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Beneath the Tide

In which Everley’s only company on a deserted island is a modern day pirate by the name of Harry.


In which Melody is reacquainted with an old classmate named Harry, and must keep afloat in the violent, criminal lifestyle of an underground boxer.


Mess o’ Mine^* // Mouth o’ Mine^* // Mind o’ Mine^

In which Harry’s stolen from you and needs to fix it.


In which Harry is a poetic frat boy who just so happens to be the TA for your new English class.

One Shots

Miss Yeh*

In which Harry has been deprived for too long.

Bit o’ Fun*

In which Harry adds a surprise guest into the equation (Zayn).


In which Harry loves your boobs and hates when you sleep.

See Yeh Break*

In which you become well acquainted with Harry’s thigh.


In which Harry distracts you from your irrational fear of flying.

Break M’Own Rules^

In which alcohol and pricks make for a messy, angry Harry.

Blurbs and Drabbles

Family Dinner

In which Harry soothes your nerves about meeting his family.


In which Harry deserves more than just musical awards.

Why won’t you let me steal your flannels?

In which Harry won’t let you steal his flannels.

You need to be quieter.*

In which Harry needs to let off some steam before a show.

Beg for it.*

In which Harry just won’t give in easily.

If you don’t stop right now…

In which Harry’s had enough of your attitude.

Bed. Now.*

In which Harry doesn’t deal with teasing very well.

Do you want me to leave?^

In which Harry has fucked up but still wants to be there for you.

Can I sit here? The other tables are full.^

In which Harry’s your ex and you think you’re over him.

I might have had a few shots.

In which Harry might have had a few shots.

Don’t ask me that.^

In which Harry’s been distracted and forgets your anniversary.

I’m going to take care of you, okay?

In which Harry is beyond patient with your drunken antics.

Talk to me./Look at me—just breathe, okay?^

In which the two of you are involved in a crash, but Harry’s only thought is you.

Why do you smell like smoke?

In which Harry just wants what’s best for you.

That lipstick’s not gonna stay put for long.*

In which Harry doesn’t care how late you are. OR Pure filth.

So I got to thinking the other day, why does every FAH story I’ve read always have the crew as an established front? Like where’s the fic where Geoff owes a shitload of money and in order to pay it back he comes up with a plan to rob a casino (or a bank whichever) and he goes to his closest friend Jack for help. And at first she’s like “Fuck dude, you’re one your own” but then she comes around and she’s like “What do you need from me?” And Geoff’s like “Fuck if I know, I’ve never robbed anything before.”

So together, the two of them start doing research and realize they’re going to need a crew. So they start poking around the criminal underground or whatever, trying to find someone willing to help, and they kind of stumble on this two-bit hacker. And Gavin is like “Am I going to get paid? And if yes, when can I start?” So once they agree to pay him (which means they have to steal more money) Gavin uses what little contacts he has to find a sniper (Ray) willing to help. But Ray wants money, too, so they have to steal even more. And then they find a demolitions expert who’s getting bored working at construction sights and wants to expand his horizons, but again Michael wants payment. And then Jack starts thinking she wants to get paid, too, and Geoff’s just like “This plan is a disaster.”

But the heist comes together, and these guys have no idea what they’re doing so they’re mostly winging it, and the day of the heist some masked weirdo shows up out of the blue, just sitting on Geoff’s couch, and Ryan’s like “I heard there’s money involved I want in.”

So Geoff, who is half asleep and doesn’t even want to argue, somehow finds a spot for Ryan and these six idiots who have never robbed a bank head out to do just that and it goes to shit. Because of course it does, and the only reason any of them survive is because two freelance assassins step in and afterward Geoff is like “I suppose you two want to get paid too?” And Lindsay and Jeremy share a glance before shrugging and Lindsay says “A thank you would have been enough, but who the fuck says no to money?”

Basically I really want an amateur thieves FAHC au.

V Route: V doesn’t deserve the hate he gets from fandom

*V gets blinded by the person he loves*

*yet some from the fandom still think Rika is an innocent victim*

*and this whole Mint-Eye cult is V’s fault*

*does the term…*


*mean anything to people anymore…?*

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mycatisis  asked:

PLEASE talk about your villain!saitama au

OKAY wow you’re going to regret this ask but honestly I’M DELIGHTED

so disclaimer i haven’t read the manga, just seen the anime, and picked up manga bits and pieces here and there. so in this au:

saitama is a villain

he’s really fucking bad at being evil

like so, so bad at being bad. so saitama was a hero for like a week okay and he went this is boooooring i’m booooooorrrreeeeeeddd. and because people just love to turn on him for some reason, and he kept saving everyone - like he does - and he just kept getting blamed so he went you want me to be a villain? FINE

and the association got really worried but saitama literally just traded his yellow jumpsuit for a black one and started laughing maniacally inbetween punches. he literally didn’t change his behavior any other way, and soon he’s known as the strongest villain ever. smart monsters hesitate to attack z city because that’s saitama’s turf, his city, and he doesn’t take kindly to interlopers. but there are lots of people who don’t want to be a big dog, but work for a big dog. so saitama accidentally gets all these eager criminal minions and is like, well, i am supposed to be a villain. so he starts setting non fatal “hits” on people and sending his crews to attack banks and take all the money and destroying specific buildings.

except every person he has his henchmen beat up is an abusive ex, a child beater, a rapist, a dirty cop - all these people that sift through the legal system because the city is being attacked every other week by literal monsters. the money from the banks was dirty, and (after paying his henchman a very competitive wage, because it is actually possible to buy loyalty if you do it right) he gives the rest away. he still lives in his studio apartment, still goes shopping for deals on saturday. all the “random” buildings he destroys are involved in on corrupt deal or another. oh, yeah, saitama knows all this because he has the most intense underground criminal network no one has ever thought of - all those grandmas he goes deal hunting with on saturday know everything about everyone. he spends a lot of time hanging out with old ladies, only part of it to maintain his spy ring.

so saitama accidentally on purpose turns his hodgepodge criminal organization into some vigilante justice group. they all know it but none of them are willing to bring it up because hey - they’re well paid, they work for the #1 s-ranked villain, and saitama has never killed any of them. this is the best gig any of them have ever had, and they’re not willing to mess it up by pointing out that they’re one of the good guys.

but saitama is bored again. his life as a the most notorious villain of z city is so-so.

then he runs into genos.

genos who knows of saitama because of course he does, but meets him in the middle of some battle or something and is instantly aware that something is off. saitama is cheerful and funny (and hot) and somehow leaves the battleground having caused no casualties, having killed the monster that nearly killed a bunch of s ranked heroes, and somehow saitama is still being blamed for it all. genos is intrigued.

he goes to bang about it, trying to find out how evil saitama really is. instead this conversation happens: “actually his death count is zero.” “what” “i think he was just bored. he was a hero for a bit-” “he was a HERO?” “-but it didn’t work out. it’s not his thing. he really hated those weekly quotas.” “…you’re joking.”

and he starts stalking saitama, and is BAFFLED by his normal lowkey lifestyle. finds out that saitama regularly “kidnaps” king so they can hang out and play video games and no one even goes after him anymore. starts hanging out with him, which he thought would be harder, but instead he just offered to help him carry home groceries and saitama agreed and then they were talking about a random show and the next thing genos knew he was in the notorious villain saitama’s studio being made dinner.

and this goes, with genos slowly peeling back the surface of it all to discover the truth. and he starts falling hard, harder than he thought he could fall, but it’s okay, because saitama is falling too. and soon everyone knows genos and saitama have a ~thing~ and he keeps waiting for the hero association to say something about it, but they don’t. what does happen, however, is that some monsters will see him and automatically surrender because they figure jail is nicer than they’d get if saitama figures out they hurt his boyfriend. it doesn’t happen often, but it happens enough for it to be a running joke.

so saitama stays the #1 villain, it’s just that now he has a hero boyfriend whom he adores and they are an adorable power couple; its disgustingly cute.

