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Hi! I was wondering if you could do something where your dating Morgan and you were on a case and you and jj went to one side of the house and Morgan went to the other side and jj sees the unsub and shoots him at the same time as he shoots you And jj screams for Morgan and the rest of the team cause your blessing pretty badly and you can take it from there! ALSO SO SORRY THAT IT’S SO MUCH DETAIL!!! ❤

You are fine!  I can try to hit as much of this as possible. I hope that you enjoy your one-shot, because here it is…comin’ ‘atcha!


As J.J. hurls towards your dropping body, the blood pulsating from your neck, she drops to her knees as Morgan scrambles to your side.

“Sweetheart…baby girl…you gotta stay with me, alright?” Derek asks frantically as he peels rips his vest off and begins to peel his shirt away.

“What…” you begin to gurgle, “…did I tell you…abou-”

“It’s alright,” Derek reassures you, “Garcia won’t mind this time,” he coos as he presses his shirt hard onto your neck.

The pressure made you wince as the bullet lodged itself further into your skin.

“C-…co-…ld…” you shiver out.

“I NEED A MEDIC!” Derek roars as Rossi and Hotch come barreling around the corner with a stretcher.

“What happened?” Hotch commands as the medics shoo everyone from your side.

“Y/L/N and I each took a side, and Morgan went through the door.  The unsub, he-…had a gun trained on Y/N’s side…”

The tears that were threatening J.J.’s cheeks caused her to swallow her words.

“Which hospital?” Derek breaths as he scrambles to his feet.

But the paramedics were carrying you away too quickly.

“Which hospital!?!?!?” he roars as Reid’s hand comes down hard on his shoulder.

“Come on, it’s 8 minutes to the nearest one if we cut on our lights and speed through traffic,” Reid reassures him.

Two surgeries.

Two separate surgeries, 6 pints of blood, and Derek still hadn’t seen you yet.

“This is so stupid!” Derek roars as he jumps to his feet, “We’ve been here 11 hours, and we have yet to see her!”

“The doctor is updating as she can,” Hotch tries to reassure him.

“I just want to see her!” he shrieks.

It was the first time the team had ever visibly seen tears trickle down Morgan’s face.

“I-I-I-I…I love her, Hotch…” he chokes out.

“We know,” Rossi says as he comes up behind his colleague, “and she’s gonna be just fine.”

“Agent Morgan?” the doctor asks.

And when Derek turned around, the only thing he could focus on was the sheer amount of blood on her surgeon uniform.

“Yes…?” he breathes as his eyes trail up to hers.

“You might wanna come with me.”

The sheer amount of tubes that were encapsulating your body were enough to knock the wind from his system.

“In ICU, only one person is allowed in the room at a time, and you can’t actually sleep here with her,” the doctor says lightly.

But all Derek could do was stare.

As J.J. slowly walks up to the doorframe, she covers her mouth with her hand as she tries to stifle her sobs.

“Why didn’t I shoot sooner?” she breathes.

“It’s not your fault,” Derek says lowly, his eyes never wavering from your pale form as he takes in just how weak you truly look.

“Her body is still short a pint of blood, but we removed the bullet and were able to patch up the artery it nicked.  She’s honestly suffering more from blood loss and shock than she is the actual wound,” the doctor says.

“So…so she’s gonna be alright…right?” he asks as he turns and looks at the doctor.

“She’s gonna need a lot of rest…” the doctor warns.  “And a long hospital stay.”

“But she’s gonna be alright?” Derek pressures again.

“ICU is always unpredictable,” the doctor begins, “but…if nothing else major happens, she should be just fine.”

And Derek knew that was as much comfort as he would get for now.

Reid had gone and booked his friend a room at the motel across from the hospital.  He knew Morgan was gonna take time off, and he didn’t want Derek driving back and forth in his mental condition.

Derek was so thankful that he embraced Spencer in a tearful hug.

“Thanks, kid,” he choked out.

“Yeah,” Spencer breathed as he wrapped his arms around his best friend, “yeah, no problem.”

It took three days for you to finally peel your eyes open, and when you did you were frightened at everything that you saw.

“Baby…baby baby baby, calm down.  It’s alright.  You’re ok.  I’m right here, baby girl,” Derek reassures you.

“I told you not to call me that,” you smirk as you croak.

“I’m sure Garcia won’t mind,” Derek smiles as he leans in and kisses your cheek.

All in all, you spent a week in ICU before being transferred to a regular room and, per hospital rules, you had to do 48 straight hours with no issues before they could send you home.

Being discharged from the hospital was the biggest relief of your life.

Derek was by your side the entire time.  He helped you home, he helped you inside, and when you got inside you were shocked to find your freezer stocked full of meals and your fridge full of Derek’s favorite foods.

