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Autumn Drabbles - Tatterdemalion

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Tatterdemalion: raggedly dressed person; looking disreputable or decayed



“Pretty please” 

“No Garcia stop asking me” Spencer shrank down into the chair in the hopes of getting her to leave the subject alone. “Don’t you like how I dress?”

“You are definitely rocking the geek chic thing” said Garcia graciously “But a little shopping adventure wouldn’t hurt and all the new season stuff is in stores now”

“Or at least brush your hair once in a while” said JJ not looking up from her file

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when hotch roasts an unsub/suspect:

👀👌gOod 👀 shIT👌hUh👀 go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌shit right👌👌there👌👌👌 right✔there ✔✔if i do say so my self 💯 i say so 💯


UPDATED AS OF 7/21/2017


Smarter Than I Look

لم شمل

Still Here



Chance (Pt1)

Second Chance (Pt2)

Chance Wedding (Pt3)

Little Chance (Pt4)


The Color Red (Pt1)


Pink and Blue (Pt3)

Fortune Cookies (pt1)

Keeper (pt2)

Catch Me

Sick Day

The Twin

Mutual Attraction



No Monsters (Monsters Universe 1)

Daddy (Monsters Universe 2)

The Next Chapter (Monsters Universe 3)

Becoming A Reid (Monsters Universe Bonus)

A New Addition (Monsters Universe 4)

Not Yours


Like I’m Gonna Lose You


Like No One’s Watching

Jennifer Isabel

She Checks Out


Love, Laugh, Safe

Best Christmas I’ve Ever Had

Now Dialing…

Aveline Charlotte Reid (pt 1)

Sweet Caroline (pt 2)

Christmas Morning

My Snowflake (pt 1)

A Different Kind of White Christmas (pt 2)

More Than Friends


Happy Birthday

Teach Me To Feel

Home To You

Marine Science

Truth From Fiction

A Match (pt1)

Hazel Eyes (pt 2)

Love You, Hazel Eyes (pt 3)

Fight and Flight

Just A Cover

Simon and River




Welcome Home, Sailor

I Win

Speed Reader

Poolside Fears


Spider Sense

Karaoke Dare

Baby Fever


Baby Genius

White Flag

New Year, New Us

Decades Old Date

One Try


Sleeping Over

Conflict Resolution


Our Song…(pt1)

…And Dance (pt2)

Movie Night

Because I Love You

Catching My Eye

Mixed Signals

Little Sister

Home Sick

I See…

Sleeping In

Not So Secret

Lights And Sounds



As I Am

Nothing Like You


Beauty And The Beast

Skin and Fabric

Eyes Up


Not Yourself


Lights Out

Inherently Perfect

Acquaintance (Talented Part 2)

Photo Shoot


Dirty Mind

Holding Tight


Carriages and Carousels

Leg Room

Height Difference

All Grown Up

Forced Into Goodness

Warm Snuggles



Dreams of Exhaustion

Check-Up (Part One)

The First Date (Check Up Part Two)

The Wedding (Check Up Part Three)


Surprise Meeting

Not What They Expected


She’s Yours

Near-Death Experience

Walk In The Park

Accidental Matrimony


The Unexpected Gift


Matthew Gray Gubler x Reader


Say Yes  


Coffee Break

He’s My Storybook

Stand Out In A Crowd


Bastille Day


Surprise (A Little One Part 1)


Age Gap


Someday Soon


Aaron Hotchner x Reader

My Mess


Spencer Reid x OC

Used Books And Autumn Rain Chapter One (ReidxOC)

Used Books and Autumn Rain Chapter Two (ReidxOC)

Used Books and Autumn Rain Chapter Three (ReidxOC)

Used Books and Autumn Rain Chapter Four (ReidxOC)

Used Books and Autumn Rain Chapter Five (ReidxOC)

Used Books and Autumn Rain Chapter Six (Reid x OC)

Used Books and Autumn Rain Chapter Seven (Reid x OC)

Used Books and Autumn Rain Chapter Eight (Reid x OC)

Used Books and Autumn Rain Chapter Nine (Reid x OC)


Wolfstar (Remus Lupin x Sirius Black)

Watching Remus Lupin Parts One and Two

Watching Remus Lupin Parts Three and Four

Watching Remus Lupin Parts Five and Six

Watching Remus Lupin Parts Seven and Eight

Watching Remus Lupin Parts Nine and Ten

Watching Remus Lupin Parts Eleven and Twelve

Watching Remus Lupin Parts Thirteen and Fourteen

Sweet Valentine // Spencer Reid x Reader

“That’s sickening,” you commented with a grin as a bouquet of flowers was delivered to JJ right in front of you. She chuckled, aware of the fact you were joking and simply waved the comment away.

“Will is just sweet,” she replied. Your grin grew bigger at the fact JJ couldn’t hide the growing blush on her cheeks. She and Will had been together for a while now and yet he always seemed to find a way to fluster her. Watching JJ receive little gifts was something the whole office had come to enjoy.

“You’re just mad cause you don’t have a date lil mama,” Morgan commented with a smile. You scoffed as you swiveled your chair around in order to face him.

