criminal minds season 7


Spencer Reid + #someone please tell him that life isn’t a photoshoot

Season 7 Episode 1 - It Takes A Village
  • Reid: A young boy's life was at stake, I ran the probability of his survival and it wasn't good. If you want to punish me for taking a risk then I encourage you to do that, but do not put the rest of my team on trial for something that I suggested.
  • Crammer: Calm down agent!
  • Reid: This IS calm and it's Doctor!
  • JJ: Everything looks like it’s password protected so you might not even be able to- you’re in already, aren’t you?
  • Garcia: Password was ‘Cullen’.
  • JJ: Of course
  • Reid: Colon?
  • JJ: Cullen. The vampire family from Twilight?
  • Reid: What's Twilight?
  • JJ: Do you ever read anything other than technical books?
  • Reid: Not much in English.