

“What is it?” You said impatiently, tone more snappish than you had meant it to be. “Sorry, I’m just really tired.”

“No, no, it’s alright,” Spencer assured you. “My thoughts were, well, people say that sometimes they sleep better if there’s another person with them. And I was just thinking, if you wanted to try, maybe we could…”

“Spence,” You drawled. “I am currently running on caffeine and pure spite right now, so anything that will let me get a full night’s sleep is a godsend. And if you really think that I would say no to cuddling with you all night, you would be wrong.”

“Oh,” He said, blushing. “Right, um, I’ll come over tonight then.”

“Woo, get it Reid!” You heard Morgan yell from across the room, causing the doctor to go an even more vibrant shade of red.

You tactfully flicked Morgan off before smiling sleepily at Reid. “Sounds like a plan.”


male character posters ➜ spencer reid

“I feel like there are two types of people in this world, Rossi. The ones that get over their grief and move on, and the ones that descend into some sort of endless misery”

Dating Spencer Reid Would Include

Originally posted by hisirishsoufflegirl

  • He’d be so shy and nervous.
  • Lots of blushing from him.
  • He’d stumble over his words.
  • You’d find it adorable.
  • Derek would tease him about his crush.
  • Lots of convincing from the team to get him to ask you on a date.
  • He’d take you to his favorite restaurant.
  • You’d spend the night talking and laughing.
  • After dinner, the two of you would go for a walk.
  • Sitting together on the jet (if you work together).
  • If you’re not in the BAU, you would have to be very understanding of the amount of time he spends traveling for his job.
  • Being close to the entire team (if you’re not in the BAU).
  • Especially JJ and Derek.
  • Loving it when he rambles off random facts.
  • He’d love to suggest books for you to read.
  • He’d even bring you some books.
  • He’d recommend documentaries for you to watch together.
  • Watching old films together.
  • You’d get him to watch some of your favorite things too.
  • Attending Comic-Con together.
  • Despite him being the smartest guy in the room, he would never make you feel less intelligent than him.
  • Wearing his sweaters around the apartment.
  • He would love seeing you in his clothes.
  • Swapping time between your apartment and his apartment.
  • You’d love to cook together.
  • Listening to Mozart and Beethoven and other classical artists.
  • Dancing together to the music.
  • Playing chess together.
  • Going to visit his mom in Las Vegas with him.
  • He was nervous to introduce the two of you at first but was relieved when she accepted you as part of the family.
  • The two of you would call her every weekend and visit her when you can.
  • If you have a particular interest that he doesn’t share with you, he will learn everything he can about it.
  • He’d notice things that other people wouldn’t.
  • Like the subtle signs that you’re upset.
  • He’d bring you your favorite candy or a hot chocolate to cheer you up.
  • If you were up for talking about why you were upset, he’d sit and listen to you.
  • You’d do the same for him if he was upset.
  • You’d bring him his favorite book and chocolate frosted doughnuts with sprinkles that you know he loves.
  • Just like he does for you, you’d listen to him about why he was upset if he wanted to talk about it.
  • Play fights.
  • He’d love to tickle you.
  • Mainly just to hear you laugh.
  • Cuddles.
  • Especially after a case.
  • Forehead kisses.
  • Cheek kisses.
  • Sweet and slow kisses.
  • All kinds of kisses.
  • He was quite nervous and shy the first time you had sex.
  • Giggly sex.
  • Always reminding him just how loved and valued he is.
  • Him laying his head in your lap while you’re sitting on the couch.
  • Playing with his hair.
  • Singing or humming his favorite songs (especially when he’s feeling down).
  • Pet names.
  • “Babe/Baby.”
  • “Sweetie.”
  • “Hunnie.”
  • “My sweet genius.”
  • “My love.”
  • Romantic dates.
  • Eventually moving in together.
  • Talking about the possibility of having a family and getting married.
  • Long, in-depth conversations about anything and everything to do with the world.
  • Always looking out for each other.
  • Being able to make each other laugh uncontrollably even when you really don’t want to laugh.
  • “I love you.”
  • “I love you too.”

Thank you for requesting @molethemollie and thank you to @mo320 for helping me with this.