“I don’t need a date. I have Emily and Reid this year,” you replied with a smug smirk. The three of you were the singles of the group and after much convincing, you’d managed to have them agree to an anti-valentine’s day.

“About that…” Emily replied guiltily.

“Emily! Did you seriously get a date at the last minute?? What happened to all of us agreeing to boycott Valentine’s Day by spending it getting drunk together?!” You exclaimed in disbelief.

“Okay one- we did not agree to boycott. We only agreed to spend the day together since none of us had dates, and two-the drinking thing was your idea. Not that I wouldn’t mind getting completely wasted although I do worry about Reid if you continue that plan,” she laughed. “Sorry babe, I got asked out and I just couldn’t say no.”

“Looks like it’s just you and Reid now,” JJ replied with a wiggle of her eyebrows. You rolled your eyes at the gesture, knowing well that she always pictured the two of you together. You couldn’t deny the fact you’d developed some feelings for the man, but expecting Spencer to make a move was like waiting for rain in a drought. It wasn’t likely to happen any time soon.

“I guess I’ll have to let him know it’s just the two of us,” you replied as you shot Emily a look through narrowed eyes. She smiled brightly, her eyes shining with mischief.

“I already let him know last night,” she replied.

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An anon asked for a Reid fic where the reader is British and he gets turned on by her accent.  The team teases him for it and he eventually has to explain to the reader why he gets so weird whenever she talks.  I love this request, I really hope you like it!  Added in here a classic Spencer Reid Quote, shout out to anyone who can find it!

It gets smutty!  Some fluff ensues at the end, it’s super cute!

UnBeta’d so sorry for any errors, also flood warning!

Originally posted by toyboxboy

“As soon as Agent Y/L/N gets here, we are going to start the briefing,” Hotch said to the team, who were all still sitting around at their desks before disappearing into his office.

“Ready for the new team member, pretty boy?” Derek teased from his seat with a smirk.

“What?” Spencer asked nonchalantly.  He knew Y/N was British.  She’d been in for numerous interviews and when she was in the training field, all the other trainees were talking about the ‘British Bombshell’ that was joining the BAU team.  

“You know what,” Derek replied.

“Does Reid have a thing for accents?” Prentiss asked.  She looked at the genius with playful eyes.

“No, he has a thing for British accents,” JJ said, shaking her head.

“I see,” Emily said with a smirk similar to Derek’s.

“I don’t know if I like the looks on your faces,” Rossi said as he walked up.  After inspecting the teasing smiles of the three agents, he clocked the blush on Reid’s face.  “What’s wrong with you, coffee catching up to you this morning?”

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Masterlist (25/06/2018)

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Originally posted by lolspencerreid

Television Show: Criminal Minds

Character: Spencer Reid

Pairing: Spencer Reid X Reader

Word Count: 414

A/N: I haven’t been able to write shit that have been requested, SO JUST TO BE WARNED!!!! I’ll get to those, don’t worry! Thank you in advance for writing this potentially crappy Suggestive Smut!

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Do it again

A/N: This request came from @skybenedetto requesting SpencerXReader with the dialogue prompt “you just kissed me.” “how observant.”

I hope you like it! It was super fun to write :)

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A/N: I’m gonna be quite honest. These past weeks I’ve been staying up until 6 am and waking up at 2 pm. One day I woke up and found I had written this in my notes. I don’t really remember writing it, but hey. Why not?

Spencer Reid meets his guardian angel and she’s nothing like he would have ever imagined. 

Originally posted by matthew-gray-gubler-trash-no1

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Pent Up Aggression

Pairing: Derek x Reader

So this wasn’t really a request, but I had a dream recently that I just needed to write about so an anon sent in ‘i would kill for some hot smut with morgan tbh, i don’t see it nearly enough’ and honestly I agree we 100% need this amirite. \

Small A/N:  if there is anything in the future any of you would like me to tag you in, please feel free to message me!  Also, if you write something and would like me to read it, I’d love to do so!  Tag me in stuff, I don’t bite!


Originally posted by raainstorms

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Insecurity (Spencer Reid x Reader)

Hello lovebugs! I really want to ride the wave of writing inspiration, so here’s another fill! Anon wanted “Reader and Reid do it for the first time but the reader has a small chest and it’s her first time so she is really nervous” and I hope this delivers! Unbeta’d! JSYK It does deal with some self-image issues and mentions of bullying. Fluffy smut warning!

Spencer Reid: I’m finishing up the paperwork, I should be over within the hour and then we can get dinner. I can’t wait to see you.

You sighed at the sweet message, both in infatuation and worry. This was your six month anniversary and your relationship was in that weird limbo where you should have taken it to a more physical level already, but you would always claim you weren’t ready. Spencer knew you were a virgin and even though he wasn’t, he would never even fathom pressuring you, but you felt the pressure yourself. It wasn’t that you didn’t want to have sex with Spencer, if you were honest with yourself you thought about at least twelve times a day - but who’s counting?

