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Doctors | Part Two

Dr. Reid is one of the top neurosurgeons in the country at an amazing hospital and is very focused on bettering his career, but what will he do when the new nurse in pediatrics unknowingly steals his attention from it?

a/n: here’s part two! please excuse any inaccuracy as i’m trying my best. also i changed the reader from a post op nurse to a pediatric nurse & i took the scrub colors for the surgeons and the name of the hospital y/n came from grey’s. happy birthday to the anon who sent me an ask💓 gif credit: @toyboxboy

warnings: hospital, medical talk, medication, mentions of surgery, pediatric surgical cases

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How could he not get it? He was suppose to be a genius. You would think after telling him you thought he was cute and flirting with him, even going so far as asking him out for coffee he would get it. So you started ignoring him, thinking maybe he would figure it out. But all he did was mention it to Emily. Which is why you were where you are now. “What?” Reid said confused. “(Y/N) is mad at you because you don’t understand her feelings.” “But- I do. Shes mad I get that but I wanna know why.” You sigh while throwing your hands up in the air and walking away. “y/n, I don’t understand.” “Yeah, I got that Reid!” you yelled behind you, while leaving the room. Reid just looked at Emily with complete look of confusion. “Wow Reid, and here I thought you were a genius.”


Derek Morgan & Tickles

This was requested by anon! I hope you all enjoy! <3

Word Count: 266

Warnings: fluff

(gif is not mine)

If there was one person on the team Derek needed to see a smile from, it was you.  However, you weren’t in the smiling mood.  You were sitting away from everyone else.  Only you and Derek were awake this late at night.

Derek sat down next to you, taking the earphones out of your ears.  “Of all the times we’ve been on this plane, I’ve never seen you sit back here,” Morgan observed.  “What’s going on babygirl?”

“I’m just tired that’s all,” you shrugged.

“I know cases affect people differently [Y/N].  You’re usually the one who brings a smile to my face after each case,” Derek noted lowly.  “Is there anything I can do to make you smile?  The world doesn’t need to be any darker you know.”

“Not that I can think of, sorry Morgan,” you mumbled.

“Well I guess I’m going to have to improvise,” the agent smirked.  His hands attached themselves to your sides as he started to tickle you.  His smile grew as your laughter filled the back of the plane.  “There’s that smile.  As bright as the sun in the sky.”

You pushed away Derek’s hands, feeling the heat rush to your cheeks.  “Stop Morgan,” you giggled.  “Everyone needs their sleep.”

“Yeah, but you needed to smile,” Morgan reasoned.  “And I wanted to be the reason why.”

“Well thank you, I know I can always count on you to make me smile,” you whispered, leaning your head on his shoulder.

Derek pressed a kiss to the top of your head.  Maybe the two of you could now get some sleep.

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A (W)hole New World - Four

Your comment about Spencer not telling you if he got shit on his fingers or dick hadn’t quite killed the mood in the bedroom and you were both ready to go.

Well, ready to try to go.

You heard the sound of lubricant being squeezed from the bottle before Spencer adjusted himself on the bed.

“Do you…erm, do you wanna stay on your back for now or roll over or….. ”

“I dunno… I mean, you’re not shoving your cock in straight away right?”

There was no way that was happening. As much as you didn’t like the idea of Spencer’s fingers going up your ass, or vice versa for that matter, you knew it had to happen to prepare you.

“No, I’m not.”

“So what do you reckon the best position is?”

Why the hell hadn’t you asked Immie about the fingering part? Did you lie on your back, get on your hands and knees, lie on your front?

You could…. call her and ask? But knowing Immie she’d probably turn up at your front door and want to sit in the corner of the room and give instructions.

And there was no way Spencer would allow that.

“Maybe… If I lie on my side facing you and hook a leg over your hip like we do sometimes anyway? You could reach then right?”

“That would work.”

You shifted positions and hooked your leg over his hip, feeling your face twitch as his hand slipped between your legs, venturing that little bit further back that he had before.

“Tell me, okay?”

You nodded, feeling a finger slick with lube start to gently circle your hole.

Okay, that didn’t feel too bad. Actually, kinda ticklish in a weird way. When you didn’t pull away screaming in disgust or pain, Spencer took that as a go to gently push his fingertip against the entrance.

You closed your eyes, not wanting to look at him as his digit entered your back passage.

Alright, so, discomfort yes. Outright pain, no. He pushed in further, testing the waters and you could feel his eyes on your face.

“It’s really…. tight,” he whispered.

“No shit Sherlock.”

Your eyes flew open. “I’m sorry! I didn’t even mean to pun then.”

He chuckled, not put off. “Is it okay?”

“Well I’m not exactly writhing on the bed about to scream your name as I orgasm, but it’s not… as bad as I thought. So far.”

