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One line promts
  1. “I trusted you!”
  2. “Please, just don’t leave me”
  3. “Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?”
  4. “I almost lost you”
  5. “I’d wait forever, as long as I could be with you in the end”
  6. “I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice.”
  7. “Just, do one last thing. Kiss me”
  8. “Hey, I’m with you okay? Always”
  9. “We need to talk”
  10. “Are you jealous”
  11. “Have I entered an alternate universe or did you really just crack a smile for me?”
  12. “Promise me”
  13. “I thought you loved me”
  14. “You don’t have any right to say that”
  15. “I swear it was an accident.”
  16. “You’re the only one I trust to do this”
  17. “You think you’re the only one that’s suffering here?”
  18. “Just do it!”
  19. “It looks good on you”
  20. “I thought you were dead”
  21. “It’s not what it looks like…”
  22. “I think I’m in love with you, and I’m terrified”
  23. “Have you lost your damn mind!?”
  24. “Maybe you weren’t worth the effort”
  25. “Are you sure about that?”
  26. “Just say it, once more”
  27. “You fainted…straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go  to such extremes..
  28. “No one has ever made me feel more special than you have”
  29. “Stop complaining, you know you love it”
  30. “Will you just accept that I am hopelessly in love with you, and there’s nothing you can do that will change that”
  31. “I’ll get you back for that”
  32. “I can’t believe we’re actually doing this”
  33. “There’s something I need to tell you”
  34. “This is without a doubt the stupidest plan you’ve ever had. Of course I’m in.”
  35. “Who did this to you?”
  36. “Why is it always you?”
  37. “I can’t believe you talked me into this.”
  38. “I told you this would happen”
  39. “It’s not my fault!”
  40. “I didn’t do it!”
  41. “Why are you looking at me like that?”
  42. “Looks like we’ll be trapped for a while…”
  43. “Just shut up and kiss me”
  44. “That’s it, I can’t do this anymore”
  45. “I hate you so much”
  46. “Because I love you god damn it!”
  47. “If you die, I’m gonna kill you.”
  48. “We’re getting too old for this” 
  49. “You’re not who I thought you were”

Please send in the number of the line you want, a fandom and a character. I will write a drabble based on that line then! 

Insperation from @alpha-imagines xx

Eyes Up

Anonymous request: Reader is new to the BAU and catches Reid and Morgan staring at her.

Originally posted by prettyboyspence

I was admittedly pretty nervous. The BAU, this elite team of profilers, was my dream job, and I was having a little trouble adjusting to the fact that I’d actually made it. 

My first day there, I found myself across the desk from a severe-looking man named Aaron Hotchner, who was my new boss. I briefly wondered if he always looked so angry.

“Alright, looks like everything here is in order,” he said. “You can follow me down to meet the team.” I nodded and nervously followed him outside and down a set of stairs to a space filled with desks, where various members of what I assumed was to be my new team were sitting. 

“Everyone,” Hotchner called. They all looked up, appearing curious and inquisitive. “This is Agent (Y/F/N) (Y/L/N), she’s the newest member of our team.” I received a chorus of greetings as Hotchner led me to an empty desk. 

“This one will be yours,” he said. “Right across from you is Dr.Spencer Reid.” I smiled at the tall, lanky man with curly hair and pretty eyes. He just waved at me. 

“Over there,” Hotchner continued, prompting me to turn and look in the direction he pointed me, “we have Agents Derek Morgan, David Rossi, and Jennifer Jareau, or JJ. You know where to find me, you can call me Hotch. Also, you’ll meet our technical analyst soon, her name is Penelope Garcia. Any questions?” 

I shook my head, and he nodded, giving me a small, strained smile. 

“Alright, well, I’ll let you get settled in, then.” 

He left and I turned to my desk. 

“Hi,” I heard from behind me. I turned to see the pretty blonde he’d called JJ, and smiled at her. 

“Hi,” I said. 

“It’s really nice to meet you, I’m JJ.” I nodded and shook her hand. 

“(Y/N),” I replied. 

As I began to put things away, I caught Spencer Reid’s eye. 

“Why aren’t you ‘Agent Reid’?” I asked. 

