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Long Way Down // Spencer Reid x Reader

Warnings: A little bit of everything really

The end had finally come and despite the amount of time you spent preparing for it, it still felt like a punch in your stomach. The knot in your throat was painful and your lungs still struggled for air to breathe. Tears clouded your eyes and turned your vision blurry until his face was unrecognizable.

“You’re a coward,” you cried. “A fucking coward!”

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The Ultimate Test

A/N: It’s 3 AM and I decided to not sleep and write this instead. I missed my one year fic-i-versary (it was the 21st) so pretend that this is written for that. Thank you guys for everything you have done for me and for making me feel so loved - I wouldn’t be where I am today without you all. I hope you enjoy this.

Summary: Your relationship with Spencer has had its ups and downs like any normal marriage, but it is put to the test when Spencer gets put on trial for murder. (Think 12x15)

Word Count: 1500 ish

Warnings: Season 12 spoilers (It’s kind of crucial that you at least have a little idea of what’s happening in the show before reading this). Angst.

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Being Spencer Reid’s wife was like a dream come true.

He constantly showered you with his love, left you little love notes all around your apartment, and stole kisses from you when you made breakfast. When he was out on a case, he would always be sure to send you something. Whether it be a single long stemmed rose or a bag of your favorite candy, even when he was away he would make sure that you knew that he was thinking about you. The love you had for each other was unwavering and everlasting, as it was stated during your wedding ceremony. Nothing could change that.

The way he loved your daughter, Brynn, made you fall in love with him even more. He video-called the two of you when he was away and spent every waking minute that he was home with her. Spencer would do anything to make her smile. That little girl had her father wrapped around her little finger.

Being Spencer Reid’s wife was no easy task.

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You’re Happier, Aren’t You?

A/N: (Instead of cooking dinner I’m writing) I got the inspiration from the song Happier from Ed Sheeran. Anything I write will not do the song justice but, enjoy. 

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Spencer stood quietly out side of Garcia’s office, the door was slightly cracked open only to hear the whispers of a conversation. “So she’s really dating someone, already?” he heard JJ say. He rolled his eyes brushing the comment off as another celebrity rumor the girls we’re discussing.

Without knocking he opened the door, JJ and Penelope where both shocked to see him. Both of them wondering just how much of their conversation you had heard. Suddenly he realized it wasn’t just another rumor it was about you. 

His mouth fell open as he saw the photo Penelope had pulled up on her screen, you. But not just you, no you we’re not alone. You we’re with someone else. 

Penelope quickly pressed a couple of keys making her screen lock, “Was that…” Spencer couldn’t even get him self to say your name. 

Penelope and JJ looked at each other unsure if they should confess to you what they knew. “Y/N, yeah it was her.” 

“With her new boyfriend” Spencer added. 

They both shook their head in disappointment. Spencer hadn’t talked you since the break up. It was one of those situations where nothing had gone wrong, everything was fine, but that was the problem. 

After three years of dating that’s what it had become, fine. There was no spark, there was no passion, just a routine that both of you had fallen into. After time the little things went unnoticed, they stopped happening. It was clear neither of you we’re fully present in the relationship. 

But both you we’re scared, not scared of losing each other but scared of being alone. You we’re the one who had ended things, Spencer put on a brave face, saying he understood. As soon as he locked the door behind you, he broke down in tears. 

He hadn’t spoken to you since then, although he never stopped thinking about you. The day would come that you’d find someone new, he just didn’t think it’d be so soon. 

“I want to see” Spencer said closing the file, “The picture, can you show me.” 

“Spence,” JJ knew he was hurt, “Break ups are hard, you guys we’re together for a long time, this is just going to make it worse.” 

“It won’t can you just show me what you two we’re talking about” 

Against her better judgement Penelope unlocked her screen revealing a smiling picture of you next a tall man. Spencer could only look at you, “She looks happier” he finally said trying to smile.

“Yeah, and one day you will be too Spence”

Your smiling face didn’t leave his mind that day. Suddenly it felt as if every lie Spencer had told him self in order to try to forget you was crumbling around him. The guilt of not making it home for your birthday, or anniversaries. His mind composed a list of all the things he could’ve done differently. 

But what was the point, you we’re gone, and there was someone else doing all the things he didn’t. But all he wanted to do was to feel close to you again, to remember the happy moments you both shared. 