“Okay. I’m going to try another one okay?”

“.. ‘kay.”

You felt another finger pressing against the entrance and you winced as it joined the first. That was more uncomfortable, not quite painful but definitely getting there.

And there it was. That feeling of needing to shit.

Mind over matter Y/N, come on. It’s fingers, not poop. You’ve got this. Fingers not poop.

Spencer started to move them slowly, wriggling them slightly and curling them, spreading them slightly. This really wasn’t doing anything for you and you weren’t going to moan or fake that it was so you remained quiet, not complaining, because it didn’t actually hurt. It just felt weird. Extremely weird. He seemed happy enough just to… play around, his movements stretching you out as your butt got used to the feeling of his fingers. After a while he relaxed his movements and spoke.

“Do you want to try one of the toys you bought or…. another finger?”

Three fingers? He didn’t even put that many in your vagina normally. Nope. Two was enough.

“Let’s just…. try your penis okay?”

He nodded and slowly retracted his fingers rolling over on the bed. You felt oddly empty as you heard the telltale sound of a baby wipe packet being opened and you cringed.

“Before you think it, no. That’s not why I’m wiping. My fingers are still slick from the lube which will make putting the condom on awkward, okay.”

It was as if he could read you mind and you let out an audible sigh of relief. You heard the condom foil tearing open and Spencer fidgeting on the bed as he slid it on. The butt fingering had obviously done nothing to kill his boner.

“So erm… I’m ready?”

Yes, yes he was. Knelt on the bed with his plastic sheafed cock wobbling in the air.

“Hands and knees time then I guess?”


Flipping over onto your front, you shifted onto your knees, hearing the squidge of the lube bottle again and then Spencers hand against the curve of your ass.

You felt the tip of his penis pressing against your now slightly less tiny hole and your braced yourself, then remembering that you needed to relax.

Relax, alright. Relax and accept his cock into your anal passage.

Ouch… OUCH! You closed your eyes and grimaced as Spencer very slowly pushed inside, gripping the bed covers as he did.

“Jesus FUCKING Christ.” That was more like the pain you’d expected.

He stopped pushing immediately.

“Do you want me to stop?” came his voice from behind you.

“Nope… It’s all good,” your words were a little more high pitched than normal.

“Are you sure? If I’m hurting you…. ”

“Just…. Push the rest of the way in.”

He did as you told him and your mouth opened wide in a mixture of sheer shock at the feeling, and almost overwhelming discomfort.

“I’ll stop. I’m hurting you,” you felt him getting ready to pull out.

“Spencer…it’s okay. It’s not great and the first bit hurt going in but…. I can cope. I just need you to stay still for a minute. Let me get used to it okay. What’s it like for you?”

“Erm.. Well, it’s tighter. Although it feels like you’re trying to push me back out and that feels odd.”

Yeah well, that was because it felt like you had a turd in your butt and you needed to go to the toilet. Back to the mind over matter thing. It’s not shit, it’s your loving boyfriends penis. It’s not poo, it’s penis.

That was going to be your mantra throughout this.

You breathed heavily, in and out, trying to relax your mind and your sphincter. You DON’T want to push him back out and you DON’T need to shit. It’s just a cock. A cock that felt ten time bigger than normal right now.

Okay, alright.

“Can you try to like move?”

“If you’re ready. Do you want me to do anything…. to you?”

Honestly… Right now you didn’t think that him playing with your clit could distract you from the fact that you had a dick in your ass. So no.

“It’s fine. Afterwards though…. ”

Spencer understood what you were saying and then slowly began to move, a low groan leaving his lips as he pushed against the resistance.

It’s not poo, it’s penis, you kept thinking to yourself over and over as he thrust very slowly inside your anal cavity, trying not to voice your discomfort.

After a while, after the initial feeling of “fucking ouch”, it was… not that bad. Uncomfortable but it didn’t feel like you were going to be split into two. Sometimes it even….. Sometimes it actually felt okay. Like maybe after a while you’d get used to it and if other things were introduced, then maybe you’d enjoy it. Very occasionally you felt a jolt that was almost pleasurable…. almost.

Mostly though, it was tolerable. And Spencer seemed to be enjoying it. His groans were loud although his thrusts were slower than normal because he didn’t want to hurt you. His fingers were digging into your hips and he began to thrust a tiny bit faster after checking you were okay again. You told him you were and to just… go for it. His grunts became louder. He was getting closer. Your experimented a little bit, pushing back against him like you’d do if he was taking you from behind normally and the sound that left his mouth was delicious. When you did it again, you felt him shudder as he gasped quickly, holding on to your hips so tightly you thought you’d have bruises tomorrow. He was coming, which meant this was over.