“Because I have three PhD’s,” he said nonchalantly. I stared at him for a second, and then silently moved on. 

Later than afternoon, I was nearly finished setting up my desk, when I dropped a container of pens on the floor. I reached down, picking them up one by one, which took longer than I had thought it was going to, since the pens had rolled under the chair. When I straightened up, I glanced around to find Derek Morgan standing beside Dr. Reid, both of them with their eyes trained on me.I nervously looked down, fearful that something was amiss, but I heard a laugh behind me and turned to find David Rossi, looking at me with sparkling eyes. 

“Don’t worry, kid,” he chuckled. “Those two are only staring because you’re something worth looking at.” He winked as he clapped me lightly on the shoulder. 

“They act like they’ve never seen a beautiful woman before.” 

He laughed and walked away. When I looked back at Spencer and Derek, I found that Morgan had turned away, while Spencer just stood there, his cheeks pink, looking embarrassed. 

I smiled at him, which he returned, and I wondered what my time at the BAU was going to bring. 

Probably something very good, I decided as I settled back at my desk across from Spencer. 

anonymous asked:

Demeanor was amazing. I love your writing. Will there be a part two?

I am so glad that you are enjoying everything!…and yes, there will be!  Right now.  Here is the last part of Demeanor, comin’ ‘atcha!

(Part 1)

“Y/N?  It’s for you.”

Turning your head to the nurse, tears of joy still streaming down your face as your heart aches to be parted from your little boy, you pull your hands out of the plastic gloves attached to the box that held your beautiful child as you step over to the nurse’s desk, holding the receiver to your ear as you swallow hard.

“This is Y/N,” you respond.

“Y/L/N,” came Hotch’s stern voice.

Clenching your jaw as silence drapes itself over the conversation, you hear him take a deep breath on the other end of the line as he asks, “How long will you be gone?”

“They say he-…my son…”

Smiling at the phrase as the nurse shoots you a faint grin, you clear your throat as you continue.

“They say he will at least need a 4 week stay in the NICU here in Michigan, and then I’m free to bring him home.”

You ended up choking up a little on the word “home.”

“I’m sending Reid up there to help with anything.  You’ll need to purchase items before you bring him home, and I want someone there that has a level head,” Hotch says.

Nodding slowly, you take in a deep breath.

“Yes, sir,” you reply.

“And Y/N?” Hotch asks.

“Yes, boss?” you respond.

“Congratulations,” he says.


With Spencer already on the road to you in one of the SUV’s, Hotch turns to J.J. as they both take a deep breath.

“She’ll be a single mother…” Hotch trails off.

“She’ll be needing a lot of things…” J.J. offers up.

As the team stands around looking at each other, Garcia finally pipes up with what everyone’s thinking.

“How much can everyone afford to spend?”

“Rossi and I can go get into her apartment and clean out a room for a nursery,” Morgan offers.

“And I can go paint shopping for some colors,” Hotch offers.

“I’ve got a lot of stuff from Henry’s baby days, clothes and a swing and a crib set,” J.J. offers.

“Oh, I’ve probably got some stuff in boxes as well,” Hotch jumps in.

“Well what about diapers?  I could get her some diapers,” Prentiss jumps in.

“Oh!  And would she rather do formula or breast-milk?” J.J. asks.

“I have connections to a hospital downtown where I do volunteer work!” Garcia squeals, “Maybe they can point me in the right direction for some breast-milk!”

“Won’t she need a deep freezer?” Morgan asks.

“I’ve got a spare if she doesn’t,” Rossi offers.

And as the team begins to walk as a group towards the elevators, discussing colors for the nursery and whether or not a rocking chair would be suitable for your supposed parenting style, they all gather in the elevator as Hotch’s cell phone vibrates on his hip.

Furrowing his brow as he opens his phone, a huge smile spreads across his face as his eyes begin to glisten with tears.

“She’s gonna be a wonderful mother,” he whispers, turning the picture of the tiny child you had sent to him around for the rest of the team to see.


Standing there as you watch your child sleep for the 8th time that day, you feel your own eyes begin to droop as a nurse comes and puts her hand on your shoulder.