“Courtesy of Rossi,” Morgan smiles at you.

“So…you’re staying?” you ask as you wince trying to turn your head.

And as Derek grasps your shoulders and slowly turns your body to face his, he leans in and plants a slow, long, warm kiss on your chapped lips.

“Until you are fully and completely healed,” he murmurs against your lips.

“I love you so much,” you breathe as tears crest your own eyes.

“I love you, too, baby girl,” he smiles.

“Garcia’s gonna kill you,” you chuckle as you shake your head lightly.

“I’m sure she’ll understand,” Morgan lulls as his thumb lightly graces your cheek.

“You hungry?” he asks.

“More like tired,” you yawn.

“Then let’s get you settled in bed,” Derek says.

“Actually…I was hoping I could sleep on the couch?” you ask.

The request caused Derek to furrow his brow.

“I figured we could watch a movie or something,” you smile lightly.

And as Derek’s eyes searched yours, his heart elated that you were alive and upright, he wraps his strong, warm arms around you as he pulls you close to his chest, closes his eyes, and presses a kiss to the top of your head.

“Sounds perfect,” he whispers into your hair.


Spencer had noticed you right when he stepped inside a bookstore. It was local, near his apartment and he enjoyed spending time there. They had great selection of books and little café, which was cozy. You were going through scifi-section, but the book you wanted was on the highest shelf and you couldn’t reach it. Spencer thought you looked cute when you tried to stood on your toes and reach for the book, but as a gentleman he was, he helped you.
“It’s a great book, I’ve read it couple of times”, Spencer smiled at you as he handed the book to you. 
“Everyone’s been praising this so I wanted to read it too. Good to now it’s worth of reading”, you smiled back to him. Spencer hesitated a little before asking if you would like to have a coffee with him. He didn’t know you had noticed him too but being too shy you didn’t know how to approach him. So when he asked you to have a coffee with him, you said yes.


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can you do an imagine with Luke Alvez where you are both secretly dating and are caught making out in a storage closet by one of the members on the team? 

Requested by Anon~

You hated how Luke can convince you to do anything with a flash of his smile and those puppy-dog eyes. Normally, you’d never even entertain the possibility of hiding in a closet and making out at work. But the case had been long. You and Luke barely had any time alone for the past week. Obviously, he couldn’t wait until you went home.

But now that Luke had you pressed up against the wall in the closet, kissing you every time you made a noise, you were glad he pulled you into the closet. Your hands ran down his broad shoulders, over his chest and down his belly, fingers hooking into his belt. Luke let out a silent chuckle at your actions. A quickie at work? This definitely wasn’t your style.

Before either of you could say anything, there was a knock on the door. Both you and Luke froze, staying still, hoping whoever was there would go away. But they knocked again, and Luke let out a sigh. Slowly, he stepped away from you and faced the door, carefully opening it a smidge. At first, you couldn’t see who it was. But you recognized the voice that spoke; “Did you think nobody would notice?”

Inwardly, you winced. Yeah, you hoped no one would realize you and Luke hid in a closet. But of course, Rossi noticed.

Close to an Estella

[Yay, onto the next request! This is for mysteriouscrystalnomad; of the request - could you write a spencer reid x reader where the reader is a naturally snarky person, but in a witty and charming way, and spencer is very obvious about his crush on the reader. well, the reader gently teases people, but one day takes it too far with him and deeply hurts his feelings, so they apologize and admit their feelings? thank you very much I’m excited to read more:))

I really hope you like it, I would have done it sooner, but I wasn’t sure how to actually achieve the right personality. I have no life experiences of being charming so I had to just read examples and yank it out the best I could. I also don’t think I did this right at all. For reference Beast and Vertigo are Marvel characters and Estella comes from Great Expectations where the one of the main female characters (Estella) is incapable of love.


“Hey, Y/N, whatcha up to?”

You looked over your shoulder to see Morgan propping himself on your chair. Looking back at your computer you shrugged.

“Digging for gold in the Grand Canyon, I guess.”

He snickered. “You’re such a smartass.”

“No, I’m not, I just don’t like blatantly obvious questions thrown at me, alrighty Mr. Eyebrows?”

Morgan shook his head, taking the chance of throwing your hair over into your face. “Dear God, kid, you need to get some caffeine in you to take the edge off that bitchiness.”

“I am not –“

“Hey, Y/N.”

You saw Reid approaching you, holding out a cup of coffee as he neared. “Oh, thank you, Reid.”

The corners of his mouth quirked, as he gently jerked his hand back from meeting your fingers.

“It’s no problem. I thought you could use a pick me up.”

“You have no idea.”