After a few more shudders and grunts, he was done and you tried not to make your sigh of relief too loud. He took a moment to recover and then began to pull out, you almost expecting a loud pop to sound as he left your exit hole.

No pop though, just the sound of Spencer moving about as the condom was removed and tied up before he walked to the bathroom to discard of. Trying not to be worried by the sound of running water, you lowered yourself onto your tummy, wondering how much your butt was going to hurt the next day.

Spencer joined you on the bed again a few minutes later, lying besides you and rubbing his hand over your back. Your turned your head on the pillow to look at him, giving a weak smile.

“So was it good for you?”

“It was…good. Different. What about for you?”

“Tolerable. I can’t say I enjoyed it but I didn’t hate it. I guess…. If it was something you really enjoyed then I suppose I’d be willing to experiment more. Like as birthday and christmas presents and stuff.”

“Really?” he was suprised, obviously expecting you to hate it.

“Really. Of course, one ass poke for you counts as at least two orgasms for me, so bear in mind there’s going to be a trade off.”

“I can live with that. Y/N…. Thank you. For trying something you weren’t exactly enthusiastic about.”

“Meh,” you made a shrugging motion which was awkward to do given that you were lying on your front. “You wanted to try so we’ve tried. And next time, I get to pretend I’m you and wave a silicone cock about…. Yay.”

Spencer scrunched up his face slightly and you laughed.

“I think you’ll get more out of it that I did. Prostate stimulation is meant to be great from a guys point of view.”

“We’ll see.”

“Yes. We’ll see. Now, if you excuse me” you rolled off the bed and reached for your dressing gown “I need to go to the toilet. I might be a while…..”

Wild City

A/N: Here at last! The first installment of my very first Mythology/CM AU. As I mentioned before this story will most likely contain every kind of folklore from faeries to greek gods. I’m just having fun with this! So don’t take it so seriously :) All CM characters will probably seem slightly OOC but you definitely have to bend them a bit to make them into mythological creatures.

Spencer was used to the scene. The lights were always dim, the music always loud enough to feel its vibrations through the floor. Drinks were being distributed as he watched his people pass around a red bottle with them, each placing a few drops into the alcohol before passing it on.

“Get off, Cat,” he grumbled as he pushed a slender arm away from his shoulder. She huffed, staring down at the man who sat in his usual seat, a throne made of marble.  

“You don’t have to be fucking rude,” she replied with contempt as she folded her arms across her chest. He rolled his eyes, forever annoyed at her ever constant attempts to seduce him. It was never him she was after, it was always just his power.

Instead his eyes flicked around the scene in front of him. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves like they did most nights. He even caught sight of a few faeries lingering around, batting their eyelashes at the handsomer vampires. It wasn’t uncommon to find fey here. They loved a good party just as much as anyone else.

“Humans again,” he muttered as he recognized their mundane scent. He sighed internally as he watched a few scantily dressed girls unknowingly mingle amongst them, undoubtedly brought in by someone looking to have some fun and a midnight snack. Humans weren’t able to perceive their differences. Most were too mesmerized with the good looks and charming wit that made vampires the excellent predators they were to notice the slight red color around their pupils and the fact their teeth seemed a little too sharp. The thrill of attending a party in an abandoned hotel also clouded their judgement.

He didn’t mind the Legion feeding on others as long as they didn’t kill. He always believed in simply taking what you need and then loading their dizzy prey into a taxi that would take them home. They’d wake the next morning feeling slightly woozy but not remembering a thing with only the bite marks to show. By that time the marks would appear as small as mosquito bites and they would think nothing of it. 

A scream interrupted the night’s festivities. Spencer’s attention was immediately drawn to the man who had let out the sound, now heaving up blood on the floor as sweat trickled down his face. In an instant the crowd panicked and backed away, unsure of what to make of the scene.

“Cat. Get the humans out. Now. Lock the doors behind you,” he ordered. She quickly obliged, being less than gentle as she shoved the girls out. Everyone else stilled as Spencer walked towards the man.

“Spencer,” he breathed out. “Help me.”

“Adam, what did you do?” He asked as he bent down. His body convulsed, shaking until it finally dropped motionless. Spencer frowned as he noticed the purple taint left on his fangs.

He hesitantly reached out, wiping the violet liquid onto his finger. He examined it carefully and felt his stomach churn as he realized what it was.

“Valkyrie,” he whispered softly with wide eyes. He stood upright, towering over every person and commanding the attention of everyone inside. He had just lost someone, a man who belonged to his clan, and the culprit was still somewhere in the room.

“Reveal yourself!” he demanded, anger over his loss beginning to show. His eyes roamed the crowd, most faces showing either fear or confusion after witnessing one of their own fall to their death. A loud laugh erupted from the back of the room.