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“Yes, there are monsters, and it’s okay to be afraid of them. But it’s not okay to let them win. And it’s not okay to become them.” - Spencer Reid


Dating Spencer Reid would include:

Originally posted by toyboxboy

requested by: anon
warnings: mentions of gun violence

  • Both of you would try and hide it from the team, knowing that a certain profiler would tease the pair of you into oblivion
  • But when an unsub threatens you with a gun to your head and Spencer steps up to defend you, it’s obvious that you’re more than just work colleagues
  • JJ is the first to realise, shaking her head as he leads you out the front door with his arm tightly around your waist.
  • Hotchner and Rossi are next, noting the way that Spencer hops around you like a concerned puppy
  • After that it’s not long before the rest of the team figure it out, the last to get the memo is, of course, Penelope Garcia
  • Who is, to say the least, furious that she hadn’t figured it out sooner.
  • After that the dynamic between you and Spencer at work is much easier to handle, you can both be yourself
  • Now that everyone knows Spence goes out of his way to make up for the time you missed
  • He’d bring a cup of tea to your desk every morning with a fond smile and a kiss to your temple
  • You’d often be found perched on the edge of his desk in the bullpen, listening to his rambling with such adoration on your face it was sickening
  • People would start to notice that Spencer actually left the office on time more often than not now, usually because the two of you had a date night planned
  • More often than not the two of you would arrive at work at the same time
  • The team would always be reminding you not to let your relationship get in the way of cases
  • And you would both nod
  • But both of you would worry about the other more, especially when you’re split up on cases
  • When you’re not at work you’re both just as close
  • You alternate spending nights at each other’s apartments and have date nights two or three times a week to help wind down from work
  • Work Spencer and home Spencer are polar opposites in some ways but in others they’re exactly the same
  • He’s gentle and calm
  • He always listens, no matter what
  • And he’s sweet and owing to being a profiler he always knows how you’re feeling and how to make you feel better whether it be flowers, dinner or a hot bath
  • He knows you better than he knows himself
  • In some ways that scares him because he has only felt that way once before and that ended badly
  • But in other ways it excites him because he has someone to share himself with judgement free and he has a partner to experience life’s highs and lows with

written by: jay

Something Worth Staying For

Note: I’m baaaack, sort of :) this was requested in my mentions shout out to you b <3 I hope you guys like it even if it is very ugly and poorly written !! Love y'all

Spencer spun around in his swivel chair, a pen caught between his teeth as his eyes scanned over the file for a new case inside the manila folder in his hands.

“I don’t know how you’re not dizzy,” JJ says as she strides past him, eyeing his movements.

“I have a high tolerance for dizziness,” Spencer responds quickly. His eyes moving up from the file just once to glance up at his co-worker only for him to do a double take and focus his gaze on what was going on behind her.

Stepping into the room was Rossi with a woman, a beautiful and ethereal looking woman. She was laughing, exposing the pearly whites hidden behind her plump red-stained lips. The pen in Spencer’s mouth suddenly slipped from his mouth and as he reached out to try and catch it, the file in his hand ended up falling too causing a mess of papers to go flying into the air which earns him a look from JJ and Emily.

He could feel his cheeks heat up in embarrassment as he hurriedly bends down to pick up his mess and he hears a small giggle leave your lips. He’s mentally cursing himself out until a pair of shoes appear in front of him and then hands sliding around on the floor gathering up all the loose papers. As all of the papers are gathered back up, the two of you stand up face to face with a warm smile on yours, offering him the stack you had collected.

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Twenty-two Percent

Originally posted by toyboxboy

Pairing: Spencer Reid x BAU!Reader (ft. BAU team)

Content/Warnings: fluff

Words: 1144

A/N: I have written a soulmate AU request with Spencer Reid from @chocok22 for 43. The name of your soulmate appears on your skin after you meet them.

You were excited. This was it - the day you had been looking forward to for a couple weeks now. This was the day you were starting your new job at the BAU. Ever since you were a teenager, and you and your family were the target of a serial killer stopped by the BAU, you had known this was what you had wanted to do. You had been top of your class in the FBI academy, read all of Agent Rossi’s books - gone the whole nine yards. And now the day had come, and you felt both excited and like you were going to throw up.

