The Best Thing That's Ever Been Mine

Title: The Best Thing That’s Ever Been Mine

Author: fearless-in-wonderland

Rating: T

Prompt: From anonymous – “ReaderxSpencer painting the living room of their new house together”

(send me requests! I’m always looking for inspiration; and I’ll write anything)

Trigger Warning: None

Word Count: 543

Multishot: If you want it to be.

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Baby Genius On The Way

Title: Baby Genius On The Way
Author: KatoraInWonderland 
Rating: T+ (just to be safe)
Prompt/Summary: Hey saw the gif set you posted of Prentiss asking Reid if he considered having baby geniuses one day. Imagine him telling her “not really, but I’ll be finding out what it’s like sooner rather than later.” Confusing her then shocking her by saying “Yeah, Y/N is pregnant.” Prentiss responds with “What?! H-how long…” to which Spencer interrupts with “Remember last month when I was on vacation for that week?” 
Trigger Warning: Mentions of past sexual endeavors, the reader and Reid are afraid to be parents(if that can be a warning) but mostly they’re both happy!:)
Word count: 1,195
Multishot: No