“Why don’t you go find yourself a room for the night?” she coos.

“No, no,” you breathe, yawning as you shake your head, “I can’t leave him.”

“Sweetheart…” the nurse urges.

“Please,” you whisper, whipping your head towards her as your eyes well with tears, “please don’t make me leave him.”

Nodding slowly as she gives you a weak smile, you watch her leave just as a familiar face pokes itself around the corner.


Feeling a smile creep across your face as he props a box up under his arm, you stroke your son’s small cheek one last time before slowly walking over to him, stepping out of the way of the door-frame.

“Reid,” you breathe as you wrap your arms around his neck, “w-w…what are you doing here?” you ask.

“I’ve been tasked with watching over you until you and your son get home,” he says, grinning from ear to ear.

As your eyes move from his face to the box under his arm, he holds it out for you before he sets it on the ground.

“I was talking with the woman in the store,” he says as he pats the top of the box, “and she said that this was the safest car-seat/stroller combination for a newborn.”

Feeling tears well in your eyes as you place your hand on top of the box, you watch as Spencer holds his hand out in front of you.

“If you give me your keys, I can go find your car and install the base of the car-seat.”

And as you feel a smile creep across your face…a genuine smile that had been buried for far too long…you look back up at Spencer as you unclip your keys from your belt loop, handing him the carabiner of metal as he bends down and places a chaste kiss on the top of your head.

“I’ve missed that smile,” he whispers, catching your gaze one more time before be picks up the box under his arm, strutting himself down the hallway as you watch him fall into the background.


Three weeks had passed and Spencer was fraught with updates.  He had finally convinced you to find a hotel room during your stay after the rest of the parents had complained about a particular odor coming from your corner of the room.

Spencer had taken you thrift shopping for a few outfits, as well as driving you to the store for some cheap toiletries and some snacks for the weekly hotel room you were renting out.

You spent all of your free-time at the hospital, witnessing the first time your son opened his eyes, locking his stare onto you as your hand caressed his cheek.

You felt the first time he wrapped his petite, spindly hand around your finger as you smiled down at him, your heart aching for his touch as you tickled his stomach.

You even jumped at the opportunity when he made his first sound.

“Spencer!” you had yelled, running over to the rocking chair where he was asleep, “Spencer!  Wake up!”

“Huh?  What…what’s wrong?” he asks, his dazed gaze whipping around the room as you cup his face in your hands.

“He squeaked!” you squeal.

“Oh my god, really!?” Spencer exclaimed, jumping out of the chair as he dashed over to the now-bassinet that your little one had been transferred to.

And as Spencer’s large fingers danced over your son’s belly, his eyes opened as he squeaked.

“Oh my goooooood…” Spencer coo’d, tears rushing to his own eyes as he gazes down lovingly at the little child in the bassinet.

And as the two of you stare down at the child, whose lungs had grown and whose skin had filled out, the nurse comes up behind you as she pats you on the shoulder.

“Do you want to hold him?”

Shooting your gaze around to her, your jaw unhinging as your hands begin to shake, you nod your head as she smiles, dipping her arms into the bassinet as she picks up your son, swaddled close in the blankets that Spencer had purchased a week ago as she descends his little body into your arms.

Feeling a rush of emotions as tears begin to pour down your face, your jaw begins to tremble as you feel Spencer set his hands down on your shoulders, peering over the top of your head as you bring the little boy’s face to your own, puckering your lips and kissing his forehead.

“My little Daniel…” you whisper.

“Ah, so we have a name,” the nurse says, rummaging around for a pen as she grabs some blank paperwork for his birth certificate.

“Hit me,” she says.

“Daniel,” you choke out, “Daniel Jackson.”

“And the last name…?” she asks.

Pausing as you furrow your brow, you crane your head around to take in Spencer’s face as you work your way out from under his grasp, turning towards him as conflict starts dancing on your face.

“What should his last name be?” you ask.

And as Spencer’s eyes dance across your face, his brow stitching itself together as he brings his thumb up and wipes your tears away, you watch as he swallows hard, his Adam’s apple bobbing up and down.

“I think…” he trails off, “…that he would want his mother’s last name,” Spencer finishes.