“Agent Y/L/N!” A voice called as you walked into the building, a small suitcase holding supplies for an overnight trip slung over your shoulder. You glanced over, seeing Agent Rossi himself walking over to you. You hadn’t seen the agent since the closing of the case you had been involved in as a teenager. “You’ve grown since I last saw you.”

“You remember?” You asked, both surprised and flattered as you shook his hand.

“When Aaron - that is, Agent Hotchner - and I were going through applications, your name was what caught my attention. You’ve gone far, kid.” There was approval in his voice. “You can come up with me, I’ll give you a tour.”

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Do it again

A/N: This request came from @skybenedetto requesting SpencerXReader with the dialogue prompt “you just kissed me.” “how observant.”

I hope you like it! It was super fun to write :)

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Just Shut Up

Spencer Reid x Reader

Requested: Yes. @rxdgers : hi there!! I saw that requests were open, and you’re my fave Spencer Reid writer, so I thought I’d have a go. anyways, could you write a fic where y/n is a medic (but also a agent, but mainly there for if and when someone gets hurt) that goes on a trio mission with Spencer and Morgan to a high-crime area. Spencer gets hurt (I don’t care how he does could be gun or something) and y/n has to help him? Spencer jokes about his wound and spouts statistics and y/n shuts him up by kissing him? Morgan starts telling jokes about how the pretty boy finally got his pretty girl. I know you can make it work somehow😉😉 thanks!!

Word Count: 1.346, Warnings: Gunshot injury, mentions of blood.

Originally posted by sherrykinss

The morning at the police station had been eerily quiet for a Friday morning. You sipped on your latte as you watched the calm surroundings around you, hearing the faint sounds of phones ringing in the background and the delicate steps of Penelope Garcia pulled you out of your daydream as she urged you to follow her into a temporary bullpen that you were using whilst you were in Utah on a case. This was one of the few times Penelope travelled along with the team on sight and because of that, you were incredibly close to catching the UnSub. He had been using social media to entice young girls to meet them in very disclosed locations. It was definitely a hard case for you, these young girls had so much to live for and their lives had just begun and so seeing the under a white sheet in the coroner’s office made you sick to your stomach.

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Being Part Of The BAU Would Include

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  • Early morning wake up calls. 
  • Putting your all into cases. 
  • Working closely with the police in the place where you’re working the case. 
  • Helping out together the profile of the UnSub. 
  • Interviewing suspects. 
  • Consoling families who have lost someone. 
  • Hating working cases where children are involved. 
  • Those are the hardest. 
  • Chasing down criminals. 
  • Occasionally having to kick down doors and tackle suspects. 
  • Sometimes having to shoot the criminals. 
  • Drinking way too much coffee in order to keep yourself awake. 
  • If it’s been a particularly hard case, you and the team find comfort in each other. 
  • Listening to Spencer’s facts. 
  • You learn a lot from him. 
  • You can’t help but chuckle every single time someone asks him if he’s a genius. 
  • “What are you, a genius or something?” 
  • “I don’t believe that intelligence can be accurately quantified, but I do have an IQ of 187, an eidetic memory, and I can read 20,000 words per minute. So, yes, I’m a genius.” 
  • Loving Penelope’s one liners. 
  • Especially when she answers the phone. 
  • “You’ve reached Penelope Garcia in the FBI’s office of Supreme Genius.” 
  • “Please tell us you have something for us, Pen.” 
  • “Oh, Sweetness, you know I do.” 
  • Derek and Luke never fail to make you smile or laugh, even when you don’t want to. 
  • JJ, Emily, Penelope, Alex, Tara, Kate, and Elle always make you smile. 
  • Aaron, David, and Stephen are the ones you go to for advice. 
  • Just like the rest of the team, you find it hard when a member of the team leaves. 
  • Being like an aunt/uncle to JJ and Will’s, Hotch’s, and Derek’s children. 
  • Joining the rest of the team for a drink or a meal after cases or for birthdays. 
  • Sharing jokes and stories. 
  • You’re all always there for each other. 
  • You’re a family.


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