You trusted Spencer with all your heart and you’ve never been in love like this before. You were just scared. Scared to bare your body to anyone besides yourself. Scared to make that big leap. Despite knowing better, you couldn’t help but feel the weight of your virginity and the power society puts on it.

You fixed your hair in the mirror and took off the bathrobe, you grabbed your best push-up bra and hooked it on. It was your go-to date night bra, your chest was the feature you were most insecure about. You never felt like a woman, in the mirror you saw your breasts as barely there at all. Back in high school, the locker room was a nightmare mean girls would tell you the boy’s locker room was on the other side of the gym and throw tissues at you so you could stuff. Back then you listened to your mom when she said some ladies are late bloomers, and at 26 you now knew this was the body you were dealt with. It didn’t mean you had to be 100% happy with it. You adjusted your breasts as best you could so they’d sit on top of the padding, creating the illusion that they were fuller.

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Anonymous: Request: smutty Valentine’s Day sex lolllll

Anonymous: hey 💓 I have a request: the reader and spencer are snowed in on V day and have to find a way to kill time (there’s a snowstorm in New York rn lol)

A/N: again this is suuuuper long (so there is a keep reading banner) but hey ho, this is also my first smut so please forgive me for everything I have done wrong, haha. Unsure about this like crazy so I’ll probably take this down idk

Originally posted by niall--darling-blog-blog

The biting wind crept through the crack in the window, the cold air encaptured Spencer and Y/N as they awaited to hear back from their team. Y/N wandered around the isolated cabin in an attempt to locate the slightest bit of phone signal. Spencer’s timid eyes were locked on her frustrated form, muffling a low chuckle as she huffed and threw herself onto the couch.

“No signal?” Spencer asked sarcastically, amusement laced within his voice as she glared at him playfully.

“What do you think?” Y/N uttered, laying her head against the back of the couch. The warm lighting flickered, the lamp beside the couch buzzing lowly. Y/N’s eyes widened at the weakening lamp, causing Spencer to chuckle quietly as he sat beside her.

“I think I’d rather be at home rather than being stuck here with you.” Spencer joked, unable to keep a straight face throughout the whole sentence. Suddenly, a large gust of wind howled through the cabin, coating the remainder of the icy windows in snow.

“Well, doctor, I’m afraid we’ll be here for a while.” Y/N inputted, the wind singing to them as she rubbed her arms in an attempt to cause friction. Intensely, Spencer observed her shivering form before crouching beside the fireplace. He reached for the matchsticks beside it, smiling proudly to himself as he lit it at his first attempt. In effect, Y/N grinned at his proud expression, leaping in front of him joyfully as the heat gently cascaded onto her prickled skin. Spencer nudged her playfully, smirking at her content form.

“Move over a little bit.” Spencer urged but she simply looked up at him, eyes dominated with mischief as she shook her head.

“Nope.” Y/N chimed, popping the ‘p’ while she warmed her hands on the growing flame. Spencer exhaled loudly, teasing tendencies laced within his stare. Without warning, he pushed her playfully, causing her to fall to the floor. However, as he shuffled to where Y/N was sitting, she strategically kicked his knee slightly making him fall on top of her. She giggled uncontrollably as Spencer steadied himself on his elbows, bowing his head while he chuckled. As his head bowed, his curly hair blanketed over Y/N’s face causing her dainty fingers to brush through it to keep it away from her. When their eyes met, the tension around them thickened, Y/N’s hand remaining in his hair as her eyes darkened ever so slightly.

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Safe and Sound

A/N: This was a request by @sonicscrewdriverandtulips for a fluffy Reid x Reader. Enjoy!

Originally posted by toyboxboy

I looked up from my spot on the couch when I heard the telltale sound of Spencer’s keys jingling in the lock of our door. I smiled to myself; Spencer was just coming home off of a case, and it was three days before Christmas. Our Christmas tree had been up for three weeks, with its bright, twinkling lights and reflective ornaments. I could see it standing in the living room by the window out of my peripheral vision when I turned to watch the door, waiting for Spencer. I could feel my own excitement beginning to stir; it was always so nice to have Spencer home, but even more so with it being so close to the holidays. However, as soon as he stepped over the threshold, I could tell something wasn’t right. He looked physically exhausted, and there was an energy about him that was far from that of the holiday spirit.

“Spence?” I said softly, standing up to meet him as he shut the door behind him with a click. His nimble fingers turned the lock back to its original position and he looked up at me as I came to stand before him, looking up into his red-rimmed hazel eyes.

“Hey, (Y/N),” he sighed, and then, quite suddenly, his arms were around me in a hug. His touch was warm and familiar, but the hug was tight and fierce, the kind of hug I didn’t often receive from my long-time boyfriend. I immediately hugged him back, taking in the familiar essence of Spencer Reid, who was by far my favorite person on the planet.

“Are you okay?” I murmured to him. He shook his head against me silently, and I closed my eyes as I held him a little bit tighter, my heart breaking for him like it always did when he returned from a case like this.

“It was kids,” he said, and his voice was so soft that I almost didn’t hear him. I pulled back slightly, looking up at him sympathetically. I reached up, threading my fingers through his wayward curls.