And as Spencer holds his breath, watching the conflict wafting behind your eyes, he breathes as sigh of relief through his nose as you say, “Y/L/N. Daniel Jackson Y/L/N.”


You had been gone from the BAU for 4 weeks and 5 days.

And while you thought the day of Daniel’s discharge would never come, you were nervous about taking him home.

“I have nothing for him,” you whimper, your eyes drenched in sadness as Spencer hands you the diaper bag you had purchased the day before.

“All he needs is a bottle, warmth, a dry diaper, and love,” Spencer reassures you, his hand rubbing your back as the elevator doors ding open.

The hospital was kind enough to send you with a cooler supply of breast-milk for three days’ worth of feedings.

You just didn’t know how you were going to acquire it once you got home.

“Don’t worry about it, we’ll think of something,” was all Spencer would offer up.

Clicking the bucket car-seat into its base, you smile at the sleeping child as you lean in and kiss his forehead.

“You gonna follow me?” Spencer asks as you close the door softly to your car.

“If that’s alright, yeah,” you say.

“Of course,” he says, grabbing your shoulders as your gaze flutters up to him.

“What?” you chuckle breathlessly, admiration in his eyes dancing around your face.

“You are incredible,” he says.

“Hardly,” you snicker, feeling the red rise in your cheeks.

“No…listen to me,” he says as he dips down into your gaze, finding your eyes as he locks onto your stare.

“You.  Are.  Incredible,” he enunciates.

And as a broad smile crosses your face, your eyes widen when Spencer presses a chaste kiss to your lips, your eyes searching his frantically as he rears back up.

“Um…I uh, I just-”

But before he could get his statement out, your hands wrap themselves in his sweater vest, pulling him close as his arms wrap around your waist, your lips rearing up to his as you cock your head to the side, your tongue desperately seeking to deepen the kiss as his hands splay across your back.

“Thank you,” you breathe into his mouth, your lips moving against his as your eyes stay closed.


As Morgan flips his phone open, a wide smile overtakes his eyes as he looks up at the team.

“They’re 10 minutes out!” he yells, watching as everyone scurries around, the “Welcome Home, Daniel” banner streaked across the wall above the television in the main room as Hotch and Rossi work to put the last few things in place.

Parking your car in the garage as you unclick the car-seat from its base, you feel Spencer’s arm slip by you to grab the diaper bag as he slings it over his shoulder, your small suitcase full of the things you purchased in Michigan grabbed tightly in his other hand as Daniel snoozes soundly in his car-seat.

“I’ll grab the cooler out of the back,” you say as you shut the door, popping the trunk of your car as you shake your head.

“I gotta get a safer car,” you mutter as Spencer chuckles.

“Spoken like a true mother,” he states as you close the trunk, your eyes side-glancing at him as he winks playfully at you.

Walking into the building and gathering into the elevator, you see Spencer fiddling with his phone as he closes it shut.

“Everything alright?  You don’t have to stay long, or at all…if they need-”

“Everything is fine,” Spencer says, turning his body towards you as he smiles down into the car-seat, his finger coming up and lightly brushing Daniel’s cheek.

“Besides, this is where I’m needed,” he mutters.

Hearing the elevator door ding as it opens on your floor, you and Spencer step out and turn down the hallway, making your way to your apartment door as you fiddle with your keys.

Unlocking your door as you reach in and flick the lights on, your gaze whips up as a movement catches your eye.

“Surprise!!!!!” the team whispers loudly, their hands in the air as your jaw gapes to the floor.

“Oh, my god!” you squeal, going over to Garcia and giving her a one-handed hug as you feel Spencer take the cooler from your hand draped around her.

Looking around the room as you take in your surroundings, your eyes water at the “Welcome Home” banner as you find yourself smiling from ear to ear.

“There’s that smile,” Morgan coos, coming over and giving you a hug as you see J.J. and Hotch gathering around Daniel.

“May I?” Hotch asks.

“Go ahead,” you say, handing him the bucket seat as he sets it on the couch, unbuckling the little boy as he carefully picks him up in his hands.

“He’s so small…” Hotch muses.

“He’s still not quite term age, yet,” you say, your eyes dancing around Hotch’s bent over form as he smiles at the little child in his hands.