Wrong Place Wrong Time (29)

Do not reuse, edit or copy and of my work(s). ©
Part 29 of an ongoing series, enjoy :)
A fanfic for a more Mature audience due to violence and language. Read at your own risk :)

Themes=😖,🌟,💣,🎭 ,. (☠️- Harm towards characters, Strong language and Adult themes.)

Summary: You end up in the wrong place at the wrong time and it has negative repercussions. Main characters include: Reader and EXO.

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3 Part 4  Part 5 Part 6  Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11Part 12  Part 13  Part 14  Part 15  Part 16  Part 17  Part 18 Part 19 Part 20 Part 21 Part 22 Part 23 Part 24 Part 25 Part 26 Part 27 Part 28  Part 30  Part 31  Part 32  Part 33  Part 34  Part 35 (Final)

Word Count: 4,500 (Maybe a little more or less)

Parts of the body are involved that little kids shouldn’t be reading about😜 But it’s not intended in a sexual way. I’m not a smut writer, haha. I just thought it was somewhat relevant so you could really get a sense of the particular characters struggle. Enjoy guys and leave comments as usual!

 “If you’re the reason Kyungsoo is in a wheelchair, I promise you I’ll put a bullet through your skull myself.” Junmyeon frowned advancing towards you, picking up a wooden broomstick from the side. “After I’ve battered you that is.”

“Junmyeon stop! I didn’t call Red please.” You backed away slowly walking around the table, he was following you around, gripping the broom tightly causing his knuckles to turn white. Once you had noticed that you had walked around the whole table you quickly ran out of the room and began racing up the stairs to your room, locking yourself inside.

“Open this fucking door now Y/N! Or I will kick it down!” Junmyeon shouted, banging the broom against your door, your heart was beating wildly. Junmyeon didn’t get to angry at you nowadays and so when he was it terrified you beyond belief. There was no way you were getting out of this one without some help, since he was too heated to listen to you. The next best thing you thought of doing was making noise to alert anyone that would allow themselves to be awoken by you. So you began to scream at the top of your lungs and banged your fists on the wall of the bedroom beside you.

“OPEN THIS DAMN DOOR BEFORE I BREAK IT DOWN MYSELF, THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE!” Junmyeon’s beast mode was in activation, his voice was gruff and a whole tone lower then it usually, until you heard a familiar voice which sounded like it belonged to Kyungsoo.

“What is going on, you better have a valid reason for interrupting my well needed sleep.” Kyungsoo said in his new tone of voice; he was never talkative but ever since the accident, he had lost all sense of emotion, he was completely cold and his voice was monotone. It was as though he was an empty shell; he was no longer living but rather, just existing.

“Y/N, open the damn –”

Junmyeon was cut off by a knocking on the house door. You held your breath for a while.
He actually came.
Opening your door swiftly you ran past Junmyeon and raced down the stairs. He was following closely behind you.

“If you even think about opening that damn door!” Junmyeon hissed from behind you, but you weren’t listening, you opened it anyway. He actually came, thank God.

“I told you it’s not Red!” You spun around frowning at Junmyeon, who was staring at the door wide eyed.

“He’s upstairs following me.” You grabbed his hand shutting the door and dragging him up the stairs, Junmyeon following closely behind again. You knocked lightly on Kyungsoo’s door, he was no longer in the hallway so you assumed he had wheeled himself back into his room.
“Kyungsoo are you decent, can I come in?”

“Leave me alone.” You heard him say in a blunt tone.
Sighing loudly and rolling his eyes, you turned the handle and opened the door stepping into the room; he was sitting in his chair with his back towards you.
“What part of leave me alone did you fail to understand?” he hissed, wheeling himself around to face you. His eyes widening.
“B-Babu?…” For the first time in two weeks Kyungsoo’s expression had changed, he was visibly shocked and you couldn’t tell if it was positive or negative yet, but it was a start at least.
“What are you doing here?” He looked from Babu to you and Junmyeon and back to Babu again.
It was silent for a moment, an awkward kind, until suddenly Babu stormed over to Kyungsoo and dragged him off his wheelchair letting him drop on the floor.

“Oh my goodness, Kyungsoo” You ran over to him,slowly bending down and making sure he was okay.
“I asked you here to make him feel better, not to abuse him you asshole.” You glared up at Kyungsoo’s brother; rage in your eyes, your arm was still draped over Kyungsoo’s shoulder.

“Help?” He scoffed. “You expect me to come here and believe a corrupt younger brother and a woman faking an emergency birth. Get the fuck up off the floor Kyungsoo. Get up.”

“I can’t Babu.” Kyungsoo said his face crumpling slightly as he looked down at his legs.

“I said get up Soo!” His brother kicked his legs, and slapped him across the face.

“I CAN’T BABU! I CAN’T MOVE MY LEGS!” Kyungsoo burst into angry tears his face turning a bright red. “I can’t…”
You were frustrated, this wasn’t supposed to be what was happening. You called him here to help Kyungsoo, not to make him feel worse.

“If you’re going to do this to him, then get out. This is not what I brought you here for.” You hissed in Babu’s direction, rubbing Kyungsoo’s back. “Junmyeon help me lift him please.”
But before Junmyeon could reach, Babu had slung Kyungsoo over his shoulder and lowered him down on his bed.

“I thought this was another sick joke.” Babu sighed down at Kyungsoo, who was still crying and looking up at his brother in shock.

“Umm… we’ll leave you two to it. I’ll be going to bed. Goodnight.” You bowed your head and pulled Junmyeon out of the door with you.

Kyungsoo’s P.O.V

He stared up at his brother, he was still a bit dazed, not even by Babu’s previous actions, but just purely because of the fact that he was here for Kyungsoo despite the fact that he hated him.
“I-I didn’t know you were coming.” Kyungsoo said between quiet sobs, looking at Babu who was sitting at the foot of his bed.

“I didn’t know I was coming either, I just randomly receive some emergency call from your lady friend about 25 minutes ago, saying that I really needed to come and see you. This house really isn’t far. It’s a wonder that I never bump into you…”

“Actually we moved here about two weeks ago, just after…” He looked down at his legs and let out an exasperated sigh. They both of them were quiet again; it was slightly uncomfortable for both of them, until Babu spoke up.