Spencer had cleaned out almost anything that reminded him of you. But there was still one thing lingering, he reached into his sock drawer, all the way in the back left corner. Hidden inside two folder socks was a small red velvet box, the one thing he held on too that was going to be yours. 

Just as you we’re going to make your way out the door, you almost tripped on the small cardboard box in front of your door. By now you we’re used to being delivered wrong packages but this one was addressed to you.

 You ripped open the tape to find a letter inside, “Y/N, I just thought you should have this since it would’ve been yours. Please don’t feel any obligation to keep it. I’ll always be here either way.” 

Fics I Didn’t Know I Needed - March 23,2017

Every now and then, I get in a bit of a spell where I lack motivation and inspiration to write.  When I get into the mindset that nothing I write is good enough/just plain shit, I just like to read, refuel my brain with new ideas and when I read a really good fic that gives me that new inspiration and help me continue the fics in my drafts, I feel so much better about my writing.  I’ve decided that every time I get in this funk, I’m going to share my list of fics that help me get out of it, help me continue my stories and give me new kinds of ideas.  These fics and the people who wrote them are AMAZING and shouldn’t go unnoticed in my eyes, so I’m going to share them.  And to anyone I feature in this post, thank you for your dedication and talents.  You’ve helped me write when I’m down, out of it, or just plain bored with your works.  

Without further ado, here my first ever, “Fics I Didn’t Know I Needed”.

Innocent Doctor (Spencer Reid) by @crimindsaspe - Holy shit, this one’s good.  I’ve always liked the idea of Dom!Spencer, and this is just perfect.  The way you describe how he’s different around the team versus the reader is just…  Bravo Shannon.  Bravo.  This was such a turn on (that sounds creepy oops), I can’t wait for more chapters. Part Two

Tale As Old As Time Ch 1: Provincial Life (Spencer Reid) by @beautiful-bau-beau - This is so beautifully written, and I adore the fact that you’re doing a take on the fairytale.  I’m always thinking about putting the characters in another story/situation, but nothing like this.  Absolutely wonderful.  I’m really looking forward to this one!

Long Way Down (Spencer Reid) by @bookofreid - This was equally sad and charming.  The way it’s written gave me chills.  Just some absolutely wonderful writing, the kind of writing anyone would aspire to accomplish.  It’s just plain beautiful.

Dishwasher Safe (Spencer Reid) by @criminal-minds-fanfiction - I read this way back when it was first posted, and I’ve gone back to it and reread it a few times because that’s just how much I love it.  Flustered Spencer is the cutest and Sub!Spencer is everything.  So hot and so good omg.

Penelope and Derek’s Matchmaking Service (Spencer Reid) by @huh-imagine-that - This one is also a bit older, but can I just say, cuteness overload!!!  It’s another one I go back to and just enjoy to read every time.  Just a fluffy little fic for when you’re down, it really helps bring you up!

The Ultimate Test (Spencer Reid) by @hanny-bananny - Oh.  My.  Gosh.  Just so beautiful.  The flow of this is wonderful and amazing.  I wrote one similar to this, but mine I feel hardly compares to yours.  This is the epitome of a beautiful disaster, because it’s sad but the way you wrote it is just too marvelous.  Well done.

Secrets and Lies (Spencer Reid) by @criminal-minds-fanfiction - This is what a call a fan fic.  The idea is new, the story is told incredibly and it’s definitely something you’d go back again and again to binge read.  Scandalous, cute, angsty.  It’s a little bit of everything.  **Bonus:  Help! Not Just Anybody is a continuation, which Cherry has just finished, and binge reading this series has become a regular thing for me.  So, so good.

Becoming Real (Spencer Reid x Luke Alvez) by @dontshootmespence - This one will hit you right in the fucking feels if you’re all about fluffy Spence fics.  Even if you’re not a huge fan of the ship, this is still just plain amazing and 100% worth the read.  I can never get enough of your work, I come back to SO many of your fics, but this one is sooo so good.  Kudos.

So there you have it.  This was the first installment of “Fics I Didn’t Know I Needed”.  These won’t come often, but every time I read a good one or I just can’t get words down or I’m just like ‘hey, I should tell someone about this,’ I’m going to add them to my list.  I highly recommend everyone read all of these and if you aren’t already, follow everyone mentioned because they are all beautiful human beings and they write some amazing things and they all fucking deserve it.  

And once again to anyone mentioned, thanks for writing and being awesome inspiration.  It’s fics like these that make it easier to write!


Hey guys I need your help!!