“Come here,” Rossi says, tugging you towards your library as you peel your eyes away from Daniel, “we want to show you something.”

As he opens the door to your library and reaches in, flicking the light on, your voice catches in your throat as you take in your surroundings.

Walking into the room as tears pour down your face, you see a navy-painted wall, with a crib adorning it, the orange sea creatures dancing around the crib set as the white and navy stripped sheets are pulled taut over the pillow-top crib mattress.

“Spencer…” you breathe, putting your hand to your heart as you feel your knees go weak.

“S-Sp…Spencer!” you call out as he comes rushing into the room.

Reaching out for his arm as he offers you it to steady yourself, you look up at him as he smiles down at you, tears pouring down his own cheeks as he bends over and kisses your temple.

“I told you not to worry,” he murmurs into your ear.

Looking around the room as you take in the white dresser drawer, you walk over and pull open the drawers, finding clothes upon clothes from sizes premature on up to 4T.

“Where did you…?”

Whipping your gaze up to Rossi, you see the rest of the team has trickled in, J.J. now bouncing a wide-awake Daniel in her arms.

“Hotch and I had some stuff left over from Jack and Henry as babies, and the rest we went out and purchased from sales and thrift stores,” she muses, her eyes never ripping from the small child in her arms.

Turning around the room, the light blues and navies playing well with the orange accents, you see a rocking chair come into view, just by the window with the orange curtains as the light from the setting sun comes spilling into the room.

“For the nights where he doesn’t want to sleep,” Rossi says, coming up and putting his hand in the small of your back as your misty gaze slowly looks over to him.

Throwing your arms around him, you bury your face into the crook of his neck as you sob, your body trembling as he holds you close.

“Believe it or not, baby girl,” Morgan coos as he peels you away from Rossi, “we aren’t finished yet.”

Guiding you out of the room and by your kitchen, he throws open the door at the end of your hallway, giving way to your washer and dryer as you furrow your brow at the deep freezer in the corner.

“What’s this?” you ask, walking over and opening the top.

And the sight made you crumble to your knees.

Putting your head in your hands as your body begins to shake, Spencer rushes to your side and kneels next to you, his arms draping around you as he pepeprs the side of your salty face with kisses.

“Oh my god,” you whisper, placing the palm of your hand on the side of the deep freezer filled to the top with bags of frozen breast-milk.

Hearing sniffles come from behind you, you raise your gaze to Morgan’s as you slowly lob your head over onto Spencer’s shoulder, his arms holding you close as you smile through your tears.

“Thank you,” you choke out, your entire body trembling on the laminated floor, “thank you so much.”

“Anything for family,” Morgan says, helping you off of the floor as you turn towards the teary eyes of the team.

Watching J.J. approach you as she slowly hands you Daniel, you look down at the wiggling bundle of joy as a broad smile overtakes your aching cheeks.

“Looks like someone’s hungry,” you coo, brushing your tears away as Daniel’s tongue begins darting in and out.

“Oh!  I got it!” Garcia squeals, click clacking in her heels back to your kitchen as you hear your fridge door opening.

“Your leave in Michigan was on your paid vacation time,” Hotch states, “but when I get into the office tomorrow, I’ll put in for your maternity leave, so long as you can get me the official adoption papers when they come in.”

“On it, boss,” you smile as Garcia pushes through, handing you the bottle.

“Y/N?” Spencer pipes up.

“Yeah?” you ask, the bottle poised over a frustrated Daniel.

“Could I-?”

Smiling as you hand him the bottle, you take Daniel in your hands as you place him into Spencer’s cradling arm, his arms thrashing about as Spencer slowly dips the nipple of the bottle into Daniel’s mouth.

“Spencer?” Hotch calls out as the team looks upon the spectacle with widened eyes.

“Yeah?” he coos, his eyes never leaving Daniel’s face.

“You need some vacation time?” he asks.

And as Spencer’s eyes flicker up to yours, your eyes dancing lovingly across his face as you watch him cradle your son within his body, he nods his head lightly as his gaze flutters over to his boss.

“Yeah.  Yeah, that sounds good,” he says.