“This doesn’t change anything Kyungsoo, I’m still mad at you and everything that you’ve ever done to us. This doesn’t change how I feel about you. In fact I don’t even know why I’m here. You know Mama struggles everyday without Dad and you’re to blame for that shit. Why couldn’t you just do well Kyungsoo. Then you disappear when she needs us the most.”
Kyungsoo swallowed hard, trying to suppress the emotions building up in the back of this throat, to prevent the tears from coming. For Babu to still think that he was the cause of his father’s death really pained him.

“You never cared to ask me Babu. You never wanted to hear my side of the story.” Kyungsoo whispered, looking up at his brother sadly. He envied him when he was younger, and he still did now. He was the perfect son. The perfect man. It was unfair, they were cut from the same cloth so why was Kyungsoo’s life worth so much less than Babu’s.

“So why don’t you fucking tell me Kyungsoo, what the fuck is this place and why are you here? Although, I doubt what you say will make any difference to how I feel. You’re a fucking underground criminal Kyungsoo and I don’t want my family having anything to do with you.”

Your family? You mean our family Babu.” Kyungsoo glared at his brother, tears pricking his eyes.

“No Kyungsoo, you’re not part of us anymore. You lost that right ages ago.”

The tears began streaming down his cheeks. He was crying silently, but these silent tears were definitely the most painful he had cried for a long time.
“It’s not fair Babu. I’ve tried my whole life to be like you but I could never reach up to your standards. I was never good at biology Babu, I could never be a doctor! I wanted to be an artist, a chef. But none of you would ever be proud of me that way. I’ve always looked up to you Babu and loved you with all my heart but you never cared for me back. Do you know how much and how long I yearned for my older brothers care and loving. You never gave it to me! I’ve never been good enough for you, you’ve always hated me.” His breathing was heavy and his hands were shaking over the bed sheets, unable to contain the pent up emotion any longer.

“I wasn’t the reason for Dad’s death Babu, but because you loathed me so much, you couldn’t see that. You were too blinded by your hate for me. Dad died because he was being poisoned unbeknownst to us. He was taking those vitamins, remember? Manufactured by the Red company owned by Jay Lee. Well Jay Lee was cutting and splicing those vitamins with toxic substances, to increase the amount of product he was producing, you can imagine the money he was raking in. Dad had been taking them for so long it had time to fuck up his system that’s what killed him Babu, not me! But I left the house because your hate for me had stretched too far and I was a burden to you and mum. Then I found about these guys. Long story short we’re trying to put a stop to Jay Lee, so he can’t hurt anyone else. I joined so he couldn’t hurt Mama. I joined so he couldn’t hurt you! Yes it’s illegal but it’s the only way I can keep you all safe. I already failed you in one way, the least I could do is protect you.” Kyungsoo spluttered, tears dropping from his eyes again and looking at Babu whose face was blank with shock.

“Kyungsoo… I-I didn’t know. I’m so sorry…” He shook his head, still dazed from all of the information that he had received. “I never knew. You never said anything. Why did you keep that to yourself for so long?”
Kyungsoo shrugged his shoulders, tears still streaming down his face. Fatigue hitting him like a truck.

“Kyungsoo I’m so sorry. It’s not true; it was never always like this. I loved you once too. When we were younger, remember the fun we’d have playing outside together, hmm? Please don’t cry Soo.” He reached out his hand to wipe Kyungsoo’s face, but this only resulted in Kyungsoo crying harder. Babu, stood up from where he was sat, shifting Kyungsoo closer to the wall, he sat directly next to him and pulled him into a hug, holding him in his arms for a long while. “It’ll probably take us while to get back to our younger days but maybe…we could try.” Babu kissed the top of his head.

“I missed you Babu, so much. I’ve missed you and Mama every day.” Kyungsoo breathed out, taking a moment to really register that he was currently being held in his brother’s arms, somewhere he wanted to be for as long as he could remember. Babu placed his hands on Kyungsoo’s legs sighing and closing his eyes temporarily.

“You’ll be okay Soo, it’ll get easier alright? The more used to it you get, the more bearable it becomes. Maybe further down the line we can try physiotherapy, although I’m not sure that it would work but don’t lock yourself away from the others you’ll only make it worse for yourself. Talk to the girl at least. She must care and be concerned if she had the guts to ring me, hmm?” He gave Kyungsoo’s leg a squeeze and rose up from the bed.

“Where are you going? Stay. Please.” Kyungsoo pouted, raising his arms up towards where his brother was stood.

“I can’t Soo, I have work tomorrow. Besides I have mum, a wife and a daughter to get home to, they’ll be wondering where I went when they wake up if I’m not there.” He walked slowly towards the door. “Please don’t shut yourself away Kyungsoo it’s the worst thing you can do for yourself. And get some sleep. You look like shit.” Both boys laughed as he closed the door behind him and left the house.

Y/N’s P.O.V.

Since Babu had visited, Kyungsoo’s mood had been a little better, he would still have his really off days and shut himself out occasionally, but he was definitely opening up much more than he had been before. It was 3PM now, and only you and Kyungsoo were at home watching TV.
You had all had a discussion in the board an hour earlier agreeing that, next week would be the week to take out Red and so some of the men had gone out to buy some supplies which may be needed for their ‘mission’ whilst others just simply went to chill out and have a little bit of time to themselves. The day had been running smoothly for the most part, Junmyeon had apologised for shouting at you the way he had when Babu had come and you were on civil terms with Chanyeol at the moment. But you realised that your talk with Jongin and Minseok was still pending, and you probably would have to prepare yourself for something more than just a talk with Yixing. But for now it was just you and Kyungsoo.
He had been fine up until he wanted a snack, since he couldn’t get up to reach the desired snack by himself, he became agitated and started regressing back to his behaviour from two weeks ago which was causing you to become quite restless, you honestly didn’t know how Baekhyun and Chanyeol could do it all the time. At this point, Kyungsoo wouldn’t stop complaining about every little thing and it was slowly driving you over the edge.

“Where’s Chanyeol and Baekhyun. They’re taking so long! What could they possibly doing right now, ugh! Damn it. Can’t you call them or something and see where they are? I’m sure it’s my toilet break soon and I –”
You stared up at Kyungsoo who went strangely quiet all of a sudden

“Umm…are you okay?” you asked

“Hmm? Yeah why wouldn’t I be?” He turned his face away from you and cleared his throat.

“You just got really quiet all of a sudden that’s all.” You turned your attention back to the TV. After a few seconds you began hearing a quiet but distinct splashing sound, frowning you looked around the room trying to locate where it was coming from. Your eyes widened and your face softened when you looked at Kyungsoo.

He had wet himself.

“Oh Kyungsoo.” You said sadly “Maybe we should go and clean you up, I can’t carry you up the stairs…but we can use the kitchen.”

“No! I’m capable you don’t need to.” He began wheeling himself out of the room.

“Kyungsoo no. Stop being so difficult I’m here to help you.” You pushed his chair into the kitchen.
Disappearing to his room you rummaged through his chest of draws, pulling out a fresh pair of underwear and a small black towel. Returning to the kitchen with the items in your hand you walked over to a angry looking Kyungsoo, who grabbed the towel and underwear out of your hands.