I’ve been thinking of doing this now for a while. A website dedicated to TV shows which I am hoping to launch between now and May. Basically what it would be is a website with previews for new episodes, links to where you can buy them, cast and show descriptions + trivia, news on the show and reviews. This is a long shot but I need as many people who are willing to help out.

I need at least 4 people per TV Show who are committed to writing a review each week (the more people in your group the better because it’s less writing!) I need people to comment on what TV Show they are willing to write for. (I will list the TV Shows that will go on the website down below) Once the website is all organized each person will go into a group chat and there you can collaborate and decide who’s writing what.

Here are some general rules

- Must be able to send in review 24 hours after episode airs (If you know you can’t do your review let your team members know!)

- Must be able to get along with your group members

And that’s all :)

Please comment below what TV Shows you would like to help out on!! Also reblog reblog reblog!!! I want to get the word out!!!!

TV Show List


Grey’s Anatomy

Marvel’s Agents of Shield

Once Upon A Time




Big Bang Theory

Blue Bloods

Criminal Minds ( + Beyond Boarders)


Hawaii Five-0





Brooklyn Nine-Nine


Prison Break

Scream Queens

The X-Files



This is Us



The 100


DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

The Flash






The Walking Dead (and Fear the Walking Dead)


Game of Thrones

Stranger Things

American Horror Story

Daredevil, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones

Mr Robot




An angsty argument between Spencer x Reader, and then fluff ensues.

Bae wanted angst, so I got bae some angst @fvckkiera

‘What the fuck was that out there?’ You screamed, as Spencer followed you into the apartment and slammed the door behind him.

‘I was doing MY JOB, Y/N.’ Your boyfriend replied sternly, throwing his bag on the couch.

You had just returned home from a case involving a devolving spree killer, later turning into a hostage situation. Spencer decided to take it upon himself to talk the unsub down, which resulted in a suicide-by-cop when the unsub aimed his gun at him.

‘You can’t just walk into a fucking hostage situation without your gun or Kevlar. You could have died Spencer; how do you not understand that?’ You shouted, tears threatening to spill from your eyes.

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things I'm getting annoyed with:

- people who keep saying “no hotch, no watch” as if the show doesn’t have 6 other cast members who helped made the show
- people who keep saying that Luke is “Derek’s replacement” AS IF you didn’t think the writers/crew aren’t going to being another fine guy as the new “tough guy”
- people who keep complaining at how writers are “ruining the show” these people have been on that case since season 5
- people who are complaining about luke/penelope bc it’s “replacing derek/penelope” FIRST OF ALL, no one REPLACES CHOCOLATE THUNDER OR BABY GIRL. but clearly, it has always been a BFF thing (sadly) and from what I see, Luke/Penelope can actually be a thing (PLEASE)
- people who keep complaining at how much the show has changed and it’s sucky now AS IF THERE SHOULDN’T BE ANY IMPROVEMENT FOR A TV SHOW THAT IS REMARKABLY AND STRONGLY STILL LASTING FOR 12 YEARS???

Help! Not Just Anybody - The End

England. She was leaving for England?


“Which airport?” Spencer asked Y/N’s father, panic surging through him. He could NOT lose this woman.

Her dad told him and Spencer hopped into his car, driving off as quickly as dared.

What Y/N’s father hadn’t explained was that she was only going to England for three weeks. At least, for now. He’d seen how heartbroken his daughter had been when Dr Reid had fired her. On one hand, he knew what the man had been through and understood his unhappiness that his child had been left somewhere without his prior consent. On the other hand, Ella hadn’t been left anywhere she wasn’t safe and Y/N had been left with very little choice. He hadn’t been best pleased that Y/N had gotten involved with her employer, but he knew his daughter didn’t jump into relationships lightly so Dr Reid must have been special to her.

After a few weeks of moping around his house, Y/N had gotten her test results. She’d passed, just. But she’d hoped to do so much better. She was also jobless, something she hadn’t been in years. After much deliberation she made contact with Joanne and Nick Thompson, the parents of her previous charge who had begged her to go to England with them.

They were incredibly pleased to hear from Y/N. The entire family missed her greatly. They’d hired a new Nanny who the kids were getting on well with so they couldn’t just offer Y/N her old position back. But they did suggest she come and visit them. They had a guest room and Joanne knew of a few business women in her company who were looking for new help. Y/N could look into transferring her studies over whilst she was there if she found a family that was agreeable.