“God, dramatic much?” she chuckled as she made her way forward. His eyes narrowed as he took her in. Tall and slender, he immediately understood how she had so effortlessly blended in with the crowd. She was beautiful, her violet eyes mocking him as he eyed the puncture wounds on her neck.

“Clean this up,” he growled to a nearby vampire as he grabbed the stranger. “Everyone who doesn’t belong here needs to leave.”

The room began to clear out, hushed whispers exchanged as they all watched their leader drag away the girl. 

“Whoa, you sure know how to treat a lady,” she commented, only earning a scowl as he dragged her towards the back of the building.

“Who are you?” He immediately demanded to know. 

She winced, having been thrown roughly into what seemed to be an interrogation room. The metal chair was uncomfortable beneath her and the room was set up with just a table. Spencer circled around her and she was momentarily reminded of the cop shows she would watch late at night. She eyed his demeanor, realizing that she had already gotten well beneath his skin.

“Depends. Who wants to know?” she replied with a small smirk. Her violet eyes landed on Cat who had followed behind them with a look of distaste. “This your girlfriend?”

“Leave us,” he sighed, turning to look at Cat. She hesitated. “Now.”

“Fine,” she replied with a roll of her eyes. She had no clue who this girl was but already she felt a sort of hatred towards her beginning to build. “You’re the boss.”

Spencer sighed in exasperation at her words before taking a seat across from the party crasher, his expression blank.

“What’s your name?” he tried again. She stared at him and contemplated whether she wanted to reply or not. Her lips pursed as she assessed the immediate danger.

“Kari,” she shared with a shrug after deciding he wasn’t a threat.

“Kari. That name means ‘pure’.”

“Yeah, what can I say? My parents had high hopes for me,” she replied with a wolfish grin.

“You must be quite the disappointment,” Spencer replied smoothly, unaffected by her obvious need to toy with the conversation.

“Oh, you have no idea.”

Spencer stared at the mischievous look that flashed through her eyes. Her lush lips were pulled back in a mocking grin that caused two dimples to appear on her cheeks. Her dark hair cascaded down her shoulders in perfect waves. She looked innocently beautiful, something that he would have admired if he didn’t know exactly what she was.

“You killed Adam.”

“Was that his name? You really should instill some manners into your people. He didn’t even ask for my blood. He just went for it,” she scoffed in disgust. “Serves him right that he died.”

“He was always…impulsive,” Spencer begrudgingly agreed.

Spencer knew drinking Valkyrie blood when you hadn’t been formally allowed to meant sure death. Their blood was like a myth among vampires. It was rumored that it was deliciously sweet when offered, but toxic if taken by force. His death was not a surprise considering the circumstances.

But Valkyries themselves had turned into sort of a myth among myths. It had been decades since the last one had been seen, and he only knew as much because of the time he spent in his library. There were fey out there who would laugh in his face if he claimed to have found one.

“Why are you here?”

“I heard there was a party.”

“You’re joking.”

“I’m a young Valkyrie with no place to stay, do you really think I’d pass up the opportunity to get drunk and party with some vampires?”

Spencer remained silent as he observed Kari. There was a certain unapologetic honesty that exuded from her. He didn’t doubt her when she claimed she had no place to stay.

“You can stay here for now. Don’t tell anyone what you are. Understood?”

She nodded, losing her fight for just a second as his generosity took her by surprise. Within a moment that vulnerability was gone and her confidence had returned.

“So are you ever going to tell me your name or should I just refer to you as Fang?”

“It’s Spencer. This is my clan. I protect it and they won’t be happy that you’re here considering you killed one of us,” he replied with a frown. 

“No offense but I’m not staying here if your little shadow legion is going to murder me.”

“We’re just Legion,” he corrected blankly without any reaction to her mockery. “Wait here.”

Cat was busy twirling around her knife, something she always kept on her, when Spencer finally emerged from their interrogation room. The room had only been used a few times and to much to her disappointment the encounters rarely ever turned violent. 

“Take her to my bedroom and lock yourself inside with her. Don’t let anyone touch her until I get back.”

“We’re keeping her?!” Cat asked incredulously. She turned to stare at the young Valkyrie through the open door, her annoyance boiling over as Kari waved back with a smug smile.

I’m keeping her. You just keep an eye on her for now. I have something I have to do.”