“I can do it myself!” He hissed “My legs are broken, not my fucking hands!”
You shook your head, you had never met anyone more stubborn than Kyungsoo and constantly battling with him was really taxing on the brain.

“Yes, I know that Kyungsoo, but you need to lift your legs in order to get your trousers and underwear off don’t you? Stop being so stubborn. It’ll be quicker if I do it anyway.” You grabbed the things back out of his hands. Kneeling on the floor you raised his legs so that they were resting on your lap.

“Y/N wait.” Kyungsoo whispered quickly. “I can’t… I don’t want you to see…”

You smiled at him as reassuringly as you could, trying to put him at ease. You understood why this was so hard for him, he must have been so humiliated by the whole situation.

“Kyungsoo look its okay, there’s no need to be uncomfortable. I’ll get it done quickly okay; I’m not going to comment on what I see. Don’t worry I can assure you I’m not sexually attracted to you, so there’s no pressure to impress.” You winked at him in a playful way and set about pulling his trousers and underwear down. He closed his eyes tightly, his face turning a bright red.

“Oh goodness.” He breathed, covering his manhood with his hands. “This is so embarrassing, you can’t tell the others. Please.”
You stood up walking over to the sink, slightly wetting the towel in your hand and bending back down in front of Kyungsoo.

“Trust me I won’t.” You set about cleaning Kyungsoo, who was keeping his eyes closed for the most part, until you were about to finish up, he opened his eyes staring down. His eyes widened in shock as he slapped your hand away.

“Why is that happening?!” He pointed at his growing manhood and was looking at you in confusion since you weren’t even reacting to how humiliating this situation was. “I’m not sexually attracted to you, I swear!”

“Relax Kyungsoo, it’s called a reflex erection, it just happens when you’ve had physical contact with something. The majority of paralysed men experience it. Its normal don’t get freaked out, it’s all natural. I think it’s got something to do with that part of your spinal cord not actually being damaged although don’t quote me on that I’m not a doctor, you’d have to ask Baekhyun. So if you want to have kids in the future this is good news right?” You laughed a little bit, picking up his underwear.

“Okay can we stop this now I’m getting really uncomfortable I fucking hate this.” His brows were furrowed together. You felt bad for him; you couldn’t imagine how mortified and dishonoured he must have been feeling at that precise moment in time.

“Kyungsoo it’s okay. I’ve finished now anyway.” You were just beginning to help him put on his underwear, when you heard some footsteps coming into the kitchen.

“What the fuck is going on?” It was Sehun; he was standing there looking at the both of you in shock and horror. The last person you needed to walk in on you changing Kyungsoo right now.

“No fuck! It’s not what it looks like. She’s just helping me.” Kyungsoo panicked, covering his member with his hands, whilst you quickly pulled his underwear up over it.

“What? helping you get stimulated?” Sehun began laughing out loud, supporting his tall body against the door frame. “Oi, Minseok! Come and see this! Y/N is trying it on with Soo!”
Shit why did the boys have to return now, you thought to yourself. You saw Minseok, peek his head around the corner and frown, withdrawing his head he disappeared around the corner again.

“Sehun, you asshole!” You hissed.

He laughed at you spitefully, squinting his eyes at you.
“I’m not stupid Y/N I know you were cleaning him up. But if I can use an unforeseen event to my advantage I will. I appreciate you looking after Kyungsoo that’s pretty cool. But like I’ve said before, Minseok is my best friend not yours, so the bigger I can make the gap between the two of you, the better.” He laughed at you spitefully and winked, turning on his heel and walking out of the kitchen.
You shook your head, standing up and pushing Kyungsoo’s chair into the living room, where Kris did the honours of carrying him up the stairs. You poked your head into the living room to see if Minseok was there but the only people you saw were Junmyeon and Jongdae.
Sighing you walked upstairs, fatigue kicking in a little. Your eyes widened when you saw Chanyeol walking out of your room and closing the door behind him.

“What were you doing in there.”

He jumped, turning around to look at you.

“Oh shit, you scared me.” He breathed, holding his hand to his chest. “Actually I just left a little thank you gift on your bed. For looking after Kyungsoo while me and Baekhyun were gone.
He grabbed your wrist, dragging you into the room. There was a box of your favourite chocolates sitting on your bed. You smiled up at him punching his shoulder lightly.

“You didn’t have to do that Chan.”

He smiled back at you. “I did. You deserved it. I’m sorry to have dumped Kyungsoo on you, but I just really needed a break, you know?” He stretched his arms out and shook his body a little.

“Dumped me? So I’m a burden?”
You and Chanyeol turned your heads quickly to the open door, to see an angry Kyungsoo looking up at the two of you in his wheelchair. “I came to say thanks, for helping to clean me up.” He laughed disbelievingly at the two of you shaking his head. “Do you know how embarrassing this is for me? I used to be the most independent person in this house and kept myself to myself, now I need help in wiping my own ass. You don’t think I want to end it all everyday!” He was shouting at the both of your furiously now.

“That’s not what he meant Kyungsoo; he’s just tired is all. Please stop you’re going back to that dark place again, you were doing so well.” Kyungsoo rolled his eyes and wheeled himself back to his room.

“Shit. I’d better go after him.” Chanyeol ran a hand through his hair in frustration and disappeared out of your room. You nodded at no one in particular, stepping outside of your room too looking down the corridor to where the two boys had gone off to, but instead you saw Minseok opening the door to his room. He looked down the corridor staring at you as well for a couple of seconds and then disappeared into his room. You found your feet carrying you to the direction of his room and your hand knocking on his door. Goodness, why were you here?

He opened the door slowly. Looking at you standing there for a while, he eventually stepped aside and let you in. You both stood there awkwardly and silently for a moment until you spoke up.

“I was not trying it on with Kyungsoo in the kitchen earlier; it wasn’t what it looked like.” You mentally face-palmed yourself, why were you justifying yourself to Minseok, you were still pissed off with him yet here you were trying to better a situation that you were not even in the wrong for.

“Are you sure?” He scoffed, looking at you in irritation and shaking his head.

“Yes I’m fucking sure! Why would I be trying it on with Kyungsoo, I was helping to clean him up, he wet himself!” You hissed, why were you allowing Minseok to rile you up, you couldn’t understand it.

Minseok sighed looking at you, his features softening slightly. “I know you weren’t trying it on with him Y/N. But it still made me angry seeing you do that for him.” It was your turn to scoff now, and you did it loud enough to make sure that Minseok heard you clearly.

“Angry?! Really Minseok?! What gives you the fucking right to be angry at me. I’m the one who should be angry at you, after you fucked that whore! Melanie was it?” You were trying to keep yourself from shouting, but at the moment you were not doing a very poor job.

“Y/N I’m so sorry, I did it to spite you. I promise it didn’t mean anything. I just wanted you stay away from me. Otherwise things would get too messy around here. I’m sorry, believe me I didn’t want to shut you out the way I did.” He pressed his body against yours, kissing you softly. Suddenly you could taste Minseok all over again and those unknown sparks that you had felt once before had returned to your stomach. But no, you weren’t going to fall into that trap again. Not today. You pushed him backwards away from you.