It was a big step, one that Y/N had initially not wanted to take. But she’d been shook badly by her falling out with Spencer. Although they’d never said it, she’d loved him. She still did. If he’d have apologised to her, said anything to her that made her feel that there was a chance then she wouldn’t be considering this. But she’d needed a change, something drastic. So she was on her way to begin to trip, Spencer missing her by only twenty minutes.

Y/N’s dad didn’t think the Dr needed to know that her trip was only temporary. He’d seen the panic in the man’s eyes, saw then and there that he did love his daughter deeply and was sorry. And he knew that Dr Reid would be rushing off to the airport to try and stop her. In a big scene that was only ever played out in movies.

His daughter deserved that big scene. So he’d let her have it.

Olive had dropped Y/N off in the airport car park telling her to be sure to have fun and to find some hot English dude to bang.

Y/N had laughed telling her that she’d certainly try. Maybe that would help take her mind of Dr Reid. Hopefully this whole trip would do that. She wheeled her suitcase into the departures section of the airport, groaning when she saw the huge queues in front of her. It was fine though, she still had plenty of time, she purposely got here earlier than she needed to but it looked like a lot of other passengers had done the same. No matter. She’d go grab a coffee and visit the ladies room. Then she’d join the queue.

Spencer hurled along the freeway driving much faster than he should have been. He hadn’t even bothered to try calling her, he just knew he had to get there. He threw his car into a parking space and dashed into the airport, scanning the screens above the check in desks. There was only one flight a day from this airport that went to England, and he couldn’t have gotten here that much after Y/N did. He found the desk she’d use and quickly walked up and down the queue, ignoring the curious looks from other people.

He made two trips up and down, his heart beating faster with every step. She wasn’t there. She must have already gone through.

Alright. He needed a cheap flight that would get him through to the departure lounge, he could find her there. He was just about to sit down on one of the benches to pull up the airport’s website on his phone, when he saw her.

She’d stepped out of a coffee shop, pulling her suitcase behind her.


She looked up, surprised to recognise the voice that was calling her name, even more surprised to recognise the body it came from.


He was here, in the airport.

She stood frozen to the spot as he made his way to her.

Stopping in front of Y/N, Spencer found himself speechless again. Where to begin, what to even say?


“Spencer? What are you doing here?”

Okay, breathe Reid. Tell her how you feel. Apologise. Beg if you have to.

“I erm… I came for you. To stop you from moving to England. Your Dad told me where you were and I just…. I can’t let you go.”

Moving to England? She wasn’t moving there. At least not on this trip. But wait…. Let’s see what he has to say.


One small word, consisting of just three letters.

“Because… Because…. Oh god, Y/N I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry for how I behaved, for how I treated you that day. I was so out of line it was unbelievable. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to apologise enough for my behaviour. You were right and I was wrong, I shouldn’t have left that day, I shouldn’t have gone in. And I certainly shouldn’t have blown up at you. I know you’d never do anything to hurt Ella, that she was never in any danger. I’m so sorry.”

His voice was pleading, his face begging her for forgiveness. It was sweet and also kind of pathetic at the same time. But it was the apology she needed and deserved.

“Apology accepted. Is that all, cos I kinda have a plane to catch?”

“NO!! Please, don’t go. You can’t leave us. Y/N, having you in our lives has made it a thousand times better than what it was. My daughter loves and adores you, I love and adore you. I’m so sorry I ruined everything, but please… Please don’t leave us. We need you. Ella needs you and I need you.”

“You need me as what? Ella’s Nanny?”

Y/N was trying to keep her face in check, to not let her emotions shine through. She could feel other people looking at them, waiting to see what would happen.

“No. Not her Nanny. You’re so much more to her than that. And you’re so much more to me than that. Y/N, I’ve made some pretty shitty decisions in the past, I’ve waited too long to tell people how I feel, and I’ve lost them because of it. I can’t, I won’t do that again. If you still want to walk away then that’s fine but I have to tell you. I’m in love with you. I haven’t felt this way about anyone in years and I can’t imagine feeling this way again. You make me happy, you make me a better person. You make me enjoy life again. But I can only enjoy it with you by my side. I want you to come home. I want you to come back and be part of my family. We need you, you complete us.”

Y/N’s mouth open and then closed again as her brain struggled to process his declaration of love. She wanted this but…. Could she be with him? He’d apologised for that day but… Would it happen again?

“Spencer, I can’t work for you again. You can’t pay me. It’s too weird.”