“Come on,” I said, and took his hand, leading him gently through the living room, up the stairs, and across the landing the a door that was mostly closed. I pushed it open with my free hand and the two of us stood inside our daughter’s nursery. The nine-month-old slept peacefully in her crib, all warm baby skin and chubby cheeks. I glanced over at Spencer, who was gazing down at her with an unidentifiable expression in his eyes.

“She’s safe, Spence,” I murmured to him softly, and leaned against his side as he reached down into the crib to rest his hand on the baby’s back lightly. I watched him swallow hard and tangled my fingers with his free hand, squeezing gently.

“She’s okay,” I reiterated. “We all are.”

We stood there in silence, both of us looking down at the sweet little miracle that slept before us, and then Spencer sighed.

“Let’s go before we wake her up,” he said softly.

“You sure?” I asked, and he spared me a small smile as he nodded, wrapping his arm around my shoulders so as to lead me out of the nursery with one last glance at the baby.

When we were out of earshot of the baby’s room and had descended the stairs, Spencer turned to me.

“Thank you,” he said quietly as I approached the Keurig that was settled in the familiar corner on our countertop. I set about making tea with a glance back at him, grabbing his favorite mug from the cupboard as he sat down at one of our barstools.

“For what?” I inquired, searching through the selection of teas, most of which had been a gift from my mother, and finally landed on the Kava stress relief blend. It was one of Spencer’s favorites when he wasn’t drinking endless coffee.

“For…knowing,” he said. I smiled slightly as I lowered the fragrant tea bag into the mug and started the machine. It’s quiet humming and the steady stream of hot water filled the otherwise silent kitchen as I leaned across the other side of the bar so that I was face-to-face with Spencer.

“You know what I wanted most for Christmas?” I asked him.


“You, here with your family, safe and sound,” I replied. “It’s all I ever need, and so I figured that all you needed was to know that your family was here with you, safe and sound.”

He smiled slightly and then leaned in and kissed me lightly. I smiled slightly at him and rested my hand on his cheek for a moment before brushing it through his hair.

“I’m glad you’re home safe, Spencer,” I murmured.

“Me, too.” I finished his tea and handed it across the counter to him. He didn’t touch it, instead standing and rounding the peninsula of the island so that he was standing in front of me. For the second time in the short time he’d been home, he wrapped me in his arms, and I could feel him nuzzling against my hair.

“I love you, (Y/N),” he told me quietly. “I don’t know what I would do without you and Callie.” I could hear his voice wavering, and knew he was thinking of those sweet kids. I tightened my hold on him, resting my head against his chest so that I could hear the sound of his heartbeat.

“You’re never going to have to find out, love,” I said softly. I leaned back to look up at him.

“Let’s go have tea and watch a Christmas movie,” I suggested. I watched his eyes light up a little.

“How about a Christmas documentary?” he suggested. I laughed and kissed his cheek.

“Christmas documentary it is,” I declared, and smiled when he kissed my head, more grateful than ever in that moment to have my little family safe and sound.

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Nothing Left To Say // Spencer Reid

Originally posted by trisgrimes

“Wasn’t it nice while it lasted?“ 

Images flooded into his mind. Memories of everything they’d been through playing like a film reel. 

Waking up to her. Her mouth slightly open, her hair an absolute mess. Stealing glances of her while she read in comfort. His blue sweater that looked better on her. The small stain from her careless eating. The smell of freshly made coffee awaiting him every morning. 

Soft hands. Loving looks. Lips painted a bright red. Eyes filled with amusement. The way she’d pop gum. The way he’d always make fun of her for it. Weekend nights spent at home. Movie marathons. The way she’d beg for her favorite foods and the way he’d so easily cave.

Coming home to find her dead asleep in the middle of the day. Curling up next to her. Reading his books to her while she listened. Having to explain things more than once. Her genuine interest in knowing what he loved. 

“Wasn’t it fun?” 

Salt in the air. The warm sand beneath his feet. The fact he’d finally caved and gone to the beach despite his distaste for it. The fact he was actually having fun. Her laughter as he struggled to chase after her, the shore proving to be a difficult place to run despite his long legs. The sand in their faces when he finally tackled her down. Their laughs. Her smile. 

Her hand leading him. A roller-coaster as high as the sky. His stomach filling with nervous butterflies. Her cheesy reassurances. The dread when they hurled forward at top speed. His relieved laughter when they finally got off. Her arm that kept him upright until he regained his balance. 

Teaching her how to play chess. Her confusion at the game. The way she’d sneak pieces away. Her cheating tactics. His amusement at her determination to win. The way she’d try to seduce him whenever she was losing. The way it almost always worked. 

“It hurt sometimes, didn’t it?" 

Her screams. His anger. Their own disappointment. The way her voice rose that caused his stomach to drop. The way her face fell when he yelled back. The pain she felt when he grabbed her shoulders a little too hard. The punch to his stomach when she would shove him away. The venomous words that were thrown carelessly. The tears. The bloodshot eyes. The feeling of having your heart ripped out and stomped on.

