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Name: Abigail
Age: 17 in June
Country: USA

Im Abigail! I turn 17 on June 3rd. Things im interested in are
1) psychology
2) criminal justice
3) animals
4) music
- i listen to rap, indie/ alt., and a lot of other things
- IE. lana del rey, childish gambino, russ, kendrick lamar, post malone, arctic monkeys, etc.
5) tv
- criminal minds, the office, parks and rec, law and order svu, shameless, gossip girl, any crime show really

Preferences: i dont care how old, what race, what gender, what sexuality, etc. Just as long as we have similar interests

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1. Nicknames: DJ, Deej, Buddy and for my Criminal Justice professor - Dave

2. Gender: Male

3. Star Sign: Taurus

4. Height: 5′4″ (I’m a small boy)

5. Time: 5:56 pm

6. Birthday: April 29

7. Favorite Bands: Currently? Bee Gees, My Chemical Romance, E.L.O., Fall Out Boy, X-Ambassador and let’s go with Cage the Elephant

8. Favorite Solo Artists: Sia, Vance Joy, and Elvis

9. Song stuck in my head: Right now I have “Make it Worth your While” by Artificial Pleasure going on in there

10. Last movie I watched: I honestly don’t even remember. Probably Batman v Superman

11. Last show I watched: I watched the first episode of Mindhunter before I had to leave for work

12. When did I create my blog: February of 2013

13. What do I post/reblog: DC Comics, with a high preference for Nightwing (evident by the name)

14. Last Thing I Googled: CSU LA (I’m trying to apply for schools here)

15. Other Blogs: @deejayboywonder because I thought I’d use a personal blog more often, but I don’t so

16. Do I get asks: Not really

17. Why I chose my URL: I wanted to convey that I’m going to be posting stuff about Nightwing, and I didn’t have a “fuck yeah” thing available so I was like “lets just do -ism” because I was like “it means all about, right?” so yeah.

18. Following: 201

19. Followers: 1,442

20. Average hours of sleep: 6 when I’m trying hard

21. Lucky Number: 7

22. Instruments: I’m trying to learn how to play the guitar a little. Really bad at it though

23. What am I’m wearing: A pair of shorts and a baseball hat because it’s hot in Southern California right now

24. Dream job: Comic writer or Teacher

25. Dream trip: I would love to visit England

26. Favorite food: Favorite in terms of “if I can only have one food for the rest of my life what would it be” would be pizza

27. Nationality: American

28. Favorite song: Na na na [na na na na na na na na na] by My Chemical Romance

29. Last Book Read: Helter Skelter

30. Top three fictional universe I’d want to join: DC Comics, Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter (If I were to be able to be a wizard)

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