“I know, I know. We’d work something out. That’s the least of my worries right now.”

Y/N looked down at her suitcase, at her bag that contained her flight details and passport.

“Please, don’t go,” Spencer begged one last time.

Even though this wasn’t permanent, it was just a trip, she realised that she had no reason to go. She’d been leaving to escape him really, to distract herself. Could they work this out? She’d still need to work and he’d still need to find someone to watch Ella. But… Maybe there could be an in between. She could work elsewhere and still help him with Ella somehow. And they could… Be a family.

You complete us. That’s what he’d said.


“Okay?” Spencer questioned, hope on his face.

“I won’t leave, I won’t go to England. I’ll stay.”

“You’ll stay. You’ll stay!!”

She nodded and Spencer flung his arms around, no longer being able to contain himself. Y/N hugged him back, missing his embrace so much. Spencer held her tightly, so much so that she had to pull away.

“I kinda need to be able to breathe.”

“Shit. I’m so sorry… But you’re staying? For real?”

“Yes. For now at least. We need to work some things out for sure. But… I love you too. And I love Ella and Ellie too. Where is Ella, anyway?”

“With Amanda. I was in two minds whether to bring her. Part of me thought seeing her might sway you to stay but the other part didn’t want you to feel like you had to if it wasn’t what you wanted, just because you didn’t want to hurt her.”

“Does she know? About… Us?”

Spencer nodded. “I think she knew from the start. Kid’s got a genius for a father, she figured it out. Or else Ellie told her what she saw that night. She wouldn’t speak to me after you left, and I actually had to send her to her room for yelling at me and calling me an idiot. She was right though, I was.”

Y/N chuckled, imagining that little scene playing out in her mind.

“Shall we go then? People are staring like this is an ending from a movie or something. You know the ones where the man finally confesses his love to stop her from leaving on the plane.”

“That is pretty much what just happened. Though, don’t those movies usually end with a kiss?” Spencer asked, tucking a loose strand of hair back behind Y/N’s ear mirroring the movement that had started this all.

“I believe they do,” she glanced around to see people watching, smiles on their faces.

“Shall we give them what they want?” Reid asked.

Y/N nodded and as their mouths came together they heard a small cheer go up around them.

damhunterofartemis  asked:

Hey can you pleasedo one where Spencer and the reader are secretly dating, and the team doesn't even know he has a girlfriend (she doesn't work at the BAU) until somebody sees them kissing?


Hey guys! This is my first fanfic, so it’s without a doubt, not the best:/ I’d love critical feedback and thoughts on how I can improve the next time around. Also, I think and feel as if Ive read something very similar to this but am not sure, so if it is exactly like another fic, I apologize and did not write this with the intentions of copying someone else.
(Also I apologize in advance for the crappy ending)
Thanks xx



Of course the team had noticed Spencer’s abnormal behavior, but no one dared to ask him about who or what was causing it. He was arriving to work later than he normally did, which of course was no big deal to anyone, but was very unlike the agent. He had been texting more often and smiling down at his phone during briefings and while working on cases, and instead of being one of the last people to leave the office after organizing files and filling out paperwork, he would rush out and leave almost immediately. Of course, everyone had their suspicions, but seeing as he was happier, the team didn’t bother asking.
What they did not know was that the doctor had been dating you for a little over 3 months. While you made him the most delighted he had been, he had just not found the right time to tell his colleagues.
Spencer hoped and guessed that they would support him and his relationship, but couldn’t help fearing that they wouldn’t. Quite frankly, he was afraid that they would make fun of him seeing as you were the most beautiful girl he had laid eyes on and expectedly would never fall for a guy like him.


“Wheels up in 30” said Emily routinely as everyone simultaneously stood up and began to shuffle out of the room.
“Leesburg, Virginia, couldn’t get any more interesting than that, could it?” mumbled Luke to no one in particular.
“You know, in 1699 the Conoy Tribe inhabited Leesburg before the Europeans began to enter the land even though it is most commonly believed that …. shoot.” replied Reid.
“What’s wrong?”
“I don’t have my travel bag, I must have left it back at my apartment.”
“Ooh, sorry bud but we don’t have time. You might just have to go without it.”
“Yea…” said Spence as he began to pull out his phone. Luckily, you had crashed at his place last night after falling asleep together while watching movies and eating takeout. He hoped that you were still at his place and hadn’t left, but knowing you, expected that you were probably still asleep. Spencer was right and you were awakened as your phone rang, flashing the familiar number of your boyfriend.