"But I still loved you." 

Her touch. The way her lips pressed gently against his skin. The way her eyes would glaze over underneath him. The heat. The passion. The lust and love swirled together so perfectly that they couldn’t exist without the other. The way his heart beat faster at the sight of her. The way she kissed him, full of fervor after having been apart. The way they felt like they were one. One soul divided into two bodies, destined to find their way to each other. Even if it wasn’t meant to last forever.

"I think it was worth it.” 

It was.

You’re the Boss

Pairing: Hotchner x Reader

Requested by anon: could you write imagine with Hotch,where the reader step-sister Penelope and helps her with her work (like an Intern).Once Hotch was asked to help the reader with something and she is trying to “quietly” seduce him.Aaron understands this and talks to her about it,but she continues to seduce him. Hotch tries to pull away,because she’s many years younger,but in the end loses,and it leads to hot sex in his office. Sorry if this is too much detail.Even if you do not accept,in any case, thank you :)

A/N:  When I talked about having a naughty dream, another anon asked for some rough sex with Hotch, and this only seemed fitting to the matter.  So major smut warning ahead.  Features a ‘sir’ kink and a bit of spanking in case anyone isn’t into that…

Originally posted by aarongregthomas

“I know it doesn’t sound that exciting, but my dearest pineapple, you have to start from somewhere,” Penelope said to her stepsister, handing her a stack of files.

“I know, I know.  Only way is up,” Y/N replied, grabbing the files and papers that she’d be instructed to organize in the filing cabinets.  Being an intern at the FBI may not have been the dream job, but it was going to look good on the resume and slowly but surely, she’d be able to climb the federal ladder.

“Garcia, do you have your debriefing paperwork?” Aaron Hotchner asked from his office door.  Y/N’s attention focused to the Unit Chief of the BAU.  The man had actually caught her attention since the minute she walked into the bullpen, his dark and stern gaze giving her goosebumps, the good kind.

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The Dress
  • TV Show/Movie/Anime:Criminal Minds
  • Pairing: Spencer Reid X Reader
  • Word count: 504
  • Genre: Suggestive Smut
  • A/N: I was on and off of this for various reasons that I don’t care to explain, so just stick on me with this: I’m sorry if it isn’t as good as my other ones. The idea/prompt has been floating around in my head since a couple of Headcannons that I read and I’ve been wanted to try writing stuff like them! So if you could give me some feedback, that’ would be great! I hope you enjoyed reading in advance!~Jackie

God. He knows he shouldn’t have been staring. He’d be stupid to even be considered not to know. Spencer’s eyes couldn’t leave you though. The way your ass moved against the tight red dress as you strut yourself in front of him towards the center of the gold reflecting ballroom was -simply put- more addicting than all of the drugs he’d ever put into his body combined.

But the two of you were on a mission -per say, you two were assigned to try and hunt down the unsub at the gathering, seeing as though he kidnaps attractive women and makes them into sex slaves, you just so happened to fit that description.

No matter how many times Spencer implored Hotch to cave and give the role to somebody else -anybody else, Aaron refused to give in but did let Spencer accompany you- to be even a little fair.

But as he stood there, biting his lip and pulling you closer to him, Spencer had skipped the usual gratefulness and went straight to having all the access blood bolt to his groin.

He asked you not to where that thing, or else he’d get all riled up. The thrust it gave your bosom and the accent it blessed your curves just made his eyes turn shades darker and so did his thoughts, which you were so wanting to go through each and every one of them. However, you disobeyed and wore it anyway. Why wasn’t anyone on his side this week!

The more Spencer dwelled and rolled around in the image that he unintentionally burned into his head, the less he cared to find the unsub and more to focus on other things. So, the swell of the need to sigh when he heard Penelope’s familiarly peppy voice recite the words, “He’s been located, JJ and Rossi have him!” and the clap at the end wasn’t surprising at all.

He gripped your wrist and wrapped his long arm around your waist, tenaciously pulling you into the short hallway with the circle cushions and against the closest will that Spencer could find before latching his lips immediately to the dip of your soft neck.

Spencer smirked against your skin when the sight of you biting your lip in euphoria met his eyes.

“Spencer, we’re in public.” He felt your fingers weave through his ever-changing brown tresses.

His mouth trailed down from your neck to right where the dress concealed everything that he wanted to desperately see. One of Spencer’s hands ran up your thighs and underneath your dress, easily surpassing the useless panties and dragged the tips of his fingers over your folds, collecting the wetness that dripped onto the thin strip of material.

Meanwhile, the other hand had went to the front of the dress and you opened your previously closed eyes after hearing a loud rip sound through your ears.

“Spen-” You cut yourself off when he entered his longest digit into your soaking cavern.

“Daddy told you not to wear that dress.”