You gave a punch to Morgan’s arm before your eyes went back to Reid’s. You knew he liked you, hell, with everyone holding it over you it was impossible not to know. But what you didn’t know was why? Sure, you were curious about things and loved to read, but a good majority of the population did. But besides that common ground the two of you were virtual opposites. You had a much pragmatic view of the world which was given through your rough upbringing. You didn’t trust too many people, you didn’t really even like too many people.

But you like Reid.

You blushed. Yeah, you did. He was always smiling, and gracious. He was the all-around good guy. But Beast didn’t get along with Vertigo, now did they? Nope, they were enemies, and that’s probably what would happen if someone like Reid ever got too close. So you ignored what you felt and Reid’s obvious attempts at admiration. It was better to just leave things as they were.

“Guys, we have a briefing.”

You sighed in relief, glad to break the staring contest you were in.

“Thanks, my sweet jigglypuff, we’ll be there with bells on.”

You gave a quick smile as Garcia threw you a kiss and began gathering up your notes.


“Yeah, Reid?”


You flinched, feeling something graze your temple, and looked up from your notes, seeing that he must have plucked a coin from your ear. You gave a shy smile, tucking the strand that had fallen from the touch back in to place.

“What’s that movie you were talking about the other day? The one you said I would like?”

“It’s not really a movie, I mean, there is one – but the show I was talking about was Firefly. I thought since you liked Star Wars and all that maybe you’d like it. Plus it’s got way more humor than Star Wars.”

“Hmm. Hold out your hand.”

You did so cautiously, chancing a glance to make sure no one was waiting for the two of you to hustle. He put the coin into your palm, closing it tight, as he held it in his hand. He then leaned forward and blew a puff of air on your fist.

“You can open it now.”

Acting as if it would explode, you opened your hand to see a silver pendant replacing the coin.

“Oh! It’s Serenity. You know, you can be really sweet when your nose isn’t in a book. Does that mean you watched it?”

He shrugged. “Bits and pieces, I was hoping we could maybe watch it together. You know if you wanted?”

What the hell were you to say to that? Before you could make a total ass of yourself you heard someone behind you.

“Guys, the briefings started.”

You nodded, erratically gathering your things and brushing by Reid without looking at him.

“Oh, my God, we are going out after that.”

It had been three days, a considerably less amount of time than most cases, but yeah, a string of arsons around one area and the smoke and destruction had gotten to all of you.

“I’d rather just go home and sleep in my own bed, but thanks.”

“Oh, no honeybuns you are going. Someone has to keep Reid company.”

“Why do you guys do that? You act like the two of us are meant for each other, when, in this reality, guess what, we’re not. I’m sorry if that ruins matchmaking plans, but I’m just done with it for tonight, so please, lay off.”

You watched the grins fade off the girls’ faces. “Alright, God, lucky Reid wasn’t awake to hear that little declaration.”

“Maybe it wouldn’t have been a bad idea if he did. You guys treat him like a kid, there’s no point in keeping his hopes up about something –“

“Okay, Y/N, we get it, we’ll stop badgering about it, but don’t take it out on Reid.”

“I wasn’t planning on it, Prentiss, I was only saying you shelter him too much. He isn’t a child.”

The landing was in silence and you knew you had pissed them off, but you shrugged it away, if they didn’t like how you felt then fine. Maybe it was best they stay mad at you.

“Y/N. You coming?”

You looked up at JJ confused. “You still want me to go?”

“Look, we do understand, you’re right in some ways that the way we’ve been trying to hook the two of you up, and we get you weren’t trying to hurt any feelings on the plane. You were just being blunt. Let’s try to forget it and have a good time. Okay? Please?”

You looked at your phone, seeing the time. You really did want to go to bed.

“Okay, bygones?”

“There’s nothing to bygone for but okay.”

The bar was packed for a Wednesday and you huddled yourself down in a booth, sipping on whatever you were passed you allowed yourself to get lightheaded.

“This is just what the doctor ordered.”

You heard Morgan chuckle across from you. “Did you order up a drunk agent, pretty boy?”

It alarmed you a little bit that Reid stayed silent.

“I am not drunk, Morgan, see complete sentences.”

“Oh, but you’re on your way, Y/N.”

And you were taking shot after shot, until everything reached a beautiful watery haze.

“I just wanna say, I do like you guys, I just I don’t know how to ‘express’ that.”

Derek was laughing his ass off at you. “Showing some affection when you’re less intoxicated would help.”

“It would not. I’m used to being on my own little island and you guys keep coming on freakin’ barges, especially Reid. He – Hey, where is Reid?”

“I think he’s at the bar there Miss Lovey.”

“I’m going to go talk to him.”

“You sure you can walk.”

“Oh, I’ll do it.”

You could hear them laughing as you scanned the room for the familiar bob of hair. It took you two tries, one resulting into receiving a phone number before you found the genius.

“Hey, Reid.”

He eyed you warily, sipping his drink instead of answering.