No Mistake (Hotch x Reader)

Originally posted by lilygarlands

Title: No Mistake

Request:  Hotch x reader where reader is a literal child like talks to dogs like they are children and obsessed over Disney and is on the team. Hotch finds her drunk , like wasted at a bar and takes her home cause he is worried and she starts flirting with him and kisses him but he pushes her off cause he likes her but he knows this is wrong cause she’s drunk. She comes to work the next day and is on task but is very closed off espeicially with Hotch and then after the case Hotch calls her into the office and she freaks out and starts babbling  Eg : ’ Look I’m sorry about last night.. that will never happen again I would never kiss you no I mean it’s not that you are’t kissable you are very kissable I mean not like that. You can end it however you want but I would prefer fluff and happiness

Pairing: Hotch x Reader

Triggers/Warnings: None

Words: 848

A/N: Ah first one in a WHILE, I’m a little rusty! But I hope you like it! Still doing all your requests! Keep em’ coming! Xoxo


The room was blurry and spinning, your mind was fizzy and out of control. The clattering of your shoes against the wooden planks of the cheap bar shook the walls as you stumbled for the door. You let out a yelp as a loose floorboard caught you off balance and you fell into two strong arms who dragged you outside and into a vehicle.

The whole car ride was not memorable as you stared out the window the whole time. As the car pulled to a stop in the driveway you began paying attention more, still completely wasted.

Those strong arms lifted you out of the car and carried you inside a smaller house. You smiled slyly to yourself, knowing exactly where you were, even in your drunken state.

Aaron Hotchner’s house.

The man of your dreams. The man who always made you smile and feel safe. Someone who you had always had feelings for, but had been too shy to say anything.

“Hey Y/N, just lay here and don’t go anywhere, I’ll be right back,” Hotch said as he laid you down on a soft couch. You groaned as your head pounded in pain. He quickly returned with a glass of water, a worried expression on his face. He knelt down beside you and held the glass in your reach.

You quickly sat up and pulled him onto the couch beside you and climbed on top of him, knocking the glass to the floor.

“You always take girls home like this?” You purred into his ear.

Hotch inhaled sharpily. “I was afraid you would get yourself in trouble.” He bit his lower lip as you wrapped both your legs around him. Even when you were trashed, he still thought you were insanely beautiful. The woman he wanted to be with all the time, no matter the circumstances.

“Would I get in trouble for flirting with the boss man?” You whispered, pressing your forehead against his.

“Y/N,” he started to say, but you cut him off with a kiss. His lips were soft and yet hesitant, but he kissed you back within seconds. Your hand cradled his cheek as you deepened the kiss. His tongue slipped into your mouth and you gasped in surprise.

Suddenly he broke the kiss, “Y/N, I can’t do this. I’m taking you home. Now.” He spoke sternly as he gently pushed you off him and went to fetch his car keys.

You could feel tears burning in your eyes, feeling embarrassed and shocked.


The next day was rough. The current case involved missing women possibly being abducted and tortured, due to finding a female body, beaten and stabbed on the side of a road in Florida.

You tried to avoid contact and conversation with everyone, keeping yourself on task and just trying to get all your work done.

A loud voice broke your focus. “Y/N, can I see you for a second?” Hotch asked, then turning around and walking back into his office with the door half open.

You stumbled up the stairs, feeling your cheeks flushed and your breathing quickening. You walked inside and quietly shut the door as you turned around to face him.

“Y/N, I just wanted-“

“I’m so sorry for last night! I remembered what happened this morning and oh god I don’t know! I was lonely last night and made the bad decision of having one too many drinks and then ended up kissing you which was a mistake.  Not that kissing you was awful or anything I just…” you trailed off in fear as your eyes went down to your shoes, shuffling them.

He stood from his desk and walked towards you, your eyes still glued to the floor.

Hotch’s two hands suddenly cupped your cheeks and brought your face to his, giving you a sweet light kiss.

“What are you doing tonight?” He whispered with a smile.