“No Minseok! This is not a fucking TV Drama. You don’t get to do that! You don’t get to kiss me and pretend it’s all okay, because it’s not!”

He started getting angry again. He drove his hand into the wall beside you. Old Minseok was making an appearance.

“This isn’t fucking love Y/N, you’re not my wife! So why do you care so much! It was only sex!”
Your breath hitched. Tears pooling in your eyes. He didn’t understand, why didn’t he understand?!   But then you thought hard about what he said and realised you were crying because he was right. No this wasn’t love, no you weren’t his wife or his girlfriend, so what he did with himself and whatever hole he stuck his manhood in either animate or inanimate didn’t concern you. Disappointed in yourself, you turned around and opened his door.

“Shit Y/N wait…” He grabbed onto your wrist, but you snatched it out of his grip.

“Get off me!” You hissed, walking away from his room.
You were tired, you needed some sleep.

You feel asleep for much longer than you had intended, crying yourself to sleep was a very effective technique apparently, maybe you would do it more often. Slipping down the stairs quietly you went to the kitchen to pour yourself a drink, taking extra care to be quiet, since you were sure the boys were all sleeping right now. You downed the Pineapple juice in one go, thinking of how you would tackle talking to Yixing when the time came to it. You sighed silently making your way to the bottom of the staircase when you heard a muffled sound coming from the board. Who was in there at this hour of the day? Your interest was piqued so you began walking slowly and quietly down the corridor. Halting outside the door you began frowning at what you were overhearing.

“…As for me I don’t really care what order you do it in. But he wants Baekhyun gone first. Make sure you do it.” The voice on the laptop screen said, your eyes widened in shock. What on earth was going on?

“How can I guarantee he won’t kill me when I’m done?” He asked the man on the screen, sitting back in his chair.

“I won’t let it come to that and…Who’s there?” The man on the screen pointed to you through the camera.

He spun around, eyes wide looking at you. You shook your head in disgust backing away from the board.

“I knew we couldn’t trust you.”

Also I guess this is kind of a well done shout out? to @spnishilarious who correctly guessed it was Babu for emotional support/comfort. You were literally spot on haha.

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BTS Criminals Au

The Rogue Protege

Namjoon was trained under the most prestigious secret agency and was the best but went rogue. Went under an alias to start an underground company. He recruits potential candidates and trains them to be mercenaries. They do not side with any country and do not abide the law; they work the grey matters. People from all backgrounds hire him; government officials to big criminals, so long as they can pay the fee.

The Blacklister

Jin swindled his father’s company from over billions of dollars and escaped. He stores them in multiple offshore bank accounts. Faked his own death so that he can control the grid from the outside. Started one of the biggest criminal empires underground. Made a pact with RapMon. He provides men to execute Jin’s rivals and in return, he would fund whatever they needed.

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When I re-watched this part, I just realized that : these guys want to “auction Mikasa to some perverted patron at the underground market of the capital” 
In year 844 ( when this event happened) Mikasa was about 9 years old
In year 850, Levi is about early 30s, which mean, in year 844, he was about 24 years old - that’s also mean he’s still a leader of underground criminals (about the same time before he met Erwin)

Sooo what if Eren and his father weren’t there to save Mikasa and they already sold her to some underground criminals? and one day those criminals had a conflict with Levi’s squad (Levi was notorious thug back then therefore everyone knows him) and Levi saved Mikasa from them??? 


(my english isn’t good so sorry guys and btw i’m drawing a doujinshi/ fanart/comic about Rivamika, hope u guys willsupport me in future! ) (❍ᴥ❍ʋ)

anonymous asked:

Can we see your guys Dadsona's?? Names, Likes and Dislikes, all that juicy info!

This is my dadsona Reece. He is an investigative reporter for a major media outlet in Maple Bay involving the criminal underground that goes on in the sleepy town. After moving there he rescued and adopted two kids while on an investigation. Their names are Hub(left) and Jesse(right)

Solving an investigation
his scarf collection
his kids being happy

Feeling left out on any information
when someone steals his scarfs
Being called Reece’s Pieces

That is my dadsona… Enjoy!! ~Reece

Top drawing done by @overlion Bottom drawing done by @chibi-knight


Few people understood the true power of Gavin Free, criminal madman extraordinaire.  Michael Jones, criminal slightly-less-madman extraordinaire, was one of those who did.

The Fakes’ Golden Boy had a reputation for something beyond recklessness, for absurd confidence, for such a devil-may-care attitude that no one would dare refuse him anything.  If anyone did, then there was a great chance that he’d take them down in an explosive kamikaze stunt out of nowhere.  Immediately.  While gasping in laughter like an out-of-breath hyena.  

That unchecked, lethal flamboyance was why the Golden Boy had the rest of the Fakes (and thus the rest of Los Santos) wrapped around his little finger.  Or, so thought the ignorant majority of Los Santos’ criminal underground.  

Michael had learned better very quickly–almost as soon as Gavin joined the Fakes.  While it was true that Gavin was as likely to run someone over with his Aston Martin du jour as he was to flirt with them, it wasn’t really the threat of death that gave Gavin his power.  Turns out, actually, that it was the opposite.  Michael would eat a grenade before admitting it, but it was the promise of living –the appeal of really, truly feeling alive, that won Gavin his power over others– Michael Jones included.

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Chapter 1

(Banner made by the loveliest @harry-nofookingway-styles)

Harry X OFC (AU)

In which Melody is reacquainted with an old classmate named Harry, and must keep afloat in the violent, criminal lifestyles of an underground boxer.

Read previous parts here.

Author’s note: Hello!! This is the first chapter, obviously. I hope you guys are as excited as I am. I have a whirlwind of adventures in store for these two and for all of you! I’d love to hear the thoughts you had while reading, your predictions, what you think of the characters, etc. Any feedback is always welcome. :) Enjoy!!

Melody hadn’t been to the sketchy side of the city since her very first semester of college, when she was just wandering and ended up passing by a couple of men with guns tucked into the waistbands of their pants. That was why she felt so apprehensive when the address Cooper asked her to meet him at was in the center of that part of town. She almost didn’t show up.

When she was asked out, Melody assumed the date would be out to dinner, or even to the movies, like a normal date. But there was no movie theater where she was headed, and nine o'clock at night seemed a bit late for dinner. Cooper had texted her to “dress casual” along with the mysterious address. When she tried to search the place on Google, nothing had come up except for an abandoned warehouse. She made sure a couple of friends knew where she was going before she left her flat.

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Damian Wayne/ Robin X Reader- The Next Bruce Lee (Part 2)

Part 1

Warning: Descriptions of injuries, swearing

Groaning, you slapped your hand on your face, rubbing the sleep out of your eyes.  You frowned when you felt bandages attached to your face.  Sitting up slightly, you threw the blanket covering you off, shocked to find more bandages covering your body.  Looking around the room, you noticed that you weren’t in your room, not even in Pete’s or the recovery room where badly injured fighters usually go.  The room was very formal for your taste, which confused you even more.  Hissing in pain, you sat up even more, agitating your wounds. 

