every single criminal minds episode

prentiss: oh boy can’t wait to go gambling this weekend

reid: i personally will be eating an encyclopedia 

hotch: sorry guys, we have a case

prentiss: uch

jj: seven women were found dismembered 

Garcia: d1sm3mbEreddd????

hotch: wheels up in twenty

*at local police precinct*

officer: thanks for coming to help out

Morgan: no problem

prentiss: the bodies have stab marks–


hotch: we’re ready to deliver the profile

jj: white male

reid: late twenties to early thirties

Morgan: he’ll likely insert himself into the investigation

hotch: he’s trying to regain control over his life

*in serial killer’s lair*

serial killer: I love you

woman: we just met

serial killer: STAB STAB STAB

*back with BAU team. Morgan is on the phone with Garcia*

Morgan: give me what you got, baby girl

Garcia: you’re looking for Evil McEvilface, his father tried to kill him seven times, his mother ran away with the manny, and he lives at 6969 sad street

Morgan: you’re a miracle worker

Garcia: why don’t you come over and see what kind of miracles I can work

Morgan: *smiles and hangs up*

*back at serial killer lair*

serial killer: *about to kill woman*

all the BAU agents: FBI, PUT YOUR HANDS UP

serial killer: *puts knife to the woman’s neck*

prentiss: what happened to you as a child wasn’t fair, but you can’t hurt other ppl

serial killer: *starts crying, drops knife*

voiceover: *obscure quote*

*back on plane*

reid: did you know that there are seven leopards in existence. you have blinked twenty-two times since we boarded this plane. I am smart

all: *laughing* Reid 

Study Moods as Fictional Heroines


Molly Hooper - Sherlock

Quirky smiles and snorting when you laugh. Bad puns and jokes at inappropriate times. Being passionate about your studies. Cuddling with your cat when you revise. Having an extravagant personality but keeping your work minimalistic. Daydreaming about that one person. Motivational quotes on t-shirts. Loving romance novels. Clean bullet journal spreads. Neatest and tidiest work space ever.

Elle Woods - Legally Blonde

Bright and friendly smiles to everyone you meet. Organising your own study group full of people you actually like. Showing that you can have brains and beauty. Pink aesthetic. Studying next to your dog. Creating a girl gang of supporting girls. Still being happy and friendly no matter what comes your way. Glitter gel pens. Scented stationery. Tropical smoothies you order in cute cafes. Reading extra material to understand even more.

Penelope Garcia - Criminal Minds

Always using emojis when texting people to join your study group. That one friendship which is borderline romantic. Terms of endearment for everyone. Highlight all the words. Random post it notes to smile and be happy. Unicorns and sparkly themed pencil cases and notebooks. Being unapologetically different. Loud and outgoing because you want to be the nicest person anyone ever meets. Tapping rapidly on a keyboard.

Hermione Granger - Harry Potter

Studying by the fire with your friends and cat. Aimlessly perusing the library just because. Snuggling up with a good book. Biting off more than you can chew. Oversized sweaters. Many cups of tea. Throwing your hair up quickly when you have a burst of inspiration. Laughter of your friends warming you. Being passionate about what you believe in. Protests for the injustice of the world.

Velma Dinkley - Scooby Doo

Preferring facts over fiction. If I can see it and I can touch it then it’s real. Misplacing your glasses often, especially when you study. Excelling in your subjects but never getting the praise you deserve. Underappreciated but everything would fall apart without you. A close knit group of friends. Science experiments at 4am. Sounds of an old computer booting up. Random facts at random times.

Temperance Brennan - Bones

Spending your time alone working. Annoyed at interruptions. Working hard because it’s all you’ve known. Hardly allowing anyone into your life, even less so when you’re studying. Little skulls decorating your notebook. Having a song to name all of the bones. Rocking out to Cindy Lauper secretly in your room. Actually caring a lot about all of your friends. Impromtu karaoke sessions - you’re actually very good. The smell of lillies to hide death.

Elizabeth Bennet - Pride and Prejudice

Standing up for what you believing. Not accepting someone else’s path. Neat handwriting which fills endless notebooks. Reading before you go to bed and then staying up all night. Good posture when studying. Vanilla scented candles. Listening to waltz music as you study. Making timetables for yourself and your siblings. Being an advocate even if nobody else is. Adoring small animals. Small passages of poems that you adore and will highlight.

Rory Gilmore - Gilmore Girls

Coffee coffee coffee. Aspiring to be everything. Doing everything to attend your dream college. Reading everything, from non fiction to fiction. Wanting to be the best. Pulling all nighters. Feeling like you’re failing when you’re actually not. Knowing exactly what you want to do (after much deliberation). Back to school shopping. Being tempted to buy way more than you need. Actually reading the newspaper. Being close with your mum. Having a leather bound journal. Coffee.

Marinette Dupain-Cheng - Miraculous Ladybug

Daydreaming in class. Constantly running late but still maintaining good grades (apart from that one subject). Being the queen of organisation though. Balancing life, school and work like a pro. Scribbling your name and your crushes name. Stress sewing and ending up with a full outfit. Baked goods. The smell of freshly made bread. Pressed flowers. Fiercely defensive of your friends. Delicate handwriting. Super shy in class. Pink and red aesthetic. A5 notebooks and sketchbooks.

- KC