“How come you’re not sitting with us?”

A shrug.

“How come you’re not talking you always talk?”

Another shrug.

“Come on say something, you wanna go to my house and watch Firefly? Hell, I’ll even watch Star Trek with you if you quit with the silent treatment.”

“Why, Y/N? What would be the point?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, nothing’s ever going to happen, it’s so impossible to care about someone least of all me. So why even try? There is no point.”

Your eyes drifted to the ground as you swayed. So he had heard you on the jet. Well, that just fucking sucked.

“I didn’t –“

“What? You didn’t mean it like that?”

“No, I didn’t –“

“Then how did you mean it, because it sounded pretty clear to me.”

“I don’t know how.”

Your statement paused him, a look of confusion replacing the anger. “What?”

“I’m not sure how to care. I know that sounds like bullshit, but I really don’t. I wasn’t taught to show affection when I was a kid. I didn’t really make heart to heart friends and all that. I just existed, for a very long time. I do like you, I can tell you I’d be hurt if something ever happened to you, or if you never spoke to me again. I can say I’d be jealous to see you happy with another girl, and angry if someone ever wronged you. But I don’t know how to be a girlfriend, Reid, especially the kind you deserve. And that’s why we can never happen.”

“I don’t believe that.”

You licked your lips, swallowing down a hiccup. “I figured you wouldn’t but – what can I do? I, are we not friends now?”

He took a step toward you and when you tried to step back lost your balance and fell into him. Daring a peek you saw him smiling at you.

“Oh, I think we’re going to be a little step above friends from now on. I’m going to stalk you until you’re happy every time we meet, that you can return a hug when I embrace you. You’re going to probably get sick of me by the end of it but I don’t really care.”

“Sounds like you really do want to be a creepy stalker.”

He blushed, sure you were rejecting him.

“But I don’t mind, Spencer.”

Army Sister

Characters - Derek, Spencer, Emily, Penelope, JJ, Aaron and David

Warnings - mention of limb lose

Word count -551

Summary - Reid’s sister visits him and talks about her injury.


It had been six weeks since your last contact with Reid but ten months since the accident. You hadn’t told Reid about it as it would worry him but he needed to be focussed. Having been going through the traumatic experience your boss wanted you to go home.


‘What are you doing here?’ He questioned bringing you into a hug. Well tried his hands were full of files.
‘I’m on rest and recuperation and temporary leave for the next couple of months.’ You said looking at your leg.
‘Why what happened?’ he asked worriedly, looking to see any wounds. You walked to a chair that was past a group of people that Spencer had been talking before. As you sat you flinched slightly, still not used to the leg nipping you in places. You saw the group of people crowd around.
‘Reid, what di mum say?’ you asked him as the group of people just stood around you both watching you.
‘Oh uh, Derek, Aaron, David, Penelope, JJ and Emily. This is my older sister Sargent Y/N Reid.’ He said going in a full circle. They said their hi’s and you returned.
‘If you don’t mind me asking ma’am what happened?’ Emily asked.
‘please don’t call me ma’am makes me feel old. It was a road side bomb. You said and Reid turned quickly.
‘A road – when did it happen?’ he asked quickly.
‘August 27th.’ You told him remembering the day.
‘What happened?’ Derek asked.
‘We were transporting a high-profile criminal, going the route we took every second Friday. The first vehicle made it past safely, then we went over it and it went off. Next thing I knew we were upside down when the people ambushed us. 12 dead out of 20. It was a mission to kill the prisoner, kill everyone or aim to.’ You talked reliving the memory.
‘You never told me!’ Reid said loudly.
‘Reid, you had to be focussed you were working here and I didn’t really want to, I lost my friends. My team.’ You told him honestly.
‘But-but.’ Reid stuttered.
‘Reid give her peace.’ Derek said, you smiled.
‘Hun, if you don’t mind me asking did you lose it.’ Penelope asked as she seen you rubbing it.
‘Yeah.’ You said as you pulled your trouser leg up to your knees.
‘From the knee down, they tried to save it but it got infected, quickly.’ You said with a smile knocking on your prosthetist leg.
‘How long have you been in the army? Reid hasn’t said much about you.’ Derek and Aaron looked at Reid.
‘Don’t blame him I asked him not to for both out safety. If I got captured or went MIA the enemies could find him and vice versa with this job. You smiled at Reid.
‘How could I lose my little Einstein of a brother, could I?’ you laughed as Reid’s face flushed red.
‘Since I was eighteen, so that would be twenty years of service.’ You replied.
‘Are you going back? Once you’ve healed?’ spencer asked.
‘I don’t think so, Spence, I’m 38 and I don’t have a family. I don’t even have a house. You told him honestly.
‘Commander Stewart said I would be honoured for the service I’ve done, but I’d still miss it, they are my family.’

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