“Good morning sweetie! Could you please please do me a huge favor?”
“Spencer it’s like 9 in the morning, what could you possibly need?”
“Well, you see we are leaving for Virginia in 30 minutes and it seems as if I’ve left my travel bag at home and I..”
“Yes Spencer, I’ll bring it to you.” you said while laughing at the fact that someone as smart as Spencer could sometimes be so forgetful.
“Agh perfect, I love you, but hurry!”
“Love you too and see you soon.”

“Wait, who was that?” retorted Luke, noticing that Spencer had not only called the person on the other line sweetie, but said he loved them.
“mmm no one.” said an alarmed Reid quickly walking away, realizing what he had just done.


Nearly 20 minutes later, you pulled up to the parking lot of the building in which Spencer worked. You saw Spencer rush out of the front doors as you stepped out of your car, travel bag in hand.
“Ahhh, thank you so much darling. What would I do without you?” asked Reid as he embraced you in a tight hug. You laughed as he leaned in and lightly kissed you. This was not an uncommon gesture between the two of you, so when you heard cheers coming from the front doors, you were quite surprised, pulling away from Spence.
“I TOLD YOU SO!! YOU OWE ME, HAHA” hollered a blonde female dressed in bright colors and bold patterns to a smaller blonde girl standing next to her.
“Hey who are those people?” you giggled.
“Come on, I want to introduce you to some people” uttered a clearly anxious Spencer taking your hand in his and leading you to the now somewhat calm group of people.

“Everyone there is someone I want you to meet. This is my girlfriend y/n and she makes me the happiest I ever have been. She’s also the reason I’ve been acting… different lately.”

“Oh I knew it! I knew something was up with you pretty boy. I’m Penelope Garcia, it’s such a pleasure to meet you y/n! Might I say, you two make the cutest couple, and you are absolutely gorgeous!” squealed the woman that you had just seen hollering. As you shook her hand, she pulled you into a tight hug. Surrounded by his team, all smiling at you and Garcia hugging, it was then Spencer realized that he had no reason to worry.

anisha-r  asked:

5 for the drabble challenge :-)

Prompt: I’m not here to make friends.


Spencer looked out across the table at the team as they tossed theories and ideas back and forth. Something wasn’t adding up and they knew it. Three incidents, eleven bodies, all poisoned but in each case only one or two of the females had post-mortem disfigurements.

“You know, statistically,” started Spencer. “This kind of attack is almost exclusively carried out by white males. Perhaps our unsub was trying to assert power over these women, saying ‘you aren’t safe, even in public’.”

Luke nodded, looking around to Emily and JJ; both of whom were accepting the fact. You, on the other hand, weren’t sure. Something wasn’t right about these girls and you couldn’t place it.

“So, he’s saying he’s willing to kill everyone around these women, just to make them suffer?” asked Luke. “Then, once it’s safe to enter the room again, he goes in and enacts his rage… because he wouldn’t be able to on his own normally.”

“Guys, look at this,” you exclaim, standing and walking to the board where the photographs of four disfigured, young women hung. “Look at these slash marks. They’re all in the same kind of areas of the face as if the unsub was trying to create the same disfigurement in each case.”

“So, he wanted them all to look the same way?” asked Emily. “Like surrogates for something?”

“I’m thinking not even he,” you answered. “I’m thinking this was a woman. The poisoning, the controlled rage. What if this was a woman taking revenge on those who’d looked down on her? Maybe even called her ugly?”

“Like the school smart girl who didn’t fit in is finally getting her revenge on the pretty popular girls?” asked JJ.

“Exactly,” you replied.

“That makes sense,” began Emily, standing from her seat and moving over to the marked map. “Look at the areas that are targeted. The store in the mall, the gym, the juice bar. These are all popular with the younger ‘in crowd’… I think we’re ready to give the profile.”

Each member of the team began to move, heading for the door as they prepared to give the local PD the profile. You were about to follow behind when Spencer turned, blocking your exit.

“Look, I know you’re new and wanna impress, but showing me up like that is not the way to go to make friends,” he said quietly but aggressively, anger in his eyes.

“I’m not here to make friends. I’m here to save lives and catch killers,” you answered firmly. “If I happen to like the people I work with, great; but I have my priorities straight. Maybe you should do that too.” With that, you pushed past him, following the others toward the main office.