Back Again: 5


You work well with Aaron’s team. You fall into an easy pattern with them, giving directions when they get lost, explaining the different jobs each of the people they talk with does, they’re a lively bunch and you enjoy working with more people. After talking to everyone that had direct contact with the victim Aaron calls it for the night. Not a concept you’re used to. When Gibbs goes, he goes until the case is done.
“Did NCIS get you a hotel room?” Aaron asks as you head back into the SUV.
“Not exactly. I’ll just get a bunk on the ship, I just need my bag.”
“No you won’t.” He argues, “You’ll stay with me.” You look over at him with eyebrows raised.
“If I stay here I can keep working.”
“Yea, now you’re definitely not going to stay here. It’s good to let your brain process everything, it helps.” He tells you holding open the passenger side door. You look up at him skeptically and the left side of his mouth quirks up. “You’re on my team now which means I’m your boss.”
“Wow. Low blow Hotchner, low blow.” You grumble and this one gets a full smirk from you. “Fine I’m getting in.” You huff.
“Good. What do you want for dinner?” He asks before shutting your door and making his way around the front of the SUV.
“You guys don’t all eat together?” You ask when he gets back into the driver’s seat.
“But not tonight.”
“No, Dave said that they want to give us time to catch up.”
“That’s nice of them.” You tell him as he pulls out of the base.
“So, what do you want to do for dinner?”
“Honestly, I’m exhausted. I’d like something quick so that we can go crash. I’m still on East Coast time.”
“Burgers and fries?”
“Sounds good to me.” You agree and he finds the nearest fast food joint. You don’t even have to remind him what you like on your burger.
The first thing you do is change into your shorts and tee for the night, Aaron does the same putting on more comfortable clothing before joining you on the balcony where you’ve set up your dinner. The night passes with lots of laughter and several stories. It’s so nice to finally get to catch up and just be with him, you almost forget you’re working. Aaron tells you all about his son Jack, who you’d met at Hailey’s funeral, but he’d been so little then. He was almost 11 now and Aaron just lit up talking about him. You’d always known he’d be a good dad, he was so unlike his father.
You tell him about your time in the Navy. Working with Gibbs, Tony, McGee, Ziva and Abby. You even tell him the story about how you’d ended up with the team. Not a story you really like telling, it brings up bad memories.
It’s not until your head drifts to his shoulder that you realize how late it is.
“Alright. We need sleep.” Aaron says wiggling his shoulder.
“No.” You groan drawing out the word.
“Come on, up.” You can practically hear the smile in his voice.
“Just leave me here.” You tell him.
“On the balcony?”
“Yea okay.” He agrees and you’re not sure if he’s being sarcastic or not until he goes back into the hotel room. It’s a nice night out and the wind is blowing softly, you’d happily sleep out here. You close your eyes and relax into the bench cushions, a blanket and a pillow and you’d be perfect. Suddenly a pair of arms scoop you up into the air and you let out a surprised yelp, your eyes flying open.
“What are you doing?” You demand.
“You didn’t really think I was going to let you sleep out there did you?” Aaron asks before setting you down on the bed. “We’ve shared a bed before.”
“Yea when we were nine.” You argue.
“I can sleep on the couch.” He offers and you shake your head at him.
“I’m just giving you shit Hotchner.” You tease and he flops face down onto the bed next to you causing you to burst out laughing. Oh how you’ve missed him.

Talk, Talk, Talk

This is a jotch fic requested by the wonderful @dontshootmespence. It’s actually the first jemily that I’ve written, so I really hope I did alright haha. Please, please enjoy, my loves :)

JJ loses Will after Hotch loses Haley. It starts as just two people confiding in each other, but maybe it devolves into other feelings, hmm?

“Hotch?” JJ gasped, pulling her sweatshirt tighter around her, “What are you doing here?”

Hotch held out the wine bottle, a sort of olive branch, “I figured you could use somebody to talk to you.”

“I’m fine,” She answered, lips a firm, straight line. He knew better.

“C’mon, just talk. It was a tough case, and what with everything that’s happened…”

“You wouldn’t unders-” JJ stopped because that wasn’t true. If anybody were to understand what she was going through, it would be hotch. He had gone through it, too. He’d been widowed and dragged down into the terrifying trenches of single parenthood. JJ sighed, “Come in,”

They end up settled onto the couch, wine glasses clutched in their hands, and popcorn on the table. That night, the two of them talk late into the night. JJ cries and Hotch hugs, shares advice. He’d learned things the hard way, and he knows that if he can do anything to prevent this amazing woman- coworker, he reminds himself- that she can make it through this, then he is most definitely going to do that. Just because he’s a good guy like that.

At 2 in the morning, JJ walks Hotch to the door, feeling tired, exhausted, and… better?

“Thank you, Hotch,” She tells him, “For everything. I really appreciate having somebody to talk to that actually understands.”

“You have no idea what I would have done to have somebody to just talk to after I lost Haley. I know what it’s like. I’m always here.” He reassures her, and she smiles softly as she shuts the door behind him and watches Hotch’s receding figure down the snowy driveway toward his car.

They do the whole ‘late night talk’ thing for a couple weeks after that. They do it every night they don’t have a case, and a couple nights that they do. It’s good and… familiar somehow.

One night, the dimness of the Jareau living room doesn’t feel like enough, and the two of them somehow end up at a coffee shop a couple of blocks over. Her mom volunteers to watch the kids, and JJ has the opportunity to talk and breathe and be out of a space that reminds her of somebody she lost, of a loss that left her as a widow and her children fatherless.

She tells Hotch how she feels, how congesting the house feels, with its haunts and memories, and she does her best not to shed tears (she’s stronger than this, dammit). But with Hotch everything feels easier and now Hotch has his arm wrapped comfortingly around her, his thumb rubbing soft circles against her palm, whispering quiet reassurances into her ear in the center of a coffee shop.

She tries not to think about how nice he smells and he tries not to attempt to pin down the scent of her shampoo (it’s vanilla and strawberries, he decides). They both fail miserably.