“What the hell happened?” you asked yourself, rubbing your temples.

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anonymous asked:

What do you love the most about Erwin?

Dear Anon, I’ve had your ask in my in box for weeks (months?) now, but I haven’t been ignoring it, quite the opposite.  I’ve been hoarding it like treasure. Every so often I take it out and admire it, then I put it back in the box to keep it safe, because it’s precious and to be honest I hardly know where to start with this. However you deserve an answer so let me try.  

Apart from the obvious, ahem, aesthetic appeal, I am in awe of Erwin’s vision. He has an unnerving ability to look past the obvious, the superficial, to see the potential that most people are unwilling to see and don’t even bother looking for. He did it with the Survey Corps, he did it with Levi, with Eren, with Hanji and Historia.  Without Erwin’s vision, without his belief, the Survey Corps would have been decimated long before Shiganshina, the corrupt nobility wouldn’t have been overthrown, Hanji wouldn’t have become the 14th Commander, Historia would never have taken the throne, Levi would have remained a petty criminal in the Underground and Eren would have ended up as so much meat on the autopsy table.  By any measure, that’s an impressive record for just one man. Levi wasn’t wrong when he said that Erwin is gazing up at something he can’t even see.

But vision is something you admire rather than love so the things I love most about Erwin are his self less courage, his humility and his enduring humanity.  

By courage I don’t just mean his unfailing willingness to lead from the front and put himself directly in the line of fire. I mean the courage to make the hard decisions that every military commander has to make, the decisions that send soldiers, comrades and friends to their death; the courage to keep making those decisions over and over and over again, even though every death weighs heavily on his conscience and the guilt keeps dragging him down. Erwin just shoulders the despair and keeps on going, that’s what military commanders do, and its only at the bitter end that we see that toll that it takes on him as a man.

Perhaps the most astonishing thing is that Erwin does all this without the slightest question or complaint.  There is not an arrogant bone in Erwin’s body. He is willing to play the role required of him; to be the monster, the devil, the fraud.  The commander with the heart of stone who sends men to their death without even blinking.  And it’s only when he finally breaks that we see that beneath the implacable façade he is still just a man.  A man who hurts and bleeds like every other man.  A man who underneath it all is still just the child haunted by his father’s death.  

And that’s really what I love most of all about Erwin, after all the war and guilt and sacrifice, he never looses his humanity. Every death touches him, every face is etched in his memory, but he still has the ability to connect to those he loves and respects.  He never looses the capacity to love. Right at the bitter end he is still able to open his heart to Levi and lay it all before him.  And if that’s not a reason to love the man then I don’t know what is.

There is poem that was often quoted in my previous Age of Sail fandom, Kipling’s The Song of the Dead, and though I’m no fan if Kipling, there is a line in it that always makes me think of Erwin

If blood be the price of admiralty,
    Lord God, we have paid in full.

Erwin certainly paid the price in full, but he never lost his humanity, and that dear Anon, is what I love about him the most.

Ooooo this one started really strong but then a serious cold and a bottle of NyQuil happened.  Brain not work good now on pretty pictures. 

But I always wished the Rebels/smuggler/the underground criminal element was explored more and with a touch more uh … grit.  I mean, I know it won’t (save for GMs running “Edge of the Empire” games) cuz Star Wars ain’t Bebop or Firefly but .. eh.  I can dream.

cw: smoking

artist: @badgertastical

Catch Me If I Fall - Dino Angst/Fluff (Gang!AU)

Originally posted by jeonwuu

Request: Okay so I got this idea but I’m not very good at writing! Can you do like a gang AU? With maybe either Jun or Dino? (Whoever you would think would be more protective) And just have a rival gang someone try to take the reader or hurt her and they will just be hella protective and make it angsty? (Its okay if you don’t do this kind of thing)

Word Count: 2898

Genre: Angst and Fluff

Member/ Group: Lee Chan (Dino) of SEVENTEEN

Warnings: Mentions of rape, violence, and death

A/N: Part 2? Tell me if you guys want it. EDIT: You guys asked, I answered. Part two is on my masterlist for all of you that sent me messages requesting it!

 Curls of smoke rose into the air and disappeared into the atmosphere. Fourteen chairs were lined against the wall and wrappers littered the entirety of the room. Each chair was occupied by a warm body, except for two. A man with a fierce expression let out a breathy sigh before tossing his cigarette onto the dirty, cracked floor. 

 “Where is he? He said he would be here an hour ago, that fucking liar…”

 “Coups! Calm your tits, bro. He’s bringing the lady today, so he probably got caught in traffic from wherever she lives. Just lay off his case a bit.”

 When anybody decided to join the ruthless gang that simply went by ‘SEVENTEEN’, their name became a secret. They would choose a nickname to go by in case the cops ever caught up with them, though a few brave souls just went by their real ones. Each member never pried for the other’s real names, because the unspoken rule was always that ‘if what we’re doing is a secret, our identities should be too.’

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My OC Esther and my boyfriend @rhyz-w1nz​ ‘s OC Oli for the To Belong series by @thenamelessdoll​ ^o^ I recently wrote a fic of these two for a contest and it was super fun!!
Esther shifts into a snow leopard, and Oli shifts into a stoat. I wish I could draw animals better :X
Some other details about them under the cut!

Support To Belong on Kickstarter [link] to help it become a fully 2D-animated series! 

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Arrow 5x18 “Disband” - What We Know What We Hope

What We Know

Extended Promo


OLIVER CALLS ON THE BRATVA FOR HELP — Diggle (David Ramsey) and Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) are shocked by Oliver’s (Stephen Amell) decision to call on the Bratva to help take down Prometheus (Josh Segurra). Concerned the Bratva may overstep, Diggle has a hard conversation with Oliver about what happens if things go south. Meanwhile, Felicity learns something shocking at Helix.

Promo Stills

Cast on IMDB

This list is missing at least Carly Pope. Probably Willa Holand is only to be credtited without appearing.


Rebecca Bellotto

She co-wrote 4x16 “Broken hearts”

Originally posted by oliver-and-felicity

Originally posted by yet-i-remain-quiet

Originally posted by almeidalea01

It was painful but so Olicity perfect even if was a second break up. I have high hopes that there is going to be some Olicity tidbit in 5x18, one that would make me feel things are evolving to it’s final solution, the adult talk… the Olicity back on my screen.

What We Expect

After 5x17 Oliver Queen reacts. He’s up for vengeance against Adrian and he reaches for Darkness to fight Darkness. He turns to BRATVA to finish Adrian off.

At this point I don’t know if Oliver is BRATVA anymore, not because of the tattoo having disappear but for Oliver’s betrayal on Season 2, the same betrayal that earn him Anatoly less than friendly welcome in Russia. And then again during that Russian episode BRATVA and Oliver finished up on friendly terms with Anatoly expecting to pay a visit to Star City. At the time Oliver didn’t like it, now it’s Oliver that calls them.

Star City Mayor calls the BRATVA to kill the psychotic killer that is the Star City DA.