Little Gibbs is Dating the Genius (Gibbs x Daughter!Reader, Reid x Female!Reader)


Originally posted by nobravery

(Gif not mine, credit to creator)

Pairings: Spencer Reid x Female!Reader, Jethro Gibbs x Daughter!Reader

Summary: Criminal Minds and NCIS Crossover. Imagine that you are Gibb’s daughter, you’re in your twenties and you trained to be a profiler and finally landed a job working at the Behavioral Analysis Unit of the FBI. Your father isn’t the biggest fan of this, but he’s proud of you nonetheless. As time went on you and Spencer Reid started dating, and you had yet to tell your father. (This takes place towards the beginning of both shows)

Warnings: Language, Mentions of a case, a bit of Angst

Word Count: 1872

It was a pretty normal day for you at the BAU when Hotch called you all into the conference room for a meeting. He handed out cases files and explained the case, per usual, until he got to the very last detail. All of the men who were killed were retired Marines, which meant only one thing; NCIS was going to get involved. You had never mentioned to your teammates that your father was an SSA at NCIS, you had only ever mentioned that he spent time as a Marine and that growing up had been rough on you as his marriages never seemed to work out. You gulped, “Hotch, do you by any chance know what agents we’ll be working with from NCIS?”

Everyone was picking up on your nervous tics, “Why so stressed? You got an ex-boyfriend in NCIS or something?” Morgan teased.

“No Morgan,” You said rolling your eyes, not really in the mood for his games right now.

“We’re working with one team on this case made up of Special Agent DiNozzo, Special Agent Mcgee, Special Agent Todd, and SSA… Gibbs?” Hotch said the last name as if it were a question.

You sighed, “Of course we are, that’s just my luck,” Everyone looked at you questioningly, “SSA Jethro Gibbs is my father who is currently unaware of my relationship status. Not only that, but from an FBI agent standpoint he is the most difficult NCIS agent to work with.”

“Why’s that?” Prentiss asked.

“He hates Feds, with a fiery passion, as does the rest of his team,” You said honestly with a shrug.

Hotch let out a sigh, “Well it seems like you’re going to have to serve as our mediator Gibbs, wheels up in thirty,” He said as he left the room.

Everyone started to gather up their things, leaving just Spencer and you in the room, “Have you really not told your dad about us yet?” He asked, seeming a bit sad.

You gave him an apologetic look, “It’s not you Spence, trust me it’s a long story. The shortest way I can put it is rule 12,” You said as you finished packing up your bag.

“Rule 12?” Spencer asked.

“Never date a co-worker,” You responded as you slung your bag over your shoulder.

“So you think he’ll have a problem with our relationship because we’re coworkers?” Reid asked as you walked side by side back into the bullpen.

“That’s the majority of it,” You said honestly as you grabbed some files from your desk and put them in your bag.

“Then what’s the minority?” Spencer retaliated.

You shrugged, “Honestly my dad has never been fond of the people I’ve dated. He always finds some flaw or some way to scare them off, I was just trying to protect you from him for as long as possible. I was actually planning to tell him I was seeing someone when we had our next lunch together, but I guess that lunch is coming earlier than I thought.”

He nodded, “I have the feeling that your dad is the kind of person that is just going look at us and know we’re dating, but I’ll be with him when you tell him if you like.”

“That would actually probably be good, but the case comes first so we’ll worry about that stuff after we find the guy who’s killing these Marines,” You said. Spencer simply nodded before you two turned back to your own desks to finish packing.

~ ~ ~

Your team made it past the security checks at the NCIS headquarters and you were starting to get more nervous about this whole thing. Spencer noticed this and gave your shoulder a light squeeze before you made it out of the elevator. You had led your team to your father’s by memory, you were surprised that it had serviced you so well. A big smile found its way on to your face as you saw Tony getting up out of his chair, “Hey Gibby!” He said with a big smile and open arms.

You rolled your eyes at the nickname Tony had given you, he was the only one you would let call you that. You quickened your pace so you could get to him faster, hugging him back tightly. You felt your feet lift off the ground as he hugged you. Tony hadn’t been around as long as some of the other people you knew, but you still managed to become great friends with him. He put you down and you smiled at him, “it’s good to see you, Tony.”

“Good to see you too, ever since you joined the feds last year you’ve been around less and less often Gibby,” he teased.

“Yeah well I have an actual job now, I’m not just my dad’s coffee mule,” You teased back.

Your father got out of his desk at those words, “Hey I thought you liked getting me coffee,” He said as he walked over to you.

“Yeah, I did like it, like it as much as I liked getting a root canal last month,” You jest.

Your father gave you a look before pulling you in for a tight hug, “Aside from your sarcastic mouth, I’ve missed you (y/n).”

“I’ve missed you too old man,” You said as you pulled away from the hug.

“See that there. That there I didn’t miss,” he pointed out.

Tony and Kate laughed, “Wow boss, is she actually going to get away with calling you an old man?”

“Shut up DiNozzo,” Your dad spat before suddenly becoming serious, “So, are you going to introduce me to your team or just stand there.”

You turned so you could look back at your team, “This is Special Agent Morgan, Special Agent Prentiss, SSA Hotchner, SSA Rossi, JJ, and Dr. Reid,” You told the team of NCIS agents in the bullpen. You turned to look at the opposing team, “and this is Special Agent DiNozzo, Special Agent Todd, Special Agent McGee, and of course SSA Gibbs,” You looked back at your dad, “There dad, you happy now that I spat out that mouth full?”