When they get up to leave, JJ realizes that her hand had been folded in his for the past hour, and that she’s reluctant to let go. She chalks it up to loneliness and the warmth of just having a good friend, and tries not to think about it too long as they step out into the cold, dark winter outside as they say their goodbyes.

At first, they try to keep it private, not make a big deal out of things. They’re just friends, it doesn’t matter anyway. But then one day, Hotch falls asleep beside her on the couch as some movie plays on the television. When the credits play, JJ doesn’t have the heart to wake him up.

In the morning, she makes pancakes and bacon for Henry and Michael. Hotch wakes up to the smell of the bacon and the sound of plates and forks and glasses clinking together. JJ left a mug of still-hot coffee on the coffee table for him to drink when he got up, made to order just as he liked it (black with the smallest amount of milk).

Hotch grunted as he rose off of the couch, shuffling into JJ’s kitchen to find Henry and Micheal chowing down hungrily on pancakes and bacon in the bright breakfast nook.

“Good morning, Mr. Hotchner!” Henry coos happily through a mouthful of pancake.

Hotch just smiles back at the young boy as JJ berates him for talking with his mouth full. He doesn’t say much over breakfast, he feels like he’s intruding and he allows Jareau domesticity reign over his silence.

When the two boys scurry off to get dressed for the school day, each pressing a kiss to their mother’s cheek, Hotch remarks to himself that for all of the sadness that plagues JJ, she’s an amazing mother, who has done an amazing job shielding her son’s from the pains of the world during her own troubles.

“You’re a really good mom,” He says quietly as he grabs for the last piece of bacon.

“Thank you,” JJ says back just as quietly, tensing a little for some reason that even she isn’t sure of.

She moves to do the dishes in silence then, and Hotch tries not to think too hard about how he possibly just messed up very much there.

The boys race back in ten minutes later, smiling and laughing and somehow making all sorts of noise as they get ready for the bus to come for them.

“Mr. Hotchner?” Henry looks up, “Can Jack sleep over at our place this weekend?”

“If it’s okay with your mom, “ Hotch answers, and all three of the boys look over at JJ in freakish unison. JJ tries not to think about how good the three of them look together, no sirree she does not.

“Jack is always welcome here,” She answers, and the way Hotch smiles back makes her insides feel a lot more at ease, which is weird to say the least.

After the boys get loaded onto the bus, JJ turns to Hotch, “Are you going to go home or straight to work?”

“I have my go bag in my car, I figured I’d just use that.”

JJ smiles, “We can car pool. It’ll be fun.” Hotch laughs at that and JJ smiles a little wider, “And Hotch? You’re always welcome here, too, just like Jack is.”

“I know, JJ.” He answers softly, “Thank you.”

The BAU profilers (and the brilliant technical analyst) start to notice the times JJ and Hotch car pool to work are starting to add up after about two and a half months of them car pooling with their late night talks and twice weekly trysts. Some of the junior agents are rumored to have started a betting pool about the whole thing. Everybody is very suspicious about the whole thing. But nobody, nobody, is more suspicious that Penelope Garcia.

The technical analyst has seemingly made it her life duty to discover what is going on between her unit chief and best friend. Unfortunately, all of her attempts at intrusion and infiltration proved fruitless. JJ and Hotch denied anything other than professional friendship. According to them, they worked cases together and that was it- yeah, right!

It all changed when JJ rushed into work late one day with her kids trailing after her. She looked a mess, stressed beyond belief.

“I am so, so sorry about this guys,” She told her coworkers, and she looked even more sorry about it than she claimed, “The babysitter fell through, and my mom is out of town visiting my uncle, and apparently nobody can babysit last minute on a Wednesday, and they didn’t tell me they had the day off until last night, and-”

“It’s fine, JJ,” Hotch said from the door of his office, “We all know they won’t make trouble. We understand.”

“Thank you,” She nodded her head in his direction just as Garcia appeared.

Children! Yay!” And then the vibrant woman was hugging the Jareau boys, “What did I do to deserve the pleasure of seeing my two favorite boys in the world today?”

“Mom couldn’t find a sitter, so we came to work with her!” Henry announced excitedly

“Cool!” Garcia announced, “Do you guys want cookies? I made some last night!”

They cheered, looking to their mom for the ‘ok’ before racing off after Aunt Garcia. After being fed and sugared, they collapsed in chairs, giggling as they played games on one of Garcia’s computers.

“So, can I ask you two something?” Garcia eventually turned toward them, deviously quiet, “You can’t tell your mom that I asked you this, okay?”

They nodded eagerly.

“Do you ever see your mom hanging out with Mr. Hotchner?”

“Oh yeah,” Henry replied easily, taking another bite of cookie, “He comes over all the time.”


“Mhm,” Little Micheal piped up, “He sleeps on the couch sometimes. We always have bacon the next day when that happens!”