Originally posted by miss-sparkle-bottom

I’m pretty sure it’s the first time a Mayor calls in a Criminal Organization to his City. We know what Oliver wants from BRATVA but in exchange BRATVA is going to want something from Oliver. There’s something in Star City that BRATVA wants… a weapon? Just to take over criminal underground with Mayor support?

What I know is Oliver is willing to pay the price.

IMO it’s all worth it as we get to watch Anatoly in Star City, inside the Arrow Bunker even, and, if I’m seeing this right, working with Spartan, Canary/Dinah and Wild Dog (it looks like him standing very still on the staircase in the Promo - I maybe wrong though) this is going to be fun.

BRATVA is going to create all kind of havoc, and the Team will tackle them. Double fun.

Originally posted by etudiant-en-ph2

Oliver is going after Adrian. As Mayor he takes his day job very serious too and Quentin seems not to shy away from Adrian. You have to love Quentin.

Originally posted by heckyeahreactiongifs

On his offtime Oliver takes the other mask

and goes after Adrian. It’s going to be another epic fight Oliver wearing the mask this time

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

hoping that’s why Adrian has his arm hurt. I would much rather it would be from the fight with Oliver than by the limo being ramed over by a truck

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

Oliver IMO is going to take every step he can to keep the ones he cares about safe - the Team, Diggle, Felicity, and (yes) Susan.

Thing is Diggle doesn’t look like he’s allowing BRATVA to take the lead and gain any control over Star City; or Adrian to manipulate Oliver into playing at his level… and Diggle is going to get punched.

(Mary Tagus GIF)

Felicity is just going to work on her own angle, taking advantage of her expertise, skills and Helix. But her purpose her drive is the same, Adrian.

Oliver just wants her far away from Adrian, Helix gives him that in a away. Even if I do think Adrian is in some way connected with Helix (as he was the one driving Felicity to it) Oliver and Felicity don’t seem to be aware of that (they could but I don’t think they do). She’s going to find something bad about Helix, something that should give her pause but it won’t because, like Oliver, she’s willing to pay the price to take Adrian down.

Originally posted by welovevampires

Random thoughts

I’m ready for Oliver to fight and beat Adrian. Both as Mayor and as Arrow. Resigning is not really a good place for anyone to stay, especially a hero so I’m happy Oliver is reacting and fighting.

Protecting the people he loves is so ingrained in Oliver I can understand he wants The Team far from the fight but… punching Diggle?

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

I’m think Adrian is going to be taken by surprise by Oliver’s move. I dare venture that after extracting Oliver’s confession Adrian thought Oliver would be on the brink of suicide. Guess what…

Originally posted by cuong205a

…the game isn’t over and your opponent is not in Checkmate anymore.

About Olicity the Synopsis mentions something on the lines of Felicity not agreeing with Oliver calling BRATVA. That part is missing from stills and promo and I’m thinking that it’s missing because of it’s goodness…

Originally posted by cybertronicvagrant

…it can be a fight, a discussion but as long as there’s emotions, sparks flying and personal space invasion, I’m good.

You know how much I dislike having Susan face on my dash and I seriously consider *redacting* those stills but then I saw her face and she doesn’t look happy, opposite Oliver that is all so attentive but not really giving a damn… I think the moment as finally come

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

I don’t think this episode is going to be a happy Arrow episode (when did we ever had one?!?) it will be dark. Not as dark as last week but dark. 

Oliver is not okay (how could he) and it shows. It looks like he’s not listening to his friends and he’s going to tackle things without a pause to consider Diggle and Felicity objections. That’s not Oliver, That’s not the Oliver we know. He’s being driven by a need for revenge and willing to pay the price no matter how high… that can never end well.

Felicity is not okay (how could she) and it shows. The wedge between Oliver and Felicity is increasing as she also get’s to be driven by the need for revenge, taking a different path the purpose is the same as Oliver, she’s willing to pay the price I’m guessing a price higher than she ever expected,… that can never end well.

But I do think we will have an Olicity moment. A small bit of light shining on the dark… it’s enough for me, after pitch night even the light of a small candle feels like the Sun.

Originally posted by v-lucas

Why do I think we will have an Olicity moment? Because last episode was so unbalanced, last episode was pure Dark, pure Oliver; the writers need to get back on balanced ground with all their storylines moving forward. And Olicity is a key storyline.

I’m excited for the episode. I can only see things progressing and Oliver will grow and be different and Felicity will go down her path and also be different. And that’s why I love them, they evolve, they develop… 

Originally posted by andreafornaro

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because I am a sucker for identity reveals and I just had to read a post in which @skygemspeaks mentions identity reveal and Tsuna in the same sentence and I am completely gone. why do most of the identity reveal fics in the KHR fandom have to be via school field trip or school reunion anyway?

so I just need to vent the little AU idea for an identity reveal of Tsuna I had, shamelessly borrowing elements form Sky’s YOI Retirement/Identity Reveal AU

Warning: so cracky, so ridiculous

background setting: a couple of years after Tsuna becomes Decimo, he opens up a camp/school of sorts where mafia-born children get to learn new things in a safe environment away from the pressure of the mafia. all the subjects are ordinary subjects that are removed from the criminal underground, and aren’t core classes like the ones taught at the mafia school that already exists. like arts, music, dancing, cooking, etc.. (subjects the traditional mafia families never considered to teach their children).

- the small group consisting of around 15 or so mafia-born students who take the baking course are happy with their cute, sweet instructor, Tsuna-sensei, and his nice (if sometimes creepy) assistant, Chrome-san.

- even if the two look too young to be actually teaching, they have the skill needed. 

- some of their class’ highlights are when Tsuna-sensei’s mother, Rebo-sama, who has cute curly sideburns, looks too young to have a son Tsuna-sensei’s age, and is a harsh taskmaster, comes to visit.

- the students expected some disapproval from their parents for their choice in classes (bakery over, say, knife-wielding) but the parents are actually urging them to do their best. surprising, true, but they put it out of their minds.

- the students are out on a cafe touring field trip with their teachers when The Reveal happens.

- it’s not even an attack from a rival famiglia or anything, no.

- the Varia pop up, cursing Tsuna as they call him by the name ‘baby boss’

- a.k.a the name everyone knows the Varia use to refer to the Vongola Decimo.

- while the students are freaking out over the revelation that Tsuna is Vongola Decimo and Chrome is one of his mist guardians, Tsuna is exasperated as he extracts what’s happening from the Varia. 

- apparently, Tsuna’s guardians didn’t know that he was going out with his class and going to be gone longer than usual and freaked out which prompted Reborn to send the Varia out to keep an eye on Tsuna.

- “Goddammit, Reborn! You were the one who was supposed to tell my guardians that I’ll be out longer today!”

- “but wait, if Tsuna-sensei is Vongola Decimo and Chrome-san is one of his mist guardians, then who is Rebo-sama?”

- “why does NO ONE recognize Reborn?!” “it’s because I’m a master of disguise, Dame-Tsuna.”

- why is Tsuna teaching baking? “I want to be a productive member of society.” “You just want to run away from the paperwork.”