“Very,” He said with his signature smirk, “There’s a conference room just down the hall where you all can set up shop so to speak. DiNozzo can take you there.”

“Thank you,” Hotch said as Tony led the way.

Things seemed to be going well so far, you just hoped they stayed that way.

~ ~ ~

The BAU had been working on this case longer than expected it, two days so far. You and Spencer didn’t really try to hide your relationship, but you certainly didn’t do much PDA either. You just wanted this case to finish so you could go back to having your work/love life and your family life separate.

You were currently sitting with Reid, JJ, and Hotch in the conference room, looking over the files of some of the suspects, little did you know what conversation was going on up in the forensics lab.

~ ~ ~

“I say she’s dating that Agent Morgan guy,” Tony said with his signature smirk on his face.

Abby rolled her eyes, “Oh please Tony, he’s too old for her. She’s definitely with that Doctor.”

“What? You mean boy genius who tells fact lists that are as long as Ducky’s stories? No way. She’d never go for a guy that nerdy.”

“If you’re so confident why don’t we wager?”

“How much green we talkin’?” Tony asked, intrigued.

“How about 100 big ones?”

“You’re on. It’s a bet.”

“What’s a bet?” Gibbs asked as he walked into the lab, startling the two.

“Nothing boss,” Tony said sheepishly.

Gibbs raised his eyebrow, “It’s about (y/n) isn’t? You both think she broke rule 12 don’t you?” The pair just looked at each other, “I’ll take your silence as a yes,” Gibbs responded before he pulled your wallet out of his pocket, “I was suspicious so I took her wallet from her jacket when we hugged this morning.”

“Are you really broke enough to pickpocket your own daughter Gibbs? I’m ashamed of you,” He teased.

Gibbs smacked him in the back of the head, “She keeps pictures of the people that are most important to her in her wallet, she always has,” He said as he pulled a laminated foldable of pictures out of a pocket in your wallet. He opened it up to find four section, each with two pictures back to back. The first one held a picture of you and him at your graduation from college and a picture of you, him, and Ducky outside of the NCIS building. The second one held a picture of you getting a piggyback ride from DiNozzo and a picture of you and Abby in the bullpen laughing. The third one had a picture of you, Morgan, Hotch, and Gideon on a park bench drinking coffee and a picture of you Penelope, JJ, and Emily on a girls night out. The last section held two pictures as well, one was of you hugging Spencer tightly, his head resting on top of yours, a huge smile on his face. The last picture was the dead give away though, it was a picture of you and Spencer kissing with the capital in the background, “Bingo.” Gibbs said as he turned the picture to show it to Abby and Tony.

“Damnit! Little Gibbs is dating the genius!” Tony yelled.

“Yes! Thank you, Little Gibbs!” Abby smiled, “Pay up Tony!”

~ ~ ~

After a lot more hunting and hours in the office, you finally got the suspect into custody and got him to confess. It was like a giant weight off your chest, although, your father, Abby, and Tony had all been giving you weird looks for the last bit of the case and you weren’t really sure why. You had a thought though since your dad handed your wallet back to you, saying you had dropped it. He could have very well seen the pictures of you and Spencer. Your team was all packed up and getting ready to leave when you decided to stop and talk to your dad. You found him in the bullpen, “Hey dad, can I talk to you for a minute in private?”

“Sure (y/n),” He said getting up from his chair and following you down the hall.

“I know you know. I know I didn’t drop my wallet. I’m sorry I broke rule 12 dad, but I-”

“It’s okay. If you want to be with Dr. Reid you can, I like him. He was very polite to me during all of this, also very scared of me. Perfect for your boyfriend.”

“Daddddd,” You whined.

“I’m kidding, kind of… Just be careful okay?”

“I will dad,” You said before running back to the bullpen. Your team was there including Reid, and you pulled him into a tight hug. Your dad liked Reid and that was all you needed to hear.

On the DL

Summary: You and Spencer have been in a secret committed relationship to one another and only JJ knows because JJ is Spencer’s best friend and whatnot. Well one day Spencer gets hurt in the field and this is the outcome of that…

Warnings: Mentions of injury on the field, hospitals, stress, mild angst, mentions of blood

Note: Two one shots in the same weekend? Wow I must be going crazy :P Know that requests are open and that I apologize for my inactivity.. School has been sucky and I’m starting break the week after the next so I’ll be more active soon!! Also, I made this set in season 10 because I love and miss Kate so much. She was one of my favorite characters ever. Lots of love ~G

You’d been cooking when you got the call. It was personalized to JJ, a good friend of your fiance. You picked up the phone immediately, a smile on your face as you answered the phone in a chirpy tone, “Hey JJ! How’s the case been going?”

JJ’s silence on the other end made you worry and you were about to speak up before you heard her speak in a worried tone, “Y/N, you’re going to want to get down to the DC Hospital.. Spencer.. He was injured..” Her voice was sad as you spoke and you dropped the knife you’d just been using, letting it land to the cutting board before hanging up the phone and moving quickly out the door, grabbing your jacket and keys on the way.