Garcia smirked, “Interesting.”

“Gonna have to take a rain check tonight, Hotch” JJ said as she leaned into the doorway of Hotch’s office. She had felt much better in the weeks that followed the Incident of No Sitter a few weeks earlier.

“Oh?” Hotch grunted, trying to convince himself that that was most definitely not disappointed buried in his stomach because he hadn’t felt that since he had dated Haley, “Big plans?”

JJ shrugged, “Garcia insists on hosting this big slumber party thing for the girls. She seems to think that we need to bond more or something. I suspect that there will be lots of alcohol and giggling, and not much of anything else.”

“Alright, well, have fun. Don’t let Garcia get into too much trouble. We don’t want a repeat of what happened last time.”

JJ’s laugh was real and big and made Hotch’s stomach churn, “Of course,”

When JJ showed up at Garcia’s house, cheap wine in hand and an extra pair of sweat pants in her purse, she had not expected to be attacked by Garcia within the next two hours. But of course, she had willingly shown up at Garcia’s house. She should have expected something.

“Excuse me?” JJ repeated, incredulous. She never should have agreed to drinking so much if she knew this would happen, “Why would anything be happening between me and Hotch? We work together?”

Emily snorted from the chair across from her and Penelope laughed from her spot on the floor.

“How about the fact that you two frequently car pool to work together?” Emily supplied

“We both have kids that go to the same school!” JJ attempted to dispute

Emily continued to provide reasons that there was apparently definitely something going on between the blonde profiler and Hotch. JJ did her best to deflect them, and she did fairly well, all things considering, until Garcia smirked and declared, “What about the bacon?”

“What does that mean?”

“I have an inside source that tells me you always make bacon whenever he falls asleep on your couch.”


JJ blushed, but okay she was much too drunk to properly be able to keep this up, “Okay, so maybe I… like him a little.”

Garcia was smirking and JJ hated it just a little bit, “We need details now,”

“I don’t know. He just… he was the only person that really understand what I was going through after I lost Will, and he was always there to comfort me, and always willing to talk…”

“JJ LIKES A BOOO-OOO-OY” Emily bellowed obnoxiously, devolving into nothing but giggles as she fell off her chair and onto Garcia’s hardwood floor. JJ felt like she didn’t stop rolling her eyes for the rest of the night.

“So, how was the slumber party?” Hotch asked, as he took his usual place beside JJ on her couch

“It was alright,” JJ shrugged, feeling her cheeks burn because they had talked about him, “I was right. Lots of alcohol and giggling.”

Hotch chuckled lowly, shaking his head, “Was there bonding like Garcia had hoped?”

“Yeah,” JJ said, taking a nervous sip of her wine and rather determinedly not looking at Hotch’s face, “We talked about, um…” She almost shared something she most definitely should not, “Well, we talked about lots of things,”

“Really?” Hotch laughed, leaning naturally toward her, “Like what?”

JJ looked up to find him incredibly close. Incredibly close. She could see every part of his face, every wrinkle and memory, smile lines and brow lines alike. He was chuckling softly, his lips pink, his face light, and before she realized what she was doing, she was swept up into the moment and found herself breathing out, “You.

“W-what?” He stuttered, surprised, just barely pulling away.

Oh, god. Oh, god, oh, god, oh, god. She had really screwed up, hadn’t she. Oh, no. JJ felt her face burn.

“We, um, talked about you,” She murmured embarrassed

“You did? About what? Did Garcia complain about her hours again?” He refused to believe that this wonderful woman that he liked so much talked about him to her best friends in a capacity that wasn’t purely about their work. There was no way she liked him enough. No way.

“No, um,” God, she screwed up, didn’t she, “The girls seemed to have noticed that we come to work together sometimes, and Garcia managed to get me to admit that…” It was all or nothing. JJ took a deep breath and look nervously up toward Hotch, still incredibly, comfortably close, warm and terrifying, “that I like you.”

“Really?” Hotch breathed out in surprise.

JJ nodded weakly, but Hotch didn’t move away, didn’t flinch in disgust like she had expected. Instead, after the original surprise subsided, he… smiled, “Well, that’s really, really good news, JJ because I like you, too. Kinda a lot.”

JJ smiled at that, because how could she possibly not. Her face lit up, beyond happy, beyond everything.

Hotch leaned in closer, and she could feel his warmth, his absolute electricity. She felt his shoulder bump against hers, and his elbow push into his couch, and then….his lips against hers. She tried not to gasp, but it escaped because it had been so long since she had felt this, power and passion and happiness all rolled into one.

When he pulled away, JJ groaned a little in disappointment. Hotch just smiled, slightly breathless, “So,” He said, “Good talk.”

JJ just laughed and kissed him again. Maybe they’d talked a little too much.  


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