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Criminal Minds Rewatch Thought #23

Pretty sure that “Minimal Loss” completely solidified Reid and Prentiss’ friendship.

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I’m Aaron Hotchner. Unit Chief, and I’m the guy that will tell the Attorney General of the United States whether to charge you with obstruction of a federal justice or negligence of homicide.

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SSA Aaron Hotchner { Criminal Minds 4x9 “Minimal Loss”}

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Now, during my re-watching hours of Criminal Minds, I pay close attention to characters.

Not that before season 3 I was not able to discern who Emily Prentiss is and of what material she is made, but somehow the 4x03  ˝Minimal loss˝ episode kinda put that final brick on the build of her character. For some reason, this was THE episode which showed me just how strong, determined, unwavering and resilient she was. And ready to sacrifice her self…