You were quick to hail a taxi, telling the cabbie to step on it as you stared out the window, tapping your foot rapidly. You felt a pinch in your stomach and you looked down to your forming baby belly, simply rubbing a hand over it with a sad stare, thinking to yourself to calm down because of the side effects that the stress could cause yours and Spencer’s baby. You were 6 months along now and are carrying an apparently fit and healthy girl (you can tell by the amount of kicking she does).

It felt like an eternity before the cabbie pulled up to the hospital. You quickly handed him the designated amount of cash before moving quickly out of the taxi and into the hospital. You were going as fast as you could, one hand protectively resting on your baby bump and the other one simply at your side as you found yourself in the waiting room. You say JJ immediately and she saw you, getting up quickly to approach you. You could see Spencer’s other teammates in the background and could almost instantaneously see the confusion on their face. You’d never met anyone except for JJ, and her finding out was an accident as well.

JJ was quick to give you a hug and you returned it tightly, holding back tears as you spoke, “What happened, JJ?” There were so many questions swirling through your mind and JJ simply rubbed your back comfortingly to get you to calm down.

“We had the unsub cornered and hadn’t profiled that he wouldn’t go down without a fight… Spencer was the closest and got shot in the area that his vest doesn’t cover.. He’s still in surgery and you need to sit down before you pass out.” JJ puts a comforting arm around your shoulder before leading you to where the rest of the team was sitting, “Guys, this is Y/N… Spencer’s fiancee.”

You could see everyone’s jaws basically drop to the ground at JJ’s words and you simply offered a weak smile, trying to keep back the tears but ultimately failing, a couple of tears leaking from your eyes. “I uh.. I really wish that we could’ve met under different circumstances…” You spoke in a quiet tone as you sighed a little. JJ had taken the seat next to you, rubbing your back comfortingly as you leaned into her, letting a few more tears out.

Eventually, a woman with medium length, blonde hair came up to you, “Hi, Y/N, I’m Penelope.. Penelope Garcia..” She spoke in a gentle manner and you simply offered a small smile. The same applied to the rest of the people who introduced themselves to you. There was an Aaron Hotchner, a Derek Morgan, a David Rossi, and a Kate Callahan.

You knew everyone, Spencer talked about everyone all the time.. But you just wouldn’t be able to talk without breaking down in a fit of sobs. Those damn pregnancy hormones had been driving you crazy for a long time. It seemed like an eternity but a doctor eventually came into the room, requesting for the family of Spencer Reid. You were the first to get up, looking to the doctor with eyes filled with nothing but worry, “Is he okay?” You hadn’t even let the doctor speak.

The doctor paused for a moment before eventually nodding, “He just got out of surgery… The bullet hadn’t hit any vital organs which was what saved him. You can go see him, but only one at a time..”

You turned back to the team and JJ gave you a small smile, nodding to say that you could go first. You let the doctor lead you to where your fiance was and at the sight on him bedridden, your hands went to your mouth. It was a terrifying sight, to see all of those tubes and machines attached and coming out of the man you’d fallen in love with oh so long ago. You simply sniffed lightly, pulling up a chair next to his bed before taking his hand, pressing a gentle kiss to the back of it. You stayed there for a little bit, simply watching the man. Your hand had traveled to the man’s face, brushing the curls out of his face.

At the feeling of your hand on his face, Spencer opened his eyes lightly, speaking in a tired voice and squinted eyes, “Y/N?”

You immediately perked up, scooting closer to him with a watery smile making its way onto your face, “You gave us quite a scare, Spencer…” You were speaking in reference to you, the baby, and the team.

Spencer simply offered a weak and sheepish smile, squeezing your hand as best as he could, “I’m sorry.. We hadn’t been anticipa- you met the team?” He was slowly waking up more and you knew that wasn’t good. He needed his rest.

You nodded lightly and simply pressed another kiss to the back of his hand, “Yes, I did.. But we can talk about that later.. For now, sleep, yeah? I’ll be here when you wake up with your favorite Indian takeout and I won’t be leaving here till you’re discharged..” You pressed one more kiss to the back of his hand.

Spencer smiled weakly, letting his eyes flutter shut but wasn’t done talking, “Come lay down with me..”

Your eyes widen lightly as you speak in a mildly shocked tone, “There isn’t enough room for the three of us.. And you’re hurt..”

Spencer opens one eye before scooting over to one side to the best of his ability, “This is my uninjured side… Please? You know I have a hard time sleeping without you and our peanut at my side..”

You sigh quietly, looking down to your baby bump before back to the man, letting out another sigh before getting up, moving to his uninjured side, “Only for a little bit..” With those words, you got into bed with him, enjoying the feeling of his arm wrapped around your shoulders, pulling your head to his chest.

You were sure to move very gently to not hurt Spencer and only moments later, you both were asleep. JJ had come to check on you to make sure everything was okay and when she was greeted by the sight, she simply smiled gently before taking her phone out and taking a picture of the scene in front of her.