Journey to the Past (Anastasia AU with Jason Todd)

Prologue | Journey to the Past | Once Upon A December | In the Dark of the Night | Trainwreck | If I Can Learn To Do It | The Nightmare | The Interview | The Ballet | The Reunion | The Reward | At the Beginning

Tagging: @noctem-vincere, @cait-writes-stuff, @avengerdragoness, @kamuithedragonlord, @birbs-and-the-bat, @hey-haylee

Roy walked the crowded streets of St Petersburg. Men and women were heading to work at their various jobs. Everyone was trudging with dread on this cold Russian morning. No one had thought they would be worse off after the Revolution, but here they were. The only bright spot in their day was the gossip that changed hands like currency.

The most popular rumor was that one of the Grand Duchesses had survived the massacre. No one was quite sure where this rumor started or why it thrived, but the idea that a little girl escaped the brutality and was still alive gave them the hope they needed to face their workloads.

He ducked through an obscure doorway and headed down the long alley that led to the black market. A bizarre bazaar filled with fakes and frauds, it was a bright spot for the underbelly in St Petersburg. When you think of the underground and criminals, you generally think of a mean and nasty sort of ruthless, but the people who sold in this market were mostly just good people down on their luck and hoping to earn some extra money for their families. Of course, there were some thugs and lowlifes, make no mistake, but you mostly find smiles lining the small courtyard.

Roy stopped to look at a booth selling what they claimed to be clothing from the palace. He heard almost as many names dropped in one minute as the amount of rubles they were charging for one raggedy pair of long johns. He paused to buy a fur cloak when he felt a hand clamp down on his shoulder.

“Today’s the day, Roy. We are going to find our duchess and we getting out of this horrible country.” Jay said in Roy’s ear as he steered him towards the stairs. They climbed to the tiny room they had claimed and gathered their things.

“You really think we can find someone, Jaybird?” Roy said as he stuffed things in his carpetbag.

“You kidding? What girl doesn’t want to be a princess?” Jason said as he closed his bag and turned to Roy. “Time to leave here forever.”

“I’m gonna miss it here. We came up with some good schemes in this room.” Roy sighed as he scanned the now mostly empty room. A commotion downstairs took both of them by surprise. The police had found the market and it sounded as though they were tearing the place apart.

“Well, you can reminisce later. Right now we have to leave. Like five minutes ago.” Jason said as he threw open the shutters and stepped out onto the roof. He and Roy slid down the slanted roof and lept to the ground. The snow cushioned their fall and they made tracks away from the building. They managed to make it out without being caught and they headed towards the theater.

As they were entering auditorium, the person they were searching for was leaving her home.

“I got you a job in the fish factory.” The matron in charge of the orphanage told Y/N. ”You go straight down this path until you get to the fork in the road. Go left-”

“Goodbye! Goodbye, everybody! Take care of each other!” She shouted to the waving children.

“Are you even listening?” The matron cried out in irritation.

“I’m listening, Comrade Gunn.” Y/N sighed as she looked at the older woman in front of her.

“You have been a thorn in my side since you were brought here, acting like the Queen of Sheba instead of the nameless no account you are!” Ma Gunn said as she grabbed the scarf around Y/N’s neck. She used it to pull her towards the gate. She dropped her grip on the scarf as she unlocked the gate. “For the last ten years, I have fed you. I’ve clothed you. I’ve-”

“Kept a roof over my head.” Y/N finished. Ma sputtered and turned to face her.

“How is it you don’t have a clue of who you were before you came to us, but you can remember all that?” She demanded. This girl was getting on every last one of her nerves.

“Well, I do have a clue to-” Y/N said as she lifted the necklace from underneath her shirt.

“Ack! I know.” Ma Gunn said as she grabbed the pendant. “Together in Paris. So, you want to go to France to find family, huh?”

Y/N nodded enthusiastically. It was all she had ever wanted for as long as she could remember.

“Ah, little Miss Y/N. It is time to take your place in life. In life and in line. And be grateful too!” She cried as she slammed the gate after Y/N. “Together in Paris!” She called mockingly in farewell. She laughed and coughed before walking back into her home.

Y/N glared after her before making her way down the path. “Be grateful, Y/N.” She mocked Ma’s posture and voice.

“I am grateful. Grateful to get away!” She cried out. “Go left, she says. Well, I know what is to the left. I’ll be Y/N the orphan forever.” Y/N said as she looked down the road.

“But if I go right, maybe I could find….” She said as she started walking. She paused and examined her necklace again. “Whoever gave me this must have loved me.”

“This is crazy. Me? Go to Paris?” She said as she moved back to the fork in the road. “Send me a sign! A hint? Anything?” Y/N cried out, looking to the sky as though she would find what she was looking for there. She stood there for several seconds, hoping something would happen.

Suddenly, she was knocked off her feet by a large black mass. It climbed on top of her and licked her face.

“Hey, get off me! I don’t have time for this! I am waiting for a sign.” Y/N said as she pushed the big dog off of her. He bounded up and ran down the road to St Petersburg before running back to her.

“Oh, great. A dog wants me to go to St Petersburg.” Y/N groaned as she got up. She gasped as she realized this may have been the sign she asked for. “Okay. I can take a hint.” She said as she followed the dog down the path.

She paused for a moment, feeling the anxiety and doubt well up inside her, before she continued down the path to St. Petersburg and her future.

5 True Crime-y Movies I love that no one has heard of

The Cell - A serial killer is found comatose, with his last victim still alive but being held in a slowly filling water tank at an unknown location. To find her, the police enlist a psychologist who has a machine enabling her to go inside the killer’s mind. The art direction is the best thing about this movie, provided by the late Eiko Ishioka.

Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer - Based loosely on Henry Lee Lucas and Otis Toole, a pair of convicts go on a killing spree. Things get complicated when Otis’ sister comes to stay with them, and she becomes smitten with Henry. Gruesome, bleak, and violent, this is the most realistic depiction of a serial killer I’ve ever seen.

Dark City - A man wakes up in a hotel room’s bathtub with no memory of who he is or how he got there. His doctor calls to tell him there are people looking for him and he must run, but the call is interrupted when the man finds the mutilated corpse of a prostitute next to his bed. Make sure to watch the director’s cut; the theatrical version spoils the twist in the first few minutes. There’s a sci fi element to it as well as crime noir, but that’s what makes it so unique.

M - In pre-Nazi Germany, a child killer terrorizes a city. When the police are unable to catch him, the city’s criminal underground takes matters into their own hands. It’s black and white, all the dialogue’s in German, and it has no musical score, because it was made in 1931, but it’s the movie that made horror icon Peter Lorre famous and boy is it good. Can be found in HD on YouTube, since it’s now in the public domain.

Martin - Young Martin has come to stay with his elderly, superstitious cousin, who insists Martin is a vampire. The cousin’s granddaughter doesn’t believe it, of course, but then she didn’t see him break into the cabin of a woman on the train, drug her, slit her wrist with a razor, and drink her blood. Is Martin really a creature of the night, or is he just sick? Extremely low budget film from 1978 made by none other than George Romero is virtually impossible to find on DVD, but several versions are on YouTube in varying degrees of low quality (and aspect ratio). Still worth it if you can stand the horribly ugly 70’s decor.